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Unreal Wind
Frequency-Shaped Wind Noise Generator
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The wind of your dreams

The sound of wind is one of the most relaxing sounds in existence. This sound alone eases away stress and makes everything outside look more calm and quiet. The sound of wind is great for helping one to fall asleep and for covering background noises. Wind noise is a natural source of white noise.

myNoise offers many realistic soundscapes featuring wind sounds: Desert Wind, Meadow Land or Palm Garden to cite a few. This wind noise is different, because it is calibrated. As a reminder, when a sound is calibrated on myNoise, it means that it can be precisely shaped to any sound color (brown, pink, white noises, and so on). It can even compensate for your hearing loss (see next section). Since turning a normal sound into a calibrated sound requires heavy digital signal processing off-line, the sound can lose a little of its naturalness. This is what happened here, and gives the sound a pleasant - though slightly eerie - dreamlike character.

Published on July 23rd, 2013

User Stories

Write your own here. Click the blue bulletsto load associated settings.

  This wind song reminds me of the time I went wing-suit flying and fell out of the plane. It's so relaxing.

  Pairing this with Primeval Forest replicates sitting on an Illinois prairie pretty well.

  A wind as strong as a thunder..

  Perfect soundscape for reading Wuthering Heights! <3

  Unreal wind + Rain on a tent (with the tape speed up faster if you can) = weathering out a windy storm while camping. It sounds scary out there, but for now, you're warm and safe in your sleeping bag.

  Works like a dream with Thunder & Rain.

  Press the "b" key, then switch the orange slider off. Add Twilight on Tranquility and a high beta binaural brainwave such as 29 Hz. Close your eyes and... fly away on the wings of the wind!!! It's awesome! I just tried to balance three powerful sounds. Don't listen to this with opened eyes to avoid nausea.

  My dad loves wind and rain so he'll love this. Updates to tell if he sleeps tightly! -star, your beloved

  I paired this with Peter Gregson's 'Bach Reimagined' album for haunting classical wilderness. Perfect for creative or corporate work time.

  I can finally do my homework.

  .This site is perfect! The irony of the use of "noise" here, to me: it is beauty for the ears, not noise. The "noise" is what we get away from: the cars, the city, the loud people... That's what this website is for: to get away from the noise, and fill our souls with gentle, soothing delight! Thank you for this site! David Ulma

  A stormy night on a dark moor...

  The oncoming storm.

  I love this one set to "brown noise" and mixed with "himalayan voices." Perfect writing noise.

  This one is slightly eerie on high volume and makes me feel cold.

  Living on Mars, I had near forgotten the sound of wind. This app brings the cool breath of the blue planet to the dry heat of the red one. Thank, Unreal! PS second best computer app since Unreal Tournament, circa 1999!

  This with pilgrim is so good!

  Ive been enjoying this app and the website a bit for about a year. This tone in “wheat Fields” and Pilgrims in the “pilgrims” preset animated is very cool. Got this from someone’s suggestion here, and I like it. So thank you for sharing! I’ve also added Canyon to it with “haunted drone”, turned down a bit. Saving that for later, i got what i needed, this is going to help me concentrate.

  I call it: "Abyssal Ambience". Perfect for creating an atmosphere of absolute nothingness.

  This is so good, especially with the random animation changes. It makes me want to play the game, The Long Dark, again. It sounds just like the game, when a blizzard comes in the game. So relaxing. For me, it takes me to a peaceful place where I am all by myself, where no one needs me for anything, where I do what I want when I want, and where I can fully immerse myself in my thoughts and my work.

  This reminds me of wind in old trees as I'm walking home from school in winter. It's an inspiring and a haunting sound. I'm also very fond of it.

  This is good for homework or in school!

  I use this every time I wanna sleep, I put it on my speakers all night, I just love the fact that differently from the noise generator, this is dynamic and more natural, like an ambience instead of a drone, and for someone who have a short attention span this is great because it's not annoying and it's helpful when you have your mind full or just to reset ears after a mastering session haha.

  I love running this with The Pilgrim for that extra relaxing vibe.

  This with the bottom 4 sounds of white noise is like being on the deck of Howl's moving castle. Great for studying.

  I love to listen to this whilst I watch ASMR before I go to sleep, and it adds so much extra relaxation. Admittedly howling winds inside a hairdresser's or where can seem odd but relaxing regardless. Makes for a lovely background sound at quiet times in the day to, and keeps me calm at frustrating moments.

