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Flying Fortress
Frequency-Shaped Propeller Aircraft Cockpit Noise Generator
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The noise, without the war

In 1944, before the dawn of the jet age, war birds ruled the skies. Powered by the hum and thrum, and shake and rattle of piston driven propellers, they thundered ever onward to their targets. Their names: the B-17 Flying Fortress, B-29 Super Fortress, Lancaster and Liberator, are still familiar seven decades later!

Turn off the lights, put the headphones on, and crank up the volume. Strap yourself into the pilot's seat... and fly back in time!

Published on February 8th, 2014

User Stories

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  just lowered the sounds of cockpit a bit, and it's already pretty soothing <3 I’ll always keep this on.

  The whole generator is great, but I love the ATC Comms in particular. Radio chatter is real cozy and comforting to me, and makes me feel more productive. This set of ATC Communications are very nice sounding. "Vancouver 137"

  Mix this with the first slider of "Fireworks" and you'll be flying into a war zone in no time!

  This is one of my 5 favorite war sounds pages, truly wonderful stuff you guys have here. I've been using this page to concentrate with my thesis about the consequences of war in the Steve Jobs' iPhone industry. Greeting from Bolivia (wonderful country, don't let them tell you otherwise) : )

  This helps me focus and drowns out the office noise. Thank you for the work you are doing on this site! <3

  The higher pitched props sound like a giant cat purring. Coupled with the low rumble and props, it's pretty soothing :)

  I'm preparing for an exam and this website has helped me focus more on my studies. I love it! Greetings from Argentina, the world champion.

  I have used this as a noise blocker while studying and taking tests, or just to calm down. It's been a blessing several times. (But I do have one question: is there a way to have the audio slowly fade down to zero, instead of just stopping, when I hit pause? It's kind of jarring to hear the engine...Just stop.) Also, thank you for this incredible service! -- Tor :)

  Having flown in a plane, I have calibrated it to sould realistic!

  I love this sound. To go to sleep and relax. It reminds me of the olden days movies, where the characters were taking a long flight over the Atlantic. That cozy sound.

  Some people nearby were blasting songs while I'm trying to prepare for an exam, but this noise helped me a lot. Thank you! Also, I always look forward to reading the little information you give for each generator, how do you write so well?

  Combining this with the EDM generator leaves me feeling like a spy or super hero, sitting on a plane over enemy territory and waiting to parachute into an epic mission. The hum of the plane blocks out any background noise, and the EDM beat keeps me in a nice focused work rhythm.

  This was great for my war books!

  About twenty years ago, I fulfilled an item on my bucket list — fly in a B-17. These settings approximate the sound that I heard that day. I would listen to this sound to block out the noise of the office where I worked a few years ago. Besides blocking the noise of co-workers; it also helped me focus on my work.

  This blocks everything so well! I'm currently reading "Unbroken" for school, and this really sets the mood. My little brother had to take the book and yank my earphones out to get me to come eat dinner!

  Pumping this through my home theater system is one of the only things that helps calm my dog down during fireworks season, it's like fan noise on steroids.

  Absolutely outstanding noise blocker if working near construction or very loud coworkers.

  I don't know what it is, but this is almost more relaxing to me than rain. The droning propellers and the quiet radio chatter make me feel safe. I can't explain it. I've never even been on a plane. It just feels comfortable.

  This is amazing! I have a paper to write, but my neighbour is doing some landscaping with vey noisy motors.... This generator masks it perfectly! I didn't plan to write my essay in a WWII airplane, but here we go!

  This one in particular makes me feel comfy, like having a big fan blasting nearby and good for trying to sleep.

  I need music to drown out household noise while writing, and this works great. I find the low hum more tolerable over long periods than higher-pitched white noise, and the radio chatter, turned down low, really helps with background TV, zoom calls, etc.

  I just like to use the single radio coms to layer with other myNoise generators to create some cinematic ambience ;)

  I love this one. I enjoy watching WWII films so this keeps me "entertained" while I imagine myself sitting in the back of a B-17 banging out a report for my MD that's required before we reach our drop site!

  Radio chatter is pretty cool, audible though indistinct, I'll return to this one.

  This is the most relaxing and focus inducing soundbank on here for me. The house I grew up in backed onto an air base so there's a bit of nostalgia here for me. The Night Bombing setting is so relaxing, the deep rumble of the props is like sinking into a tub of hot water. I almost always pair this with Number Stations, gives a very Cold War-espionage type of atmosphere and keeps me focused.

