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Duduk Song
Beautifully Sad
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Sad, and beautifully so.

The duduk is an enigmatic wind instrument originating from Armenia that can truly captivate the heart and soul. Its sound is inherently sad, said by the Armenian people to be reflective of the fate of an entire nation. You might find yourself indifferent or desensitized to some music, but you will not be to the duduk. It could be the only instrument that could ever make you cry.

Ever since I first heard the duduk played in Peter Gabriel's soundtrack for The Last Temptation of Christ thirty years ago, I've been haunted by the instrument. For some time now I have been on a quest for a master duduk player. Recently I met Dave Tawfik, creator of Dream Full Of Zen and the author of The Armenian Duduk - A Complete Guide. Dave plays the duduk admirably well, and contributed his talents for the production of this generator. If you would like to hear more of his work, check out Dave's YouTube Channel.

Do you know that all myNoise generators are carefully designed to blend perfectly with each other? Try combining this sound generator with other myNoise generators such as the Yakutian Voices. Be prepared for a very emotional experience...

Published on November 21st, 2016

User Stories

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  Duduk Song plus In The Sky is the best I have found yet! Thank you!

  Never in my whole existence have I ever heard such a calming instrument!

  This noise really helps me sleep. For a person who loves Narnia, it's almost a sort of coincidence that the instrument that puts me to sleep is the same one that Mr. Tumnus uses to put Lucy to sleep with in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. (Of course, his didn't look quite the same).

  Combined with Yakutian Voices and In the Sky, it sounds sad... But in a beautiful way. :')

  I accidentally mingled Duduk Song and Orchestron and the result sounds like the very best kind of fantasy movie soundtrack.

  This one sounds like the sad ending of a horror game when paired with Gregorian voices.

  I love this generator...Yes, sad, but also soothing, in a way... I love to listen to this while gazing out the window at sunset, I don't know why but I find it very appropriate for that time of day. And of course, very useful for working, keeps me focused but not drowsy (like some other generators tend to do). Really love it.

  Thanks. Caspar David Friedrich might call the words, "beautifully sad" by a different word. A word that I've come to love. "Sublime". The sublime may be sad, it may be bigger than we can comprehend, but it's beautiful.

  I use this site in my classroom during quiet work sessions and let students pick a sound from the index. They love the colorful sliders and often request the Duduk Song! I'm an acoustic music lover myself, and my sister plays the duduk, so this generator is a real treat.

  I'm a writer and composer who suffers from depression and anxiety, not the least of which surrounding my art. All of these generators help inspire me, but the duduk song stands out; I envision landscapes of lands not yet traveled and music not yet heard.

  Thank you! Thank you is all I can say to this amazing generator. Somehow it is deep and unexplainable. It's so comforting it takes away any thoughts and leaves you fresh. Thank you, Dr. Ir. S. Pigeon!

  I'm listening to this while learning about King Arthur. For some reason, this is perfect help imagining King Arthur's life.

  I love it! I am SOOOO in love with it!

  I love 'Duduk Song' it's so relaxing and somehow comforting to me. Thank you so much!

  It's very good for sleep. So relaxing.

  I've explored various soundscapes at this point, and this is by far one of my most favorite. Combined with the Pilgrim on Canon w/ Voices, it gives me a pleasant feeling that I don't yet know to describe.

  Listen to this while reading "Dune". Nothing else to say.

  Han's Zimmer's Gladiator soundtrack vibes!!! Pure!

  This one is excellent, especially when paired with Black Hole—feels like the end of a haunting space thriller.

  Beautiful and depressing at the same time, this haunting melody helps me focus.

  Combined with the Huu Chant and Distant Thunder, this creates a sad, almost haunting, magical soundscape. I used to listen to the 88 Keys (which I still love) while sketching, but this is my new go-to. I love how myNoise makes it so easy to layer sounds to create the perfect soundscape.

