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Cave Water
Frequency-Shaped Subterranean Water Noises
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Only water sounds, wrapped in complete silence

Natural light disappears, temperature drops, and the sound of the outside world ceases. We are a hundred feet below the surface. Many subterranean lakes are connected by narrow passages, calcareous barrages, and small waterfalls. This world of complete darkness is not a world of silence. Draining crystal-clear water, these passages fill the atmosphere with an amazingly rich palette of water sounds, meticulously wrapped in complete silence.

This noise generator has been recorded in a beautifully preserved European karst cave, only accessible to a few, and is the first of a series that will be released over the coming weeks. This one focusses on the overall ambience in the cave: a unique mixture of close-sounding water elements and white noise from distant waterfalls.

Behind-the-scene photos are available here.

Published on June 25th, 2014

User Stories

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  What amazes me every time I visit this website is that there’s only one person behind it all, He must be very passionate. Thank you so much for this masterpiece! I really love using these sounds when I study.

  Pairing this with Tuned Cave and Cave Chime immediately gives me Scanner Sombre (a subterranian exploration game) vibes, and including Crystal Stream just adds that subtle shallow pool touch; now, I just need a Lidar scanner, and VR set, and I'm good to go exploring some unknown cavernous depths. Be sure to apply calibration settings to generators they affect for extra emmersion.

  I set this to 'speech blocker', paired with 88 keys, and found a beautiful sound blocker! Water and piano were made for each other. Thank you so much, Dr. Stéphane! :)

  A sweet, soft noise that refreshes the ears and clears the mind.

  Very relaxing sound with decent noise blocker. I tend to up the overall volume on setting for my liking.

  This is great. I can't hear anything. Spent many afternoons reading with it on.

  This brings back memories of staying the night in a cave on a scouting trip. I still vividly remember dozing away on the top bunk of a bed, staring at the stone ceiling, listening to the soothing sounds of the calm stream that ran alongside the lodging area. That was years ago; I've changed so much since then. Maybe I should revisit the cave and stay the night again.

  Infra reduces my brother's talking behind me more than speech blocker haha!

  I use these water sounds over my music, to help me focus and add ambiance! Couldn't recommend enough.

  I took the Industrial Hall preset from Data Center and transplanted it here. It drowns out my room's air conditioner beautifully.

  This setting in particular is very refreshing, makes me want to go grab a glass of water.

  The rushing water really helps me when I have to focus on reading my textbook for class!

  I just started listening to this for the first time a few minutes ago (having always seen the cave exploration icon on Spotify and getting curious) and until thinking to type this I've just been sat stimming gently and crying (in a good way). This is just so powerful. Thank you.

  This is so resting for sleeping and work, I am so glad I found this website!

  Thanks so much for this sound generator! It's top notch and I use it often to help me navigate my ADHD & anxiety. Cave water is my all time favorite!

  All of the best work on my thesis was done to the sounds of this white noise generator. Thank you so much for making it!

  What else but water can relax the brain?? I love this place.

  This sound is so calming! And it also helps block out any distractions! Perfect!

  When I find it hard to work on writing this is really the best thing. Music can be a distraction as you get lost in the lyrics but these sounds help my body relax and get into the mood of creating. A nice, customizable background noise to drown out the silence without being too overwhelming.

  This is so relaxing! Perfect to help me focus on my homework!

  This is so useful for writer's block. Also, it's so relaxing!

  ← Murmurs from Below. Listening to this at work!

  Writing my dissertation last minute, and this noise is really helping me focus, thanks for saving my degree!

  Cave water helped me sleep through my spouse's snoring. I did eventually get some Bose Sleepbuds, which work even better. But now at work, someone loud has moved into the office next door. Cave Water to the rescue! Such a soothing, peaceful sound, and I absolutely love that I can customize the frequencies to get the best masking effect. THANK YOU!

  I love this! I pair it with “88 keys” practically every time I do my homework, and it has helped me focus so much. Thank you for this beautiful sound!

  Rescued a scared nervous dog, and this helped mask outside noises so he could sleep through the night. It's been a year now, and we still listen to it every night.