  You probably should put this one on the tinnitus recommendations, because this is actually really good for my tinnitus. Was having a crazy day and this is helping more than any other noise at the moment, including those on the tinnitus recommendations.

  This one is great! I recommend listening to this with an external audio source so that the radio doesn't get repetitive, LIVE ATC from real towers is a good replacement.

  I used this with Tin Roof Rain and turned up Low Mids! Really sounds like I'm in WWII on my to land in a harsh storm.

  I've never been on such a plane, but I assume this is how it would sound from the inside if you don't wear any hearing protectors.

  The radio blocks most voices!

  Lan, I don't know what it is about this, maybe the rumble, but it just makes me feel so comforted like I’m in the womb or something. It’s like I’m being cocooned!

  Added immersion in B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty Eighth, an old videogame by Microprose, while handflying the B-17G in formation for a few hours in a row. The game's sounds are quite dated, hence I'm using this amazing tool!

  Reminds me of how durable things were back then with the second to last slider, how you could get away with a quick and dirty fix with older tech and either limp home or do another run, whether it be with planes, cars, or trains.

  I turned off the radio sliders, increased the other levels a bit and let the animation do it's thing. Great for getting into the theme of a new boardgame I picked up called Amerika Bomber, Evil Queen of the Skies :)

  I am a plane nerd, and I really enjoy this tool. I always use it when I work or study, but it only strikes me funny that they mention "Air Canada 6-0-4" since Air Canada was not a supplier of b-17s, b-27s, and Lancasters in WWII.

  My preferred choice for blocking out office conversation and sounds, it does so efficiently while bringing images of squads flying over us over and over.

  Time machines don't exist, but this one surely flies me back in time!

  My grandfather was a navigator in Lancaster bombers during WWII. Although he survived the war, I still never met him before he died, and apparently he never, ever spoke about it. An accountant by trade, I'm sure warfare did not come naturally to him. Despite the horrors of war, granddad, I'm thankful that you were willing to lay down your life for your friends.

  It has really helped me gain focus during my studying and now I can't help but use it for anything intensive I do. Thank you for this!

  I work in an open office. This setting works wonders for letting me tune out side chatter and gossip. I am still able to respond to people when needed. I need to use this at home for my yelling 6 year old lol.

  Creamy and smooth sound. Thanks.

  It helps me focus while studying, along with blocking external sounds! I love it!

  This helps me everyday to study and I use it oN the bus for fun.

  I use myNoise basically every day. I use it to mask the office noise around me while I'm getting work done. My favorite is Flying Fortress. Seriously this is the best sound generator I've ever encountered.

  Coming from an ADHD kid this is incredibly helpful in both studies and just sitting around. It really helps for sitting still.

  One of my favorites! I learned to fly a little Cessna when I was 18, and have been in love with the sound of aircraft ever since. I remove the radio noise and just zone in to the drone of the props. Love this!

  Amazing. Simply: amazing.

  There are few sound that are both relaxing, suitable for sleep and which filter the noise of snoring men. In other words, perfect for sleeping in a hostel. Thank you for allowing me to sleep, haha.

  I just use the default sound, but turn off the radio and open a Youtube page and search for "radio chatter". If a soundscape of combat operations could be created, I would wholly enjoy that. It seems counterintuitive, but I want to be reminded of war because it allows me to focus while doing schoolwork.

  Many thanks to the person who suggested combining this with Live ATC. It really feels like you're in the cockpit of the airplane listening to radio chatter.

  It was exactly what I was looking for. I love the sound of the Radio cross-chat it makes me feel like I'm back in the Beechcraft Baron.

  With this, I hear nothing from the outside world.

  Use this setup combined with Number Stations.

  I use the voices from this along with Warp Speed to simulate the background chatter of the Enterprise crew.

  Headphone set up for pretty loud... Engine harmonics float in and out just as a real piston powered four engine prop aircraft does when it balances the individual throttle positions for trim... beautiful sound.

  This me understand what my grandfather would have heard on the B-17, the "Snow White" and the "Short Arm". He was a major and led many aircraft over Europe including Germany! Stephen Cross, grandson of Major and Second Leuitenant Robert C. Cross

  My fav thing to do when I'm writing a paper entirely too close to the due date is put this on along with Data Centre. The drone of the propellers and whir of the computers drowns everything out and helps me focus on what I need to work on, instead of my mind wandering far to the left researching things about aerospace only tangentially related to my paper!

