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Jungle Life
Frequency-Shaped Jungle Noise Generator
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The Sound of the Jungle, without the leeches

Our deepest roots are in nature. Listening to the wilderness gives us a unique sense of freedom and peace of mind. In Northern Sumatra, it also gives us a rare opportunity to experience noises across the whole human hearing range: from ultra-sonic cricket calls all the way down to the low rumble of a distant thunder. Enjoy!

Published on November 13th, 2013

User Stories

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  Beautiful website. The soundscapes are lovely and very intersting to listen to, a bit of accoustic journalism. They transport me. Your passion and artistry is inspiring. Thank you Stephane!

  Rainy frog time makes me happy <3

  My custom noise (edited frog time) helps me relax and work on my art, coincidentally based on frogs.

  I use it as ambient sound for my RPG sessions. Along with music track it makes amazing ambient!

  Great ambient noise for my backyard Tiki bar! Thanks.

  I have no words. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE, hands down. I have always been listening to nature sounds on youtube but I wasn't aware of this website untill my friend recommended me this and now I can't imagine to study without it. :)

  Earlier this year I volunteered at a wildlife rescue centre in Thailand and this noise reminds me so much of the early mornings in the jungle, waking up just before sunrise to a choir of gibbons calling to each other. The sound of nature free from industrialisation and modern technologies is so soothing.

  Beautiful setting. A lush green jungle with rain. This calms me down.

  Natural jungle sounds, birds, frogs, soothes me into a lulling sleep.

  I just found this! Serious game changer for my ADHD brain! I'm using Jungle Noise and Rain on a Tent together to overcome the extremely annoying 'white noise' they play in our office. (I also found a mix of Ultimate Café + Thunder and Rain that works!) Downloaded the app to see if I can find a combo for while I sleep (can't experiment with that at the office.)

  It's a wonderful rain generator with gibbons!

  I have tried many videos, apps and websites with soothing sounds. And nothing is more soothing than your site with different sounds. I especially liked the Rain on a Tent, but even more I like the combination of that one and the sound of the jungle. Thank you very much, now I will sleep very soundly :)

  This goes really well with Rain on a Tent.

  I can relate to the person who posted this comment: "I'd been feeling really down and this noise generator really helped me recenter. Thanks." I am in forth grade and this helps me to. I also use the 'Unreal Ocean' noise to sleep.

  Reminds me of my travelling years in South East Asia and Australia... I use it mostly at work to focus instead of listening to music I wish it would be possible to have an Australian version of this sound with the kookaburra yelling in the background.. My favorite room on your amazing website...

  Amazing. Reminds me of my childhood, vacationing in my grandparents' old home in a remote village in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Falling asleep to tropical rains while cocooned inside a mosquito net while a fan blows tepid air around... might sound weird, but I'm suddenly nostalgic for that again!

  So... I'm high-functioning Autistic, have sensory issues, tinnitus in my right ear due to an injury, and trouble sleeping. This is quite possibly a literal life-saver. I've tried a few noise generators, and this is, by far, the best for me when it comes to relaxation and switching off my brain to sleep. I honestly do not think that I would be as mentally healthy as I am, without this.

  I'd been feeling really down and this noise generator really helped me recenter. Thanks.

  The Jungle Life helped me concentrate on my homework. It is peaceful and the noises are adjustable. I am in fourth grade and it helped me write the work. Overall, it is an amazing, peaceful, adjustable, concentrate helper! It works great!

  Thank you so much for making this! This really helps me focus on schoolwork and getting it done!

  I use these jungle sounds along with the Rain on a Tent noises casually when I sleep, and I can tell you they are extremely relaxing, I can't count how many times I've slept to these noises.

  Great for studying! The katydids (Trebles) keep me calm, while the frogs croaking (Low Mids) muffle excess noise. Turning up the rain (Bass and High Bass) when I close the books for the night helps me when I turn in.

  It sounds so real. My kids made a jungle on the stairs and wanted sound effects. This is where they listened to their sound effects for hours. Thank you for calm but not unrealistic music.

  This one is really essential to me, it's been years I've been listening to it. It can block any noise, from my tinnitus to my neighbours talking, depending on the setting, and it always feels like in the house that I have in Java, Indonesia. Over there those insects, birds, frogs and rain can come alone or together, and so can they here! And now they feel like nostalgia during this pandemic...

