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Dark Dungeon
Eerie RPG Soundscape Generator
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The Dungeon without the Dragon

Role Playing Game (RPG) players enjoy immersing themselves in fictional characters and imaginary worlds. To deepen their immersion, they often use mood-setting background soundtracks.

Our hearing sense is very good at changing our state of mind. It can calm us — and this is what myNoise is 99% about — or bring anxiety. Anxiety is a survival instinct that has evolved over millions of years to protect us from danger: it heightens our senses, making us more alert and ready to fight when facing a life-threatening situation... or to just run away! Anxiety is strongly correlated to our hearing sense. The slightest sound our subconscious perceives as a danger will wake us up at night. Hearing is indeed the only sense that keeps active during sleep. It's no wonder that hearing is intrinsically linked with instinct, emotions and ancestral fears, more than any other sense.

We are pleased to offer RPG gamers a dedicated soundscape that will help them create the eerie environments they enjoy immersing themselves in. Game Master, you have the soundtrack: make sure you turn the Animate! feature on to generate an ever-changing soundscape. Now, slide the metal lock, enter the dungeon and let your wild imagination do the rest.

Published on November 18th, 2014

User Stories

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  I found the perfect setting for me and now I wanna sleep.

  The chains and locks were the creepiest experience ever.

  lIt’s super relaxing and it just helps me focus a lot more and its spooooky aswell^^

  Very immersive. It's pretty eerie, but in a good way of eerie.

  The chain sounds remind me of this one Making Fiends episode called "A Fiendish Friend" where Charlotte pretends to be a ghost and rattles chains in Vendetta's attic!

  This+Evil Charms RPG+In Utero (just heart and breath). Such a cool, creepy vibe. Awesome when I'm reading a creepy book.

  Combined with the "Singing Bell" from Bells' Breath and with "Noisea" Shepard Madness, these dark echoes create the soundscape of the whole adventure: being a bell myself, I walk in a dungeon shaking in awe.

  Using this for my tabletop game. Thanks!

  You're exploring a ruined tunnel. The torch in you hand is so bright you have to squint, but you can't see that far ahead. Is that the sound of doors? Or are you imagining stuff? Better keep moving.

  You're not sure how you got here. You have been walking for so long your legs are almost failing you. The closer you get to it, the more you can't resist it. It has been following you, or leading you straight to it. There's something alluring about it, calling your name in it's songs which get louder and louder. There's no turning back.

  Wow, these settings are giving me chills - the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up.

  And their screams will echo amidst the pitiless cyclopean stones... Of the Darkest Dungeon.

  I love this one! It makes me feel like I'm trapped in an old dungeon, but somehow, I like it.

  This combined with the medieval village one make me feel like I'm in an abandoned village.

  Nice representation of Sound Designer's workflow...

  There's someone in the dark. You can't see but you feel. One step to forward. And one more. Wait for the end of this mysterious dungeon. And you hear something: Another footsteps. And lock sounds. He is your near now. Continue to walk and stop. He is in your behind now.

  You're walking through a dark, ancient castle. Who knows what lays ahead...

  This feels like I'm looking for some mysterious town.

  This plus 'Deserted' (more low tones than high tones on that one) is excellent fuel for the short story I'm writing, which takes place in a dark, echoing complex of underground tunnels. The footsteps (of a confused and very probably doomed protagonist, perhaps?) add an excellent touch.

  I love dark sounding stuff.

  Can't wait to use this for the Infamous Tomb of Annihilation!

  This setting makes me think of a post apocalyptic RPG.

  You're in a dungeon and you can hear the guard walking around and the noises from above in the castle.

  This is a great "metallic spooky" atmosphere for an abandoned research facility or factory. Pairs very well with Pripyat.

  This is very helpful. I've been listening to it while writing goretober prompts and it's so spooky. Especially if you add the Evil Charms RPG in the background.

  Honestly, this site is probably the best thing ever. The variety of sounds here is just mind blowing!

  Oh my, this sound reminds me the Ao Oni, like you're in a cave.

  I actually stumbled upon "Dark World" by accident... and it totally changed everything. It gave me the piece to the puzzle of my story that I had been looking for... for months. Finally, I was able to get out of writer's block and come up with some truly chilling and terrifying ideas. Maybe some of you will eventually read it if it ever hits the shelves ;).

  The adventurers are about to enter the Xanather Guild Hideout through the sewers. This will be the sound for the dungeon. It's frightening and it's perfect!

  This is the perfect ominous background for exploring an abandoned dungeon!

  Dark World with slider animation, normal volume + Gregorian voices, Anno 731, slider animation, low volume = Time Travel to a strange land, might not be the past, not even earth, but without any doubt a pleasant place to explore :)

  This is good and creepy on its own, but I recommend opening a second tab and playing the RPG Poltergeist generator along with this one. You'll thank me for the spookiness later!

  I LOVE this one!!! I'm a longtime fan of Ian Livingstone's Figthing Fantasy Gamebooks and this is the best thing ever to listen to while reading one!