  As a frequently ill Senior with insomnia, this site is pure heaven! Cave Water is the low-tones natural water sound I’ve been craving, so soothing and puddly and perfect! This is “my” rain, exactly as I hear it, and you’ve captured it! I’m so happy!

  I'm making digital dragons sculptures while listening to this. It's amazing.

  Big Gerard Way vibes! Reminds me of "Into The Cave We Wander," and very soothing.

  You could simulate a real cave by making a room cold and sitting in it at night for the darkness.

  "Cave Water" has helped me prepare a huge number of exams!

  I love this cause instead of the anoying noises outside I can plug my earphones in and not get distracted while I do my homework. I recommend this to anyone who get distracted.

  I really enjoy all these noises, they help me focus on one thing rather than be distracted. I also appreciate how the creators went into an actual cave to get sounds for this, that's really cool.

  Oh how wonderful and lovely to hear the sound of Slovenia, my home again <3 Thank you and I hope you enjoyed your visit!

  I suffer from insomnia and sometimes my brain runs a little too free. This helps me a lot especially because there's so many possible variations. Thanks for this one!

  As a person with Asperger's (and the associated sleep problems), I 100% believe in this website. Not only being able to choose from tons of different themes, but also customizing them is absolutely wonderful. I get to finally be able to relax to my custom set noise. I can then be able to comfortably fall asleep.

  Very impressed with myNoise. Easy to use and personalise to hit just the right point on sounds. Noises around me, generally, don't bother me but I find difficulty concentrating when people nearby are loud typists (tapping keyboards loudly). The ability to move the sliders on the white rain sound has helped me eradicate this. Good for my productivity and, more importantly, my sanity! Thanks.

  Thanks Dr. Ir. S. Pigeon. Your site is saving my life. I have bipolar 1 and it's helpful for both mania and depression. Thank a lot.

  Simply put, I've listened to this specific generator everyday for the past five years. Thank you for providing us amazing background noise!

  I love this it helps block out my parents fighting or the baby next door crying, my dogs barking or whatever else. I love the low bass sounds on so many of these, it's great, thank you :)

  I love this soft gentle sound, reminds me of a waterfall pool in a rock formation I once visited. Perfect for going to sleep in a too-quiet room.

  I've got a bad mindset sometimes where I don't want to work and do other stuff, but this site has helped me concentrate on work that I need to do. I couldn't be more happier! Got to love this site.

  Cave sounds are simply the best, there's such a natural silence there. It almost feels like home.

  For a beautifully eerie sound to capture the ancient wonders of caves, combine these settings with "Aeternitas" (animated at Deep and Fast) and "Temple Bells" with the four middle sliders muted. Truly magical and almost makes me feel the cold of being in my favorite place, the cave.

  So so nice! Really helps me calm down when feeling especially stressed.

  Cave water pairs well with so many other generators. I like it best adjusted like this.

  More than happy to give a few quid to this site as thanks for helping me drown out unwanted noise & get some good sleep! I live above a shop with an alarm that bleeps intermittently to let you know it is working, under a person who makes late night phone calls, across from a new baby on one side and a pack of excitable guard dogs on the other. And I am a light sleeper, so this is a life saver. ;)

  I listen to this to fall asleep almost every night. There is something so calming about the sound of water, and it's great for masking the noises of the city around me as I try to wind down to sleep.

  I heard about this site from a friend, and I couldn't be more pleased by the offerings here! My past adventures with trying to find noise to listen to at work were frustrating. I'd find something that would feel good to my ears, but before long the sound felt "off" and irritated my ears. I'm blown away by how comfortable the sounds from this site are to my ears, especially after calibration!

  When my tinnitus gets worst, this generator is a life-saver: it keeps my focused and relaxed. Plus, it is a beautiful sound. Thank you a lot.

  Pairing this with Torley's Twin Black Lodges generator is blowing my mind for the particular scene I'm writing in my book... I dunno. It's very cool.

  I feel like this can help me fall asleep when I'm having a bad insomnia and have a busy day the next day!

  Crafted by hand to perfection! I have been using this generator for the past few days now. It has already helped me get over my concentration issues. It is both an engineering and an artistic marvel!

