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Fan Noise
Frequency-Shaped Fan Noise Generator
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The noise, without the sneeze

Steady, low sounds like the whir of a fan or air conditioner are soothing and can help mute distracting or sudden noises. This explains why some people sleep with a bedside fan running, every night, no matter what the temperature.

If you do not have access to a fan in your room, try our virtual fan: it will sound even better than the real thing, since the sound frequencies can be shaped to your taste!

There are plenty of other noises that will help you if you have a hard time falling asleep at night. Make sure to give our Rain Noise a chance too.

Published on April 12th, 2013

User Stories

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  Nothing more nostalgic than a weird night on a heat wave, those were really nostalgic when it was summer. I kinda miss summer a LOT.

  This is the perfect tool for sleep. The fact you can EQ it makes it all the more better.

  Currently pretty much always have the fan going or I get anxious. But the thing that somehow helps best is my hair dryer. Still need to figure out smth like that, but then again, I just heard of this a few minutes ago and immediately donated (even tho I'm totally broke, but whatever), this is great!

  I remember when I was little, I had a fan in my room that sounded like this. It put me to sleep for 25 years. Brings back so much memories of the breeze blowing on my skin.

  A fan with blade sound.

  This is probably one of the most comforting sounds ever, especially the brown setup. It gives me a sense of calm and safety like nothing else.

  A soft fan. It doesn't have highly differing sounds.

  I literally always wanted to have an acoustic and perpetual fan noise without having to actually use a fan. All bass to the top and I can work anywhere.

  I really love this noise because it act like white noise but much more smoother. I like it to be a little bassy so it sounds like an air conditioner. I love the sound of an air conditioner so this is perfect!

  This feels like when you're alone when you're in an airplane, and I love it <3

  I like this gen because it sounds like the fan in our old house <3

  This works well as replacement for my actual fan (on my portable air conditioning unit) on smokey nights when I don't want to let the smoke in.

  I recently tried using this generator instead of a fan during these colder months and so far it's worked just as well!

  This is more subtle than a rain sound and is just subtle enough that it quiets the noise of my racing thoughts. A great one when you just want respite.

  This brings me back to sitting in a blanket fort as a kid, having stolen two small fans and plugged them in, chilling and watching youtube in the heat of the summertime. I love it!

  It makes me feel cold even though I'm right next to a vent XD

  I finally tried Calibrating myNoise, and I got awesome results!

  I adore summer and everything to do with it, especially waking up to open windows with a soft breeze blowing the curtains, the trees rustling outside and the ceiling fan lazily spinning above me. Just that alone conjures a feeling within me I don't totally understand, but I am so thankful for this generator for letting me find it again.

  This is by far the most soothing and realistic app I've found online.

  So AMAZING! It blocks out every annoying noise when I sleep. #bestnoisever

  This setting sounds like an air conditioner in the window... And this is what I am used to from Kentucky.

  Helps me sleep when I am simply not tired enough, or to help me wind down after a long stressful day!

  I love this one! It's very smooth and at no point is there any hiccups. When I woke up, I swear I thought there was an actual fan in my room.

  Makes me sleep better because it masks the occasional neighbourhood noise. Sounds like a real floor fan to me.

  I made this noise for my kids to mimic the sound of our wallboard heaters, its very soothing to listen to at night or whenever. Sometimes I will combine this with the Winter Walk and Unreal Wind sounds as a Super generator sound. Very Cool!

  This noise is amazing... I get so distracted with my schoolwork, but with the fan noise, I can fully focus and concentrate more on my work. I also get so much more done!

  This one is deep, like a very large industrial fan - works a little better than the brown noise for me on speakers without a subwoofer. Really helps mask the noise of my 20 cats so I can sleep!

  I love this. I cannot seem to get rid of.the static though.

  This noise is dark and bass-y but peaceful and calming.

  Sounds like a fan used in a hurricane simulator.

  ← This slider set is a perfect custom tinnitus blocker that allows me to concentrate on quiet tasks like studying. It's also very calming, and reminds me of the fan on my friend's old PC, which itself was a soothing noise. Thank you so much!

  Everything about this sound is great! Except for how it starts doing a weird thing where it cycles through different combos of only some of the frequency bars and it wakes you up. [Note from editor: this is a know issues with power savings on some browsers/operating system combinations]

  When I was a little kid, and we were away from home on vacation trips, I always used to listen to the AC near the window in the hotel rooms we would sleep in. It kept me in a relaxed state and always put me to sleep. Many years later, I found this wonderful website called myNoise. Its noises put me in the same relaxed feeling I haven't had felt since I was a child. :)

  This makes a chill run down my spine from comfiness, killed my anxiety.

  I, too, have sleeped with the help of a fan (and air conditioner fan) all my life. This particular setting was helpful when I decided to have only the noise - without the wind ;-)

  Fan, air conditioning and inflight sounds are the best. They make me feel all is running smoothly.

  I just LOVE this website! This setting is perfect for falling asleep :-)

  This helps me to study without turning on actual white noise and bothering anyone else. I normally like to listen to a space heather but this is a nice substitute!

  For my entire life, the sound of a fan has brought me instantaneous comfort and calm; I sleep with one every night, and I will turn one on during the day just to relax. I am also very picky about the sound, so finding this website was amazing. I find myself using it just about every single day. Thanks!!!

  This sound reminds me of my oven. I don't know why, but I always loved it - it lulls me to sleep and gives me the sweetest chills. And so does this noise!