  Mixed with Mournful Chimes, Himalayan Voices, and Circular Breeze, it gives off a feeling of being somewhere high on a mountain, feeling free, and peaceful. The wind blowing through the trees, and washing over you. Nothing around you, and nothing containing you. Feeling like you're riding in the air, apart from anything needlessly concrete and solid.

  Adjust this one to your liking (if you want to) and play the Thunder and Rain, and the result is a sound that is good for focusing. Really like the website by the way.

  Love this! The wind sounds are very versatile and suits my indoor soft winds well.

  I love this one so much. I pair this with Debussy's Clair de Lune and when I close my eyes, I experience an almost ethereal level of tranquility.

  This paired with Canyon is amazing. Thank you for running this website ad-free.

  This and the Fire noise paired together really are amazing because they help me fall asleep and remind me of the cold winter I love.

  This on the Wheat Field preset goes great with the Summer Night generator

  Perfect for drifting off to sleep with nothing but a hot water bottle between your legs and the blankets wrapped snugly around you on a cold winter's night.

  When the neighbours and housemates are making noise I often use this as a way to block out the noise as well as help sleep. There's nothing quite like the gentle howl of the wind to sooth your senses after a long tiring day at work. Kudos to the maker of this generator!

  It's summer and it's way too hot outside to work.But this paired with a tiny fan is nearly making me freeze!

  I'd like to thank the user who pointed out that this generator would pair well with the song "Back Hall" from the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It took me so long to find something that would create the perfect sense of peace and calm I've been looking for these days. I'd also like to say thanks to Dr. Pigeon for creating this website, it has helped me a lot during hard times.

  The stormy wind blows during the wedding and causes the brides dress to blow in the wind.

  This might be my favourite. Especially when combined with the distant thunder. It takes me back to when I was backpacking the High Sierras. The wind would rip through the high mountain gaps, and the rumble of thunder in the distance often shielded by a mountain. Some scary nights then, but I loved every minute of it!

  As a student, I find it very hard to listen to music while working. This amazing website allows me to listen to beautiful and relaxing sounds and keep focused on my work. Thank You!

  Thanks for this generator, I enjoy it the best and it does a great job of drowning out people's voice's.

  As a sufferer of Misophonia, working in an open-plan office, myNoise is definitley the biggest contributor that helps me to be able to stay focused. It is one of the best things that the Internet has offered me so far.

  (on Animate with Rain on Animate) You sit down on the large grassy field, watching the dark clouds dance overhead. Wind wisps away then suddenly comes back with the force of many horses. You start to close your eyes when you feel the pitter patter of rain on your soft skin. The small raindrops dance about in the tossing and turning winds creating a beautiful ballad only for you to see.

  Excellent to cover the noise of the antiquated air conditioning system in the office!I use it together with the Bamboo Chime as suggested by another user. Thanks!

  Quite simple and so awesome :)

  Ohhhh...the joy from the sound of wind is amazing when complimented by the comfort of the indoors. This wind sound is so authentic and so much better than the drone of an AC. Has helped me tremendously tackle boring school work. Please donate so this site can keep growing because it is the best, yes, the absolute best!!!

  My favorite of the generators. I love that howling wind coupled with the sound of rustling leaves. Makes me feel like I am back home in one of those coming storms.

  My favourite things to pair this with, are the Rain.Today generator, which was recommended by this very site on their own rain generator, and either 'Back Hall' from the Amnesia soundtrack, which has beautiful choir vocals and strings, or this Japanese Lullaby, which I edited down to a high tenor instead of a high soprano, which I found more relaxing: . It's perfect.

  This setting gives the feeling of a dead, deserted place... I love it. My ears and mind rest when I listen to this.

  ← this is absolutely perfect. I feel so relaxed and destressed :)

  ← feels like you're flying above the clouds on a perfect sunny day!

  Now that I live in a city I have fewer chances to lay about in open fields of grass while it's windy like I used to love doing. Miles of grass and fields visible in every direction. And so I miss it once in a while. This is the subtle but commanding sound of an open field of grass, with the hint of distant currents of wind whipping against each other or any obstructions such as fallen trees.