  This sounds just like being in the cabanas in the cloud forests when I studied abroad in Costa Rica. The nearest human is an hour away, in the night sky you can see the milky way, and you are safe.

  Great to sleep to... transports you to a faraway jungle treehouse, high above the ground. You're safe from danger up there, as you slowly drift to sleep...

  Omg! If anyone has the problem of not able to concentrate in a quiet room, use this I'm telling u... And yeah I'm gonna donate to them in the future 100%

  I use this when working, so relaxing!

  I love to pair this with rain on a tent. It reminds me of when I went camping as a child.

  I really love Frog Time. It makes me feel like I am camping by a lake in summer. Thank you so much myNoise creator.

  Perfect to sleep to.

  Rainy Season is The One for me. I dabble in the others generators but always come back to Rainy Season. Just rumbly enough thunder, soft rain. Many nights of sleep :)

  This reminds me of being in Tropic World at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Thank you for bringing back some fond childhood memories!

  I love this noise. All through the night, I listen to this at a low volume. The cicadas help me calm down and the sweet turns of the birds make me relax. Just listening to them makes me excited for a whole other day and excited to sleep. I guarantee that if other people listen to this, they will enjoy the sounds to sleep as much as I do.

  I love listening to this generator to help me sleep = it's the best one I've heard - thank you.

  I work inside at a desk all day, and this generator helps me get a little escape from the confinement of my office. I put it on whenever I need to feel refreshed and free.

  Wonderful to sleep to. Thank you so much.

  This website is so good... great sounds...

  If I had any money, I would definitely donate. This website is so relaxing to listen to, and has a great variety of noises. I want to say thank you.

  This makes me feel so safe and protected, especially when my job takes me to some weird place on the map I don't even know about, it helps me to block out all strange things and helps me to concentrate. Thanks guys!

  Oh my! I had been using this for a white noise generator combined with rain. And then after a few months, I see that you have all kinds of noises, and read more into how you got them. You are worthy of a donation for sure! I am now listening to the tent rain and jungle noise combination - so cool! Thanks for this, it really helps me study.

  Perfect for writing and studying. I find myself pairing this with the Young People's Chorus of New York City's live performance of “Três Cantos Nativos dos Indios Kraó", and it helps me get into the atmosphere to study the piece for an upcoming performance. myNoise has given my life the atmosphere it needs.

  My favorite for sleeping :)

  Just relax and enjoy with headphones.

  Every animal came to celebrate the jungle.

  Lost but safe in the jungle.

  Really good for studying! Makes me feel immersed into a jungle world.

  I listen to this when I study all the time, it makes me feel at peace. It's the only thing that can get me to concentrate.

  I love using this to write my book, allows me to focus and calms me.

  Play this with Marimba, with this one at a slightly lower volume. It's full of life!

  Beautiful for sleep, meditation and thinking.

  I was playing around and this sounded nice, like something that could quiet a classroom.

  The storm is far away.

  I combine this with Tin Roof Rain to block out the sound of the person next to me chatting on the phone so I can focus on coding.

  Reading while listening to this makes me feel so comfy! Love.

  A more bird focused soundscape that perfectly mimics hot climate.

  I combine this with the album "Percussions du Monde" by Mirtha Pozzi and Pablo Cueco for incredibly pleasant background noise blocking and relaxation at work.

  Watching stars in the middle of the field.

  Full of the great sounds of Mother Nature.

  Heavy storm in the rainforest for all you storm lovers!

  Listening to this while I work puts my coffee shop in the middle of a waning tropical storm.

  A dark storm is approaching and you have to hide inside a cavern to not be soaked to bones.

  Perfect for a dark day.

  Don't wanna be in the jungle if this happened XD Love the website though <3

  For someone that loves the sound of heavy rain, while you're inside a hut with trees sorounding you.

  Amazing for meditation.

  Far away storm.

  Amazing way to concentrate at studying.

  This is amazing for concentration, mood, attitude, dealing with noisy neighbors, and just maintaining a standard atmosphere. I only wish I could plug in more insects and frogs.

  Another rainy night.

  Rain and thunder to sleep.

  Rainstorm in the jungle.

