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Waterfall Noise
Frequency-Shaped Waterfall Noise Generator
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The Sound of a Waterfall, without the slick rocks

Waterfalls are a natural source of White Noise and are ideal for sleep and masking distracting sounds. Listening to a waterfall is a great way to wash your daily worries away: close your eyes or lie down, and let the natural sounds permeate your mind.

Published on April 12th, 2013

User Stories

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  Really useful in a noisy office area when you need to get things done!

  I like this noise as it is much more watery than the White Noise & Co: you can hear some watery sounds (splashes) in it.

  This helps me so much to focus on my work! Thank you for putting all the work into this site and making it accessible.

  Being back in the office from time to time I returned to this noise on Speech Blocker mode and I can then focus and hear myself think even if people around me are having calls/chats. So helpful!

  Damn, I save so much sleep time with this :D

  The best noise blocker yet. A younger neighbor generation moving in with big noisy pickups. I run this through my Sonos Play:5 and LG Sound Bar using Bluetooth on my HP laptop to cover every low frequency on a low beefy volume that doesn't disturb other sleepers. When a new unique muffler arrives I tweek it to mask it. Finally figured it out!

  I love the this one specifically. I can just turn it on and make some small adjustments and then I wont be as bothered by my sibling playing videogames in the other room! Absolutely wonderful! I'm so happy I found this when I did! You have no idea.

  I have Misophonia and this site has saved me! I love the Waterfall Noise - getting wet! Thank you so much!

  This is my No. 1 Noise Generator. Really does the trick when my co-worker eats, which seems to be non-stop.

  A perfect speech blocker! Thank you!

  Definitly the best office noise blocker. No more unwillingly overhearing my coworkers's boring weekend stories :D

  It's the greatest speech blocker. I always use when I want to "close my office doors".

  I have Asperger's and noise sensitivity. I work in an open office setting and there's a lot of noise from people around me on the phone, etc. This generator on "speech blocker" setting has been PERFECT to block out the noise from keyboards, people beside me on the phone, etc. and helped me to concentrate and get my work done. Love love love it.

  Reminds me of listening to a rainstorm from inside a warm house at night.

  I am slaying it to become a game developer and this helps reduce the distraction from all my other janky equipment thrumming and oscillating.

  Yes. Does the job. Drowns out (on maximum) the country music blared in this office.

  I tried the "Getting Wet" preset, then hit the button to load my calibration. I actually shivered because it sounded so awesome.

  Believe me when I said Thank You from the bottom of my heart. My mother had a stroke and I was sitting up with her night after night... so many worries on my mind, plus the sounds drifting into the room from the halls. I looked for something to relax us both. I decided on this site... Not only does the beautiful sounds smooth out my mind and relax me. My Mother responds well also. Thanks again.

  I do online teaching first thing in the morning, and sometimes it's difficult to be fully awake for my classes. This noise helps me feel bright and alert without feeling stressed. It's perfect to have in my headphones while teaching!

  This website may be exactly what is needed to finally get U.S. productive growth out of the dumpster.

  I'm practically there!

  I am on temporary disability to get off prescription drugs. The side effects are terrible. I had three days of migraine headaches. I forgot my earlier contribution to I made another contribution, set up my profile to accommodate my tinnitus and try to find something to help the migraine. I was asleep in 30 mins. Woke up with no headache.

  It helps me studying. It sounds like it washes all my thoughts away that were in my head before and than my head is clear and I can concentrate on what I have to study.

  I layer Cave Water Noises, Ultimate Waterfall and Thunder & Rain to create the perfect rainy day sleep. It helps me sleep so well I have to use the timer or I will sleep through my alarms. Thanks SOOO much. - Brando Frank

  Reminds me of the Montmorency Falls, near the city of Quebec. It brings me memories :)

  We all know this thing is amazing and the entire website is pure gold. I like this mix of low and mid-high sounds, it's great for work!

  This makes me think of the "deep romantic chasm" in Coleridge's "Kubla Khan." In Xanadu, did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure-dome decree / where Alph the sacred river ran / Down caverns measureless to man / Down to a sunless sea ...

  This wonderful waterfall has been a little lifesaver for me. Even at a low volume, it covers up my neighbors' TVs, air conditioners, pets, children, and noise from the street. I like to imagine it washing everything away so I can finally get some sleep!

  I live across the street from the park hosting community events, complete with migraine-inducing live music at a zillion decibels. The Waterfall Noise was a sanity saver!