  I am loving the Duduk song. It's so beautifully played. Whenever I listen to this, I feel so relaxed. All the worries vanish. I just get trapped in these melodious tunes and I wish that I never come back again.

  It's so beautiful. I listen to this whenever I am sad and this thing traps me and I'm completely lost. This website offers so many noises and that to free of cost. I'm loving it.

  Combinig "Duduk Song" with "Distant Thunder" feels like first rain falls on desert, right before dawn. Great pieces, thank you.

  This blends beautifully with In The Sky. It helps me concentrate.

  Combine with Evil Charms, it is hauntingly beautiful.

  Combine Duduk Song with Calm Lake -- the lapping water is soothing, and the occasional cry of the loon is magical and heartbreaking.

  I have serious issues with artblock and this is a godsend treatment for me to get my creativity back. I recommend to listen this with Anamnesis.

  The sub drone gives me shivers, this is my favourite sound!

  Ths soundtrack “Duduck Song” is so awesome, especially when combined with another awesome soundtrack called “Huu Chant”. The soundtrack, Duduck Song sounds so beautiful and haunting.

  Thank you for bringing us this sound to.

  It takes me out of my own head, like the haunting melody wraps around you and your soul knows the sounds, without you realizing it your breathing slows and your body relaxes and you feel grounded. A truly beautiful song.

  I always wanted to visit Armenia, and this generator paired with "The Pilgrim" gets me the picture of being already there, walking through the desert at dusk, not knowing where the walk will end, just enjoying the moment.

  This setting hurts the most. It reflects the heart breaking reality and quiet rage of watching humans destroy one another, and everything around them. The pain felt as we betray ourselves and the very planet that gave us life, sitting by, uncaring as everything we were gifted is ripped from underneath our feet. The feeling of helpless sorrow as problems we believe are unsolvable torture us.

  I'm Armenian and this is amazing! Nothing better than soft drone and beautiful Duduk melody to relax you.

  Best generator! Never knew about the duduk before discovering this, and now I hear it in every movie! Such a fantastic sounding instrument!

  This... is as though you could encapsulate the continuum of 5,000 years of recorded history into one stream of lingering sadness, desolation and hardship. At the same time and most perplexing, holding on to it and wearing it on your sleeve seems to be the only way to let it go... my.

  I have had this configuration playing for hours and at no time did it feel repetitive. It feels like listening to an album of relaxing music which, happily, blocks out the sounds of everyone and everything else in the room. It is lovely and useful!

  I don't know even how to write this... I am so much indebted to this music. It describes exactly the feelings of my heart... and human nature... no other instrument can come nearly close to it... The whole history of human race could be better understood in a deeper level while listening to it... I am so sad that I started listening to it so late... This is the healing music for any hurt soul.

  This Duduk has a rhythmic hauntingly beautiful sound, and is paired well with the lower tones of the sleeping dragon, it's awesome! Thank you for your terrific work on relaxing noises! Your work inspires me to reach my goals!

  This is my go-to generator when I need to calm down.

  Absolutely beautiful. I played this with the Rain on a Tent generator and it was breathtaking, and awesome for concentrating. Love it.

  "No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full." - Lucius Cornelius Sulla

  No wonder the song reflects feelings of longing, sadness and tragedy. Historical Armenia is a vastly larger geographical area than the tiny nation it has become restricted to today! This is disturbingly sad and impossible to be indifferent to.

  Bringing forth cellular memories of your ancestors through this beautiful instrument. Wisdom and knowledge is passed on through sound stored in our DNA.

  I been listening to Duduk Song for three or more years. With other audio it becomes mundane after repetitive listening, however this particular song has not expired. Thank you myNoise.

  I find this amazing instrument to be very calming and relaxing, almost spine tingling. Maybe it sounds a bit silly, but for those who need this, it reminds me of the home area of the Taurens in WarCraft. Combine it with African Trance for an even more amazing experience!

