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Frequency-Shaped Soundscape Generator
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Sometimes Magic happens...

Creating a soundscape for myNoise is always a challenge. One does not know how it will sound until all the individual sounds are completed, and loaded into a prototype page. This final stage is exciting. Countless hours have been spent refining the individual sounds, but the final verdict is almost instant.

Once in a while, magic happens: the soundscape transcends the sum of its parts. Although the sound itself is made in many layers, it suddenly behaves as one single, almost living, sonic entity. And when it talks to you emotionally, you then know you have a keeper. Auditory stimuli are particularly strong in inducing emotions. This probably dates back to our primal life, when our hearing sense was closely related to the survival of our species. The current soundscape is not only one of the keepers, but a very good example of what a sound is capable of achieving in terms of emotional resonances. Emotional resonances are very personal. They depend on your current state of mind, but also on what you have been through during your life, so far.

Sound can deeply affect the perception of both our inner and outer environments. Therefore, it can be used to effectively treat a surprising range of health challenges, such as depression, panic disorder, social anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia, to cite a few. This soundscape is particularly powerful in creating such a perceptual shift. As you listen to it, you will feel a change within you.

You are in a passageway waiting for something to happen. As you build anticipation, you have a feeling that it will happen. Actually, it already has, slowly, but tangibly. Maybe it is a change in your life. Maybe it is the end of your problems, or the beginning of the end. Or maybe it is something rejuvenating your soul.

Published on December 12th, 2013

User Stories

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  I've been using this site for many years now and always come back to this generator when it's time to get some serious work done and I need extra help to get started. It feels like coming home.

  As a person with autism, this calms me after any sudden burst of energy, and it helps me calm down or stimulate my brain if I feel understimulated :)

  Reminds me of Spore or a windows or xbox setup screen, especially some of the frequency settings.

  So far this is the best I've found to cover the bass guitar my neighbors gave their kid. Even though the base in the generator is nowhere near the depth of the base vibrating the wall, the fluctuations in the lower frequency tones helps a lot more than flat brown noise. Still needs to be turned up really loud though.

  I used to suffer from bureaucratic OCPD, and these sounds (in pair with the custom Bad Weather on the "Pouring Rain") remind me to the sleepless night that I once spent in the loony bin praying in paranormal awe.

  Words can't describe how much I love this particular soundscape. My go-to for getting in the right headspace!! Sooo dreamy, it makes you feel elevated.

  ← Listening to this while writing essays and studying really helped with relaxing and concentrating.

  This makes me feel like I'm in a dome full of stares, twinkling just beyond reach. I can feel the endless stretch of space, but it's also condensed and comforting, like this is all I have to worry about. I want to explore the night dome, to walk around in the cold night air, watch the reflecting twinkles in the stream. Is space in the dome? Or is the dome in space? Such things don't matter.

  I have palinacousis with it :D

  This is like stars generating sound.

  I think I'm gonna donate again just because of this soundscape. It's just... Magic. Thank you. <3

  Sometimes it can frighten me by floods of vivid imaginative memories.

  Sounds like a game soundtrack.

  Purity, RPG Dark Dungeon on the "Torch Walk" preset and full RPG Evil Charm - this trio is like walking in a wet cave full of ghosts in the air :D

  Purity, full Poltergeist and full Evil Charm are themselves my best (or worst?) RPG partners at night! Listening to the trio is like flying weightlessly through black clouds with strange friends around :D

  This sound is moving the energy inside of me! Sound magic! This is a reset! Thank you!

  "High and Lows" preset is basicly the sound of cuteness.

  This sound changed my life to more positive. Thank you so much <3

  True Magick, indeed. Happily do I support this! <3

  Paired with Tibetan Choir around 4 kHz, I could call this "Dreams of Yuggoth" if the "music" weren't a bit more positive than the name: the sub bells are echoes in craters and the Tuvan choir is flying aliens' whistling chant.