  I've slept with a fan beside me for as long as I can remember, as I had ear problems at a young age and developed tinnitus. I've gotten used to sleeping without a fan, but this generator is definitely as good as the real thing!! Minus the breeze on your face. Thanks so much, this website rocks!!

  So thankful for this app! It had helped me sleep well for sometime now! Sooo thankful!!!

  I love this generator. In America, where I used to live, I would listen to the hotel air conditioner and it sounds just like it. I love this generator so much!!!

  As soon as I start listen to these, my brain shifts to 'study mode'. Can study for hours and at the end don't even notice the sound. I have had times where I think I'm not listening to anything anymore to then realize I was, when I see that the sound is playing! Awesome.

  WOW! This is really helpful... not just as a solution for relaxing/thinking/studying in noisy environment but for coping with anxiety and depression... I was having an awful adrenaline rush and palpitation just before listening to this and after about 20 minutes I was so calm and relaxed... Unbelievable!

  I really love the noise of the fan, it actually helps me to sleep in summer. I dont know why but its relaxing, and this sounds like my fan at home.

  Sounds just like the fan in my bedroom. I don't like sleeping without the fan going. The air on my face and the sound somehow eases me into sleep.

  This site is amazing for people (like me) who need white noise to fall asleep, Thank you so much!

  Study anywhere, why library!

  Thanks so much. Hundred percent effective.

  Love it!!! Sleep so well!

  I find it extremely hard to fall asleep at night. My mind is always racing. Listening to custom noise helps me fall asleep and relax while also having background noises, so that way I won't feel like I am being so loud at night in my apartment

  I am an extremely light sleeper, due to my partial insomnia, so I usually have the fan going while I'm asleep, however because I moved to Michigan I've been too cold to have the fan on. A couple months ago my boyfriend showed me this website, so now I can sleep perfectly, and not wake up in the middle of the night, because of a small movement, noise, or restlessness.

  Fan Noise is really awesome! It helps me concentrate on my long hours of school work and even helps you go to sleep when the going gets "rough"! GREAT!

  The AC 2 preset always reminds me of the numerous hotel rooms that I've stayed in throughout the many overseas vacations I had. Brings back a nostalgic feeling and really helps to lull me to sleep!

  This is AMAZING. When my roommates are talking too much, or playing their music, I can just put this on with headphones and drift into my own world. Absolutely PERFECT for when I'm trying to read and there are too many distractions. This is my dream come true.

  My mum snores way too loud. Usually I have the fan on but winter is coming...

  This sound alows me to focus and get things done.

  This reminds me of sitting in the car. It's so calming, and it's really easy to focus with this on :3

  This is helping me stay focused on finishing my essay for school.

  My favorite type of fan noises are the ones that sound like they have streamers attached to them. Thank the lord for personalized noise!

  Holy cow thank you thank you thank you this website is extremely helpful for stressful nights/days in college! Some remind me of home and it helps so much!

  THANK YOU! Now hotel rooms are no longer prisons of sleeplessness.

  It is a calming and soothing noise, that helps me relax and get needed rest. Brilliant. Thank you.

  Sounds like driving down a highway on a cold, rainy day with the heat on full. Thanks myNoise for making great noises like this one. This helps me relieve stress better than any other tactic I could find.

  Thank you. If I didn't have this generator I would literally go crazy.

  Use on my newborn son while I study on my desktop. Knocks him out.

  My dog loves your big industrial fan. Sends her to sleep when she is anxious.

  Add some Wooden Chimes and Timemakers' ticks and enjoy your siesta.

  Helps me sleep!

  Great sleeping aid. I just click pink noise and animate every time do I sleep like a dead guy.

  My go-to noise when the roommates downstairs just won't shut the fuck up

  This mix gives me a cyberpunk feeling. Could be inside of spaceship or near an old rusty factory on a planet where it's almost always dark but not cold.

  I have gotten to a point where I can't write unless I am listening to this sound. This site is going to get me through grad school lol

  Settings to simulate the fan that I sleep with every night, in case I'm away from home.

  Having a fan in my room since I was a kid has made my brain crave wind/fan noise! Se weird when my fan broke and I had a hard time sleeping. This has helped, even when I got a new fan :)

  Cant sleep in the day unless I use the fan noise. Brill thanks

  After 25 years in an cubicle environment, we have just migrated to the new and trendy "open office" environment. This is supposed to promote collaboration and communication. HAH! What a joke! I guarantee you the person who came up with this stupid idea has their own office. Anyhow, thanks to the "Industrial Fan" noise, I can finally drown out all of the background noise and focus on work.

  Neither too strong and deep noise, nor shrill sound... a normal classic fan

  Use everyday great

  Neither too strong and deep noise, nor shrill sound...just a normal classic fan

  Perfect sound that makes me focus easily!

  ← This fan more closely replicates the sound of the industrial fan in my room than the industrial fan setting that's published. Helps me sleep without putting the fan on!

  Reminds me of Rain through My Old Barn Loft Fan... Definitely Brings Back some Relaxing Nights

  Sounds just like my heater at home!

  This deep relaxing ambience of fan noise helps me sleep and calms the nerves overall throughout the day. Thank you noise generator!

  This reminds me of when I was younger, I would always sit on the staircase to the basement and just listen to the deep rumbling of the ventilation.

  As it gets colder, I can't turn my fan on. This is perfect for me to fall asleep to without freezing myself.

  ← Heater

  Loud Industrial Noise. Loud but relaxes me anyway.

  Box fan!