  Lovely and peacefull.

  Campfire on a sweet night :)

  I work in a cubical and I have a neighbor that is generally a loud talker. I discovered that I can adjust the "Speech Blocker" settings to block out her voice! A win for friendly cubical neighbor relations!

  Its very calming and peaceful.

  The gentle cool breeze of rain in the night. Thunder rolls in the background while the jungle hums with movement.

  The sound of a gentle waterfall and stream in the night.

  Relaxing summer night with thunder in the back. Really helps me relax while I read with a cup of tea.

  This is so thouroughly relaxing and enjoyable.

  The sound of rain outside a window listening to the water run off your roof in a warm blanket with a cup of tea or coffee.

  Perfect for sleep, I personally edited this and listened as close as I could for you guys to get the perfect nights sleep.

  I just love a windy rainy night.

  I can't find perfect audio on youtube for me and this works so well.

  Cozy and calming.

  I've just discovered this page and it's freaking awesome.

  Love the sound of rain, it really gives me ASMR feelings.

  This sound is so relaxing. Really helps to chill out.

  Perfect for keeping focused while studying.

  This rainy and windy forest is everything I need in life.

  This one is for people who love the rain. :D

  Gorgeous. This is exactly what I needed.

  If you love rain and birds in background like I do, in a utopia where insects are almost non-existent, feel free to listen to this.

  Bass heavy sonic bliss.

  Just relax!

  A bit of everything. Perfect for work!

  Just birds singing.

  ← Nice rain and thunder, you will like it.

  Never did I imagine for the most relaxing place on earth to be in front of my computer. Close your eyes and enjoy!

  Rainy day with thunder.

  Trembling Night. Amazing goosebump background xD

  For the ones who love the voice of rain and bird noise in the background.

  I had no idea that this also works as an ambient England noise generator but I have been pleasantly surprised.

  Haven't used one of these sites for a while, this one is truly amazing. I really love the thunder in the background slider.

  Jungle Life and Rain on a Tent blocks out the annoying kids on my table, I can literally only hear myself think! It's amazing!

  I combine this pattern with "Tropical Rain" and "Distant Thunder" to create a soundscape that drowns out my coworkers' conversations and tea-slurping (surprisingly infuriating!).

  My favorite by far!!! I usually don't need sounds to fall asleep but when Jungle Life is on, I always wake up happy and well rested.

  This is truly a masterpiece.

  Being a now desk-bound wildlife biologist. This generator makes me feel like I'm back out in the field doing fieldwork even when I'm stuck behind my desk! Makes me much happier and therefore more effective at my work.

  I absolutely adore this website! It helps me calm down and go to bed after a long day. I personally enjoy "Rain on a tent" and "Jungle Life".

  This is Awesome. Period. You can shape the sound to suit/influence/change your mood/state. It's at once totally primal and monstrously hi-tech. You can't control Nature, but this makes you feel like you can! AMAZING (and I very very rarely use that word)

  Helps me a lot when I'm studying for my CCNA.

  This setting is eerily quiet and ominous. Imagine walking through a normally lively forest and only hearing haunting gibbon calls and a distant storm.

  I love the sounds of rainy days, and the ambience of forests and jungles; so listening to this helps calm me down and make me feel as if I'm in a serene and peaceful environment.

  This is a lifeful jungle.

  This is a stormy day in the jungle.

  A light rain, dripping down the trees. A calm night with the slightest thunder.

  The default setting does wonders for my tinnitus, even at surprisingly low volumes. Completely masks the high frequency ringing in my right ear. Wonderful to listen to in some good over ear headphones while I work. I set it to animate slowly, just for some variation.

  Part 1: A gentle rain falls on the tree tops as lonely birds call to one another. Part 2 is on Rain on a Tent!

  Thank you so much! This helps me focus and inspires me while I am animating (for fun of course)! I've always wanted to go to the jungle and now I can close my eyes and pretend I am there!

  God bless you all (: I couldn't study in home with a lot of noise out there and your site helps me so much. Your web UI and UX is amazing even a blind user can find his way :D

  Thank you so much for the Gibbons. I'm studying to be a primatologist and this is just the perfect thing to listen to while studying.

  When I listen to this, I close my eyes and pretend that I'm sitting in an open tent in my campsite in the jungle, writing in my journal and listening to the birds.

