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Singing Bowls
Tibetan Meditation Sound Generator
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Don't (simply) hit them...

Singing bowls - also known as Himalayan bowls - are used in yoga, music therapy, sound healing, and religious ceremonies. In the Buddhist tradition, they are played to signal the beginning and the end of silent meditation cycles. Tibetan bowls emit very pure tones, close to sine waves. Their sound is a synonym of purity for our ears.

Like a bell, the tone is produced by striking the side of the bowl with a wooden mallet. By running the mallet around the bowl - only with slight pressure - a pure tone will eventually rise. When this happens, the bowl is said to sing - hence its name.

The bowls that have been used here were carefully selected to sing in harmony. Their exact fundamental frequencies are 69 Hz, 276 Hz, and 552 Hz.

Published on February 8th, 2014

User Stories

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  I was having a lot of pain and swelling in my hands and shoulders. The pain was excruciating. I went to Ron Pankratz’s sound bath and no pain or swelling for days which was unusual. He suggested solfeggio tones for healing if the pain returned. I waited until the pain began to come back. Voila!!! I haven’t had pain for weeks! Thank you, Dr. Pigeon, for your gift.

  An interesting thing about myNoise is that while wandering through this large pool of sounds for many years now, I thought I pretty well knew what I like or find a bit boring, only to find out that sometimes even "boring stuff" suddenly started to sound pretty nice and meaningful too. This night I heard beautiful harmonies in the singing bowls I never heard before. myNoise keeps amazing me!

  A very relaxing noise just to put on in the background whilst reading or working. (-_-)

  Wonderful music, love to read with it on.

  Meditation. A constant sing and the gongs that get you back in focus.

  I especially love setting the tape speeds of the individual tracks to create different chords, then letting the animation bring out the different parts of the chord in waves. Truly a phenomenal generator!

  So relaxing and helpful. Relaxes me a lot when meditation use with cat purring :)

  This site and this amazing music has truly saved me on a daily basis. I use so many of these music channels while working and it keeps me level and calm throughout my crazy stress of work. Thank you.

  Oh. My Goodness. I absolutely adore this site. Ads are torment for consumers and I can feel the love pouring from the sound. Made by a truly incredible man who wants to help people. I get terrible migraines that happen often. This site is a literal lifesaver. I can’t express how grateful I am.

  This is a very good noise to listen to when you need to finish something important and you can not focus. I recommend to use this noise if you can not focus well .

  This is perfect to listen to when you are trying to finish an assignment or project due the next day. I recomend this to people who don't focus well.

  This is so amazing. It's like you're in a whole different world when you close your eyes and listen to this.

  My first sound bath was in the desert in Calif. At INTEGRETRON quite the experience, the bowls were soul changing.

  The chimes were a prelude to an internal peace before relaxing.

  Combined with Tatsuo's Quest is the best way to focus my mind, amazing!

  I use this preset along with the rain to drown out all the noise when I'm studying. The bells are a constant remind to focus, especially since they're at different intervals.

  This paired with Gregorian Voices is perfect with meditation. Thanks.

  Louder hits, with a soft underlying level of singing and decent harmonics, leading to a mellow feel with moments of awakening or clarity (the long harmonic echo is wonderful IMO) every so often. Good for reading, I have found.

  The sounds these make helps ease and sooth me when I am dealing with a Panic Attack or an Asthma Attack. They work so wonderfully and pull me away from it. The tension and sickness that settles in instantly melts away to pure relaxation. I cannot thank Dr Pigeon enough for the work he has done on this site and the healing, hope and help it provides for everyone seeking what is needed.

  Tibetan bowls use the power of harmonics to help with meditation. Here you can tailor the sounds to suit your personal needs. Love it.

  This sound helped me concentrate when working on a stressful project. Thank you!

  This sound puts me to sleep peacefully. Whenever I go to bed at night and am not able to sleep, I put on my earphones and listen to this soothing sound that actually somehow makes me tear up a little. After a few minutes of listening, my eyes will get droopy and will close afterwards.

  I love these singing bowls... it's a sound that's there without being there. It really blends into the background while still being utterly relaxing.

  I really enjoy this a lot, especially since I made a donation contribution, because now I can tune the singing bowls. I use these bowls for composing music and learning to improvise new pentatonic scales. I can let the bowl drone the root note, which lets me freely explore the character and personality of any pentatonic. It's really nice and helping me to hear the unique quality of them.

  Great site. A friend & I were on a hike near native american land (historically speaking sadly) & we had a paranormal event take place which ended w a sound above our heads for about 45 seconds that has been difficult to describe. I think I came close & I'm very glad to find your site.

  Raised the "sing" and "harmonic" dials and lowered "hit" until it made these really nice humming noise. Paired it with Irish Coast (with high wave and rain sounds) for the perfect background noise. Instantly felt calmer and ready to sleep. Gorgeous.

  Singing Bowls transports me to a place of peace. When combined with Cave Chime, it's the ultimate calming soundscape.

