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Double the Polarity

After the success of Quantum Polarity released one year ago, we're re-entering the captivating world of Berlin-based composer Polarity. This new generator take us into a deeper and more introspective experience, but maintains those special electronic beats that define Polarity's style.

Put on headphones, clear your mind, and let the sound take you away. Whether you're working, studying, or simply seeking a moment of peace, this track offers an escape; a sanctuary in sound where you're free to roam, think, and feel.

If you enjoy these electronic sounds as much as we do, check out Polarity's releases on Bandcamp.

Published on September 22nd, 2023

User Stories

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  This + Now Loading + Deep Chant, all three with animation turned on, is just absolutely heavenly.

  There are some extraordinary rhythms that emerge when Endless Horizons plays at the same time as Quantum Polarity...

  The use of pitch is SO reminiscent of the Oppenheimer soundtrack's finest moments... Truly excellent.

  Super fun song to play hand percussion with! I just love this site - like a drummer's dream come true!

  This setting is incredible. I layered it with a few of my favourite sounds from this site (some rain and thunder and some of the ambient engine and interference noise from Black Hole) and was transported to a meditative trance state.

  Enjoyed playing with the speeds on this one. At half-speed, it's soothing and contemplative, synthetic and a little gritty. Like chilling in your cyber-future apartment while the rain runs tracks down your window displays. At double-speed, it's tense and optimistic, a sense of anticipation - like sneaking into HQ to hack into their systems.

  I pressed play, and immediately the nostalgia for Smash Hit (PHENOMENAL soundtrack/game!) flooded across me... This is astonishing.

  Just what I needed to get my focus in gear! Hits that perfect blend of smooth, dark, ambient, moody yet calm, and invigorating! A new favorite! <3

  Reminding me of Mirror's Edge ambience and the soundtrack by Solar Fields! Really putting me in a trance while I work.

  Reminds me of some sort of stealth mission where you're on a boat. Very sharp and anticipating.

  I came home from school knackered and ready for bed, but, aware that I had a lot of homework to do. I opened myNoise and to my joy a new generator specially sat there waiting for me. I started it and have been doing my A-level Business notes for 30-40mins no problem. I still have a lot more to go but that it one huge task of the list. Once again you have saved my studies and my brain, thank you Sir.