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All Souls' Day

On November 2nd, Catholics honor the lives of their deceased relatives. After a religious ceremony marked by extensive recollection and prayer, people leave the church and visit the adjoining cemeteries to place flowers on the graves of deceased family members and close friends. This soundscape recreates the specific atmosphere within the church, on a cold, rainy day.

Much attention has been given to the details. Subtle audio cues will allow you to experience the potentially eerie presence of a silent audience around you. It is recommended to use headphones to achieve the best effect. Not only will they isolate you from your surroundings, but they will also transport you directly into the heart of the church. Be prepared for a highly immersive experience!

Published on November 26th, 2013

User Stories

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  It's the evening, and because of the bad weather, you arrived just after the beginning of the Compline prayer liturgy.

  This church noise helps me to to calm down, to relax and abstract from external triggers during my daily job.

  You take shelter from the unforgiving rain in an old abandoned church, and see a lone organ player sitting and playing his heart out. You hear footsteps, but are unable to ascertain their source. The thunder crackles and flows over your ears, making your heavy bag filled with philosophy books seem lighter. A bittersweetness in the air reminds you of long-forgotten memories.

  I was a member of my church choir for about 15 years. I miss my dear friend Stanley very much, and this allows me to pretend he is still up in the loft, softly playing the organ while we wait for others to join us for a rehearsal - very comforting since he passed away several years ago.

  The deserted town rings it's bells.

  I'm not Christian/Catholic, but I love sitting in empty churches when I find them and praying to whoever is listening. This gen feels dreary (in a good way) and pure, I like it a lot :] I like setting it so its mostly the rain/thunder, whispers and steps in the background, so its a little eerie.

  The feeling of being alone in an abandoned church, with the organ mysteriously playing and the bell chiming every now and then... I adore church organs and this one has such an unsettling yet calming vibe. I adore this! Thank you so much!

  The bell tolls.

  I absolutely love the atmosphere of the church, even though I'm not religious. The feeling of being safe, being in a pure place...

  I use this alongside some heavy thunder and rain to do my writing, and it does the job every time to keep my brain and tinnitus occupied. I am in love with this website and almost every generator on it, but this and the related melancholy "cathedral" type ones have the perfect vibe. Excited to see what comes in the future. Love this so much.

  Sometimes when going to church I am feeling anxious so I pace the halls outside the chapel instead of going in. I've never quite had a good way to describe the atmosphere of this experience but I think this soundscape comes very close to how I would describe it.

  This particular site + calm choir playlist on spotify and you truly feel like you are in church. Amazing experience, since I haven't been there for 2 years..

  I love attending the Catholic church in my town, especially Adoration, and I've missed it during the pandemic. This brings it back, with the priest speaking a litany and others around me whispering their Rosary. The echoes are just perfect.

  This is amazing! Fabulous!! And those noises if steps, I don't know why but I love noises of steps that resonate like this. So, really, thank you so much ! Feels so good when I'm sad for example!

  I love this! The noises are so realistic and they just couldn't get better!

  I went to a medieval college at university, and sitting in the antechapel was exactly like this. Absolutely fantastic!

  It feels like it's raining heavily and I'm waiting outside of a church for the rain stop. It's perfect for when I'm sleepy but need to finish an essay <3

  I like to pretend with these settings that I'm sitting right outside a Hogwarts classroom! This has really helped me to study for long hours this semester.

  I love this. It calms me. I hate religion, but I love churches; the history etc. I love this 'noise'.

  Eerie, but calming at the same time.

  Oh, well imagine. As I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor, and I can't help but to hear. No, I can't help but to hear an exchanging of words.

  This sounds like a wedding, love it!

  This will feel like you are in a church and the priest is talking.

  You sit and whisper with your family waiting for the mass to start. The Clergy rushing through to get everything ready, slowly the church starts filling.

  I'm in love with this site. The fact that I can move the sliders and find a background noise ideal for my current mood is great. I use it for work and to sleep. Sometimes mixing few generators in different tabs. Very soothing.

  Helped with my classes so much!! Very healing.

  I love the mood this gives! Makes me feel like I'm in RE4, in the Church at night and it's pouring cats and dogs outside with the rumbling of thunder in the distance.

  I love this noise. My birthday is November 2nd, and this is such a calming generator. I love using this to relax and study!