  For over 14 years in my life I never had a single friend and nobody like that. Thanks to this site I am still controling my mental health to not fall into deep depression.

  I just love this sound generator! Thank you!!

  This really helped me... Thank you so much... <3

  It’s calm and soothing. Takes away all of my stress from the day.

  At Speed /2, it reminds me of the music that used to be playing in the tunnel in between two terminals in Chicago O'Hare Airport around the year 2000.

  As a fan of k-pop, I liked this very much because you're like going into a void of sparkles and you see planets around you spinning, I'm very calm with this generator!! LOVE IT!!! :D

  I mixed a lot of sound generators with this, and it gives me calm happy vibes in my head. Love THIS GENERATOR! Amazing!!

  It's like being suspended in zero-g. I can finally get rid of all my invasive thoughts. Also very useful for sleep.

  Reminds me of Tim Clark's music for the Ruby: Galactic Gumshoe radio show.

  Perfect soundtrack for doing bihourly cleaning at work. Also goes great with "electric sheep" videos.

  I have absolutely no idea why but this reminds me of my childhood for some reason. It's a bit odd... but in a good way. Makes me feel "at home", somehow. This honestly feels like I'm waiting in a dark tunnel and I suddenly see a passage of light, the twinkling sounds are so spot on, this is one of the most beautiful soundscapes on this site. You've outdone yourself doc!

  I was reading a book for class. Set the timer to 15 minutes with this setting on and it worked beautifully. Thank you from Nevada!

  I really like this setup, especially when reading. It has a spooky vibe, but it keeps me focused and I don't lose my spot much.

  Ever since COVID, I've kinda been perpetually low on money -- so I cancelled my Spotify subscription so that I could support myNoise on a monthly basis. :) Because this site is such a life-changer and it's so worth it.

  This is perfect and dramatically beautiful! This helps me out so much in focusing on one thing. Thank you myNoise!

  I combined Twilight (at the Calming preset) with Intertidal, and my current favourite song. Oh, how it heightened the emotional experience of my favourite song! Amazing!

  I love this noise, it is SO magical. Makes me feel so sleepy!

  Sounds like something from Stranger Things. Love it!

  A perfect soundscape to drift off to. It works perfectly to drown out a noisy television in the other room, as well. Lovely <3

  This sounds like the beginning of Sound of Melodies by Leeland. The high pitches and bell notes are the best. There is no "shhhhhhhh" like in some of the others. Very nice.

  This is really soothing. It really helps calm my anxiety and helps me focus with my work. The twinkling chimes are so pretty. It's like walking down an enchanted forest with magic in the air. So relaxing.

  So beautiful... especially when you imagine the description about being in a passageway waiting for something to happen, along with listening to this. It really changes the emotions... Thank you :)

  So magical... I just lose myself in this soundscape.

  I just used the calibration page for the first time. The change is amazing! I never realized how of the sound I was missing, or how high I had to turn up the sound card.

  It sounds like the sparkle noises on a title screen- like Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2.

  Really good with In The Sky, it is eternal.

  It sounds like ambience of a crystal cave. Beautiful.

  I use this when I'm writing, and it really helps :)

  The high frequency sounds are a bit shrill. But, just using the five lower ones is amazing. Seriously calming. I leave this on for hours sometimes. Thanks for this. Very cool.

  This is one of my favorite generators. Endlessly fascinating, beautiful, and strangely comforting, with a little mystery too. Thank you!

  What an awesome site.. the diversity of material is exceptional.. and the quality, well say no more.. see for yourself..

  ← OK, so THESE settings - after a few minutes - leave me calm and collected!

  This website is wonderful! The app is good too! I am glad it won App of the Day on Monday, March 26.

  This and rain is very nice.

  Thank you very much for the peaceful sounds! I like combining this sound with my settings for Osmosis, Northern Lights, and Black Hole.

