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Photo Albums

I always try recording my own sounds when it is possible, and sometimes even when it is impossible! Many pictures taken during my past sampling sessions, have never been released. This page gives you access to a wider set of photos than what is available on my blog. Discover where the sounds you're now familiar with, have been recorded. Enjoy!

Ile aux Lièvres • Quebec • Summer 2023

Another trip to Quebec, but this one was special: my daughter Célia graduated from the university of Montreal! This visit gave me a nice opportunity to pick up my field recorders and head towards an amazing recording location suggested by Denis, a fan of this website who lives in Quebec

Estuary Island

Quebec • Canada • Late Spring 2022

Taking a trip to Montreal to see my daughter became the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the great outdoors. I enjoyed spending several days in neighboring national parks, where I drop-cached a few recorders during my hikes.

Forêt OuareauTawing Forest

Sintra Natural Park, Portugal • Early Spring 2022

A sampling session themed "Between Land and Sea". The place was suggested by Rita, a fan of myNoise. To her surprise, I arrived a couple of months later, packed with microphones, and joined by Rémy - my son and wingman...

Vale dos PerdidosLand and SeaWhispering Trees

Belle-Motte, Belgium • Winter 2020

With the help of my friend Etienne, we sampled the sounds of the Belle-Motte manor, an old property that has belonged to his family for many generations. If ever there was a haunted house in Belgium, or a place that felt haunted, it would be Belle-Motte!

Old MansionWindy Mansion

Finland • Spring 2019

In Finland, I met Katri, a fan of myNoise who helped me recording the sounds of a traditional sauna. I took the opportunity of my stay there to record the sounds of different natural biotopes.

Finnish SaunaNorthern WetlandNorthern Wetland

Madeira, Portugal • Spring 2019

Located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, Madeira is probably the closest place from home where one can spot dolphins in the wild. The island is famous for its levadas, those channels created to carry water for irrigation of agricultural fields.

LevadasSubaquatic DreamsPeninsulaDolphins Colony

Ardennes, Belgium • Spring 2019

The Forest of Ardennes is a region of extensive woods, rough terrain and rolling hills in Belgium and Luxembourg. This sampling session aimed at evaluating the sonic potential of an area that is located just two hours drive away from home, but suffers from a lot of noise pollution.

Ardennes ForestFull Moon Forest

Black River, Sweden • Spring 2018

I can't count how many times loon calls have been requested as an addition to this site. I wasn't aware of their haunting calls until I started to investigate why I was receiving so many requests. Then I realized why there was such a demand. It's an iconic sound, just as wolves' howls are. I gave myself a challenge for 2018, to find a spot where I could record these birds, hopefully not too far from home.

Lake LifeNorthern ForestLively Lake

Kyoto, Japan • Spring 2017

A sampling session around Kyoto, recording traditional sounds from Japan. I was mainly interested in recording atmosphere around shrines and temples. Not many pictures were taken, as I often attended religious ceremonies and wanted to keep as respectful as possible.

Japanese HeritageBuddhist Ceremony

The Netherlands • Winter 2017

A very short sampling session in The Netherlands, to sample an antique windmill. We are in Cabauw in the province of Utrecht, which lies two meters below sea level. To keep the land dry, water is carried away via an impressive number of small canals and pumped to increasing heights, by windmills. These mills harvest the force of the wind to drive water wheels.

Cabouwse Windmill

Poland • Spring 2016

A 4-day sampling session in Poland, sampling 'Natural Elements' such as the Earth, Air, Water and Fire. I would like to thank Marta • a Polish fan of this site • for organising my staying. She opted for shelters in the middle of nowhere, without electricity nor running water, and that was just perfect!

RPG ElementsMeadow LandPrimeval Forest

Lapland • Winter 2015

Chasing ice cold noises above the Artic Circle, during the polar night! With the help of a local women, Tinja, and her husband Alex, I experienced Lapland's real life for a week, living without running water nor electricity, only by candle light, and the warmth of a log fire. Sled dogs were our means of transport in the great all-white wilderness.

Sled DogsArctic WolvesPolar Expedition

Sahara • Spring 2015

Sand ruined some of my equipment, but it was worth it! I've been hiking through fantastic mineral landscapes and slept under the stars. Desert is dead silent at night - something I didn't expect - but when wind blows, every single object starts to sing wonderfully!

Palm GardenNocturnal GardenDesert WindsSaharan CaravanBerber Tent

Ireland • Fall 2014

When I arrived, the whale watching activity had stopped for a while because of the very bad weather conditions. When weather cleared up a bit, the swell was still too high to spot the whales visually and to navigate comfortably. What an experience! The initial theme for this session was 'Singing Whales', and the fallback plan was 'Sea, Wind & Rain'

UnderwaterEn RouteIrish Coast

France • Summer 2014

This sampling session took place in France, about 8 hours drive from home. The family lived in a working sheepfold for a week, and the theme for this sampling session came naturally: 'Sheep on the Cheap' (this sampling session didn't cost a penny, since this was part of our planned family holidays).

GrazelandSummer NightWhat the... FarmRainy Riverbank

Slovenia • Spring 2014

Slovenia was my first sampling session trip abroad, entirely dedicated to the recording of original sounds for myNoise. This happened in Spring 2014, when myNoise just turned one! The theme of this trip was 'Fresh Water'.

Cave WaterDark WaterHealing WaterCrystal StreamSpring WalkContemplation Cave