  It took awhile to find one noisy enough, but I'm drowning out the roofers with this one. Totally worth the $5.

  You put this setting on and head for Meditation Room, and then you're at the beach. Super helpful at a busy editorial office -- keeps me centered, blocks out noise.

  Helps me focus on my work when my neighbours in college are too loud again. Thank you!

  This is pretty much my sole retreat from a pretty rough home life and terrible school issues. So far, the waterfall generator is the only thing I've found that can successfully calm my panic attacks, and even lull me to sleep if I need it to. Thank you so much for having it available- it's saving my sanity, one drop at a time.

  Super soothing. It really helps when drawing water and stuff. It just helps me really get the feel for it! C:

  It really make's me feel like I'm in an aquarium or right next to the waves C:

  Love the low rumble and a little of the high spray, brings out a little bit of everything without slamming too much on any one thing.

  Sounds like really heavy rain.

  Calming heavy rain

  This sounds like a stormy night with this preset. :D

  This preset allowed me to sleep while my upstairs neighbor threw a loud party last night. Saved my night and day!

  The waterfall was a lifesaver today as I took a 3 1/2 hour exam. I sit in our local library in the area for proctored exams--next to the book drop! Talk about distracting! This worked great to keep me as focused as I could be and not to worry or be distracted by extraneous noises. I am going to use it again Wednesday--wish I had found this site 2 years ago when I started my degree program!

  Mix this with Twilight's two bass sliders, you get a meditation retreat by the sunset shores....

  So beautiful, helps me relax and work on school. Thank you!

  This is so perfect for studying and doing homework....all night

  This is such a huge help- I have a self-taught math class online, and the only time I can take it is in the back of a very busy classroom. Thanks so much!

  Click, close your eyes, and you're riding in an SR-71 blackbird.

  This makes me think I'm riding down the waterfall. Ears full of water but can still hear some splashing.

  I can't imagine my life without this noise generator!!!!

  At work, this is a big help in concentration and focus. Thanks!

  Very soothing, yet, I end up having to go to the bathroom eventually.

  I'm in the midst of a three year meditation retreat and the local electrical utility sent out a team to redig the electrical line on my neighbor's land with a backhoe ... for four days! So I went online and found your waterfall am using it to drown out the noise from the workers, and it's working pretty well. I can still meditate. Thank you.

  I am a Kindergarten teacher and my class and I LOVE your site! We choose a new sound to listen to every day during rest time. The kids can't wait to see what we are going to listen to each day and I get an amazing sound to rejuvenate myself for the rest of the afternoon!!! Thank you so much!!!

  I am a frequent user of the Tibetan droning but today I needed something different to mellow me out. The waterfall noise was exactly what the doctor ordered. Thank you again for this amazing site. sjw

  Best white noise for my baby to sleep better.

  This setting truly brings out the whole of the sound and experience of a waterfall and helps you to relax and focus.

  It sounds like you`re underwater, listening to the waterfall closely.

  I want to live in a cave behind a waterfall now! This is fantastic for helping me concentrate and block out the sounds of the street and the cars. Truly wonderful!

  It reminds me of Zora's Domain from The Legend of Zelda. I... I like it. It's the best noise to listen to when listening to the music.

  So relaxing. I set it so it feels like you are laying in a shallow pool with your head underwater as a large waterfall pounds down.

  Good for my workplace.

  This is so relaxing!

  Thanks for the peace!


  Very close to the waterfall full of power and feeling refreshed.

  This perfectly mimics the fans on my computer... I love how it balances the sound inside my house.

  You're sitting in a cave hidden behind the waterfall.

  ← This is very soothing to me - it calms me. I would call it 'Misty Falls'

  Very relaxing, I love how the noise changes gradually.

  I think of this as calming, just like when you are inside and the rain outside seems quieter. There is still that low drone behind everything, and the waterfall is no different. This is relaxing because it feels like the water fall is right outside.

  The rumble of a large water fall. I love these!

  Like a real waterfall, the higher pitched sounds made it sound like some water was spraying on me or close to me, love it.

  I had no idea the range of my own hearing, much less a way to use that knowledge to relax and focus doing schoolwork. I'd move in next to a waterfall in a heartbeat, but since I can't, this is a great alternative!

  You're on a hike. You start to hear a distant roar... It gets louder and louder. That moment just before you catch your fist sight of the waterfall--that's this sound.

  ← Under water