  This is one of my all time favorite transports. Today I noticed that, apparently, Squidward Tentacles fought bravely in WWII, according to the aircraft insignia! Who knew?

  Flying Fortress + Cat Purr = Sound Sleep

  Flying Fortress is one of my favorite noise machines. It is calming, soothing, and it also helps to drown out other sounds when I am trying to work.

  I struggle with insomnia and for whatever reason, the B17 on Night Flight mode with the thrum set really high helps get me sleepy in no time flat. I highly recommend this one if you want some good white noise!

  Nice alternative to nature sounds. I like this setting, which includes the radio chatter but muffles it enough so it's largely unintelligible (otherwise I notice when it starts to repeat).

  Here's the setting I use while visualizing my flights, training for my Pilot License. It really helps me to feel like I'm actually in the plane doing the real thing. It also helps me ignore everything around me and only focus on my visualization.

  I am in a moderately noisy coffee shop and this is great to drown the surrounding noise out. With the slider automation on this is really great to help with focus issues.

  Some binaural shifting, but low and continuous.

  My rat loves it! He seems relaxed and sleeping. But it's good for me to work with that :) Sound is awesome!

  This is absolutely amazing!! I was really surprised to find something so specific to what I wanted, and this is perfect! I'm reading the book "Bomber Boys" by Travis L. Ayres and this is exactly what I needed to immerse myself in the plot.

  So cool! I love the radio, it really makes the soundscape come to life. Thanks so much, it really helped me in my history essay.

  I pipe this through my headphones while studying for my finance and statistics classes which are a pain to study for without getting distracted. White noise helps you focus and retain memory better apparently. This helps a lot!

  Really got a Porco Rosso vibe from this. Enjoyed the somewhat unnerving radio sfx. Very good tabletop RPG background for a wargame or steampunk campaign.

  So cool. I am retired Canadian Air Force member. Flew in the CP-140 Aurora quite often. I will listen this one when I commute by train to work... with my eyes closed. This is as close as it can be from reality.

  Put my fussy newborn to sleep. Thank you. This site has been worth the donation. I can't tell you how many noises I've used to soothe my restless baby and husband.

  I was having a problem with clogged up sinuses. I used this setting with fast animation and a 1.8Hz binaural beat using a 90Hz carrier frequency. It cleared them right up. I will avoid a vivid description of the mess...

  This is haunting...

  I use this setting with an Unreal Wind quite loud, and this gives me a deep Laputa Castle in the Sky nostalgia, especially those propeller sounds... I feel like I'm that movie up in the skies in my old-school airship. Thank you for making me dream!

  I have tinnitus and these sounds are so nice for masking it while I work, thank you.

  I like to combine this with the Battlefield RPG "Artillery" setting and a few of the radio noise sounds (like Shortwave and Number Stations) to get a "night bombing" feel.

  Love this sound. It really makes me feel like I'm sitting in a plane whilst I'm writing stuff down. Just the low hum, with the sound of the engines and the unintelligible chatter of the radio, it's super relaxing, especially with some rain and thunder.

  I set all the low frequencies up and pull the highs and the radios down and it puts me right to sleep at night. Sometimes I'll combine it with a cat purr and an electric fan. Thank you myNoise!

  I really loved the water sounds as sound blockers and I thought that natural sounds will be the only way for me to relax. Then I discovered the Flying Fortress. I was truly impressed by its noise blocking capability, but even more by the relaxing effect it had on me. Not to mention how it helps me to focus!

  When I put my headset on it almost feels like entering a different world, somewhere in the clouds. Nothing can disturb me there, yet I need to stay alert. Usually the sounds blend in with surroundings after a while and I stop actively hearing them. This is great for studying.

  Having ADD, homework is a huge problem for me, even medicated. This generator is one of my favorites - I don't know what it is about it, but it instantly puts me in focus mode.

  Woah. The instant I turned on this generator, I felt this wave of... remembering? It feels intensely familiar. And yet I've never even been near an old bomber plane, at least in this life. I may have to listen to this some more ;)

  A world in flames. It is 1944 and you are alone with hundreds B-17s lumbering through the sky on a night time bombing run, as they approach your house a freak thunderstorm rolls in. The house goes ghostly quiet, no one is speaking and the lights are out, you are alone to your fate in the sky, the hum of the engines and the distant but fast approaching roar of the storm ahead scare you.