  Saharan Caravan, Canyon Drone, and Desert Wind with Duduk Song is exquisite. I love this site. What a gift we live in a time when someone can put this together for us to enjoy.

  Absolutely love Duduk.

  Combined Duduk Songs 1 & 2 with the Fireplace sound and it was so beautiful...

  This is so incredibly beautiful. Combining this with "Sleeping Dragon" and "In the Sky" creates an even more breathtaking experience.

  By far my favorite generator. Sounds great with so many other generators. Currently listening to it with Stardust - gives it a post-apocalyptic sci-fi feeling...

  IF I HAD to choose just one generator to play forever, it would be Duduk Song.

  Mix this with the Canyon drone (Heat Wave preset), Saharan Caravan (Horses), Mournful Chimes (Shanti Chimes) and Yakutian voice (animated) for a slightly mournful mystical soundscape <3

  My cursor keeps hovering over the "back" button. The instruments probe a part of my heart I didn't even know was there. I want to navigate away, but I can't. The mournful hypnosis has me.

  This plus Sleeping Dragon plus Autumn Walk is simply gorgeous. Thank you!

  Oh my god. I'm playing it slightly louder over Sleeping Dragon and I'm fighting back tears. I was going to play this for ambient noise while I tried writing, but I can't concentrate on anything but this beautiful music.

  I have been working the entire day with Duduk Song mixed together with Intertidal, resulting in a soundscape which is at the same time sad, soothing and helps to concentrate on work. Many thanks for this fantastic generator.

  If you're a fan of the Myst saga like I am, combine this with Black Hole. Game ambience, ho!

  This, plus Sleeping Dragon and Sound Journey, really enhance the totality of the Duduk. Such effortless commiseration.

  This, with Beatae Memoriae (Church Bells settings) and Unreal Wind (animated), gives a deeply calm atmosphere. Some kind of meditation, taking the time to see the world passing by... Maybe mourning also, somehow sad, but definitely in peace. Like sitting on a small wall in the countryside and listening to distant sounds. Helps me working, mental work for long time. And Keeps me in a good mood.

  As a member of the Armenian diaspora myself, the sound of the duduk always makes me feel this indescribable sadness. It's somber and really beautiful, and can really transport you to another place.

  Very meditating and deep.

  This combined with the Yakutian Voices reminds me so much of the beautiful, mournful music from the TV show Battlestar Galactica (Reboot). I have been looking for something similar for a long time, and now I have found it. Nothing touches the soul quite like this. :)

  Ominous and deep. Absolutely inspiring. This is the first time I've experienced this instrument in such a way, and I'm glad to have experienced it here.

  This mixes beautifully with the Aeternitas choir drone. Absolutely magical. I love listening to this when I'm writing.

  Really beautiful and calming. Helps me relax and sleep.

  This mixes AMAZINGLY with the Huu Chant generator. I suggest you give it a go! <3

  i combined this with the didgeridrone and went off to another world.

  By far my favorite generator!

  With most of the noise generators I need to adjust them to find how I like it most, but when I opened up this one I was immediately greeted by a beautiful sound that instantly calmed me.

  Peaceful and sad! Gave me goosebumps from head to toe! Wonderful!

  This + Summer Night = Bliss

  It is necessary that we remember that we live in two worlds at the same time, the invisible world of cause where thoughts and ideas are the creators and the material world of effect where the results ormanifestations of our thoughts and ideas come into being.

  Wow! Thanks for including the wonderful sound of our Duduk into your incredible collection of sounds! I'm Armenian and very proud of our culture and music.

  So beautiful and sad, and so addictive xx

  Very soothing, and melancholic. Exactly the kind of sound I was looking for.

  I started this as a lightning storm moved in. I stared at the flashes of light and lost myself in this. Perfect.

  After that first time when this music calmed me down when I was crying, I always listen it when I'm not feeling well, be it sad, nervus, angry ... It even seems to help slightly when I have a headache! I have no words to explain how amazing this sound is! It is interesting how something that should make me sad does exactly the opposite.