  My dad teaches Aikido and this generator on Shuffle sends me straight back to the childhood peace of end-of-class meditation, lying flat on the dojo mat and just... integrating it all. Perfection!

  The scraping is the opposite of relaxing for me, but with sliders #5, 7, and 9 turned off, it's quite a study aid.

  I like hearing the hits a little, so the noise is like a spiritual choir I'm just happening to pass by on the other side of a garden wall. I combine this with the burbling sound of the levadas to give me the feeling I had in a sunrise yoga class in Bali.

  I really enjoying experimenting with what sounds best with this sound generator. I mostly enjoy really bass-y sounds, so the 'Sing' slider was my favorite.

  Holy moly, try this with ischoronic theta waves.

  This is best for me with the light blue slider silenced, and the hits reduced (but not silenced) across the board.

  Best way for me to get into a trance.

  Raised hits, medium high singing, and lowered the harmonics to get some excellent sleep.

  Clear out the hits and it's super relaxing. Ringing, singing, harmonics... All goodness and light.

  It's amazing... but the noise of hitting the bowl aren't making it any better...

  Singing waves, calmly breathing, help me mask my tinnitus - and I enjoy them with the gentle pattern of African Trance using drums 1, 4, 7, & 10. The combination helps me focus on moving forward in the task of this moment. Thank you for these opportunities!

  Great selection, hypnotic. Can't stop it.

  Gorgeous. Brings me peace during a busy work day.

  This really helps me focus on my writing for some reason. I really like it!

  It is beautiful to listen to (even though my sister hates it) I use it all the time and I hope you will too.

  This is amazing! The rain sounds are very soothing indeed! Did you research on what sort of sounds/noises people like to listen to? Wonder if I can read your research.

  Listening to this, mixed with Rain on a Tent, makes for wonderful sleep!

  It's really helping me to focus, to pay attention on the flow of my breath. I used it not just on meditation, but also when I'm doing my work.

  This is one of my favorite drone generators. Singing Bowls has helped center me for many hours of focused research and work, I'm so happy I found this site!

  One of the best I can find online. Very versatile sounds, makes me feel calm.

  I love this site and everything it offers, but the Singing Bowls are by far my favorite. Many papers would have gone unwritten if not for this lovely harmonic bit of inner peace. Absolutely perfect!

  The singing bowls help me keep my calm and concentration at work. They are also wonderful for reading concentration, or even focusing on relaxation. Nice!

  I'm just gonna leave this comment here so I can keep a tab on my preferred setting. No Beta waves because they make me uneasy. I am doing thesis work and this really helps me keep my head. I use it with Harmonic Binaural Beat and damn, it's soothing!

  Blended with the Rainforest noise maker, this makes for one great meditation experience.

  I love the singing bowls. It's like hearing your aura. Or Sounds of the Spheres that angels make when they sing.

  Soothes me to the very depths of my soul - the vibrations and tones take me into a calm reflective dimension. Thank you. Namaste.

  Beyond all signs, beyond all systems, vibration flows through all traditions... God is sound. Goddess sound. Got to sound.

  This with Binaural Beats is incredible

  Love the way this sounds, so relaxing.

  Very calming low tones with a hypnotic feel. Very relaxing.

  Singing bowls, animated, for 25 minute (thank God for Pomodoro!). Helped me with my exams and writing my thesis. Thank you, guys!

  I always listen to this before I go to sleep. I've found it helps me sleep better and lately I've been more well-rested. Thank you so much for this.

  Instant euphoria.

  I have achieved enlightenment. Through fasting and breathing I have unlocked my divine wind. It's real.

  I owe you halvsies on my Masters degree. Your site has been such a boon for studying I can't even explain.

  Life made of sound a beautiful thing. Love this x

  It's like being in a cavern full of glowing crystals.

  I like playing this with water stream or rain sounds while I sleep.

  Memetic attack on my ears? No wait... actually quite relaxing.

  I use this generator whenever I'm dealing with anxiety attacks and I regularly look for things to pull my mind away from that addicting headspace. The singing bowls are like an edge to a knife, separating me from my most difficult times - that's what the sounds do for me. I listen when I'm doing homework or trying to meditate. Thanks.

  Clicking to "Singing Bowls" and "Enter the Meditation Room" is one of the quickest ways I've ever found, to meditate away my weaknesses, worries, faults, sins, concerns, resentments, to the point that I'm only trying to figure out how to forgive someone else, add more charity to my attitude, grow into a better mind-set. It's almost too powerful to use regularly, but it's too effective NOT to!

  The 1000 year composition, longplayer, was based on the singing bowls and sounds very similar to this generator.

  I've recently received a promotion at work (good) that comes with a ton of extra stress (not so good). I wear a stereo headset for making calls, so listening to backgrounds is a must. The Singing Bowls is so relaxing that even at the height of a bad stressful day I can close my eyes & focus on the tones for a moment & reset. Simply beautiful.