  You are slowly walking through a dark corridor, your dying torch providing the only light to help your slow descent farther and farther into the abandoned tunnel. You wince as the sound of your own footsteps echos almost painfully off the chipped gray walls.I think this soundtrack would be great to listen to while having a Halloween party or having a late night Dungeons and Dragons session.

  You have lost track of how long you've spent wasting away in the cave... minutes, days, years. All you can hear are the clanking of chains, the clattering of teeth, the scurrying of a rat... and music? You strain to hear the muffled melody from the depths of the cave. Then you hear the lyrics, an eerie whisper...

  This setting sounds is a useful tool for helping me write - a story I'm working on takes place, in part, in the stormdrain system underneath a city and while I've never been inside a stormdrain before, I can imagine it would sound a lot like this: drippy, quiet, and with only the rumble of the cars above your head to keep you company, sounding much more distant than they really are.

  Sounds like you are stuck in a dungeon during an earthquake!

  OMG! This one combined with animated Poltergeist RPG sounds like you're waiting to be attacked by some sort of monster!

  This is really nice for an RPG sewer walk.

  This setting combined with Poltergeist on the "Paranoia" preset really gives one of the best eerie atmospheres. Just the feeling of being lost and alone really set in with these. Highly recommend if you want that spooky feeling.

  Absolutely perfect for setting the scene of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Invaluable for designing dungeons, and caves.

  Reminds me of Harry Potter inside the chamber of secrets.

  You can't see. You're world is dark and you feel immense, unbearable amounts of pain in your face. Are your eyes even there? Do you still have them? I don't think you'll live long enough to know, for the presence above you is overwhelming.

  I'm sitting by a warm fire. Safe. But outside this cave, outside this safe haven, there are terrors that lurk. The not knowing leaves me frozen in fear. But for now, I am safe.

  This custom noise is my number 1 favorite. I use it the most when I am working on my 3D art projects. Second place goes to Lush Jungle and Cafe Restaurant.

  That moment when you know you've explored too deep into a FATE dungeon...

  "A Walk Through the Catacombs" - I love this myNoise! When you combine this with your imagination while playing Darkest Dungeon, you can't help but feel you're not alone - especially when you really are.

  This soundscape leads to a chamber deep within a castle. Exp. constraint of chains, with drops of water in this damp and desolate cell. Surely something evil in the air. A faint footstep or two? Maybe not. Distant rattling of gates gives a perfect backdrop for medieval imprisonment simulation. Would recommend for a highly immersive and realistic exp. Thanks a million to this site and Dr. Pigeon.

  Imagine this... You are hiding in the shadows of a long cave. Endless lines of prisoners are walking single file directly past you. They all look ragged and worn out. Occasional guards walk past, keeping a close eye on them as they lead them into their cells.

  Hello, darkness.

  Use these "Dungeon" sounds along with the "Evil Charms" generator, turn the "monster" all the way up, turn the "spirit" and "whisper" all the way down, and it sounds like you're deep in the dragon's lair!

  Walking through a dark, empty, passageway with only your torch for company. You stop occasionally to look into inky blackness of a another passageway, deciding to move on or see what awaits you down this new direction.

  This is incredible! I love combining these settings with Oblivion, Evil Charms- Monsters, and Deserted. I highly recommend it for horror games/books.

  I use this one for scenes where characters are stuck in jail or have been captured. It has a sort of a "You're captured, figure out how to get past the patrolling guard." feel to it :)

  I like using this with the Binaural Beat Machine set to 32Hz to induce fear so I can understand my characters better.

  This is WONDERFUL for writing. I'm currently writing a scene for my fantasy novel in which the protagonist is searching for an evil necromancer's hideout in a half-flooded catacomb. I have this playing, layered with Evil Charms, Deserted and Underwater. It's absolutely perfect.

  I LOVE combining this with Evil Charm. It reminds me of someone following you!

  This one, I actually find helps me focus immensely, and I feel quite comfortable with it on in the background. Maybe I feel a little TOO at home in a world of of swordfighting and wizardy.

  ← I call this one "Treading the Depths"

  You're being followed. Do you dare stop to glance back?

  I really recon this would suit the ancient nordic ruins in Skyrim.

  Very atmospheric, reminds me of Darkest Dungeon. It sets the mood for being lost and alone in either a dungeon or a very large cavern, with your torch the only source of hope whilst you stumble around aimlessly, hoping for a way out.

  Tried to get the feel of sitting round a fire in a cave, like our ancestors might have done.

  This is a really nice one. Almost reminds me of Skyrim.

  Eerie, inspiring... almost surreal when paired with soundscapes like Osmosis. Helped me get through a sad, extremely difficult part in my short story  thank you.

  I'm doing an RPG with my friends and we are in a cavern attacking otyugh while cultists are upstairs. This was the perfect noise setting to provide the calm yet attention needed, as our particular DM gets distracted easily. This kept the game focused without losing the ideal of the dungeon.

  This is so great, almost like Silent Hill ambience. Great for listening to when you are working.

