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Tailored to your own hearing

Grey noise is a type of audio signal where the intensity, or volume, is adjusted so that it sounds equally loud across all frequencies to the human ear. This is because our ears are more sensitive to some frequencies than others. This characteristic makes it distinct from white noise, which has equal intensity across all frequencies. Grey noise offers a more balanced and natural sound profile, making it feel less harsh than white noise.

At myNoise, we offer genuine grey noise, uniquely crafted to feel perceptually flat across your entire hearing range. Unlike common noise types like white and pink, true grey noise is rare. It accounts for your hearing thresholds and even adjusts for your audio equipment's frequency response. That's why most online noise providers stick to generic options. For true personalized grey noise, use the calibration feature in the iEQ section. This is where the magic happens, and your hearing tresholds are measured.

Why grey is a better than white?

White noise has the same intensity across all frequencies, which might make certain frequencies sound disproportionately loud to our ears. The constant hissing or static sound of white noise can become irritating or distracting for some people. Grey noise, on the other hand, is designed to sound more natural and balanced to the human ear, making it a generally more comfortable and versatile option for various applications, including sleep, concentration, and stress relief.

Published on April 11th, 2013

User Stories

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  I love this site so much!!! this noise is amazing for concentrating especially when you have a memory like mine. Brown and Grey noise are highly recommended, I found that listening to white and grey at the same time but turning white down and grey up is perfect for studying and blocking out distracting voices and noises and I am a very easily distracted human.

  Really puts your mind into a focused and calmed state. Great for studying and relaxing.

  It is so calming and perfect for studying, relaxing, even just to have playing in the background around the house. It helps me focus, or not focus, if I need to just not think for a while. I love this site!

  Filling my ears with a deep noise is not only a great way to block out my colleagues, it also makes them feel quieter, after I remove my headphones. It's a great one-two punch against disturbing sounds.

  I have ADHD and this is the only way I can focus. Stephane, you are the only reason I haven't failed school yet!

  I listen to this every day. I use it to tune out Alex's voice since he sits right next to me and talks non stop. Also, everyone has seen your image on my desktop and you have become somewhat of a celebrity at our office.

  We have a constant, pulsating, low frequency noise from machines on the roof of our apartment building. The only thing that helps me block it out enough to sleep is Grey Noise; I use it every night. It has saved my sanity, Thank you for all you do. Grateful to have the opportunity to support this great site.

  I have chronic moderate to severe tinnitus after a head injury. This site has been a godsend in helping to deal with the disorder.

  I like the customization aspect of this website very much. At first it seemed like a gimmick but I have come to the conclusion that it does actually make quite a significant difference in comparison to white noise videos in general. Got a place in my bookmarks tab from the very first time that I used it! Definitely helpful for studying when there is noise in the house from your family. Good job !

  Thanks for everything you do. We use this nightly.

  I've used this website for years and realize I didn't fully appreciate how much work and resources go into maintaining it and how much I value it. The brown noise is a life saver for my neurodivergent brain. Thank you for telling us your story!

  Wow! I've been listening to rumbling brown noise on this site for years and just discovered the speech-blocker button. Much more relaxing and better than noise-cancelling headphones, I think.

  Over the years, I have used while coding, while writing in my journal, and while meditating to increase my focus. In particular, I enjoy the "focused" setting of Binaural Beats, White Noise, and most recently the Gray Noise generator calibrated to my hearing. Thanks, Stéphane, for the work you put in. I hope one day to be able to support you financially.

  Like falling horizontally across an ocean of velvety fabric, nulls many of the flashing lights in my mind that are always so distracting and maddening. Much love for this generator and the speech blocker preset.

  It's like tornado very far away...

  Grey noise is helping me focusing on my big project for hours!

  I'm in school remotely and couldn't get through a day without listening to grey noise. It completely drowns out the outside world and allows me to focus completely without wearing on my ears.

  Pretty accurate for finding a neutral sounding eq preset.

