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In Utero
Newborn Sleep Machine
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The best sounds to calm fussy babies

Much of the sound that reaches a foetus is a symphony of noises. The womb can be a very noisy place indeed, even in a quiet environment. These sounds help lull babies back to the very first place they found so comforting, fall asleep faster and sleep better.

The mother—s rhythmic heartbeat and breathing, the steady whoosh sounds of blood rushing through her veins, Mom's voice, her body movements, and the digestive process after lunch time are those noises that come to mind first. On top of that, we have all the sounds coming from the external world, filtered by the mother's womb as they reach the baby's ears.

We closely emulate them all, using the same gentle low-pass filtering that characterizes the mother's womb. This not only provides a faithful emulation of intra-uterine sounds, but also serves as a safeguard, protecting your newborn—s sensitive developing little ears against the harsh tones and higher frequencies.

Published on December 12th, 2013

User Stories

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  This calms me like no other thing. The breaths, heartbeats, sounds of digestion, external movement, boots clomping around and the talking of the parents, looming over the world within which I reside. All safe and tightly, snugly tucked away from any and all danger, the evermore compacting walls of the womb tightening around me to protect me as my mother continues to carry me within herself.

  I'm not even a baby...I don't know why but this makes me cry, and wonder how it can calm me down so easily... It's magical.

  Extremely slowed-down, with high levels of heartbeat and breathing. Puts me to sleep in moments and calms me down when I am anxious.

  I find that this setting gives me the most comfort out of any soundscape I have tried before. I am unsure of why but regardless, Thank you.

  The dad's voice is so oddly soothing, and the combination of every sound provides a strange sense of comfort.

  This is kinda eerie honestly.

  Very relaxing and muffled. Love the intricate detail and hard work put into this custom, the variety is fabulous. It can be really difficult to find custom sounds that fit such specific niches, but this is another of so many great customs. I'm extremely grateful for this site, especially since it will continue playing on a phone even when the phone isn't being used.

  When I was a kid I used to submerge my head in the bathtub and listen to my own breathing. This machine sounds exactly the same - now I'm thinking I liked doing that because it 'took me back'. Very relaxing machine.

  We use a lot of white noise to help my fussy infant get to sleep, but this one is *by far* the most effective. We can’t thank the creators enough! You can’t put a price on baby sleep in those early days!

  This generator is perfect and is very relaxing.

  I'm looking forward to trying this to sooth my new puppy! Certainly works on me!

  The mom talking sound almost made me cry. My 12 year old son changed my life in the most miraculous way. My wife and used to talk to him in utero before falling asleep. What an amazing memory.

  Sounds just like ear cupping ASMR, very relaxing to me.

  Ahh, this is literally perfect for fans of vore! Incredibly comforting and safe. Completely customizable, too! Those digestion noises, the heartbeat, the gentle breathing... it's one of the most relaxing things I've heard as of late. Thank you so much!

  This generator took me back to a place I haven't been to in a very long time. It makes me want to cry, but in a good way.

  This is the perfect thing for me to listen to while going to sleep after some age regression.

  Best alien chest-burster simulator, ever!

  It's like being in a very slow river, that carries one over the rocks and the stones. Floating in peace and silence of the soul.

  These slow heartbeats are perfect for relieving stress. The feeling of being at the bottom of the sea.

  I cant explain (I guess it's primeval) but I find womb sounds so very natural, beautiful & comforting. I've tried lots of apps & audio nothing comes close to In Utero. I downloaded the iOS app purely for this generator. I listen when I want to relax, meditate, have trouble sleeping, or when I feel insecure (due to my girlfriend working away). Thank you so much for this truly beautiful generator.

  The only background noise that can keep me focused enough to do schoolwork at home. My grades thank you!

  This is the best sound ever. I am trying to work on a paper for school that is due soon and it was stressing me out terribly. Not anymore. This has me almost asleep at my computer. So nice to not be so tense. Highly recommend this one.

  I love In Utero. Not sure why it makes me so calm, it might be the heartbeat. It helps significantly when I have a migraine and need to get work done. :)

  I'm amazed at how well this worked with my newborn. A few seconds in and her eyes started drooping, a couple minutes later she was snoozing.

  Putting on my headphones with the heartbeat and breath noises allows me to feel completely isolated from the rest of the world and delete every thought process that is not related to the work I'm doing. Great quality of sound, impeccable user interface... this site has everything you can ask from a noise site and much more. Will soon send another contribution. Thanks once more!

  You do not know how much I've been looking for when our son is born. Great job again! Thank you!

  So calming... using this while studying for my exam tomorrow. This somehow makes me want to match the breathing I'm listening to.

  This is so comforting, it feels like being cocooned somewhere safe and loving and soft and dark. Thank you :)

  For those of us whose mothers have passed away this is a blessing.

  This soundscape in incredibly relaxing and calming. It is the perfect thing to listen to before going to bed or at any time when you want to be as relaxed as possible.

  The breath and heart noises on here pared with the Deserted sound generator is the perfect inspiration for writing scary stories.

  This soundscape is so good. So relaxing. So hypnotic... It's amazing to do hypnosis to, where you need a deep, DEEP level of relaxation.

  This is the closest I can get to simulate my boyfriend sleeping next to me when he's not home. I have immense trouble sleeping without him and this, along with a plush with his smell on it, just made me able to sleep through the night!

  Every Breath setting helps me regulate my breathing and it calms my worries/anxiety.

  This is by far my favorite sound generator on this site. When I listen to it I feel cozy and protected, and it drowns out everything to help me concentrate. When I had to read a 470-page book in one day, this was the only thing that kept me focused.