  I've been using this website for 4 years now. It used to be the only way I could sleep. Now I use it to comfort my infant son. Definitely one of the most useful websites out there. Really hoping that Android app releases soon, my family doesn't use Apple products. An android release would be a life changer. Keep up the good work everyone!

  Helps me focus on my writing when I can't figure out what to write. Couples well with Distant Thunder.

  Amazing! Helps me get in some sort of 'hyperfocus' mode. With my ADHD, it's hard to concentrate sometimes, but the nature sounds are really helping me!

  I have Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder; this helps me work. Finally I have a real alternative for when I don't have the energy for lyrical content. Just WOW.

  Love this site. The sounds don't loop and loop and loop forever.

  My girlfriend and I have always had some pretty severe issues with sleep, and we've started using this generator paired with Distant Thunder every night to help lull us when it's bedtime. We've found that when we use these two together, we fall asleep within minutes and wake up bright and early feeling very well rested! We're deeply appreciative of the amazing work you're doing! Thank you so much!

  This website is so good, it helps me concentrate on my homework, and studying. Thank you so much!

  Rain, birds, monkey-calls not too many insects  bliss. Perfect for a noisy office.

  Wow. Just wow. This is officially my favourite site on the Internet, it helps me so much to relax.

  As a sufferer of both ADD and Tinnitus, I am incredibly thankful for This is the only way I will be able to even stand a chance against my homework and projects.

  Brings about an indescribable sense of tranquillity and peace of mind. The perfect soundtrack to studying.

  I have just recently been introduced to the world of sound healing by the lovely Tim Wheater and Cherub.I found this site and it expanded my knowledge, understanding and experience wonderfully. Thank you for the beautiful healing noises.

  Jungle and rain on tent are my goto for being able to do anything in the office. I have ADHD and Aspergers, is amazing, even better when paired with Active Noise Cancelling headphones, the ANC just block out a whole bunch and myNoise does the rest. Means I can have myNoise on a quieter volume and still block everything. When I say everything I mean it, ANC + myNoise = no other noises.

  I love Hawaii, and it sounds exactly like it.

  I have been through so much this past year - family tragedies. I finally turned back to meditation to help me cope and get centered, using biofeedback and sonic backgrounds. After coming across your site, my search is over! You have it all: Nature sounds, Ambient Scenes, and Binaural Beats! As an amateur musician/PC Based recording engineer, I really appreciate the technical features too.

  It just sounds amazing, good for just calming down and just doing anything. Just so nice and relaxing. (Rain always helps)

  I live in a loft like apartment and my office has no walls. When members of my family want to live freely --turn on the TV, watch a video or talk heatedly-- I no longer complain or insist they respect my need to work... I simply go to Jungle Life, which creates a "wall of sound" allowing me to continue my concentration while appearing to be a normal human being... Ha!

  This is what I listen to when I study and do engineering homework... I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!

  I find the jungle noise more than any other helps me focus on my revision. Whether on animate or turned down just to the birds and insects chirping away, it helps block out distractions and relaxes me. I long to visit the jungle myself one day, and hopefully this website will help me achieve my dreams of becoming a research biologist by doing the best I can in my A levels and at uni.

  I combine Jungle Life with Rain on a Tent. Just wow!

  Wicked wicked! Junglist massive!

  I have ADHD, OCD, Asperger's, synesthesia, panic disorders and anxiety problems. Working and calming down can be hard. This is probably my savior, a place I can let my mind rest when I need to drown out the rest of the world. I have blogged about this site before and I remind my followers about it every year or so. Absolutely amazing, useful, beautiful site. It helps me a lot, all the time.

  Brilliant. Helps me relax when I need to sleep, and helps me with everything else!

  I love this site it really helps with my stress and anxiety.

  ...will use this noise for my spa. It is relaxing me instantly :-) So happy to found this. Keep on, awesome job...

  This website is just awesome! Several sounds I use at work to calm down, to work more concentrated. But right now at home I wanted to remember the noise of the jungle, I know from Thailand and Laos. There is something very typical missing: The (often rather loud) sound of cicadas!

  This is such a relaxing site and it helped me push through a jungle-set chapter of my NaNoWriMo novel. To top the serene, mysterious feel, I paired it with a 8tracks fantasy playlist. Thank you for this!