  I combine the "Rehearsing" setting here with the Medieval Library "Quiet Room" setting. It is perfect for concentrating when I'm putting together a syllabus, course calendar, or exam for my classes.

  In an abandoned church, and you thought you were alone...

  I have this going through my house with the 'meditation bell' that goes off every minute. I feel like I'm rushing, with my program in hand, to find a seat and be quiet ;)

  This reminds me of standing in the doorway of a huge church, just out of the rain. I love this for working on my writing.

  I feel peaceful and unobtrusive while listening to this. It's nice to have gentle musicals when it rains.

  This puts me on edge, but is yet weirdly euphoric and relaxing.

  Combine this with poltergeist and perfect creepy RPG ambience.

  Meditating to this was enlightening. I definitely will use it again!

  My all-time myNoise favourite. Today is November 2nd, I've had this atmosphere in the background all day.

  Reminds me of required adoration at the Catholic school I used to go to - very peaceful and relaxing, allowing my mind to wander.

  I just keep playing the bell and silence other whispers and noises and it gives me the feel of sitting in a Buddhist pagoda, amongst great meditators.

  This is by far my favorite generator on the site. I understand why others may think it is spooky, but I find it incredibly calming. It reminds me of being in church as a little kid. I love falling asleep to this.

  I'm not a religious person, but I really love the sound of churches. This sounds like I'm in a video game, or something similar. I love it!

  My church doesn't have a bell, but it always has scattered whispers, and it rains here often. I've grown used to the sound of my pastor speaking, soft whispers taking residence in the space between his words, and distant rain, should I listen for it. Churches always offer me a sense of comfort, even if I find my belief in God waning, I somehow still manage to find peace in church.

  Not sure why, but this particular setting lends the potentially Lovecraftian effect of a vacant church in a silent, rainy parish... it pulls you in, all the while creeping you out! (For anyone who's ever played "Realms of the Haunting", they'll know what I mean.) I love that it's possible to synthesise this combination of sounds in a single generator. Stéphane, you're a brilliant man!

  This makes me think of being in church on a rainy day, when most of the people have gone, but there are one or two people still here.

  This with Gregorian Voices. Feels like you're inside the monastery chapel on a stormy day.

  I studied theology when I was at university, so I find myself coming back to this one a lot for the comfort of the ambience. It reminds me of the chaplaincies on campus, and is honestly very soothing, that being the case. Thank you for creating this, it does offer incredible help and comfort.

  I've put the bell and some noise with another generator called Evil Charm and the result was so beautifully haunting...

  This is great! The whisper in what sounds like French goes great together with the generator called "Gregorian voices".

  Churches are always so cathartic to me. When you enter one it feels like the outside world stops to exist.

  I love this configuration! It reminds me of my former house, right next to the church. And the bell sounds the same.

  This soundscape has been so incredible during the most stressful moments of university, for me, the whispers of the church, mixed with the rhythm of the bell keep my mind focused. I remember studying for exams for up to 10 hours with this playing the entire time in the background.

  The gentle sound of rain, the organist practicing, the quiet whispers of other people admiring the architecture and staying dry... this is such a calming state. I can almost smell the incense.

  A veritable Swiss army knife of church ambience! I use it as a mixer with and between sacred music (mostly chants) and prayers. It's great for cleansing your mental palette of worldly cares and getting you into a good prayer "space." Btw, the "whispers" are people (probably sisters religious) saying a rosary (in French) under their breath.

  Mixing this with the Evil Charm generator creates an incredibly eerie and spooky vibe. Unreal, would recommend if that's the kind of thing you like.

  Absolutely beautiful. There's something calming and beautiful about the eeriness of the sound of the bells and the organ. Really transports you to the old stone cathedrals found in Europe.

  Is that the rain or can you hear whispers?

  I love using this generator as part of a contemplative background for some quiet creative tasks or for calming down. Without the voices and the organ this makes a lovely environment of safe solitude that fosters ideas. The combination of bells, rain, thunder, and distant footsteps just has something opening about it, an invitation to pause and breathe. Great for writing.

  The Overture and Rehearsal presets make me nostalgic for the small Catholic church my family went to as I was growing up. With my mother in the choir and my father a lector, we would often be there before most other parishioners arrived. The quiet in the church as the bells tolled is very comforting and familiar.

  A beautiful, magical environment - like you're really there in a big stone cathedral. Transcendental!

  Imagine you are a tourist exploring during the service. Just the echoes of the priest and the rain outside and the ambience of this great venue...

