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Meadow Land
Wind, Water, Birds and more!
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At The End of The World

During a sound recording session in Poland, I spent two days in Chata na Końcu Świata, an outdoor shelter whose name translates into The Hut At The End of The World. The shed-like shelter does not have access to electricity and provides only basic comforts such as a space to sleep in the rustic outdoors. Chata na Końcu Świata is surrounded by grassy plains, small clusters of trees and a babbling brook where a family of beavers make their home. The shelter is a peaceful place that invites you to lay down in the grass, close your eyes and leave all your worries behind.

Interestingly, Chata na Końcu Świata is only reachable by means of "teleporter." For the curious, take a look at the behind-the-scenes photos for more information.

Published on August 1st, 2016

User Stories

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  This feels great!!

  Pair this generator with Beethoven's pastoral! Best thing I ever did tbh :]

  Welcome to the endless steppe!

  The sound helps me a lot when I write poems, my pen just flow non stop, vision becomes very clear.

  This is such a nice website! I use it for studying, or working on my actual schoolwork. So nice to listen to, I hope that more people find this.

  I agree with the other commenter that it's hard to work while I have this playing in the background. That's because I want to stop working, step through my monitor, and go lie down in this meadow! This is one of the most peaceful soundscapes I have ever heard. It has quickly become my favorite here at myNoise, and that's saying a lot because I have many "favorites".

  Looking at the pictures from the recording session give me so much more of an appreciation for the noise generators like this. Having the sounds of this location archived somewhere on the internet in such high quality is so significant.

  Very relaxing. Yesterday was Daylight Savings time for me, and it's helping me sleep (ty!). It's also allowing me to believe that it's spring, even though I had 5 inches of snow yesterday in late March ,>u<,

  I like combining it with the "Demons" from RPG Evil Charm, and "Restless" Polyrhythms (the older African Trance), and "Relaxed" Isochronic Tones to change my state of mind.

  These sounds are so beautiful that I cannot study while listening to them as I find it impossible to concentrate both on reading and listening; I open the page and make brief breaks to relax instead.

  This setting: more focus on grass wind and crickets, lying in the heart of a meadow field with distant birds and a creek some ways away, watching clouds go by.

  This setting is very helpful with suppressing awareness of my high-pitched ringing tinnitus and is also very calming. This site and the capabilities it gives the user to tailor the available noises is fantastic.

  These settings help me to ignore my high pitched tinnitus and enable me to relax and focus very effectively!

  I feel like I am in the sunshine right now as I listen to the birds while working. A bit of mental rest while working in a busy day.

  Perfect to block out kids voices/playing at home (when I have to work), while simultaneously providing the calm that I need to stay focused.

  River sound with birds...

  This is easily one of the most peaceful set of sounds for me. Love it <3

  So calming for school.

  This sound generator is so relaxing!

  Tomorrow, we're getting a January blizzard. But today, listening to this, it's spring. So relaxing.

  This might be my favorite generator on the site! It's so peaceful and refreshing :)

  LOL is that a teleporter next to the outhouse? The smell must really send you away!

  I absolutely love this! I totally recommend this for people who have trouble studying or focusing, like me. I'm a nature girl so definitely like this.

  I am from Poland! ^^

  After a few weeks of exploring the whole website, I think this is the most soothing and neutral noise. This is going to help me pass my exams next month!

  Very nice for relaxing and pretending I'm taking a walk in the woods.

  I absolutely love this setting for calming down and studying.

  Ahhhhh... relaxing.

  I've been struggling with my mental health significantly for more than half a year now, and this noise setting and website/program in general has made me so very happy. My motivation and focus declined significantly, but since I found this website, I feel more hopeful about my productivity now when it comes to my college work. Thank you so much! These sound generators are an escape.

  Sounds very natural!

  I am NEVER EVER going to close this tab. It's so beautiful to listen to. Thank you!

  This reminds me of my great aunt's home. In her backyard there was a creek that sounded just like this. This brings back so many memories, like the time when I went fishing there with my cousins. Thank you so much for making this! <3

  When I listen to this, I can smell the fresh air! <3

  This feels like a peaceful summer evening in quiet glad

  I'll say, I initially bought into this product for my writing, but it ended up being a lifesaver at work too! I am physically ill but I swear the sounds make everything feel better.

  Laying in a field of calm.

  It is both beautiful and heartbreaking. The happy cacophony of the birds elevates my mood as I have my breakfast, and also highlights the silence in the trees outside.