  This feels like an anthem for the world at this time. So sad, so moving, but the longer you listen, the more complex your feelings become. Wonderful.

  I haven't been back to this site in a while as I had forgotten about it until I heard something that must've triggered a memory. There are so many new sounds compared to when I was last here and this is one of the more powerful ones - it's hard to describe the feelings it evokes.

  This is amazing. It calmed me down instantly.

  Duduk is wonderful!

  This one is my favorite. I can listen to it all day long. Best generator.

  If emotions were sounds, I think 'Duduk Song' would be at the heart of each sound.

  I love the Duduk Song, especially as part of a super generator. A little sad, I suppose, but more thoughtful and calming.

  This is amazing. I'm mostly a water sounds kind of lady but Duduk Song is something else altogether. It makes me slow down and feel truly present in the current moment. Thank you for this new sound, and for all the wonderful work you do.

  Oooooh, try to combine this with the Didgeridrone. Wonderful.

  Oooooh, try to combine this with Yakutian voices! What a great choice to pick one fundamental note for so many musical generators! :)

  I think the noise a Duduk creates is the only noise in the world that I could listen to throughout my entire life and never once suppress it. As a sufferer of quite severe panic attacks, I have found that this helps me become calm. Thank you for this.

  I absolutely love the duduk. A number of years ago I bought myself one, and haven't had time to practice lately, but this inspires me to get back into playing.

  This plus Windy Day is very calming together. Love it!

  Yes. Yes. Yes. I saw this and immediately clicked on it. I love the sound of the dukduk, thank you!

  I heard it in Armenia, in the mountains. This music brings to me a lot of memories of the Caucasus.

  I have always adored this sound and I never knew the name of the instrument. Thank you so much for giving it a "face" to this hauntingly beautiful sound! I love the peaceful bittersweet sense it brings-as if to say there is good and bad in the world, but not to be saddened by it as there is balance and harmony to have both since one cannot exist without the other. Thank you again!

  I'm very fond of this combined with Sleeping Dragon. Set both of them on the slowest animation speed and call it a night!

  Yes, it did make me cry. I never thought it could.

  This made me feel quiet and calm inside. Thank you for yet another musical experience!

  It might not have made me cry, but it did the opposit. I was sad and crying before I listened to this generator and guess what? I'm not crying anymore. This sound is so beautiful.

  This is so hauntingly beautiful and incredibly soulful. I feel like I'm in mourning for something I can't quite place. Perfect background ambiance for quiet contemplation. Thank you for this one!

  My "sad" favorite : "Duduk Song" and "Arctic Wolves" and "Winter Walk" all animated. Thank you.

  Forever my favorite instrument. Thank you for this generator.

  Using the Meditation Room with this is like listening to the soundtrack of life changing with time.

  Sometimes, it sounds like a saxophone! Interesting!

  Combining the Duduk with Wind Noise is haunting beyond belief, yet somehow comforting.

  Just as I find the mix of the Canyon Drone and Distant Thunder (both animated) haunting, mixing the Duduk Song with Distant Thunder and animating their sliders pulls me into a spooky yet relaxing world where ancient mysteries wait to be discovered. This new generator is an instant favorite for me.

  Sad yet so beautiful and relaxing... One of the few sounds that make my mind slow down. Combine with Distant Thunder for better results!

  Brings back so many memories from that mysterious and enchanting country...

  This is beautiful! I know this sounds so nebulous now, but the Duduk Song(s) are so mournful, like a yearning almost. I feel like I've finally found the sound I always hear in "epic soundtracks." This goes great with the Wind soundscapes, too.

  Amazing sound. Immediately causes a more-than calm, even transcendental state of mind. Kind of an acoustic reality check ;) Very impressive!

  Haunting and beautiful. I find no better or more accurate ways to describe it. Thank you for this one.