  This is perfect for writing melancholy scenes... the bells, distant footsteps, and echoing raindrops really set a distinct and awesome tone.

  I love the eerie tones of the bells accompanied by the rain... very calming.

  Oh wow, the way I first had the settings I felt like I was walking through a cathedral in Europe. Then I turned down the rain and cranked up the organ sound, and it reminded me so distinctly of the Methodist church I attended as a child that I could smell it. Senses are so cool! :)

  Delightfully ominous and heavy.

  Hmm, try listening to this and the battlefield soundtrack! If you get it just right, you'll feel like you are inside a cathedral during the last communion service while soldiers fight to protect you and those around you. The feeling of dread comes to you with the anticipation that the enemy invaders would break through the lines and end your life with the communion cup in your hands. 0_0

  I'm atheist but I love visiting churches, cathedrals and so on. It's relaxing, mysterious, and I feel like I am far away of the noisy and consumerist civilization. I have it configurated like you were in the back of all the seats, near de door which is slightly open so you hear more the rain and thunders than the priest. I hope you enjoy it.

  A lot of thunder, a little rain, distant steps and muffled whispering makes me think I'm alone in a study room of an old monastery. Instant focus =)

  Just tried the Church Ceremony setting and Huu Chant at the same time (two tabs), mind blowing and just what I needed at work today. I do not follow any God, or religion but the sounds of these two over lapping has put me in a better frame of mind. Thank you for this site!

  Try to combine the church and Huu Chant. It's AWESOME!

  Beautiful! I've always loved the sound of bells ringing, whether they be from a clock tower, like my old university, or the Catholic church down the street. Organ music is also a particular favourite of mine. Pity the organ at my (Protestant) church is rarely used, and wouldn't resonate quite like this one.

  This is beautifully creepy/onimous.

  Not sure what it is about this particular soundscape that I REALLY admire... you just feel so immersed in it, as if you're the only one sitting in this old, worn cathedral. The rain and thunder in the background really make this for me.

  This sounds lovely! I just love how it sounds like I'm actually there.

  Combine with the whispers from the 'Evil Charm' generator and a perhaps a touch of the Gregorian chants to create such a delightfully evil atmosphere!

  I am an atheist, but I am Italian and churches have always been my place to go when I wanted to feel peace and think about beautiful architecture. The bells remind me of that one room I used to rent during my university years; the windows faced the bell tower of the city's cathedral and every Sunday noon I used to stop and just watch and listen. I simply love these sounds. I miss my country.

  This is really funny, because the people are talking in French and I can understand everthing.Anyway, I'm not a religious person at all, but I always felt "at home" in a church. It's very relaxing and soothing. Good job!!

  Take this church ambiance and combine them with the Gregorian Chants. It reminds me of a Christmas concert when I was in Erfurt for three months to treat my schizophrenia. Everyone could come and leave whenever one wanted to. This really recreates the moment and helps me stay strong when I am in my darkest hours.

  Helps me get to my happy place.

  The Church Soundscape is wonderfully relaxing, It puts me to sleep within a ten minutes (sorry, Mom) and as an insomniac that's pretty amazing.

  Wow, this one is really good! The rain and the whispers mixed with the occasional rustle really set a weird, almost jarring landscape. Good for focus!

  In the church foyer

  Gives me the tranquility and tension relief that I enjoy when going to my local cathedral. Absolutely majestic and beautiful. I love the organ playing in the background - but I would have preferred if the organ had more sliders to control its various pitches. Sorry, I'm a big fan of the organ!

  Really awesome :O

  Wow! Just wow! This doesn't sound much like any "church" I've been in, but it is a very impressive soundscape. The ominous sounds of the deep bells and thunder when combined with creepy sound of steps and the constant droning of rain... all I can say is "amazing." Thank you so much for this awesome site!

  I'm not a religious person, nor have I ever been, but there is something so calming and tranquil about this. Makes me feel like I'm in another world!

  Simply enchanting, using it to write stories.

  This noise generator has really helped me focus when my coworkers were noisy :)

  This is an amazing experience for me and calms me down. It actually reminds my of a quiet church in the middle of the day.I already have MyNoise bookmarked on my computer.I listened to this for hours!

  They huddled underneath the aged roof, the rain and thunder making a rhythm of their own. The two cloaked people couldn't exactly decipher what others were saying, only that this place was a safe place, at least for now. The church bells tolled aloud overhead, forewarning people of what was to come.This generator is probably the best I've seen, good work!