  A world in flames. It is 1944 and you are one of hundreds b-17s lumbering through the sky on a night time bombing run, as you approach your target a freak thunderstorm rolls in. The cabin goes ghostly quiet, no one is speaking and the radio is mute, you are alone to your fate in the sky, only the hum of the engines and the distant but fast approaching roar of the storm ahead to comfort you.

  I'm usually into Lush Jungle. But this rumble is really, really calming... I do switch the radios off, though. Fun! Fun! Fun! Thank you!

  I love airplane noise (always have - I flew with my dad as a kid). It's an odd mix of focus and relaxation. And the radio is great for drowning out my coworkers. Like listening to this on animate at work.

  My dad was a WWII Veteran with the Jolly Rogers and that looks like the Squadron emblem on the B-17 - as a child he would draw the Jolly Roger on my hand - I still have his flight gloves, probably where I get my love for aviation he wanted to be a pilot. I can just imagine what they must have endured in their missions - he flew in the South Pacific - Squadron 90th Bombardment.

  I can focus during long periods of time using this plane noise. I love it and use it every day.

  My dad flew a B-17 over Europe, first from England and then from Italy. He landed that plane with the flapping metal. There is a newspaper clipping in our family album showing him looking out from inside the shredded aircraft, smiling.

  ← Use this for this generator. And then use RPG Battlefield so you can only hear the cannons/arty. Then do Fireworks so you can here the very, quite base sounding booms and it will sound like you are flying over an enemy base just before bomb drop and being shot at, by enemy ground to air guns.

  I've always felt a connection to old war birds like these... the comforting buzz of the plane is one thing, but the muffled radio chatter really puts me at ease. Thanks so much for putting this up. It suits me perfectly.

  This was so realistic and amazing. I love it and I feel so relaxed when I listen to it. I just play this on my headphones and leave it in the background while I'm doing any work on my laptop. It works so well to block out the rest of the world.

  I am blown away by the quality of sound on this site and the ability to custom tune it to my taste and needs is just awesome. At first, I had my Apple earbuds in and I thought the sound was great. Then, I listened on my Audio Technica over-the-ear headphones and it was a completely different experience! Flying Fortress is my favorite for tuning out noise and chatter around me and for relaxation.

  You are in a B-29 Superfortress in the sky, flying towards your destination. You're one of the crew members, however you've got plenty of time to spare. You pull out a notebook and a fountain pen, sit down at your bunk, and you begin writing your story as the background droning of the engines and the chatter on the radio take you away from the down time and into another story altogether...

  Sitting at a 90 degree incline. The hiss of the liquid oxygen tanks firing up. Houston is chattering over the radio. You have been sitting here for over an hour and a half. Soon the main engines will fire up and you'll be on your way to the Moon. You listen to the radio to pass the time. The low rumble of the machinery shifting. Preparing to send thousands of tons of steel and fuel into orbit.

  What I would imagine a ball turret gunner would hear with out the metal body masking the roar of the engine. Very nice to sleep with, if it is at low volume.

  The lower end prop sounds are hypnotic. Combined with a Solfeggio and Spring Walk mix, I am hoping to jog some early childhood memories.

  The ATC sounds are great for blocking the sound of someone using speaker phone nearby.

  Using this with the Battlefield RPG with only Cannons and artillery on, really makes it sound like a warzone.

  This literally sounds like what I heard when I flew on the B-17G 'Liberty Belle' ... I love WW2 and am so happy I found this site :)

  En route... Engines in the background with the usual cocpit chatter. Sounds like beeing really there.

  This makes me feel so alert and excited. The engines in the background keep me awake, and the comms make me feel as if I have to be on my toes and ready to spring into action at all times, so this is great when I'm trying to really focus on something.

  I love this one. It sounds to me like you are on a damaged plane and it really lets my amagination soar.

  I love this. It sounds perfect.

  I was using a very loud setting of the Flying Fortress noise to study, when my cat pulled on my earphone cord. The silence felt like crash-landing. Against a wall of cinderblocks. I love it.