  Reminds me of the sound the wind going past a jetliner makes during an overnight transatlantic flight. Sleep like a baby, and cancel out other noise as well.

  This site is a genuine life saver!! I have ADHD and use noise canceling headphones to limit distractions, but that eerie silence was distracting in it's own way. Listening to Grey Noise feels much more natural and allows me to focus.

  I'm autistic and often get overwhelmed/sensory overload... this is exactly the perfect thing to counter that. ALL the good sensory! Everything about this website is a blessing for neurodivergent people. Helps me fall and stay asleep too, especially if my room is too quiet or there's sounds that I can't "unlatch" from. Even blocks out the screaming foxes! Absolutely ideal. Thank you.

  When on a ship you look to the horizon, it can help you to avoid getting sea-sick. This is the same kind of thing, but for knowledge work.

  Mixed w/ Cat Purr and volume turned up is a good mix of noise blocking and calming tones.

  A lot of low sounds and some music on lowest volume drowns out most of the outside noise even without headphones and as a bonus keeps the music from being audible from more than a metre away. I call this the strict work conditions mix.

  This website is a miracle and a life-changer! My roommate is always blaring his television at night and I couldn't sleep. Using this Grey noise, it's all canceled out, thank you!

  I have an obnoxious neighbor with a subwoofer. This helps to cancel out the stress in my shoulders when he's blasting those beats.

  Where White Noise cancels the sound around me, Grey Noise makes me feel like I'm being embraced by warmth, oh... yeah... and it too cancels all the other annoying sounds of the outside world when I just want to be left alone. Generally speaking, this noise generator helped me make it through graduate school and helps me to calm down, like an effortless meditation, or popping a Xanax.

  It`s like a wind in my head.

  Really puts your mind into a focused and calmed state. Great for studying and relaxing.

  This really calmed me down when I was getting worked up about something. Now I can focus on my work again. Thanks so much.

  I love it! Mixed with White Noise is amazing for schoolwork!

  Absolutely amazing. My little brother's classroom can be SO SO SO LOUD. This blocks all noise. I would definitely recommend this website. Keep up the good work :)

  Indescribably relaxing. Perfectly balanced as all things should be.

  Great for sleeping! My room is too quiet when the furnace is off, so I recreated the sound it makes and I play it through my sound system at night. Really comforts me and helps me get (and stay) asleep.

  A rushing, mighty wind hits you in the face!

  The bass has a frequency that is somewhere between thunder and wind, but is also consistent and bubbling, which surrounds me in a comfortable cocoon of sound warm as a quilt.

  Really good, doesn't auto-pause either! Thanks!

  This website has been a blessing for me. The mobile app and website work flawlessly, and in particularly both Grey and Brown noise work great. Amazing for noise blocking, focusing, thinking... you name it. Thank you Dr. Stephane.

  I think I might just have found the way of blocking out my awful neighbour's tv/radio. Thank you thank you!

  Just found your site. I had to send my noise masking ear buds back and am lost without a means of masking out a very annoying/aggressive neighbour who loves to play his bass to full overdrive distortion - may he crack his subwoofer soon! But until then... this might just work!

  Awesome stuff for concentration, even for someone with ADD!

  This is excellent. I have a combination of tinnitus and hyperacusis, and I can feel my hearing shift (relax) as I listen. I would really like to know the center frequency and Q of each band [Editor : see presets] Nice equal-loudness curve background, by the way.

  This helps me when I can't concentrate or when I get an anxiety attack. It's helped me progress in my master thesis. Moreover, it has helped me balance out my emotions when I can't do it without some help.

  I have chronic tinnitus, and this totally covers up the ringing without the need for playing my music too loud! It's awesome!

  Perfect for studing with a drummer husband practicizing at home! Thank you soo much.

  Grey noise! Who knew? This is what I always sought in white noise, but the sandy hiss of white noise always proved irritating after a while. This is like a pillow. It's like acoustic tiles for my mind; my thoughts come and... then they vanish... They don't bounce aound echoing behind new thoughts until the layers result in anxious cacaphony. A thought vacuum cleaner! Quite exxcellent!