  People sheltering under a huge roof with a thunderstorm. Overhead, with quiet bells. Just wonderful.

  The bell sounds just like the one from the church I used to live next to. When head is too full, I just listen to this and my brain shuts down for a while, and it's great!

  Strangely relaxing, really helps me focus - I love it <3

  This brings me back to all the funerals I had to attend even to this day, usually the after ceremony where we gather in church, the soft bells ringing as the day signifies a new beginning that comes from sorrow, the priest giving his blessing...

  I am writing a novel, and use the noise generator to block out the world while I try to map out and write. I don't know why, but the church sounds work perfectly for me  they bring me into another world, and don't disrupt my train of thought. Perfect!

  This makes me feel as if I'm solemnly facing Lord Yahweh in all His glory.

  They stood there a moment, silent, staring at each other, and then Anna took his arm and led him out. Yet even as they stepped out beneath the massive arch at the front of the Guild House, the great bell on Ae'Gura began to sound, sending its sonorous tones across the cavern. Lord Rakeri was dead.

  What noise generator I end up using depends on my state of mind at any given week. I come back to this one regularly, though. It oddly soothing. It makes me feel like I'm near people, but not so near they're distracting.

  Works wonders. Somehow manages both to sooth me, and provide a sense urgency that makes me want to get things done.

  This is by far my favorite soundscape. I like working with noise in the background, but music and tv shows are too distracting for me. Listening to the Church Soundscape makes me feel like I'm doing my work in a small crook, tucked away at the back of a church.

  I love this noise because it really helps me to focus on my work. I not only love this one, but all of them! I am able to use these at all occasions; they are very soothing & overall beautiful. To whom it concerns (which I'm pretty sure is Mr. Pigeon, but also anybody who has helped him), THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  My little brother died a few months ago. Sometimes I just sit hunched at my desk, trying to do my homework for uni, and this tone is the only thing that makes me feel less isolated and terrified.

  I won't be able to go to church until I graduate high school and move away to Germany. Ironically, churches have become more and more of a safe space for me over the years, so listening to this makes me feel so safe, and so secure. It also helps me focus despite my ADHD, which is a godsend. I have two AP classes this year and only more to come, so I couldn't have found this sooner.

  I'm always surprised that this generator doesn't come with the "eerie" tag. It can be anywhere from relaxing to unsettling, but it's by far one of my favourite generators.

  A couple whispering in the distance and the organ playing beautifully. Very handy to relax to.

  This preset is relaxing,

  I live in the noisy hustle and bustle of the city so this really helps me when I want to find a quiet place to pray. I just put on my headphones and I'm sucked into the wonder and awe of what seems to be a huge basilica, adorned with candles and marble engraving, shadows flickering on the walls.

  This is genuinely probably the most unsettling noisescape I've ever conceived. It makes me feel like I'm in an abandoned church in the rain, with the spirits of those past whispering to me, telling me to leave now, as the bells ring for one last funeral.

  One of my favorite soundscape. I feel so serene after this...

  One of my favourite soundscapes - I call this "tourism out of the rain". Always seems to help me focus.

  The way I have it set up it sounds like the dark ages, the days of the plague where the only hope you had is prayer. The storm rolls in and the ominous church bells toll for the dead while people whisper in latin trying to save their souls.

  I use this in my office to mask conversations, but I had a mind-blowing experience while in Rome last June, waiting to go to confession in St. Peter's Basilica - I closed my eyes, and it sounded EXACTLY LIKE THIS generator. Awesome!

  This setting makes me imagine darting into a church to avoid a thunderstorm and finding the nuns in prayer.

  I love how bells sounding in the distance gives the feel that you're in an eerie place you shouldn't be

  I love using this setting with Choice theme from Undertale.

  This setting makes me feel like it is the period of time before a service, where you can listen to the organist rehearsing, the pastor talking to the musical minister about the hymns to be played, various people preparing the hall for the servie: some of them are placing down the hymnals, other are preparing the symbols for the holy Communion, and another is helping the organist with the stops.

  I love this one. Very soothing. If you're into creepy sounds, drag the dark blue slider right up while having everything else quiet.

  This makes me feel as if I was in a real church. I love it.

