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Mediterranean Garden
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Beneath an Olive Tree

The Japanese Garden sound has long been a favorite on myNoise, cherished for its serene atmosphere that many users connect with. It's time to introduce a new contender for this esteemed position. We're setting off to a different corner of the globe to find a garden that might captivate us just as much with its peacefulness, and perhaps be an even better companion for those warm afternoon rests.

Picture yourself resting beneath an olive tree, the gentle murmur of the Mediterranean in the distance. This new soundscape weaves together diverse sounds, carefully gathered in previous recording trips. Get ready to be taken away to another place of calm and quietude.

Published on November 3rd, 2023

User Stories

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  Fantastic! It took me out of my terrible tinnintus just for a while, gave me some minutes of fealing as it was many years ago before tinnitus happened to my life.

  Mediterranean garden is a great addition. I have recommended this myNoise to two friends already. Wonderful work as always, Dr. Pigeon. Love from India.

  This reminds me of holidaying with my parents as a child.

  I'd like to be down by the sea in a Mediterranean garden in the shade.

  This is an excellent new mix! I've been using it for the last two days for my entire work day and forget that I have it on. Subtle white noise breeze, non-distracting birds. Coupled with a pomodoro timer I am more productive than I have been in weeks.

  These sounds sound sharp and unpleasantly hyperrealistic.

  I've never visited the mediteranian or middle east, but this is, I am sure, the prefect representation of that area. Prayers regularly wished up for you in the middle east - for both Isralis and Palestinians.

  Beautiful soundscape, and yet the cicadas are quite unfamiliar... Check out "Bibione coastal dune forest" on youtube for cicadas on a hot Mediterranean day!

  It feels kinda like home but also unfamiliar, and this review is from the mediterranean.

  I think these coastal winds are one of your nicest wind recordings, for their soft and smooth flow - perhaps you had a lucky draw - and the excellent sound quality.

  It's early in the morning during summer. The heat is perfect as the sun has barely come up, and you can hear the sea in the distance as the birds all around you in the tall trees begin to sing.

  That soundscape is easing my ears and mind for quite a while now and I still can't get enough of it. So smooth and calm. Great follow up to the Japanese Garden, indeed. I love the crickets, but there's no shishi in my odoshi. Thanks for another one of your fabulous sound paintings.

  This reminds me of my aunts' balcony in the Mediterranean. Sandy stucco walls and the wind pushing the waves ashore. It's sunny and the cicadas are just starting their song of summer. I can close my eyes and imagine putting my feet up on the railing. There's a book in my lap, and a table nearby with tea and biscuits. I'm at peace.

  This is lovely. I'm using the Warmest Hours setting. It's very soothing. I feel like I'm sitting in a little villa in Greece, listening to the winds with my eyes closed. Wonderful!

  Ideal for working and drowning out surrounding house noises.

  This is how I imagine the lost olive groves of Palestine used to sound like. Such a beautiful, warm generator, to work and meditate on our wishes for peace in the Middle East.