  Incredible! I have been suffering from PTSD and many other psychiatric disabilities... This site has SAVED my LIFE, in every way possible. Pure Medicinal Magic!! Too many good words to describe it... I'll let the soundscapes speak for themselves. Phenomenal :)

  This, combined with 88 keys on slider animation mode, provides an incredible effect of calm anticipation - very reminiscent of a Studio Ghibli soundtrack. A new favourite!

  Beautifull intriguing sequence of sounds are undulating in my senses.

  I don't know how I lived before I found this site. Whenever I need to calm down and really concentrate while working I simply choose one of my favorites sounds and it always helps!

  This is my favorite soundscape when it comes to writing settings that are imbued with magic. You can just *feel* it being magical, especially on shuffle mode. It always changes; never the same.

  I get a ton of Twilight Princess feels from this setting in particular.

  Anyone else getting some flashbacks to the Twilight Realm, in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, from this soundscape?

  The sounds are so pretty and perfect. I use this site all the time for studying background music! Thank you so much, keep up the amazing work. I love how the sliders are adjustable and I'm able to combine different sounds from different tabs. Truly phenomenal, thank you once again.

  Only 3 sliders on the 1000Hz setting is all I need.There's so much complexity in every slider on its own. Thank you for this escape!

  The sky is red and orange and blue, and oh so big and beautiful!

  I love using this during mediation! It's so soothing and yet inspires deep thought!

  This + Circular Breeze on the Floating Preset is such a perfect combination. I picture walking through a cave filled with glittering lights that might be crystals or faeries or both, enveloping me in their warm glow. Almost like the atmosphere in the Fairy Fountains from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which I loved very much as a child (and still love as an adult). It's really comforting.

  This seems to be one of the generators I always come back to on here, because it's perfect. Thank you for calming my anxiety!

  This soundscape in particular takes me to 'another place,' somehow; somewhere distant but very close. My soul just takes a sigh of relief when I put it on. It does wonders in helping soothe my anxiety, particularly after a bad experience. Thank you so much for making it.

  Sounds like ambient music for a spaceship! Quite relaxing to listen to.

  MyNoise's variety of generators is astonishing. I've grown a strong connection to many. Without a doubt, this being one of them. Well done, a beautiful soundscape. Thanks and love from Canada

  More effective than any medication.

  Floating Preset + Data Center's Enterprise Preset = Sleep well!

  I like to pair this one with In Utero and Osmosis. It kind of reminds me of Silent Hill, but it's still relaxing somehow.

  Animate this and pair it with Cave Water in Aqua Pura setting for a refreshing experience!

  It reminds me of seeing Comet Hale-Bopp when I was five in 1997.

  Before every debate, I listen to this to calm me. Sincerely, Donald Trump

  I'm a student with really bad anxiety, which makes it difficult for me to focus and keep up my grades. Whenever I have an important assignment, I always listen to this (usually with 'Subaquatic Dreams' too) and it manages to make me feel calm and relaxed but still focused enough to be productive. Love this so much.

  This beautiful. This is floating through space with nothing to worry about. This is forest fairies and harmless spirits guiding you through the night. This is a soft combination of just the right sounds and it is wonderful. Thank you.

  Excellent soothing sound... Listening to it for a few minutes itself calms down your mind and relieves stress slowly. Awesome!!! Feels like listening to it more and more... Extremely unique and rare sound.

  It's like... Being in a cave. The formations and water glisten in your lanterns light. You search for the mythical gem.

  This is it. This is MDMA, and holding hands with your best friend. This is being in love and waiting for a text back. This is the sunlight glimmering on your new little garden that you watered. Thank you.

  This soundscape perfectly encapsules what relaxation means to me. A rare sensation, since my bipolar disorder, bpd and severe anxiety prevent me from being calm and focused most of the time. I'm so happy that I found this place, and with it shelter from my own thoughts and fears. Thank you for creating this sanctuary, Mr. Pigeon. I'd not know what to do without it anymore.