  It is stunnig, eerie and calming at once. The deep sound of the big bell combined with the rhytmic tune of the other smaller bell and hearing a thunderstorm outside is, and will be, an outstanding soundscape.

  Sitting in the front of church, a noisy couple behind you and the organ playing lightly as the priest delivers his sermon.

  Church is beginning. Sitting in the back, you hear people sneaking past as they walk in late. The door is still open, letting the rain outside be heard.

  You tug your jacket around yourself as you quietly step into the church and the middle of a sermon. Not aware of church being at this hour, you hastily take a seat in the back near the door. You can still hear the rain falling outside, and the quiet thunder. The organ and bells slowly enthrall you, and you find yourself relaxing in the atmosphere.

  Eerie and peaceful. This preset makes me feel humble and comfortably insignificant in this world. I'm not religious by any means, but this sound is still awe-inspiring!

  You cautiously make your way into the long-abandoned cathedral, grateful for a place to shelter from the storm raging outside. There are places where the roof has caved in, letting light and water both fall to the cracked tiles, and you avoid these patches as you settle against a pillar with a sigh. Soon you begin to relax, but your heart quickens when you hear another sound. Is that a voice?

  The Sorting Ceremony.

  Pair this setting (Church Bells + Whispers) with Deserted on Animate for a nice haunting soundscape that you can really sink into.

  I am in love with this sound, it transported me to another world.

  There's something beautifully dignified about the way big churches sound, and I think this setting captures that rather well.

  I absolutely love this site, and this soundscape in particular. It's so soothing, and if you focus, very interesting. But not so interesting that you can't use it as background noise. Absolutely stellar.

  Coming in from the rain, you sink into a pew after shrugging off your sopping coat. Fatigue tugs at your limbs like an eager child, and your eyes close. Echoes around you cover like a warm blanket, the soft serenity of sanctuary filling you with ease.

  It's like sitting in the middle of a service. No one is moving, the rain is steadily coming down, and the priest is mid-sacrament. Peace is what describes this generator best.

  You are inspired and ultimately not alone.

  Was editing a few essay's and this helped me really focus in. It was very calming in this season of final exams.

  This is an incredible generator which is perfect for study. I love the priest since it sounds like a professor and the people walking and making noise. The rain is gentle and the thunder bells, and organ are all spectacular.

  Reminds me of sitting in a secluded hallway on the floor of a big university, studying. It's cold and drizzly, but you are dressed warmly and you have a comforting cup of your favorite tea. You can hear a professor teaching a class somewhere far off. Students are walking around, getting to class. You're not in a rush to be anywhere and life is going as you planned.

  I love this site.I had some problems to sleep but since I put some of these sounds I don't have so many troubles. This is one of my favourites. It creates an atmosphere of peace for me with the rain, the organ, the wishpers... Thank you so much for this, you have no idea how this site has helped me to have a good and restful sleep.

  This one sounds like a museum with an organ playing off in the distance.

  This is one of my favorites on the site. It gives me a peaceful atmosphere with some of my favorite sounds  rain and an organ  without sounding creepy.

  On a cloudy, storming night, two heroes have returned to their hometown, holding their heads high and proud, carrying with them weapons, still stained with the dust of their skeletal foes. As they slowly climb the steps to the Palace,those golden bells start to ring. The rain starts to trickle down. The king takes the skull of the Old One from the heroes and crushes it, for he had lied to them.

  ← How I imagine a church from the inside on a rainy day.

  After seeing other comments about being in Hogwarts, this made me feel like I was there. It's the middle of a rainy day, bells sounding off in the distance, perhaps signalling the end of classes. Students are starting to filter out, as you sit in a secret passageway studying.

  This is so soothing as I imagine myself sitting far back in the church pews; the priest, organ, and other patrons are distant. The sounds of the bells and rain are at constant low chatter and the thunder is most prominent when it rolls. It reminds me of my need to be close enough to others to not feel alone, but far enough away that I can be alone in my thoughts.

  Just as if you enter some ancient Italian basilica...

  My favorite way to listen to this generator is by combining the Church Bells and Alone presets on animate.

  To fellow Homestuck Fans, with certain setting, I honestly picture this to be how the Land of Light and Rain sounds when walking inside of a building in it.

  I combined this with the Battlefield soundscape for a perversely cathartic effect.

  This is the most amazing thing, it has me fully immersed in a new wondeful world.

  I find this wonderfully relaxing, though it keeps me alert.

