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Harmonic Connection

Harmonic singing is used in sound therapy to create a change, either in the physical body or in the mental state of the listener.

Harmonics are present in any form of singing but, in harmonic singing, the singer creates stronger resonances around selected harmonics by shaping the throat very differently than does a classic singer. This particular singing technique highlights frequencies that are already present in the voice, but would remain unnoticed without the extra emphasis.

This emphasis serves as a metaphor for the process of healing. You may be getting better, but not yet be aware of it. Sometimes, it only takes listening to a sound to flip a switch in the mind. This is the intrinsic nature of sound healing.

Published on April 24th, 2019

User Stories

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  Now I'm really set up for an other Word Bearers book! Join the Chaos now, and let us follow The Eightfold Path!

  I used a combination of deep chant, solfeggio tones, singing bowls, and twilight for a meditation and it was an amazingly emotional and spiritual experience. Duplicating multiple tabs and creating a cascade of healing sounds that mimics angels singing from heaven is something I can do for hours on this site and I love it.

  Deep Chant set to Deep Om, plus 40 Hertz at default, plus Anamnesis set to Haunting Voices. This lets me work tinnitus-free all day!

  When I try out slider positions for new generators, I often end up with lowest sounds at maximum volume, so this one quickly became my favourite (along with Gregorian Chant generator).

  I use this on Deep Vocal and Deep Voice in combination with the 40Hz on the default setting along with Anamnesis to meditate and also focus on work! I have adhd inattentiveness and this seems to help with that. Really puts me in the zone.

  I love layering this over Dunes of Arrakis, it creates a really interesting vibe that I think I was looking for, thank you for creating these amazing soundscapes, Stephane!

  I have used that website extensively. I appreciate Stephane Pigeon's dilligence and choice of sounds/noises. Best wishes! Wada Tamana

  I like to meditate before starting my study sessions, it really helps me focus but it's all noisy around me, luckily this generator came to the rescue! I especially like the part where he goes OOOOOOOAaaaaaaaaoooOOOOOOO, that one really touches me.

  I love playing Deep Chant (Deep Om) at the same time as playing Summer Night Thunder. I feel a balance of power and peace, attention and relaxation. It's my go-to combo for difficult, critically thinking workdays. Thank you for these beauties!

  This is amazing - it totally relaxes me and heals.

  That + the drums from Cinematic East is just perfection.

  I found this site today while searching for windchime simulators. This blows away any site or app I've come across with similar intent. Instant fan, monthly contribution enabled without reservation. I will likely lose weeks and months here.

  One could listen to this for hours.

  When he said OOOOOooOOOAAAAAAAOOOOOOO I felt that.

  Soooooo relaxing... Goodnight!

  Setting Deep Chant to G really creates that wonderful thick wall of sound. Beautiful

  Just discovered this one and loving it. It helps me be focused and creative at work.

  This actually creates astonishing effect when I accidentally played it together with 88 keys. Phenomenal!

  This one is awesome when connected to Slow Motion - it adds beautiful vocal space, wide ambiance and has also a rhythm and is pretty dynamic. I feel lucky having found this connection!


  Reminds me of sitting in front of a temple or on a hill,meditating and letting my feelings go and think about nothing,just breathe and relax, time doesn't exist anymore

  Listening now to this mixed with Into Balance in a large open plan office whilst writing computer application code... I am completely relaxed and focused... everything around me has disappeared... thank you!

  I love writing with this playing in my headphones! I combined it with Ice World and Singing Bowls and it's absolutely lovely.

  I put on the "Mystical" setting with some singing ice sounds and it was pure magic!

  I can’t describe how much this overwhelms me. Awestruck.

  Magic = Deep Chant + Rain Noise

  It reminds me of the Mongolian songs I listened to— now I feel like I have been taken to a Mongolian dream. So grateful this website exists!

  Sounds like a maori mourning and made me think of the traumatic time when my grandmother hit the hay forever. Love your website though.

  I was listening to Northern Lights and Ice Drone on the pink preset with Animate! on, then randomly added this generator and... Wow! The combination instantly felt perfect, like a musical puzzle piece I didn't even realize was missing had just clicked into place. Amazing!

  This is my new favourite - takes me to another world.

  This is the best generator ever written! It is mesmerizing, tantalising, easing, defying and relaxing at the same time.


  Very inspiring chanting!

  These are my favourite. I feel like I am connected to everything, with an open, non judgmental awareness.

  Big respect to the king of noise. I honestly can't decide which category is my favourite, but now I'm starting to lean towards the voice generators again. All the love from Sweden!

  I really enjoy the Fullness preset in G key.

  Very beautiful, the humming reminds me of some sort of enchanted river, especially when combined with river noises. Thank you!