  I work in a 'quiet' office and this drowns out the sound of people chewing like a cave man. I can't focus with lyrics, so this was not only soothing, but helped me stay focused and drown out the chatter and chomping!

  I turn up the bass and down the treble. Suddenly, I am the passenger of a first class suite on my own private jet. This is incredible and saves my roommate's life. Without this, I would've killed them by now.

  I love the grey noise machine! I boost the bass and kill the treble, and I am suddenly a passenger on my own private jet, soaring through the night skies. This is bliss! Thank you, so much!

  Wonderful for working in an office doing repetative tasks.

  An essential tool for making hotel travel sleep restful.

  Blocks out everything but doesn't bother your ears after a little bit.

  Thank you! Helped me a lot with panic attacks!

  Relaxing and soothing, perfect for studying.

  It saves my colleagues' lives. Without this site, I probably would have murdered them by now.

  Great for cloudy days.

  The perfect noise blocker. It reminds me of heavy falling snow on a cold night.

  Feel's like I'm in a huge cavern with water rushing in the background, I love it!

  This is what a large waterfall sounds and feels like, a constant rumbling with the trebly sound of splashing water at the same time. Thank you!

  Love love LOVE this while studying. I also love that it's adjustable. I can find just the right blend for whatever I'm feeling for the day.

  This sounds like a far away highway. It's great.

  I got a new job as an Admin at a University, my office is located in the gymnasium. The noises of bouncing balls, etc made it impossible to concentrate on my work and made me feel so irritable. Thanks to this site, I can now tune it out! I am so amazed!

  I love the ability to customise the sound to your own hearing! Much better results than generic white noise.

  Windy rain, love it!

  I've used this website every day for the past 4 years to help me sleep. A huge thank you to the creator for helping me deal with my insomnia, I owe you my happiness.

  The grey noise allows me to focus for hours!

  This is perfect for when my coworker has his music turned up - it's like a rushing waterfall but warm like a hug. I can focus so much better with this noise.

  Grey noise works perfectly for focusing on one particular task - my students use it, too.

  So realistic, sounding rain!

  Love this website! Its perfect for studying and drowning out noise. I love the waterfall sound.

  I showed up looking for some sci fi Starship background ambiance, but your site is a treasure trove of so much more. I love this service! :D

  Helps me study and do homework.

  This is AMAZING. Blocks out the sounds of my talkative brothers!

  I really enjoy this app. I use it with the Pomodoro time set-up.

  I use noise generators to help drown out my wandering thoughts and let me focus on what I really want to. Grey noise is my favourite so far. Thanks for making this noise machine website.

  Who needs organic peace of mind when my noise dot net slash grey noise generator is there to wrap you in the warm comforting embrace of its mind numbing rumble. Take me into your loving arms grey noise generator!

  Helps me sleep better than THC does! Thank you for your hard work!

  Perfect while studying or just simply get lost in your thought.

  This calms me down and makes me feel warm and safe. I turn the bass way up and have it on when I study and need to drown out irritating noises or relax. Lovely site.

  A crying baby on my arm just got knocked out by a few seconds of this :D

  Really love this website, helps me study.

  Cross between hotel AC at night and airplane cabin, cranked up to 10. Focus is greatly enhanced when this sound is playing. I love this site.

  You can almost hear it changing and moving as you move between the frequencies. It sounds like I'm sitting beside the ocean with my textbook open. Awesome!

  With headphones, it's like a warm hug for your ears.

  As a tinnitus sufferer I have found sleep difficult and have spent many long tedious nights lying awake without relief. Then I happened upon your site one night when, in desperation, I was trying to find a masking sound that would help me get some rest. To be able to customise a sound that actually works for me has been bliss. I now call my personal sound my 'Velvet Lullaby' and it is wonderful.