  This setting makes me think of sitting in a windowed alcove in some hallway of Hogwarts, going over homework with classmates as you stare at the rainy Quidditch pitch in the distance. You can hear a teacher a few rooms down as other students pass by.

  Just reading 'The name of the Rose' of Umberto Eco. Thanks!

  I can see myself at the entrance of a church, looking inside but not going in, just smelling the incense and the candles, and hearing the organ while it rains outside... I would enter, but I can't, I feel out of place, and at the same time, I feel calm, secure... like when I was young and everything seemed possible and the world was full of magic...

  "You've got me ringing Hell's Bells!" -AC/DC

  I love churches that look like they're outside of timethat they could have been built 50 years ago or 500 years ago, free of identifying markers of modernity. These settings are similarly timeless. All of these sounds could have been made today or in some ancient past.

  Perfect for a rainy day in solitary contemplation.

  I love how the whispers are in French.

  This one kinda managed to make itself a rainy funeral dirge. I call it "Farewell Sunshine"

  I am both an actor and a writer. I have several characters that are tied to the Church in one way or another, and listening to this really helped me feel and empathize with them a bit more. Sounds they were used to hearing or sounds that would take them back to a place when they were younger. An excellent noise machine for any of those kinds of scenes!

  This preset makes me feel like I'm nestled in the church eaves, out of sight, listening to the business down below, the bells up above, and the rain close outside. There's a sense of incredible security and atmosphere.

  I combined the settings of the Hogwarts testimonial with the Fireplace generator, on the Hot Embers version. Amazing for concentration!!!

  Imagine sitting in the back of an old church, watching the wisps of incense rise to the heavens...

  Love that it includes rain, perfect addition.

  This is probably my favorite noise to listen to! I sometimes combine it with other rainy generators but it's perfect for a creepy, yet oddly relaxing experience (:

  Feels like I am just outside the church doors, I can feel the calm air around me and just make out the priest's voice over the organ...

  If you want a nice creepy experience. Listen to this with Deserted as well (the brown slider all the way up and the red and orange up just a little).It feels like you're either anticipating the end of the world or that you're watching a memory from far away that's about to turn absolutely terrifying. So wonderful and interesting.

  Wow! This is really quite an amazing site, and this is by far one of my favorite tracks on here. I myself am not religious, but I grew up going to church with my family and I feel at peace with all the church bells and rain and whispers. Quite nostalgic. 10/10, would listen again :)

  I used to be dragged to Catholic mass as a kid, and I guess after so many years, I never realized how the familiar sounds can bring back so many memories! Not only mass, but even when you just visited the sanctuary for quiet meditation. I can tell a lot of hard work and attention to detail went into this sound generator!

  It gives me chills. What a powerful thing sound is!

  Reminds of a study hall I used to visit on the campus of the Catholic college I attended. Very quiet and nostalgic, and perfect for studying!

  Working on things to this almost makes me feel as if I'm studying for my OWLS in Hogwarts on a rainy night. I love it.

  In Sweden, we graduate in the church. This makes me think about it.

  Rainy day

  Beautiful sounds

  Great for when I'm programming dark games. Really gets me into the environment I'm building. Thanks!

  This setting sounds amazing - I love the atmosphere and the whispering adds so much depth.

  This is my favourite preset. I call it 1043 A.D. It just reminds me of the towering cathedrals of old and the high universities.

  I keep coming back to this soundscape even though there are many different options. The feel of it is perfect. It is the most effective to me as far as relaxation and concentration goes. I came for the rain sounds, stayed for the creepy church vibe. 10/10

  Organ recital ...

  This particular setting is so calming yet so awakening at the same time to me. Its so peaceful yet its like I'm waiting for something climactic to happen.

  This particular setting makes my heart ache. It's as if I can feel the cool air whip into the courtyard on a dark, drizzly evening, and the only thing keeping myself and the church company is the organ. I picture it perfectly. It is beautiful.

  My alma mater's library is in the cavernous lobby of an old bank building just down the street from a church. Memories of lazy, rainy days, paging through big beautiful art books... it takes me back. Makes any task more soothing and playful.

  This really helped me get through a test, and I felt like a university student overseas doing work inside of an old cathedral!

  I use this setting along with Oblivion on Celestial... Truly eerie but calming atmosphere, perfect for writing or reading scary stories. I've even gone to sleep with it once, lol.