  I am totally amazed, and most grateful for all the work Dr. Pigeon has done. To be able to choose the settings for so many ranges of sounds is almost overwhelming, but I know the adventure will affect the music I play, the way I relate to my life, and the ongoing development of my spirit and Soul. Thank you, thank you! ~april

  Play this alongside the Shruti Box, both on Meditation Room. Fantastic.

  Very lulling and relaxing !!!

  Having this site is amazing and I danced my seat when I found this soundscape. I have a singing bowl at home, but I don't have time to play it. But with this, I'm able to relax and listen to it while I keep my ADHD in check! Thank you for this!

  I don't find words to properly thank you. All my life I had problems with noise, I moved house 23 times only because I cannot stand noise in all shapes and forms, I hear things which other people not even register. Lately I felt close to insanity because of sleep deprivation. Thank you for your site, several of your sounds at very low volume help me sleep, because they block the painful noise.

  Again, thank you so much for your outstanding gift of sound. This "sound bath" cleanses my overworked psyche... and brings back peace and overwhelming tranquility... A thousand thank yous... J. Carrillo

  Dense and fragile like orbits spanning millions of years

  I always come to the Tibetan Singing Bowls when I either want to study or to relax. It gives me a sense of inner-peace and tranquillity. It also allows my imagination to wander to the far corners of Asia, thus giving me a sense adventure and peace. This is absolute. I love it! A huge THANK YOU from me.

  This combined with the Bamboo Chimes, Temple Bells and Water Stream offers an escape to a Tibetan temple!

  A very special THANK YOU... A much needed "sound bath"... This is outstanding!

  A heartfelt thanks for this site and the time and effort that you have put in to post all of these and give free access to so many files. I have been extremely stressed out, have been jobless over a year. Listening to the sounds was cathartic. I am joining a job soon and as soon as I can will donate to keep it going. Thanks again and god bless.

  I can't tell you how much this site has helped me. I originally found it when I was dealing with the loss of a loved one, and found my mind constantly drifting into sad memories and anxious thoughts. I started with Singing Bowls, and then tried many other generators... I was able to sleep, create and function again. Thank you. I will be a longtime supporter of your site!

  This website is inducing tears of joy, so much Goodness in one place, I couldn't have fathomed how thorough this would be for the novice to the adept. Three thumbs up Family. Contributions and Donations are more than well deserved, they are provoked!! Let's Keep growing!

  Amazing site! Thanks for the free access! Cheers.

  Singing Bowls + Twilight = beyond heaven of relaxation

  This is just perfect - the whistling/whining noise of the bright green slider is drowned out by the heavier "singing", without too much of the more top-heavy harmonics. Thank you for building yet another fulfilling generator!

  This is my chosen website for work. It helps me focus on my very-detailed assignments, calms me when they become overwhelming, and overall allows me to be the best I can be. The variety of choices allows me to always be entertained as well as relaxed. Thank you so very much! Merci du fond du coeur!

  Hello, I suffer from Hyperacusis - so many normal, even 'natural' sounds are distressing for me... thanks so much for giving me some acoustic waves that are pleasant.

  This is pure amazingness, thank you so much for making it! Helps me sleep :)

  This base guys, 5 minutes in and the smaller muscles in my hip relax.

  Absolutely nothing helps me calm down & deal with my anxiety better than this. If its keeping me awake, I put this on and work on something to relax and it helps me calm down so much faster. I've recommended it to so many people.

  This sound is so soothing for the mind. I enjoy hearing it while writing.

  Tibetan singing bowls + Tibetan choir + Aeternitas = eargasm!

  I'm using this to fill in the high end of my Indian Drone and Canyon Drone combination... pure sonic inspiration.

  Singing bowls + Ice Drone. Try it out!

  Just fantastic! Cannot believe how great this is, thanks!

  I misread this as 'Himalayan Bowels.' I clicked on it, wondering what it could possibly sound like. I was pleasantly surprised.

  I typically don't give much credit to this kind of thing, but I was nervously bouncing my leg just a few seconds before I started this. The bouncing stopped almost immediately, and my hands now feel like lead.

  I really enjoy all the generator your are doing for us, thank you!

  This is a wonderful site and has helped me so much with concentrating at work and relaxing at home. There are many noises that I like, but today I really like the combination of Singing Bowls and Ocean Waves, with animation on for both.

  This has helped me relax more days than I can count. Thank you for making such a wonderful generator!

  I wake up before dawn every day to write and I listen to the Singing Bowls plus the Binaural Beat Machine on animate and it awakens my mind without interrupting my creativity. Brilliant!

  It's like being far, far away, in some serene and peaceful place.

  Combine this noise with the default Binaural Harmonics settings and I DEFY you not to go to sleep!

  Love it! Great to fall asleep to.

  This makes me feel so neutral! Keep up the awesome work Stphane!

  This is one of THE BEST noises on this site. It's just such a beautiful sound, I'm listening to it as I write ... aah ...

  This is so very relaxing! I am genuinely impressed with the depth and quality that this noise page has to offer.

  Feels like a liquid dream entering my ears.