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Enter the Fairy Forest

The sounds you hear in this soundscape were recorded in March 2022, during a field recording trip to the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park in Portugal.

There is a specific part in the Sintra forest where the trees produce amazing sounds when the wind blows. The locals refer to the area as the Fairy Forest. Here, the trees creak and squeak all around you.

The default slider settings recreate the sound of that forest under a relatively strong wind. When the wind dies down, the birds become more active. Many different birds songs were recorded over the course of our field recording trip. The four rightmost sliders reveal them to you. The two middle sliders are a mix of birds and wind, but they were recorded in the middle of the night when the wind was calmer. You can hear owls hooting in the background.

If you haven't contributed to myNoise yet, please be note that recording sessions abroad are only possible thanks to the generosity of myNoise users. Your financial help is vital for keeping this project alive and growing. Please donate if you can.
Published on July 19th, 2022

User Stories

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  I wish that where I had breakfast every Sunday morning sounded like this. But it sounds like a highway on that island.

  This is one of my favourite gens for a particularly restless night. It makes me feel like I'm laying in on the rainforest floor, like some sort of sleepy fae creature.

  I'm rocking side to side imagining that I'm one of the trees swaying.

  Oak tree gentle rustling.

  Once selected a sound, I listen in my headset and when I am in a work call, before answering, I take a moment to turn down the sound a little... But leave it on! It helps keep me in my aware state, without over fixation on the ebbs and flows on the meeting, but more on my awareness of it.

  One of the ways I use myNoise... I like to pick a sound and listen to videos while I work. It takes away the peaks and troughs of people's voices and gives me a central focus away from the words, and toward my own inner self and breath.

  Muito obrigado por este 'ambient sound'. Ajuda-me a concentrar no trabalho. Assinado: João Prata Saudade

  Thank you. I truly feel a release of stress.

  Really loving this at work. Makes me feel warm and comfy. And helps drown out my computer fan ;D

  Whispering Trees really speaks volumes to and its "forest" of audiological resources. It sounds absolutely luxurious on larger speakers! Please, try this sound gen paired with "Autumn Walk" (select "singing trees" setting). Thanks!

  What morning sounds like. Hate mornings, this is the only form of it I actually like.

  As a fan of the Lord Of The Rings series, I imagine this is set in the Fangorn Forest!