  Love this setting - makes me feel like I'm wandering alone through the corridors of an old Gothic cathedral during a storm. Very peaceful and a little spooky!

  Its a rainy night so you take refuge in a church to wait out the rain. Listening to the priest as you wait

  There's a certain graveness about this that I love writing to... There are shivers going down my spine as I write this now...

  I stand above the grave in disbelief. In the background I can hear the church bells toll, but even their somber tones know nothing of my pain. The rain pours on me and my surroundings, thunder echoes in heavy murmurs; the world does not want me to see the tombstone. Yet I can't look away; sorrow stares me in the face at every turn, so I no longer feel rain's chill, or wind's push. Only hollow.

  This is somewhat reminiscent of Saint Mark's Cathedral in Seattle.

  An unlit chapel in a gentle rain.

  Perfect for creating my artwork. Thank you, Stphane!

  Woah. This generator is perfect for getting an unsettling feeling for writing gothic horror. It really makes me imagine myself sitting in an empty or haunted church. It's wonderful getting this type of immersion.

  This is extremely helpful for thinking of ideas when I get stuck.

  Wow. This really helps me study. I'm actually getting work done!

  This goes perfectly with the soundtrack for OFF, especially since the similar whispers and discord of all the instruments and sounds perfectly balances and counteracts the eerie, yet calm feeling, of the chapel.

  Alone, but not alone. Thank you, Mr. Pigeon.

  This setting is absolutely perfect for reading Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera.

  THIS IS JUST AMAZING....This website is more than just sounds!!! It is a whole another world I can spent my life in.

  It almost feels like I'm in a chapel, sitting in the back, and letting everything wash over me.

  This just feels like your visiting a church in Europe somewhere. The bell's are ringing around noon, someone is playing the organ softly on another level, and tourists, church-goers, and guides are quietly discussing the beautiful arches, the paintings, the figure of Mary and Jesus along with other saints.

  This and a tea are perfect to help me concentrate to read for my Medieval History class. When I've been listening to it for way too long I just tweak a little bit the sliders and have a completely different atmosphere. It's perfect!

  this is so beautiful, I especially love the organ music and how the acoustics sound. The French whispering is an added bonus. So many different settings on here, but this one is my favourite. Just helps to calm you down and write essays. My only problem is I want more of the music!

  This is a great mood setter for when I'm writing my novel! The slow tolling of the bells, the moody rainfall, and the hint of someone walking just around the corner... it really gets my imagination going!

  I love church bells and the sound of moving and rain. This setting just makes me feel at home, like I can hear the church down the block on a rainy sunday afternoon from my bedroom

  As a child he felt the unfathomable stretch of time. So bright was the light of his future that he was blinded by it; made naive to the true effects of the hours. He was no longer so naive. He sat aged and alone in otherwise vacant pews. Whispers echoed back to him from those departing from the mass. It was a common service with nothing special to note, except when his heart began to fail him...

  I absolutely adore this setting. It's heavy on the thunder, the sermon, and the organ for atmospheric purposes. However, should you listen closely, you can also hear the subtle whispering around you of people deep in prayer. Every time I close my eyes listening to this track, I find myself inside a beautiful cathedral from a bygone era.

  This soundscape make me think of a post-apocalyptic scene that would have happened in the Middle Ages... Just a really deep athmosphere, love it !

  You feel like you're just outside the church, sitting under a tree with a gentle rain falling. :)

  Ethereal. It just relaxes my mind

  I really loved this. This calms me so much.

  It's storming outside. You step inside the main hall, walking briskly to the front. A handful of people huddle on the pews, silent, the glances they send your way full of accusation. The bells have tolled throughout the night, announcing the deaths. The deaths you caused.

  ← Try this setting!

  I love this. If church sounds like this at all, you could expect to see me there every Sunday!

  Has a homily or inspirational speech ever inspired you so much you immediately want to go out and DO something? But it just seems so rude to walk out. Here you can, you found a secluded spot behind the fountain that covers up the office chatter as support staff walk through the empty hallways.

  I put parts of this over parts of Deserted, Tibetan Choir, and The Fireplace (I mostly only added fire sounds for noise blocking). It's a very sad, but beautiful sound.

  I like to run this preset and the Healing Trees generator simultaneously. I love the sound of whispering.

  I really like this, it sounds like I'm in a traditional-style church.


