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Fairy Pond
Pond Soundscape Generator (Boat, Water and Frogs)
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A pond, a boat... and lots of frogs!

I can't remember how many requests I received for this one. Many. People love frogs and their chorus. So do I.

As I worked on this noise generator, I could not help but add a touch of romance, and a small wooden boat for two. Aren't frogs closely associated with beautiful princesses and princes anyway?

In my life, frogs are associated with the first present I gave to my wife. As she opened the package, its contents suddenly flew away by a frightened surprise, as she realised what it was. To her credit, this frog was wonderfully crafted, and could have been mistaken for a real one. Fortunately, it was built of solid wood. From that day, I found what kind of present really surprises my wife, and since, we have the tradition of bringing back a frog each time one of us, or both, comes back home from a distant trip abroad (this is how it started). My wife still doesn't like frogs, but we have plenty in our living room now!

This soundscape is dedicated to all the frogs who are still waiting to be kissed by a princess.

Published on August 16th, 2014

User Stories

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  Perfect for relaxing studies.

  Oh my days I've just discovered my favourite animal ever. Frogs are animals as well as Amphibians! And they're helping me survive exam stress. Thanks little froggies - and your creator :)

  I like ribit fwog.

  The sun is setting, and you're sitting on your pirogue watching after a long day of fishing. The air is warm and comfortably humid. Eventually, you stand up and start rowing back home, where you know your mom will be waiting for you with a big pot of gumbo. When you near your house, you hear a suspicious splashing close by. Could it be the Rougarou? As you near your house, you can smell the gumbo.

  The frogs have fallen silent - but is that because of a threat, or merely to let you enjoy a quiet cruise? I suppose the answer is yours alone.

  A gentle row in the pond as the sun begins to set with a lover. Perhaps I'm being too romantic but I think it fits nicely!

  This generator is so calming and relaxing! It reminds me of the house my grandparents live in. When I visited them during summer holidays, I would always fall asleep to the sounds the frogs made.

  I live near a pond which sounds exactly like the sounds made here. It's spot on, and is def one of my favorites.

  Definitely one of my favorites! It makes me feel creative and happy, and a bit whimsical!

  Really cute chime I created, sounds like a child trying to play a pan flute as they dip their feet in the water ^o^

  Ah, which of these froggies is my prince charming...

  It kinda sounds like a choir of frogs, which reminds me of a pond I used to live by. It's soothing and it helps to relax.

  I absolutely love this Fairy Pond! Especially when I animate the generator, it is enchanting!

  I cannot believe this. It sounds exactly like paddling through the lake in the summer at early morning. Amazing job, guys!

  Sha-la-la-la, my oh my. Looks like the boy's too shy...

  Amazing! This is very impressive! Thanks for the hard work and I can't wait for the Android app!

  So real I feel I'm cheating on the seasons - with winter just outside the window this soundscape brings back the warmth of summer nights!

  Perfect! I think this is the best noise so far!

  This, along with my US Fish Tank preset, gives me the sound of my old roommate's frog singing in his tank. (He's an eternal optimist, always looking for a lady frog.)

  I love this ●

  Frogs croaking in the background quietly. This setting I can sleep to, because it sounds like they're outside the house in the fishpond next to my bedroom.

  I love layering this with some rain and some of my favorite score pieces. It makes me feel like I'm in a fairytale :)

  Fans of Homestuck, try this generator with the Spring Water generator to experience the thaw in the Land of Frost and Frogs.

  Reminds me of home.

  ← Welcome to my front yard during a Spring/Summer's night. After it rains, the tiny creek that runs through the side of our house swells and flows soothingly. It is always accompanied by energetic frogs, who sing their songs to God throughout the night. Add the light of the full moon to all of this and it becomes a very relaxing and magical night.

  This is my favourite soundscape when I'm working in the office. I have misophonia and this cancels out all the sounds that drive me crazy, whilst keeping my brain alert and focussed. Love hearing all the froggies croaking happily next to the pond!

  My dog loves this one, and me too. Calming and stimulating for her at the same time.

  Feels like you're sitting on a bench just beside the pond <3

  Froggy evening reminds me of the bayou :)

  As a frog living away from her home pond, nothing helps me get to sleep like this sound!

  This is the sound I fell asleep to many a summer night spent in my Orlando bedroom. Gorgeous!

  This one reminds me of an actual frog pond I used to spend a lot of time on... quiet and soothing.

  Love this one. Great atmosphere

  This is amazing! I love frogs, and hearing their noises. Where I live, there is a little pond/sinkhole in the woods in our backyard and we have tons of frogs out there--listening to their songs is enjoyable. Unfortunately, we also have tons of mosquitoes! So I can never stay outside for very long out there. This noise generator lets me listen to frogs without dealing with the mosquitoes!

  Like falling asleep beside a frog filled pond. Wonderfully soothing.