  I really like this one. The other "eerie" noise generators freak me out, or give me anxiety, but this one is actually nice. It reminds me of Gringotts in Harry Potter!

  These settings certainly makes me imagine a very dark horror game! Perfect for spooking your friends!

  I'm in LOVE with this generator! When it's animated, you can definitely imagine moving through a dark, abandoned labyrinth with nothing but your torch, some supplies, and maybe a companion. The eerie atmosphere it creates is superb! Hoping to see more like this one soon. :)

  This one sounds like someone is creeping up on you. I think the best way to describe it is as 'The Drowned Prisoner'.

  I LOVE this soundscape. It really captures the emotion of fear and anxiety.

  This is definitely a fear inducing setting. The steps and water droplets are increased. It sounds as if you are locked in, as your captor paces listlessly back and forth outside your cell!

  This is by far THE best eerie noise generator on this site (And probably the internet!) This makes me think of an old story I wrote. It makes me feel like I'm being watched. You are not alone. You can't remember how you got here. All you can remember is that someone walked into your room, knocked you out, and brought you here. When you hear someone following you ,what will you do?

  The lock and chain sounds were a bit annoying for me, so I got rid of them, and went for the abandoned cave sound. I like listening to this while it's raining.

  I play a game called Pixel Dungeon and this totally fits it!

  This setting is pretty calming for my mimicking side. It feels a lot like I'm in an RPG!

  Locked in a dark cell in a dungeon. Close your eyes and imagine being blind with just the noise around you and the feeling of the cold stone you are lying on. Paranoid?

  Helps me picture what Alcatraz might have sounded like at night when everyone was asleep in the cell blocks

  Reminds me of the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  It fits with lots of books and games... I just wanna read all night long listening to this. Thank you!

  Dungeon RPG reminds me of the Haunted Burrow on Lotro! Wow, I did not expect that! Makes me wish it was still Halloween! :)

  I am writing a story which relies on the sense of anxiety and fear I can evoke in my readers, and this is PERFECT for it. I had been waiting for it to be released to the public for quite a while and I'm not disappointed. It's everything I imagined it would be - and more. The chains and water droplets are amazing! Thank you so much for creating this. Cheers.

  Wow that sounds' sooo spooky

  There is someone following you. Listen closely or it might reach you when it is too late.

  This one makes me think of being trapped in a decaying structure. Perhaps a reactor that melted down or an old industrial complex left to the ravages of time.

  Sublime. This is literally exactly what I needed for writing about characters exploring some catacombs today. Again, sublime.

  You know something is behind you, but do you dare turn around?

  This noise describes a dark game. Alone in the dark exploring through the night.

  This reminds me of Five Night's At Freddy's

  You're walking through a pitch-black corridor, your flickering torch your only companion. You hear a rumbling growl from the door that slowly grows closer and closer to you as you walk, accompanied by the occasional rattling of chains, rusted and broken from years of neglect. You reach out your trembling hand to open the door, hesitating. What horror awaits you on the other side of the door?

  Wow! This is the best noise generator here, made me donate right away. I love this 'noise' generator and can't wait to use it 'in action'. I can't wait to hear what else you guys are going to come up with. Here's to hoping for more rpg sound generators (castles, battles, travelling, swamps, medieval city, monsters).

  Combining this with the Dungeon generator creates a perfect creepy atmosphere, and is surprisingly good for studying!

  This one makes me feel like I'm walking through a Minecraft stronghold, worrying about creepers behind the next dark corner.

  As a fantasy writer it's sometimes incredibly difficult to describe sound when all you can hear is your cat meowing in the background, but when you're listening to the creaks, clinks, scuffles, and crackles while you're writing, an entire spectrum of description comes pouring out. I absolutely love this dungeon soundscape as it allows me to fully immerse myself in the dark worlds I write.

  I didn't think you could amaze me anymore, and then you pull this out of nowhere.

  This sounds like walking through a pathway on an ocean of magma. Very eerie. Some games have lava dungeons, and this might be useful for that.

  Scare your sister/hollween sound track

  Listening to this along with the asmr whispers give a really cool and calming atmosphere and it's really nice to fall asleep to. It almost seems like the whispers are guiding you to the end of the cave... despite the quite sinister outer shell, it's wonderfully relaxing when mixed with other audios.

  This is the perfect creepy setting for a night around the table, telling stories. It truly sets the atmosphere for a huge, expansive dungeon for the players to explore.

  Wonderfully spooky!

  Great ambient with creepy soundscape. Just close your eyes, you can imagine the darkest dungeons and passages.A lot of work behind the scene here. Thank you for that noise!

  Just perfect for when you want to feel a little scared, without overdoing it.

  The dwarves delved too greedily and too deep. Who knows what they awoke in the darkness?

  Wow that is scary but also cool

  Wow, this noisescape is amazing. Really cool and atmospheric. I will totally be using this next time I have a game with my group. Awesome job.

  I feel like binge-playing Nethack now!

  ← Shadow Man. i love your audio walks on the eerie side of sound. that rumble is a killer. wouw!