  I layered this over the Deserted Soundscape. I imagine this the sound of the end of the world. The deep tolling of the bell accentuated by the higher toned bells that ring in a solemn constant tone bring to mind a church in the end of days, the rain hitting the window reminds me of the rains that lead to the flood that wiped away the world during the Story of Noah's ark.

  This is my favorite noise generator on this website. There's something so distant and uniquely old and magical about the way it makes me feel...

  This is a wonderful Catholic soundscape! It captures the beauty of the Church with the noises of everyday life.

  This mix feels like hearing all the history held in a great cathedral

  ← No crowd, you are one of the few in the church. Peaceful, calm, invigorating.

  I've always been aware of the immense power of sound to shape our mood and even change physiological responses, and I'm totally in love with this site! I'm spending lots of time, playing with all the combos. What a brilliant piece of work--and what a gift to the rest of us! Namaste

  Sounds as similar as possible to a busy church I went to a while ago.

  Focused...yet unfocused.

  This for some reason makes me feel able to process and get through tough inner feelings. I like the sound of the bells & the echoing priest who seems somewhat pennant as well.

  Like I'm in a secluded monastery

  I loooove the bells. I like to meditate to this and pretend I'm awaiting a sermon from The Sufferer (Homestuck).

  I adore this generator! I am not religious at all and it's been many years since I've been to church, but the feeling of sitting alone in an ancient cathedral, amidst quiet whispering, tolling bells, soft footsteps, and soothing, echoing rain are perfect for when I'm reading or writing. It takes me away to another place and time...Absolutely breathtaking! xoxo

  Great inspiration for writing. Any time I need a specific mood, I can go to the noise pages and generate one that helps me feel what I need to portray. This one is my favorite for writing moody scenes!

  This quiclky evolves into a creepy, yet somewhat calming experience.

  What it would sound like if you were outside under a stone archway.

  Just keep up the "Perfect" work!

  Love this.

  Left on animate, this soundscape is perfect for reading Dante Alighieri's "The Inferno".

  Eerie, almost ethereal. I've always enjoyed silent moments like these during religious ceremonies... sans judgmental relatives and angry preaching, no less! Conducive to profound, if a tad solemn, meditation.

  The doors at the back are open, the main sanctuary is emptying out, but you stand just inside as church officials finish cleaning and wrapping up after the service. (Out of context, this instantly became one of my favorite soundscapes!)

  Amazing is not even enough to describe this site. RESPECT~!!! Jonny Lakota Silverwolf

  This is a very immersive sound. I love the way it echoes, and it really helps me concentrate.

  AWESOME! Takes me back to my childhood when I'd sleep under the chairs during church meetings. It felt so peaceful and safe. This sound is perfect for helping me study, but I have to turn the whispering down, it's a bit creepy!

  With this configuration, I feel like I'm standing just outside the church doors on a rainy day.

  It sounds like part of a movie.... Like the main character is just standing outside of the church in the rain, waiting for something, and listening to the soft voices and music that he or she can't quite hear clearly, but is still just within range.


  Sounds like somebody walking around alone in a rainy night. A little creepy, but I really liked it.


  This generator is really cool! Hearing the bell, the people whispering prayers, the rain outside, it makes for an eerie but uniquely calming experience.

  I feel like I am in a church: safe and sane. Thank you so much!

  Reminds me of a cross between The Wedding from Little Big Planet and the Temple of Time from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Helps me to relax and clear my mind. Sometimes hard to achieve both at once!

  This is oddly comforting. Whispers coming from all sides makes you feel like there are constant sounds, people constantly around you. However, it also gives me chills down my spine.


  Using this church noise generator is great. I'm not a churchgoer but the noises it generates is just what I need. Booming echos, sound of rain, changing footsteps. Literally perfect. Can't be more grateful.

  This is a great soundscape to lean back and relax to, just to enjoy the peaceful air of the church and the mystery of it all

  Thank you, it is a wonderful experience. Exactly this is what I love about old churches in between the masses. A peaceful and specific atmosphere.

  This is *amazing*. The "Alone" preset *instantly* takes me to a place of relaxation as deep as the first several steps of my regular meditation exercise.

  Sounds just like being a schoolkid again, sitting through mass on a rainy morning. I don't know why it's relaxing, but it is!

  This is so peaceful. Best hangover cure ever!

  The voices in your head....


The fourth slider is a derivative work from Memorial Church Organ Buxtehude by Xserra, used under a CC-BY license.