  I love putting this on underneath my mp3's - makes the nuances of certain songs sound crystal clear. As an added bonus, anyone who grew up in the 80's like I did probably knows some songs just don't sound right without that touch of cassette tape hiss or record crackle - problem solved.

  I've been having trouble focusing on math work, but playing this noise is the background has helped me a lot! I definitely recommend to anyone else having the same problem.

  This noise helps me in all my activities, whether I'm trying to sleep or have a case of writers block, I can always find the noise I need!

  As somebody who has suffered from severe ADD throughout my entire childhood as well as my adult life, this custom sound blocks out all other noises, including my two 6 year old daughters when I am trying to get work done.

  This is great! Was trying to write my essay with constant screaming coming from upstairs, but now I can just tune it out and write. Now that exam season is coming up, I can put this on all the time.

  It's a windy day outside...

  It sounds just like Yellowstone falls, in the national park. There is an overlook half way up the falls. It has a thunderous but continuous kind of sound to it. It is frightening because of the power, but soothing because it is raging nature.

  Open office floorplan + horrifyingly annoying guy who won't shut the hell up = THANK YOU for customizable grey noise. I enjoy watching his mouth flapping while I can't hear anything!


  Makes studying geography a lot easier!


  Great for "open space" work environments! Thank you!

  Came to this site because of tinnitus, which sometimes seems quite loud (especially when trying to sleep). The gray noise customized to my "hearing curve" matches it so well, and I can't tell if my ears are still ringing.

  Helps me study with peace in the hostel while everybody else in the room is chilling out.

  Awesome! Thanks!

  Titled 'Hush'.

  Sounds like rain.

  This is very calming. Sounds like a constant rumble, helps me a lot!

  Baruch's noise

  Trying to get work done in a coffee house, this is a great way to help focus my brain.

  White noise makes me happy. It helps me be like buddha :)

  I use it to go to sleep - this website is great!

  Wow, that's awesome. Really helps me to relax and gather my thoughts.

  I like to experiment by combining two noises, like the wind for ambience and grey noise to mask my background distractions...

  Everytime I'm stressed out this noise helps me to slow down my nerves. Really helpful!.

  Wear your shadow like a cloak. Rest in the dark and follow your imagination to the places you have forgotten.

  I really enjoy this sound. It helps me being calm ans sleeping a lot. My sleeping problems are gone now. It is also a nice background sound to just get in a chilly mode after work. Thanks a lot!

  So I suffer from severe and frequent migraines. I found this website through a youtuber I watch and was curious as to what "Grey Noise" was. After I re-calibrated the sound settings to fit my hearing curve it gave me this wonderful sense of peace. My head stopped hurting and for the first time in years my insomnia isn't a massive issue because the re-calibrated Grey Noise quiets my mind.

  Not only did I achieve great calmness and focus, but also it appeared to me that I was a little more mentally capable, meaning that I was able to solve some math problems (homework) with greater ease than without the noise.

  It is so calming and perfect for studying, relaxing, even just to have playing in the background around the house. It helps me focus, or not focus, if I need to just not think for a while. I love this site!

  Perfect 'mask the loud talkers down the hall' setting. A little rumbly, too.

  It's really relax me, remember me the sound of ocean and the wind in a dark moonless night.

  It's really calming, and helps with my insomnia and sort of tampers my night terrors

  Helps me to focus and get work done while 'Open Door meetings' are happening in the conference room across the hall.

  This is so relaxing, perfect for working on homework!

  I use it to shush out my dad's radio on occasion, and it kinda reminds me of the joy and natural belonging I feel with water

  My custom-made grey noise helps me study. I get distracted easily and find myself reading over whole pages and not absorbing a single word - I've noticed with the grey noise that I can concentrate more and re-read less, which is a huge help, because this is graduate level work! I'm going to keep using it and see how much more I can do in the few hours a night I have to study. Thanks, My Noise!

  I've never come across a sound and been instantly transfixed before. It not only fills my whole head space, but it also calms me instantly.