  Found this on a Reddit thread, pretty sweet high quality stuff. Would recommend!

  I just discover this website, amazing work !

  I just tried this and I love it already! It's so refreshing. Thanks a ton, Dr. Pigeon! :-)

  I have chronic tinnitus and it can make quietly studying for school a nightmare. Mynoise has been great for helping me focus, and I'm very glad it exists!

  It feels like I'm a free bird devoid of any worries, just pure happiness. I really appreciate the efforts of those who worked behind the scenes thank you for creating the beautiful atmosphere. Now I am called peacemaker at school. Thanks to myNoise.

  I work in a cubicle and the person working next to me slams on their keyboard all day. I like to be a bit relaxed at work so the slamming just makes me really stressed out!! A lot of the generators are great for relaxation, but I haven't gotten them to block out certain noises (ie: keyboards). This one has finally solved my problem and will be put to heavy use whenever they start rage typing! TY!

  This is amazing, I turn it on every night to fall asleep and block out any background city noises.

  The thing that sets this site apart is the ability to set your hearing curve. As someone with hearing loss, the effect is dramatic: I can hear individual water sounds instead of general hum. Thank you for the time, effort and research you have put into making this site so valuable! It makes me so much more productive, every day.

  Perfect for covering keyboard chattering and pribble-prabble in an open-plan office. Thank you so much!

  This is like giving your brain a bath... so refreshing!

  This really helps calm my anxiety down and focus on whatever I'm doing. The sound of water helps me anyway but this one holds a special place in my heart, thank you so much!

  This site is a great tool for blocking out distractions at a coffee shop when you need to get work done. Love it!

  What a life saver. Switch on the Aqua Pura and Animate setting for an amazing experience. It goes amazing with the undertale song "Quiet Water Extended." This and the song got me through a huge project that took me 8 hours. Thanks so much.

  I started to use the site to work at the office in our busy open space environment. After I few weeks I am realizing it is helping me concentrate so much that I am starting to use it even when I am working in a quiet place, at my home office for example. I highly recommend myNoise not only to isolate you from a noisy environment, but also simply to concentrate better in any kind of work. Thanks!

  This site is simply amazing! It's essential when I want to sit back and relax.

  This sound generator was really relaxing for me and helps calm me down after a tough day. Thanks!

  I love this because it makes for an instant relaxing session, especially when combined with a calming tune.

  Amazing sound generator. This sound helped me push through a writing assignment without the usual stress from homework. Amazing... Thank you

  This is the most relaxing sound generator I have ever heard. Between this and the application my blood pressure has been down and my concentration level up.

  The almost white noise of some tones plus the slight rush of water really helps me to concentrate without feeling like I'm listening to a dodgy radio like I do with plain old white noise.

  I bought Cave Water for your Mobile App. It helps me to relax during train travels. This secluded noise is just great. Pure water noise without any other disturbance. Even during work it relaxes me, when my boss is straining my nerves.

  Loving the treble. Very crisp.

  Very calming... really helps me to draw :)

  I've discovered that this along with the song Quiet Water is the most calming thing ever to exist.

  I love this sort of water noise; not hard or trickley, but almost like white static noise. Can't express how much this does for me.

  I don't know how I'd sleep or teach without this website.My students vote on which sound they want in the class. At school, I love Grazeland with the bees turned down and the wind up. At home, though, I sleep religiously to Cave Water. I feel absolute peace and can finally sleep once I turn it on, it's lovely.

  This sounds so pleasant and inspires my writing when I write about merfolk. It's also especially fitting to drift off to when it's sleepytime. Feeling like I'm by or underwater is very comforting to me.

  Put on some calm video game soundtrack, put this in another tab. It's like heaven.

  Seventeen months of graduate school. This soundscape has kept me sane during all the late nights of writing, reading, and research! Thank you!

  If you use this with the fire generator and summer night generator, it sounds like you are in a cave! Totally immersive and recommended!

  Cave Water is my favorite selection on the site. I set it to change slowly throughout the day and it helps me avoid office noise distractions and stay focused. Thank you!

  I have a custom setting for Cave Water that I always turn on when I need to concentrate and get work done. There's something about it that really just helps with my ADD.