  This is my favorite setting on this generator to use. When I read and write, I get distracted very easily by any little sound. This setting does well in blocking out noise and keeping a steady drone that helps to keep me focused. When I'm doing tasks that require less concentration in the word-forming area, I like to add the 1st radio setting.

  For an WW2 history fan, this is a great experience.

  A really interesting site. I remember hearing a flapping noise getting louder and louder and then a bomber, its engines silenced, came over our house at a very low altitude, just a couple of hundred feet above me. The flapping sound was torn parts of the fuselage hitting back on to the aircraft in the wind. It was returning from a raid and was, sadly, on a flight path to destruction.

  Tomorrow my son will pilot an L-16 in his first airshow. He has been a fan of the B-17 since he was a year old. I'm listening to this while I work in honor of him. All good feelings today!

  I use this setting to get work done -- it really helps block out noise without boring me!

  Excellence! Thank you very much from Venezuela!! Finishing my University Thesis hearing the roar of the B-17 :)

  I have ADHD and it's really hard for me to focus. I'm not sure how I would finish my homework without this website!

  Cockpit view combined with the Battlefield RPG sound generator with all bars down except distant cannons sounds like heavenly flak.

  Loving mixing this with the cat purr and relaxing. This website is GOLD. A godsend.

  I love this generator. I'm a pilot and love setting this up without the radios and then opening another window to and listening to LAX Approach traffic. It's got the droning of the props for the noise cancelling of the office, but the dash of realism from the real ATC chatter (instead of the November November stuff). Try it with your local airport ATC!

  ← Mech' cockpit noise with fan and engine. Feel free to turn on the radio.

  Really helps when I have to focus!!! Thank you .

  I have ADHD I don't know how I would get my homework done with out the Flying Fortress noise generator. Its just awesome in and of it. Best thing ever

  Someone mentioned that "remember remember" was said. It was actually "November November ... Delta" phonetic alphabet used by military and other transportation oriented industries.

  Perfect for fantasy writing. "It is a cold night, I sit in the airship with my headset on, listening carefully. I hope to hear nothing. As long as there is silence, the mission is going well. Still, I prepare myself mentally for my David screaming in my ears. For now, there is silence. For now... I may relax..."

  Can't thank you enough for creating and sharing this site. I use my Flying Fortress to shoot down stress... read, sleep, surf, relax.

  The voice isn't saying 'remember, remember, it's saying 'November, November' which is the military phonetic alphabet word for the letter 'N', Simulating real radio traffic... so don't be creeped out. But it is distracting if you are trying to go to sleep. Just turn down the radio portion :-) I love the deep prop noise. I am a pilot, and it reminds me of all the years I flew Airmail.

  This worked great! Until I realized one of the voices was saying, "remember, remember" and became creeped out.

  This setting plus 'Ride of The Valkyries' makes it feel like you're in a movie, getting ready to go bomb the bad guys.

  I set mine a little more 'modern' I guess, like a patrol plane flying over a colony planet that was taken by an aggressive species. Just a small crew, flying in the dark, while bombings can be heard in the background.

  Nice drone, with a bit of prop and radio sound.

  Sitting in the cargo Bay

  This is amazing if you listen to it with 'The Ride of the Valkyries'.

  Our new 'open office' environment or the cockpit of a B52 bomber? Hmmm.... Well, it's really no contest - the B52 bomber is so much quieter! I just put on my headphones, crank the volume up on high, and it almost drowns out the noise around me. If someone could just kick this up a notch and add the sounds of "bombs bursting in air" then I think I might be able to actually focus on my work.

  This is one of my favorites. I like grey noise, and this is like a more growly version of it. Soothing noise blocking that doesn't put me to sleep.

  I am thoroughly impressed and completely immersed in this site. The possibilities seem limitless. represents the apogee of the human experience with beneficial ambient sounds. Sean S.

  This is so beautiful, it makes me feel weightless.

  Communication bunker of the highly secret base. Far away from the front line, we observe every kills and deaths of our fellow airmen.

  I've always loved the sound of radio chatter as a background noise. I find it both soothing and invigorating, like a good strong tea. I have also loved the sound of prop planes for the same reason. This has both and it is absolutely perfect! I alternate between radio w/props, and props only. These particular sounds also hit the mark, with just enough static in the comms, and good variation w/props

  Best for concentrating!!!! Don't know what I would have done without this!!!

  Oh my god, play "Secret Weapons Over Normandy" theme on this. It's like you're in the formation on the way to a target with high hopes.