  This is AWESOME! I love being able to customize it for my mood and have it playing in the background while I work or while I'm just surfing the web. Uber Cool.

  Thanks to this I learned how to design concrete :D

  Awesome. Really helpful in meditation.

  This is something I find nice to be open when I am relaxing on my bed. Nice noise!

  I listen to this paired with 1950s-1960s Exotica / Tiki lounge style music (i.e. Martin Denny, Les Baxter, Arthur Layman). Often I will turn the mids (animal noises) up, leave on the sub-bass, mute the treble and other bass.Quite a remarkable effect!

  It has helped me at work to block out all the other people talking and making noise, so I can concentrate and work. Thank you so much for this... I was going crazy before I found this, trying to find something to block them out with.

  So calming... It really helped me against anxiety and stress. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  I suddenly started having issues with tinnitus after a small accident and this blend of jungle noises help me with it.

  Ideal working conditions

  Soothing gentle jungle sounds that help concentration; no loud sounds that jump out and grab your attention, just an ongoing soundcape that drifts and floats past as you work.

  This is wonderful! Great for studying, or just chilling out. I love it!

  I love this. I love all of these noises. It helps so much with my anxiety... thank you.

  This machine may be great, but just you wait! It's best combined with other noise machines, preferably water. My favorite water noise machine? Healing Water.

  Love this!

  This jungle noise generator is absolutely stunning! It will help me with my writing for a long time. Thank you so much!

  Absolutely beautiful, feels like I'm in the middle of a rain forest.

  Me and my dog both love this generator! My dog gets bored easily and chews on everything except the chew toys when bored, but she'll listen to this one  and the farm generator  for hours with minimal fidgeting. The jungle sounds are also great for blocking out my apartment's noisy AC, and they fade nicely into the background.

  OMG I am so amazed at this

  Really beautiful sounds, it's like being there! I always use it for work, yoga or bedtime!

  This really helps me to calm down my anxiety when I go to bed.

  Absolutely beautiful, it blocks all other sounds (industrial) and immerses you in the heart of nature.

  This is super amazing! I feel super calm and relaxed and my eyes are already drooping! ●

  Sounds great with the African Trance and Himalayan Voices! Excellent for writing.

  Hey everyone, pair this up with the African Trance! It is an epic journey through the jungle!

  This setting is a really good noiseblocker!

  This is brilliant for revising to! I've found that music with lyrics has become too distracting to revise to, but I was bored with nothing but text books! I found this amazing site and the jungle life noise has definitely got to be my favourite background noise. Keeps me from going insane!

  The sounds are so real! I have two noisy sisters, and this tunes out the sound completely.

  "Jungle Noise" is my sanity saver at work. I just love it. Thank you so much for this resource! Looking forward to exploring all of the wonderful lists here!

  Great for sleeping

  I can't help but love it!

  Such an amazing resource... I get distracted listening to music while I work, but this is perfect!

  This generator is great! I live in a dorm so quiet is not easy to come by, but this setting drowns out voices, keeps me focused, and calms me down all at once. Thank you!!

  I love reading and rain, so always listen to this while reading.

  I have frequent headaches, and this helps a lot. It's also great for blocking out unwanted noise c:

  Use it at work, it is so refreshing!

  Helps me to get studying. Love it.

  Of all the noise generators on this website, this one's my favorite. It immerses myself into a peaceful jungle environment surrounded by friendly monkeys, graceful birds, and the gentle pitter-patter of rain.

  ← Hunger Games Quarter Quell

  Whenever I'm alone, I listen to the Jungle Life sound. It helps me feel connected to nature even though I'm in the middle of a big city. It helps to block out external noises when I'm studying, too. Also, when I'm not doing anything in particuar, I find myself daydreaming about how I would explore a rain forest while trying to stay alive. Thanks a lot for making this sound!

  Hyrule Field at night from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. (high mids and low treble alone) Makes me feel very nostalgic and creative. <3

  This paired with the Wooden Chimes is the reason I get my studying done! It reminds me of a delicate storm passing through a heavy jungle, and I'm sitting on my porch watching it pass by. It's very lovely and nice when the extra hot summers come in!