  This is my absolute favorite setting for this drone! It's very relaxing and helped me get over my headache.

  I am reminded of when my love and I were deep underground in Ingleborough Cave. The scenery was so beautiful, the pools so serene. This sheltered away, the water is unaffected by human affairs, as it flows according to forces unrelated to everything we know. Somehow, in the dim ethereal glow, it is easy to believe we too are unaffected my human affairs, other than our linked hands. Breathe.

  I usually like listening to the sound of rain and thunder... but my oh my cave water is beautiful and relaxing for essay writing, reading and studying too! <3

  You are sitting in the entrance of a cave you're camping out in. Rain falls gently outside and patter on the stone ground. You are at peace.

  The aqua pura one saves my life! I can never sleep and this really relaxes me and let's me drift off! Love this.

  This drowned out my coworker's badly off-key rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." THANK YOU.

  It sounds like I'm sitting in the middle of a river, getting wet. Or is the water getting me instead?

  You're in a cave, with a waterfall behind you, hiding passage to this very cave... You hear the streams beside you, muffled by the cave. Then you check your watch. It's 4:00. You start to feel tired. Then you think, "Perfect! I'll go rest by the stream, as long as I know when to wake up." Then you slip on your sleepwear, roll out the sleeping bag, and lay down for a slumber by the falls. Relaxing!

  ← this setting makes me feel like I'm sitting in wet clay and listening to a near stream ^.^

  I cannot go a single week (soon to be day, most likely) without setting this generator to the 'Karst Cave' setting and just relaxing in the evenings just before bed. I hope maybe one day I can see the real thing and just listen to the running water for hours on end. Simply wonderful, thanks so much Dr. Pigeon! - Josh (Shiiva)

  This generator has saved my brain today as workers are repairing the parking lot outside my office. It's so effective I barely notice as work starts and stops! I've had it on Animate all day.

  I live alone, so I don't like it when I'm working or going around websites in an quiet room. This is perfect to put on, it's unobtrusive and it stays that way without pulling me out of what I'm doing with sporadic noise. Plus it's soothing and it's steady noise keeps me focused, but relaxed.

  This is easily the best generator on this site, and that is saying something. I used to listen to the rain one all the time, but now this is my favorite. Especially paired with the "Code Talkers" generator, this helps me concentrate, sleep, and chill out.

  There is a valley hidden in the woods. Years before, the railway had heaped up a barrow and lay their tracks at its top. At several places, stone tunnels break through the barrow, allowing creeks to splash toward the river. To enter the glade, which my father swore was the gateway to Arcadia, you have to wade through one such tunnel. This is what it sounds like within.

  I have anxiety issues and when trying to focus on studying for school or anything, I notice every little sound. I will focus on the sounds and it really distracts me. The most calming and relaxing place for me is the shower. The sound of it relaxes me in such a weird way and I feel like these blends of sound remind of it. All I got to do is turn it up and I can relax and focus at my tasks at hand.

  I love so many of the choices on this site but ever since 'Cave Water' came out I've listened to nothing else. It's like rain, a river, and a waterfall combined  so perfect. The fact that it's sourced directly from nature makes it feel even more therapeutic. I've always wanted to visit a cave Thank you!

  I especially enjoy listening to this sound with non-intrusive piano music playing at the same time! The sound of the water acts almost like white noise with the music. It makes it easier for me to stay focused on a task OR for me to fall asleep.

  Very Very calming and helps me concentrate even in open space

  My dream rushing water noise. This is the generator I've been waiting for! D

  Incredible noise blocker and relaxing sound even with low volume. I feel like am I am in a spacious cave with no one to bother me. It's a great tool to study and zone in stuff.

  Sounds like the best parts of ocean and rain noises combined - I love it!

  I use this site almost 7 nights a week for noise reduction/stress/sleep aid. The cave noises are my favorite to date, beyond words here. Thank you so much!

  ← Draft Force. I just love the deep wind sounds in this noise. So calm and massive.

  myNoise is a must for college students while studying. I don't know how I focused before I found this site!

  I have gotten more writing done in the last two days just with the default setting of this sound than I have in the last week! Wonderful for inspiration.