  Long time myNoise member/donor here. This is by far one of my favorite sounds! It reminds me of how I felt exploring the alien ships in "Halo: Combat Evolved" when I was a kid. It's mystical, whimsical, dreamy. Very stimulating. Can't wait to have this one cranked up when "No Man's Sky" comes out this summer. Great for work and gaming!!!

  The moon and stars. Matched with piano ambience (or, as someone said in another comment, the Minecraft theme music) it's surprisingly relaxing and thought provoking.

  This is my default at work noise. It's the perfect balance to soothe me and drown out the din of working in a call center sort of environment.

  This with Osmosis is a truly magical combination.

  ← this is what love sounds like.

  Very beautiful. I use it whenever it's a starry night.

  Hmm, the Deep Ocean combined with this leaves a "trapped in water capsule" feeling on me. I say that's an awesome combo.

  Okay, so I opened up Minecraft while letting this play in the background and the title music started. It's a perfect fit.

  Reminds me of being deep underwater. Not deep enough to block out the sun, but where you can see its rays coming down from the surface.

  Small shimmers

  I woke up, in fear, from a sleep paralysis for the first time. The anxiety faded away while I listened to this. Oh thank you. Lately I've been stressed far too much, and this helps as a remedy for it all.

  A few tears of serenity left my eye after a minute of listening to this, in an attempt to fall asleep.

  It's so pretty. Oh my...

  This is one of my favorites to layer beneath other sounds, especially the rain sounds (Rainy Day magic generator). It's wonderful at creating a comforting tonal setting. Unfortunately, something about the dark blue slider grates on me and I almost always zero it out. I much prefer the movement on the teal slider. The Purity setting is my favorite and I like animating or using the meditation room.

  I'm not sure that I "get" this one, but it is very pretty. I vastly prefer the natural sound generators, but I can see using this as some noninvasive background sound, when there's no sound around me yet.

  Mmmm, gosh, that's so nice. So deep, so quiet, so encompassing, like an audible hug. Easily my favorite generator on the site. Thank you, truly, for bringing peace to this distracted gal many nights in a row.

  I love falling asleep to this sound. Mr Pigeon, I love your works. Thanks you for providing us with these beautiful sounds.

  Honestly, when I first heard this I thought, magic? Hmm... but after listening to it for so long it's become one of my favorite sounds to sleep to. Any way I animate it it just all around makes me feel good!

  Soothing, calming, masking; low frequencies combine to create a smooth, sleep-inducing melody of sound. I love this site.

  I'm so happy to finally be a part of such a beautiful world of musical sounds, truly magical and inspiring. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work to bring us such pleasure. Donnhca x

  This + Northern Lights + Spaceship = amazing scifi peace, calms me down so well. It's like sleeping abroad TARDIS, I LOVE it!!

  Beautiful-like music. It reminds me of singing, rain, magic, or rivers.

  Harry Potter could not have made this more magical: the result really is stunning... twilight. I will never be able to hear that word again without hearing this beautiful harmony. Really brought me into what I was working on. Dr. Stephane, are you THE Doctor?

  For people like me who work long hour jobs, suffer from insomnia and live in dense areas, the feeling of peace is rare. The soundscapes on this site have helped me find the rest my body and mind so desperately need - the animate feature is wonderful.

  This setting is almost planetarium like and it helps great with homework!

  This place is amazing! The sounds really help me de-stress and focus, and I love how many aspects you can alter to create your own custom sounds. It's a wonderful experience!

  This is so amazing: makes me feel so peaceful... fairy tale-like and unreal.

  I use music when I write, and there are days when iTunes just can't provide me anything that works. So I come here, and I put on this - or one of the other soundscapes or drones - and it makes the words less like pulling teeth after an hour or so.

  You, sir, are an exceptional individual. I am a wannabe author and listening to this noise as I work helps immensely. I am also having a whole lot of fun listening to the ever-changing sounds. For this privilege, I thank you.

