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A (not) White Noise Generator
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Browner than Brownish Brown

On myNoise, White Noise & Co. covers them all: the 'white', 'pink', and 'brown' spectral distributions, as engineers have named them. This generator is universal, creating an endless range of colors beyond these settings, eliminating the need for another one. However, let me share a story..

There is something interesting to notice about the "White Noise" playlists that are popular on platforms like Spotify. These playlists contain sounds that aren't actually white, pink, or brown. Instead, they have a distinct "dark brown" quality, even warmer and deeper than brown noise itself. It's like adding extra sugar to cookies; adding bass to a sound makes it more appealing, while making other noises taste thin in comparison.

Content creators often add a lot of bass to attract an audience to their white noise tracks. They still label these tracks as white noise, to capitalize on a highly sought search term. Though these sounds are pleasant, they are not as effective at masking a wide range of noises. They primarily address low-frequency sounds. While these sounds are nice for relaxation purposes, they may not be the best choice for blocking out noise, unless you specifically want to mask deep rumbling sounds.

Furthermore, on streaming platforms like Spotify, these 'white' noise playlists are made up of very short audio files, usually two or three minutes long. It's hard to imagine how people can focus or relax when their attention is constantly interrupted by a change in tracks every few minutes. It is clear to me that these providers of content prioritize profit over user satisfaction. The shorter the track, the more plays it receives, ultimately increasing their revenue.

This situation is frustrating. Some providers are making huge profits without offering a product that truly serves its purpose. It works, but not very well, and users won't realize unless they look for alternatives.

With the current generator - now playing - I've designed a (not) white noise generator that mirrors these popular playlists, but with notable improvements. It provides pristine sound quality, non-stop play, and the flexibility to create your own personalized sound by combining any of the ten tracks. This tool is built with your needs in mind, offering an effective alternative to playlists optimized for revenue.

Published on November 20th, 2023

User Stories

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  This sounds like I'm flying peacefully across the country in a commercial airliner. All it's missing is the occasional 'peem-poom' sound of the seatbelt sign going on and off. We can do without the turbulence, though! :)

  Your work is a generous gift to all of us, and is well worth supporting. In particular it is a gift to those of us who do not want to be at the mercy of Spotify or Youtube to host a healing and sheltering acoustic environment. These hosts desecrate the space with constant deeply jarring commercial interruptions. Thank you so much for your generous and carefully thought out work.

  I've typically been more preferential to the water and machine sound generators so it took a little for this generator to grow on me. I've since had a blast adjusting this generator so it sounds like a very cozy aircraft cabin -- perfect for work!

  I put this on every night and I sleep like a baby!

  Very soothing.

  In the midst of a sound-sensitive migraine, I can't tolerate high-pitched noises or highly-variable noises, so this site has been a boon for that. And this generator has managed to soothe the current one very nicely.

  I have been using the White Noise & Co. With the brown setting recently, and when I discovered this generator, I found my new favorite. So many "flavors" of brown! It's soothing, noise-canceling, and focus-enhancing all in one. Thank you, Stephane! What would I do without you and myNoise (and Calmy Leon, NoisesOnline, etc.? Genius!

  They're going to block my view of the beautiful mountains a few miles away with a huge apartment complex soon. And the construction noise adds insult to injury everyday as I try to write and NOT look out of the window at the tractors roaring by. Brownish white noise is the only thing that has drowned out the sound entirely and calmed my tortured soul. BLESS you!

  I love the fluctuation in the lower frequencies; it sounds like being on a long, straight, smooth rail road track to me.

  Been using the site for 3 years, haven't seen anything as calming as this one! Great job! PS: If I am right, this noise here will be easily one of the best!

  Thank the heavens! As someone who has frequently been frustrated with those Spotify playlists (the current MyNoise app sadly doesn't run well on my tablet) and their overly short tracks, this is heavenly. Please put a few variants of this on Spotify yourself in a nice ~1 hour long format and I'll be right there on my next trip.