  The heartbeat setting on this has lessened my anxiety immeasurably, it gets my heartrate back to normal and completely calms me down!! I listen to it all the time when I'm doing a time crunch assignment, or just trying to focus. Not a distraction at all!

  I had to take my baby to work because daycare was closed for a holiday I don't have off. Normally, baby naps with a heartbeat white noise machine, so I googled for a heartbeat white noise to listen to on the computer. This website is amazing. So much better than any "utero" sound machine I've ever heard. I will be using this regularly from now on! Thank you for creating this!

  Mommy and Daddy are sleeping...

  Awesome sound generator... helps incredible for relaxing and giving a feeling of being secure.

  I love this setting for when I am having anxiety issues. It helps me focus on breathing and calming myself. It's like an audio cuddle. I use this and the thunder and rain setting combined to really ground and center.

  I fell asleep talking to my girlfriend while I was listening to this. 10/10. Would recommend to insomniacs.

  I just started living on my own for the first time and like to fall asleep to this noise when I'm homesick. It reminds me of being young and taking naps with my mom. The heartbeat and breathing noises in particular are so comforting.

  As a little kid, I always fell asleep with my head on my mom's chest listening to the sound of her heartbeat. The sound is just so soothing for me. With this noise generator, I can bring that all back. It's so much easier for me to fall asleep when I'm listening to it. Truly Amazing.

  Babies? Heck, this calms ME down like crazy and I'm 21! I think it tends to effect adults pretty well too for the same reason rocking gently, or soft music does - it's deeply ingrained in our basest instincts for it to calm us, present since the very beginnings of our life, which is difficult to fully shake off. Makes me feel so safe and comfortable...

  I love the in utero sounds especially the heart beat. I always wanted to know what a baby heard when you were pregnant, and it sounds amazing to me. I will definitely listen to this one while I'm writing my stories.

  This soundscape is downright hypnotic, and sends me into that warm, cozy trance-state that lets me stop my brain from yammering and distracting me when I need to relax.

  Such a calming, steady noise, like an aim for my own body to replicate.

  I love almost all of the sounds on this lovely website, but the gurgly sounds in In Utero somehow sound the same as when oil is applied on a stomach and rubbed when I there is too much gas in the digestive system. (These sounds somehow make me feel like vomiting.)

  One of my favorites! So soothing.

  Absolutely perfect.

  This is great with headphones. It feels really calming and like you're close to being a child again. The heartbeat is especially comforting.

  Just calm down to perfect peace with this.

  I don't know what happened, but when I tried the different sliders and I came across the 'Dad' one, I felt like I was gonna crying. It is so peaceful, like I could be a little girl again. It feels so peaceful and sad at the same time :')

  Thank you so much for creating this. First I thought that this is really weird cause I'm an adult, but as I regularly have mild anxiety attacks over literally everything I tried various relaxation excercises. And only this reminds me of the real situation: that I'm completely safe at the moment. I can now regain my energy and be able to tackle things the real way and focused.

  At first I thought this generator was going to be a little weird, but once I got the settings right for me, it was wonderful! I have trouble sleeping, and I tried this wide awake at 3:00 am. Within minutes I was nearly asleep at my computer.

  This is amazing in a way that is difficult to explain...I have the heartbeat and breathing sounds up the highest and it really helps me feel calmer, more secure, and less alone (and I'm not a naturally calm person, so that's saying a lot). I'm a fetus at heart, I guess.

  This sounds like a nightmare.

  I absolutely love this, I have triedy so many but this is the one. Thank you so much for putting it out here for us. It's amazing!

  I may not be a baby, but I do have insomnia and listening to the heartbeat and breath sounds helps me to sleep.

  At first I didn't like this generator, but I gave it a try a try and it really works! The heartbeat and breathing is what really does the trick, but the other sounds make it not be too silent and weird. I personally like the water and 'bubbly' noises a lot.

  This combination closely resembles the act of putting ones head under a waterfall or more simply shower head... It plucks me from reality and drops me in trance like state I like to call my happy-dumb place

  The sound of a heartbeat helps me feel less isolated and the breathing stops me from hyperventilating. This page has rescued me from many an anxiety attack. Thank you.

  Even though I'm not a baby, this sound still helps me to sleep.

  By simply using the fourth slider and headphones, it sounds like you're swimming with your head underwater. It's like a dive into a peaceful world.

  Being underwater - whether in a bath or in a pool - always helps me feel better. It brings back confidence for me and helps calm my anxiety. This combination of noises is the closest I could come to actually being in the water, without taking a bath and holding my breath under it.

  I've finally found my quiet happy place.

  Do you remember?

  Although the 7th slider makes it seem a little eerie, it is a surprisingly soothing soundscape

  Sounds like something from a scary movie lol

  It reminds me of napping with my mom when I was little.

  This noise as it is -just heartbeat and breathing- is the most comfortable thing I've ever listened to.

  This is the greatest page I have ever come across. Love this.

  Submerged underwater is always where I feel most at peace

  I've been looking for something like this for a long time. The internal sounds of the body are very relaxing and cathartic to me. I just wish the digestion noises sounded less like bubbling water and more like actual digestion which is more grumbly and deeper, or even edit one of the sliders to add a second slider for digestion noises?

  Holding your breath underwater.

  The sound of being underwater and hyper-aware of your own breath and heartbeat. Oddly calming, and somehow nostalgic. With headphones on I easily mix up my own breaths and the simulated ones.