  Oh. My. Gosh. I literally could not move for quite a bit just listening. It's so attention-grabbing-so many layers, so many patterns, so many voices pulling me into... twilight. It's perfect. Because even though it captures my senses, emotionally and physically, it was perfectly pulled together. Congrats on making magic!

  I have really bad anxiety that likes to flare up at work and right when I get into bed. I have tried breathing & those terrible guided meditation tapes and nothing has worked like this has. I have this running all day at work and turn it on while I'm getting ready to go to bed and leave it on while I sleep. This has improved the quality of my life. I can find peace now. Thank you so much.

  I am actually crying here. I have suffered of worsening generalized anxiety and panic attacks, to the point I haven't been able to get out of my apartment sometimes for a rather long times. These sounds, noises, calm me. I don't need to listen to my quickening heart beat, anxious breathing, steps outside my door, eerie silence of my place. I cry, because this site could be it. The cure.

  I am a sensory-defensive individual, and I was so relieved to find this safe place. Dim lighting, and a noise generator to help with my auditory processing problems. High frequencies pain me, but once I found that perfect setting, it sent me right into a state of peace and relaxation. Thank you, thank you, THANK you for this safe little haven. <3

  It like a gateway to another world. A start of a grand adventure.

  I am listening to this, soo tired now, must sleep, cannot finish sen...

  It sounds the same as I'd imagine floating through a nebula would look. It's just the right amount of background sound to keep me calm and focused.

  holy shit this is freaking great. This is soooooooo amazing!

  Floating in fluffy magic.

  Floating like a feather.

  This makes me feel like I'm falling in love, and I don't know why.<

  I began to cry when I first heard this. I don't really know why. It's like sunlight; light and warmth, seeming to shift and ripple over your soul, the force of life itself. 'Twilight' is that feeling in an audible form. Simply beautiful...

  I have incredibly bad anxiety and bipolar disorder, but this, just... wow. It's incredibly calming and is the perfect way to get rid of uncomfortable silence. It reminds me of sitting in a wide open meadow, the fragrance of flowers looping around me and the stars twinkling above...

  I'm in awe.

  Magic. Absolute magic.

  Perfect, Just perfect. One of the best sounds on this site.

  It's so relaxing... So ethereal!

  The gentle sweep of this one combined with the chimes and overtones of Osmosis puts me in a mindset where I can do anything. With one of the hardest semesters I've ever faced coming up, this is a godsend, both for relaxation and to help keep me focused.

  I love this whole site. I am very sensitive to high pitches and have terrible ADHD, to the point that white noise frustrates me. The many different, non-white noise options and full customization is perfect, I can turn the higher frequencies down or cut them out completely. I currently have three sounds running together, it's perfect.

  I'm more able to focus on my studies in the somewhat stress-filled library thanks to THANK YOU!

  This is perfect for studying!

  I imagine opening my eyes at the start of an adventure in a new, strange, yet ultimately beautiful world. Full of promise, full of wonder. This place is magical. The plants and creatures are exotic, fantastical.

  As a writer of fanfiction, this would be perfect to get me in the mood for some of the parts where action and combat is not happening. I don't need to say how calming this is. It's practically the definition of calm! I actually yawned just now while writing this.

  It has that very certain ethereal charm to it; words almost fail to describe it for me. Simply put, this is amazing ^-^

  Whoever made this generator got it RIGHT FIRST TIME!

  I imagine the night sky, void of light pollution, with the arm of the Milky Way reaching across everything as if to lovingly embrace the earth. The sound itself is like cool, crisp night, but with the happy inner warmth I feel when recognizing the constellations that peer down from over head. This is the most calm and peaceful I've felt for days.

  While writing, one of the most helpful things to do is to put on good background noise. I've found the best. By combining Twilight, Northern Lights and Aetinitas together I'm able to create a mystical, ethereal and epic sound perfect for a fantasy novel. This site has become my drug. I spend hours toying with sounds, seeing what kind of moods and feelings I can conjure up. I appreciate sound now.