  As a dragonkin who lived in a forest, this reminds me of home. All the birds I used to chase and frogs I hunted, all here, waiting for me.

  Absolutely beautiful sound effects. Exactly like the original. The crickets and birds sound just like in Kerala! Thank you for these sounds and that too giving it free - as a gift of sound!

  It sounds beautiful. Combined with the rain generator it's perfect for helping me sleep at night. Paradise.

  ... nice and relaxing raindrops

  I'm really not sure if I just believe in it, but my long lasting tinnitus is actually much less noisy when I listened to the sounds with my settings. I have no idea if this might end up in a permanent state, but at least for some minutes it's quiet now. Quiet! How strange this is!

  I love this site! It makes me feel like I'm back in Hong Kong, listening to the rainstorms.

  I love this noise. It makes me think of paradise.

  Not too much jungle and not too much storm.

  Ahhhh I'm in Heaven right now. This is the perfect soundtrack as I write my spec script. I feel like I'm in a little jungle hut with no husband or kids anywhere near me. Thank you so much for such an awesome site.

  Absolutely wonderful, and so relaxing! If you close your eyes, it's like you really are in a jungle.

  This. This is why my thesis gets done!

  This is super calming and great for unwinding. It sounds like my relatives' farm during the stormy season <3

  I love using the birds preset combined with cave water, both on animate; it sounds like rainforest birds in a super heavy rain storm. It's relaxing, and makes focussing on my thesis heaps easier!

  While I live in the Netherlands, we do have a lot of frogs and this helps me sleep/relax/study. It's an awesome way for me to go back to my childhood memories

  Reminds me of my time in the jungle's of Asia, a beautiful recording!

  Here I am again. Guess what. I am back in Texel! ;p just as awesome as the last time, thanks for this awesome website. - Levin Tibax

  This is so perfect with cave water noises... like being inside and cozy during a thunderstorm. Wonderful!

  Work in the desert, using this setting to simulate winter times back home.

  ← The Hunger Games Quarter Quell

  Absolutly beautiful! Because I have ADHD it makes it harder to focus, but when I found this site not only did I fall in love, but I started focusing better, too! Thanks so much for this blessing!

  I love the rain sounds!

  Deep Ocean + Jungle Life = lost island

  This is amazing. Keep up the great work.

  Ooh my! That's amazing! So relaxing! I feel really better now, after listening. Law students have no enought time for going out and enjoying the nature and this helped me a lot!

  Jungle is life

  A beautiful contribution to the www and a gorgeous page design as well. Thank you. AJC, Manchester, UK

  I can't sleep nor concentrate unless there's complete silence or some specific noises (e.g. rain). So, this thing helps me so much, it's wonderful.

  Incredible tool to help me concentrate at work. I also listen to 'Three Ragas' from Ravi Shankar at the same time. They make a wonderful relaxing environment for my brain. Thank you again.

  I've always wanted to visit a jungle but never had the chance. But as I listen to this, it feels like I was in the middle of one! It's wonderful, I don't think I'll ever turn this off.

  Sometimes this generator sounds like the outdoors on a cool summer night. That's one of my favorite ambient sounds.

  I am an undergrad student with ADHD. I discovered that music prevents me from focusing on reading, but silence doesn't do anything to help me focus either. On a whim, I decided to try this site out and was pleasantly surprised by the results. With this generator, or other generators such as the rain or fire, I have been able to read much more easily than I was in silence. Thank you so much!

  I absolutely love this. Background noise helps keep me focused when I have some impossibly large school projects to work on. In the past I've had to rely on low-quality YouTube videos, but now I have this. The diversity of sounds keeps the balance between a constant distraction and unique sounds. Highly recommended.

  This is such a calming sound with heavy rain and quieter sounds of wildlife (other than gibbons as I find I don't feel I am in the rainforest without them). Really helps me focus on my studies!

  The Jungle Life Generator is a feast for my ears. Thank you for giving me a truly wild experience!

  The quality of the sampling is awesome. 10/10. Can't help but visualize being in a village somewhere.

  I've only been exploring and using this site for two days. (Found through Imgur.) However, I haven't felt more focused at work in the existence of my working. Would have loved this while in college. I also have tinnitus, and this Jungle Life setting is so far the best at mostly masking the high pitched ringing I experience 24-7.