  Peaceful sound.

  It’s like that one day you take a walk in the park, no interruptions and it’s peaceful, this sounds great.

  Almost all the sliders are extremely low, and I now have the absolute most peaceful stream running in my ear, with just a few birds a hundred meters away. This story is going to write itself.

  This soundscape is the quintessential meadow, with a balance of birds and water. It is extremely peaceful. Perfect to play all night while sleeping, imagining camping trips of childhood. While listening, I can almost smell the fresh air!

  I work in an essentially big metal box without a window. Not only does this site keep me calm and focused but it also removes feelings of claustrophobia.

  I tend to put a bit more emphasis on the wind, just because it helps me feel free and relaxed, and it lets my mind wander.

  I love this, it calms me down and lets me work.

  Its so beautiful to hear all the call there song or chirp in a pleasant way.

  Calm down in the field.

  Birds and water. So nice. Thank you!

  This is so amazing! When I close my eyes it feels like I am standing in the middle of a happy forest! Thank you!

  A hot summer day, sitting in the shade of a tree just marveling at natures tranquility. You feel relaxed.

  It makes me feel calm, very calm actually. I listen to this when I study or have negative thoughts.

  I love this setting! I'll just be off relaxing now, ok?

  The perfect setting for relaxing. Awesome website!

  This sounds just like spring at where I live... I am so inspired!

  Ah... How is this so relaxing? I mean, this is so awesome!

  This is what I listen to whenever I need concentration in my work office. Thanks Stéphane for this great site, it is the second one I ever donated to, after the Wikipedia.

  This sounds like the perfect place to live.

  I am a country lad. I love this one, new favorite. I feel 40% less stress. The name alone is worth 10% less stress :)

  I listen to this with Distant Thunder while I go to sleep. I suffer from nightmares and this site seems to keep them at bay for a while. I normally seem to wake every few hours but with this, I can almost completely sleep through a night

  More birds, Less water and crickets... This is more similar to my natural environment so I like it better.

  This is such a beautiful sound. It relaxes me so much and i'm so grateful for it. Thank you so much for creating this site!

  I used to spend a lot of time on meadow lands when I was a kid, now I work at home, and listening meadow land sound takes me back to my childhood.

  Meadow Land is the best soundscape yet! I have tinnitus and have used many live nature sites to reproduce the comfort I find in nature. This does it. (My cats like it too!)


  My country <3

  I've had tinnitus for a couple of years and don't know what I would have done without this fantastic site. Today I'm working at home in my study and confident that I will enjoy doing my work whilst listing to meadow land - the sound of whispering grasses, breeze, and blackbirds. Thank you so much.

  I have been using myNoise for a couple of years and this site is wonderful. It has literally saved me from my tinnitus. I was able to find just the right combination of high pitched beautiful bird chirps and bubbling brook noises to cover up my tinnitus. I have finally contributed to this worthwhile group and want to say thanks.You will be getting a yearly donation from me. Mahalo

  I start everyday with the sounds of birds from various recordings you have provided. I work all day in front of a computer and not only does your site bring the outdoors in, it also provides me with better focus and concentration throughout the day. I switch records for different activities - including relaxation and I couldn't be without your site - it keeps me sane, balanced and happy! Thank you.

  Oh, this is lovely! I once spent a day in a meadow very much like this in Alabama in the U.S. It was bordered by a stream and stands of wild plum trees, and there were birds everywhere. Listening, I flashed back immediately to a very strong feeling of sun on my skin! Thank you for waking that memory. Oh, and btw, my cats seem to like this too; must be the birdsong!

  I just discovered this page. I am touched by all the love and hard work that obviously went into creating this page. This is truly a gem. Thank you so much for sharing!

  A nice blend between water, wind, and birds... Excellently done, good Doctor P!

  Its brilliant, amazing, and calming. It reminds me of a simple day, where you walk down the road.

  I listen to this at the same time as the album "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place" by Explosions in the Sky; they work amazingly. This is the kind of background that makes you feel like the future isn't so sad.

  I played this with some classical piano. One of the most relaxing sounds ever.

  I bet if you could quantify all the creative projects, writing, art and work produced by myNoise users with the help of this website, you'd be astounded! So much good work going on around the world with the help of myNoise.

  I have so many blackbirds in the field behind my house. When I turn off the water sliders and turn up the wind, this sounds just like I'm sitting on my deck. Such a good escape during work!