  The sound generator I use most frequently is Twilight. It is so calming and soothing that it helps me stay focused on the task at hand. Never was a music listener while studying but now I can't do without this site and the sounds

  I feel like I'm floating through the cosmos, feeling the stars at my fingertips. This is the sound as you drift into an interstellar cloud of supernova remnants.

  Funny--I usually don't think of an other-worldly cosmos when I hear this. It sounds more to me like shrinking down and seeing a golden, sparkly strand of DNA and just going, "Whoa."

  I get stress related seizures and this noise has been perfect for calming me down right around exam time. My canary loves it too!

  I use this to write... It's amazing inspiration, and not only that but it's quite relaxing as well! Thank goodness this site exists!

  This seems to melt my brain and return calm to my high-stress work environment. I can let the sense of peace flow over me, and yet still manage to be productive.

  Very soothing at work, makes the office seem far away.

  Calming and beautiful. Like watching the sun set from the top of a clock tower.

  This makes me feel like I am floating around stars.

  I love this so much... I suffer from anxiety and this just helps calm my everything SO much... This and the cat are my favorites because they emotionally seem to make everything better.

  The music of a distant galaxy as you pass it by, in your dream.

  Amazing sound. It sounds somewhat ethereal, and very calming to the mind. I usually listen to this for hours whenever I'm on my computer.

  Wow, this is fantastic. I'm a college student who lives on campus in a residence hall and I usually can't get any homework done in my dorm room because I get so distracted. It's snowy and cold out today so I didn't feel like making the trek to the library but I put on this play list, plugged in my ear buds, and have been productive for a good hour and a half. I just feel so calm listening to this!

  It almost makes me feel like I'm in some kind of trance, and it relaxes me, helping me sleep as I've been having trouble doing so as of late, it's very soothing and just over something magical to listen to.

  Lovely generator, masking my tinnitus perfectly today!

  This noise lets my imagination run wild or brings me back down to earth depending on my mood. The ticking clocks from the Clockwork Patternscape provides a pleasant accent to this soundscape.

  A sparkling of stars against the deep, enthralling hum of dark matter.

  The very high notes keep you awake and alert, but the lower keys calm you down and relax you. This is perfect for my online school.

  This custom noise is sounds magical and feels that way too. Maybe a little creepiness to it too.

  A spacial orbit, enveloping a soundless entity, giving it life. It helps me realize potential.

  ← To heaven we go.

  My favorite generator to date. Everything about it is magical.

  A Deep Sense of Tranquility is the best way I can describe the essence of this soundscape. As the description says, this one's a keeper!

  A truly amazing and peaceful and calm melody.

  This helps me relax and study since music can sometimes be a distraction to me. I love it, so much.

  This makes me very relaxed. These settings remind me of sitting tranquilly in the Hayden Planetarium. I feel like I could just be sitting in space with this.

  I tried to create a space-like theme here. A feeling almost like you are floating through space, seeing the entire cosmos in front of you.

  ← This is... incredible. It's almost like the Ice World one, just a lot less cold. It gives me tingles nonetheless! Fabulous, thank you so much!

  Ah... deep, comforting... It's as if you can forget all your troubles and ascend to a higher plane of existence...

  This soundscape is simply enchanting! It has an ethereal quality that's both relaxing and beautiful.

  This has to be on of my new favorite sounds. It's so relaxing, especially with the occasional deep bass rumbles. Keep up the amazing work!

  This soundscape is one of my favorites so far. I love how my anxiety feels like it's slowly melting away when I listen to this. It definitely creates a shift in emotions for me.

  Its very windchimey this kind of noise has allways been something that has just worked for me. I'd like to try it out with the wind gen to :3

  I feel like I'm looking at a glittering city...and I have strong urge to solve puzzles...