  I struggle with noise related anxiety. These jungle sounds have really helped me because I can drown out any unwanted background noise. It's much easier to concentrate on my work while listening to this. Thank you <3

  I discovered this website last night and have had Jungle Life playing continuously for the past 12 hours. My room is now a much more relaxing and inviting place. I slept with Jungle Life playing and woke up with fragments of dreams involving the outdoors. I'm about to get busy on some academic writing and I think Jungle Life will help me with this, too. Thank you! Thank you!

  I love this for my studying hours! With or without instrumental music, you can see my choice of this here. I usually turn the rain sliders up and the bases quite down. It gives me the best of all rain-experiences of all. Drowns out the traffic outside, my computers fan and makes me go on reading like I never have. Thank yo

  Thank you so much for this beautiful, relaxing sound. I use this noise for a lot of things, from art inspiration to calming an anxiety attack to helping me sleep at night. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  Wow I was really down, stressed and anxious so I lied down with this on. This really helped me to calm down!

  This generator is wonderfully soothing, and very helpful for my concentration as opposed to music when I need to work. I remove the mids and high mids, leaving insects, rain and the distant sounds of a lush, comforting jungle night.

  Hi! I already wrote a testimonial on this sound. Just look for the text that ends with '-LT' . that was one year ago. If you read it you'll notice that I was on the island Texel back then. Guess what... I'm in Texel again! As I'm writing this in my vacation cottage in Texel, I'm enjoying the jungle noise just as much a the last time. Great site! Love you guys! -Levin Tibax

  Thank you for this amazing generator. It helps me paint and makes me feel so calm and relaxed!

  ← This + Distant Thunder (on lows) + Water Stream (on soft highs) = 

  The Rainy Season setting perfectly mimics the falling of monsoon rains here in my country: the best thing to listen to for an afternoon nap. The gentle hissing sound of the rain through the trees, the light pattering of drops against the leaves, and just the right amount of thuner rumble in the background--perfection!

  When I'm doing homework, helps me imagine that I'm sitting in a tent in the forest with light rain pattering on the roof, which for me is extremely relaxing and helps me concentrate better than almost anything else.


  Sounds a bit like Louisiana during a summer shower...

  The animation button is wonderful. It provides enough variation to prevent the feeling you're listening to a looped recording.

  I love to write, as a hobby, and I'm currently writing something that's happening in the jungle. This is perfect to get myself in the mood and go in the jungle with my characters

  The Rainy Season setting is the most perfect rain sound I've heard in a long time. We get very little rain in the summer where I live and being able to immerse myself in this soft continuous rain sound, sometimes adding a bit of wind sound, is extremely refreshing to my soul and spirit. Ahhhh...

  I spend large amounts of time at my desk, and Jungle Life helps me to be both focused and calm. The sounds are a reminder of some of my favorite times traveling, so I don't feel quite so claustrophobic sitting for so many hours!

  The sounds of insects and distant birds are my ideal noise for jungle environment. And I'm glad that this site could provide what i've always imagined before.

  This is perfectly paired with the Summer Night noisescape. It reminds me of a forest that comes alive after dark.

  My class was studying the jungle and rainforest. I used this site so they could experience the sounds and they loved it!

  Close to what one may hear in the middle of a field in summer

  This is what I would imagine it sounding like being lost in Jurassic Park. I think everyone remembers that scene where they are sleeping in the trees and out come to 'Longnecks' to feed. Awesome.

  So good for language revision, listening to songs or podcasts doesn't work because its hard differentiating the words I'm trying to remember to those playing, this is a great solution, the Jungle Life with the volume turned up is just perfect, couldn't have asked for any better.

  My wife and I use the jungle life with the Birds setting, she can't stay awake for more than 5 minutes, and she has some sleeping problems. Really helpful, thanks to the team!! :D

  This is honestly one of the best things I've ever found. It's so peaceful. It clears my mind. I can't wait to listen to rain and jungle noises as I fall asleep.

  Lovely app to bring nature and calm into my home. I leave the jungle noise, with birds enhanced, on for hours on low volume while I work. Very soothing.

  ← Summer Day. unbelievable, how many different atmospheres one gets out of this wonderful generator.