  I'm writing a symphony for my senior recital, and on lovely days like today, when all I want to do is be outside, I sit next to the window and turn this on. It makes me feel like I'm not missing out on such a good day, but I can still get work done.

  An amazing background... Makes me feel elated and helps me study.... At other times it helps me maintain my calm and now I'm called peacemaker at school... The unique option of animation and viewing your hearing curve just adds more to the brilliant soothing atmosphere.

  THIS is exactly what summer morning sounds like where I live (near the forest and a small stream). This just takes me back to childhood, playing outside all day with other kids in the forest or at the stream (where we even built a treehouse). This is the perfect sound for me when I'm anxious or nervous. It instantly calms me down.

  My favourite set and you have so many of them, it is quite difficult to discover, which fits best ;-) A perfect solution to block my loud neighbours out of my world!. Even technically everything is well thought and works fine, from the settings to the memorizing function and the calibration is perfectly adjusting to my high-end speakers, resulting in a very high quality sound! Thank you so much !

  This site is such a brilliant work of art. I just discovered how the birds whistling in this Meadowland help me empty my busy mind, and now I find the Meditation Room taking me on a journey to a place even more quiet.... Stphane, you know how to make silence sing. What a gift you are bringing to the world! May support in the abundance you deserve be yours, I grant you my small part...

  This feels like sitting high on the bank. Go down to the water? Or up to the birds? I'm not torn, just relaxing between worlds...

  This has become a new favorite. I love that I can turn the bird sounds down just a bit - to make them sound more distant and turn the water sounds up. This is the perfect background for the novel I am currently writing. It not only sets the scene, but blocks out distracting noises as well. I am grateful for this site every single day.

  I love birds but I find their noises somewhat distracting... especially since I study birds so their noises cause me to pay attention. I like this best without birds and just a little water... a late evening, peaceful meadow :)

  Absolutely stunning! I totally adore the sound of floating streams with splashes on rocks laying at the bottom. As it wasn't enough, it was recorded in my country <3

  This combination of water sounds is so soothing...water babbling close by and water rushing in the distance. Water sounds are very powerful for me.

  I like that I can turn off the cricket noises. That's why this site is far superior to just a normal audio loop anywhere else.

  The best thing to listen to when you're stressing out at work. Thank you so much for making it!

  A new favorite! Closing my eyes, I feel I'm there in the meadow, light sunshine on my face. What a relaxing place to be. Thank you, and thanks to Marta for bringing you here to record for us! <3

  I've recently gotten into meditation to figure out more about one of my past lives. This generator and these settings give me a feeling of nostalgia that is exciting, but not too overwhelming at the same time. I absolutely have to use this for meditation sometime.

  Love this as a background noise at work. Immediately calms me down, and makes me happier!

  This generator is emotionally moving. The feeling of total isolation; the imagery it evokes; it creates bare emotion that is just incredible. Never thought a simple soundscape would make my eyes water.

  Beautiful. Simelar to the healing water, maybe I should combine the them to see if they sound well. This site is awesome.

  Just exquisite... This soundscape allows me to immerse into an an organic environment while working on analytical projects. I'm not just blocking out distracting office sounds; I'm 'teleported' to an outdoor office! Thank you so very much, Dr. Pidgeon. I gratefully support this site and have referred staff, colleagues, friends and family members to it.

  This "teleported" me to a very refreshed and relaxed state of mind. What a beautiful generator. Reminds me of picnics with my parents when I was a kid. The photos were great too. Once, again, thank you for sharing, Dr. Pigeon. I use this site every day to help me work and every night to lull me to sleep.

  My new favorite noise! Thank you for this!

  This is a glorious piece of work, reminds me of my childhood... I used it today at work, it certainly made the empty labs come alive!

  Down by the water...

  This is the sound of my childhood. I absolutely love it.

  This is so peaceful it makes me cry. It reminds me of when I was a kid playing in the creek down the road, a small world removed from the rest of the world.

  Another beautiful, peaceful soundscape. It's like being in the most private park in the world.

  Exactly the generator I've been waiting for. I live near lots of grassland areas so this feels like home. I'm an artist and myNoise helps me focus and tune out feelings of being jittery and distracted. Thank you so much!

  Water, with just a bit of bird and crickets in the background. Imagine yourself on a riverbank, early morning, while the sun rises above you.