  Hands down, Flying Fortress is my favorite because it's the best to focus on my work and to cancel noise at this office with earplugs. But it would be better if there's a larger variety of radio talks.

  This sounds like a night bombing formation, circa 1943.

  ← Flying in a rainstorm

  Just the sound of being in a loud prop plane.

  I don't know why, but this simple sound with almost nothing but one slider is really calming to me.

  Luxury cabin ambient sounds, wouldn't call it noise. Makes reading easier, sound as friend.

  This feels like you're on a live mission, manning the commo grid.

  This is perfect, just what I need to cancel out most of the sounds while I'm studying. Added in a little radio noise to break the monotone of props.

  This setting is just about right for a GA aircraft with the pilot-side window open... Lots of wind noise, and most of that power tuned out. Great for planning between flights and "couch flying"!

  Combine this with the shortwave radio = Perfect for imagining yourself being in the actual thing, listening to radio orders!

  Love this one in combo with Trip of Mind and Jungle Life to get a sweet outer-space-retro-spaceship-crashed-on-a-jungle-planet kind of vibe.

  This is one of those sounds you can listen to in the background of almost everything and it's just so comfortable to hear.

  THIS is my new white noise to sleep by! Fantastic! And as a working crew member of Texas Raiders B-17G based in Houston, I can tell you this is very close to what it sounds like with a David Clark headset on and radio volume turned off when catching a cat nap on a long flight. Very relaxing.

  I love sound masking noises, they help me with anxiety and they help me sleep. And the bomber sounds are fantastic. It's also sounds cooler when I explain to other guys 'yeah, I find the sounds of war machines relaxing.'

  This particular soundset reminds me of flying in a formation pattern, riding along on a journey home, waiting to return to a tent on the middle of the airfield.

  I am a retired RCAF in second carreer. This is awsome and my favorite sound when I study or writing work. Just brings me back where I once loved to be.

  I fly (not this type of plane) but this is what is sounds like...

  This noisescape sparks my imagination. It makes me wonder about life of the bomber's crew and about life they will take by weapons. About brilliance of human mind, that could find the way to travel through air. And about the bomb. If she was alive, what her thoughts would be like: I don't wanna die or I will kill them all?

  I would so sample this if I could get permission. This is pretty spooky.

  Some flak would be interesting. Anyway, I love it!

  ← a great Cockpit view sound, more realistic and its great!!

  I've been using this when revising for my history A-Level exam and it almost makes the process enjoyable! So atmospheric!

  I honestly love everything about this. It makes me feel like I am a radio bombardier in an actual flying fortress. Though part of me does wish there was a slider for exploding flak rounds, it's still fantastic.

  I love this sound. It makes it sound like I'm en-route to somewhere exciting, which is perfect motivational material for getting me through my homework. Because in the end, as a college student, that's exactly what's happening.

  ← This with Rain and Wind noise.

  I was surprised to find that with the radio noise turned all the way off, this setting sounds just like an old AC unit: a sound that puts me to sleep faster than just about anything else. It reminds me of spending the night in hotels when I'm traveling -- even if the rest of the accommodations are a little run-down, I always get a good night's sleep if I'm next to the air conditioner.

  As a 16 year old boy this is my top noise generator, I absolutely love it and use it all the time. I hope to see more planes here. I love using this whilst revising.

  This with the rain sound 'under the porch' and the wind sound 'howling wind' makes an awesome combination.

  A bit creepy. Makes me feel not like a hero, but like a victim, cowering in a crowded bunker, anxious where the bombs will hit. Still, a great page, just this particular noise is not for me :)

  Thank you for creating this amazing B-17 Flying Fortress Propeller atmosphere. It's astonishingly soothing and my new favorite. My husband showed no interest in the other noise generators, but he LOVES this one. It helps him concentrate at work while giving him a feeling of being a WWII fighter pilot. It's more than a noise generator -- it's the sound of a little boy's daydreams.

  ← Fighter escort

  Modified B-29 - Plane Lover's Ambience

  ← This is basically the 'Very Loud' preset without the communication noises and a bit less loud. Anyway, it sounds a lot like the electronic fan at a certain place I often go to in summervacation. This sound replicates it better than the sounds in the 'Fan Noise' section.

  Fantastic Stephane! Best heard in the dark and at a volume level of a mild earthquake in your head....... chocks away!