  Summer in New York

  Sounds like our honeymoon in Costa Rica. I think you can piece together how it helps... *grin*

  This is really a great help. I wouldn't be able to work without it!

  Literally the best thing to listen to while studying.

  This inspires me to write and build stuff in Minecraft. I listen to it all the time-it has wildlife and rain and everything I love. Awesome.

  Having the presets set to an intense rain with the sound of some far away thunder is calming me so much that i just wanna sit here and listen, forgetting that im in my flat in the middle of berlin. Beautiful, im using this whenever i feel stressed. Thank you so much!

  Totally love the animate feature! I am simply awed by the realism of the soundtrack produced, especially because a lot of the noises included are familiar to me. The sound of home keeps me coming back for more! Keep up the awesome work!

  ← "Backyard at night." Now that I live in the city, I can't enjoy the sounds of nature. But this sounds so realistic that sometimes I forget that I'm on the fourth floor with no crickets or frogs anywhere around! It makes me feel like I'm back in my small-town home, right next to the woods... So comforting...

  The sound of birds chirping in the background with the sound of the wind and rain blowing just sound absolutely amazing together. Really relaxing and I love it

  This help me to keep relax while still working

  Damn. This is amazing, It works for everything. For studying, for games such as minecraft, for sleeping etc. I'm in Texel right now, that's an island in the Netherlands. Before I return to belgium I will tell all texelarians to visit this site! -LT

  Reminds me of the time when I used to hear well in all the frequency ranges. Its like taking a deep breath if fresh air. Heinz

  I'm in love with this. I listen to this one every night during my bath. I love laying in the dark with candles in my jacuzzi, it feels like im floating down a jungle river.

  Heavy rain with some forest chatter - perfect for blocking out the family and tv when studying.

  Inspiration for a rainy jungle adventure novel....This keeps the noise or real life out and lets me think about matters that are more important than external sounds.

  This is amazing!! Great for doing homework, and trying to get some work done. My leopard gecko also likes it c: he sits and listens with me.

  Perfect for minecrafting (that game STILL lacks background noises like birds and such and its so weird and creepy... so whenever I play I turn this one on. The blue hart here is what I use for forest biomes in the day time. Enjoy.

  Such a beautiful collection of sounds and possibilities. The most soothing sounds and most realistic ones I have found. The customization is fantastic!

  Wow, this section sounds the most REAL to me! I can imagine myself wandering in the greatest forest jungle!

  Heavy Rain in the Jungle

  Quieter rainforest :o)

  Jungle rain w/out the critters

  A heavy patter of rain against leaves, quietly backed by the night song of warm-climate insects. This soundscape envelops the background chatter of a quiet house and eases you into peaceful sleep.

  This helps me to cover the office noise and helps me concentrate. It is very mellow.

  Nice to read to

  The attention to detail in Jungle Noise is amazing. Especially the high-frequency bands are chosen with expert taste.

  Wow, this is so amazing. It reminds me of the forest that I camp in. The exotic noises help me really stay inside myself.

  So soothing. Reminds me laying in a tent waiting to fall asleep.

  This makes me sleep so well, and my parakeet, Dexter, LOVES listening to it.


  The Rhythm of the Jungle helps me to let go of anxiety

  Thanks! I'm on the computer for large periods of time as I'm a college student. This helps me stay 'in my own head' while writing and studying, as the library can be quite busy sometimes. My favorites are the Underwater, Rainstorm, and the Jungle noises, they're very relaxing but it's still easy to work to them. Thank you so much!

  I have Dyspraxia and am startled and distracted by loud noises. Working from home is wonderful, until my wife and children return. The ambient noise level goes from zero to 85 db!!! I can continue to work and concentrate with

  I love this series of noise generators... I have created some of the most peaceful combinations for working and relaxing to.

  I love the subtile background jungle sounds. It makes writing more easy for me.

  My husband like rain noise and I like the jungle noises so this one combines the two in a way we both like. Good night sleep for us both.

  Peaceful focus and cocoon-like feeling.

  I just discovered this site today and already I have saved a number of "noises." They are perfect for meditation and soothing background noise at work. I would love to hear a "Summer Forest" generator using sounds from the Eastern United States.

  Jungle sounds mixed for sauna meditation sessions.

  I'm over 50