  This + Dark Water + Irish Coast + = Song of the Sea

  Mix this with the new Sled Dogs, set the scene to stormy weather, animate both at 2X speed and you would swear you are mushing a pack on the Iditarod. This is a great noise block with just a hint of canine. :-)

  Something soothing about a wind that sounds like you are in the middle of winter or high ontop a mountain.

  I'm mixing this with Tropical Rain and it sounds like home. I'm from an island and the rain and wind are like nothing else. My favorite setting so far. Thank you greatly for this.

  ← I love this one which is right up there with my top faves. I love this sound and this site so very much.

  This setting totally reminds me of being on a roller coaster!

  I love having this play in the background while studying, reading or writing. While I've always enjoyed hearing the wind outside my window, it never lasted long enough for my tastes for me to get fully settled. Well , now I have a generator, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks MyNoise!

  I've been going through a rough patch lately and am having trouble sleeping as a result. The wind helps me falling asleep again when I wake up in the middle of the night with too many thoughts and worries on my mind.

  This generator is fabulous! I use the "deserted barn" most often and it paints pictures in my mind, soothing my body and setting my imagination on fire. Combine it with Church Bells ringing in the distance for a post apocalyptic soundscape.

  This (on Trade winds) + Aircraft Cabin (on Business) makes you feel like you're in a plane that's going through a really bad storm, and it's awesome.

  I love this generator. I've used it so many times. With Thunder & Rain it's soothing late at night in the summer. With Evil Charms RPG, it's unbelievably creepy, just perfect for writing. It's a great Stand-Alone generator, but in a background, it manages to bring the other generators to life. (Also great with Thunder & Rain, and Sailboat to recreate the perfect night out on the water!)

  Pair with Aeternias for your breath to be absolutely taken away...

  Strong winds entering the house through the gaps in doors and windows.

  A strong wind blowing against the window panes.

  This reminds me of flying through the air, with bright, fluffy clouds swirling beneath me. I can almost feel the rush of the cool breeze on my face and dancing through my hair.

  I feel like I am alone and safe at home, among the crowds of people at University. A chill is going up my spine and I am glad for the warm layers I have on.

  Calming, very peaceful, like a gentle breeze through you. helps you stay calm during frustrating games.

  ← Solar wind. Just add a little bit of deep space.


  Fantastic background noise for everything.

  I like to listen to it and imagine that I'm in Sanctaphrax. Really helps getting into learning mood.

  This setting helped me a lot when I was writing a short tidbit of writing involving the main character sitting near a tree on a warm but breezy spring night.

  I'm in heaven, this is just what I've been looking for. Thanks so much.

  This sounds like a shower...

  It's cold outside. Better stay in here.

  You feel them coming. Your feet fly fast through the dry grass as fast as your heart pounts, past the broken stone fragments - bits of wall, collapsing doorways, grinning faces. You flash your vision over your shoulder but see nothing.

  Love the mixing ability and presets on the site! I love to play this along with music to create a more realistic tone and a background wash so that the music is more subtle while doing homework.

  I love to do homework while listening to this, especially since I have ADHD... it's harder to focus in class and at home. Thanks so much for this relaxing soundscape generator! It's done quite a bit for me.

  Mix this with the Deserted generator for a chilling experience! Wind blowing, clocks ticking, tones droning, wood creaking,perfect for writing a scary story!

  Have a fire, rain and wind set just right! This is so comforting. The fire makes it cozy, the wind makes it erie, the rain makes it dreary. WOW. Love this website!

  Love this one. Winter blizzard. Just Study. Stay Calm. Enjoy!

  Anybody up for exploring an old abandoned warehouse? Anybody? Well, then I'll go by myself.

  After 26 years in demolitions for the military, my hearing... well lets just say it is not very good. I have tinnitus and it is hard for me to get to sleep most nights without drugs. Since I found I have used it to help me get to sleep. It has cut my drug use in half. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Stephane you are my hero! Keep up the great work. I have introduced this site my Dr.

  I suffer from tinnitus. Mine is 24/7/365 since I had hearing damage working at an airport back in the year 2000. I have been searching for years for an ultimate soundscape/noise generator. I've found some good ones, is the absolute best I have found. I'm hooked. I've been able to calibrate to my hearing and my tinnitus has been masked so well! I can't thank you enough! Thank you!!

  I've been out of work... This is incredibly helpful for the stress accompanied with that reality.

  Eases me into sleep with a noise I tailored for me :)

  This website is absolutely awesome! Not only the sounds are so relaxing but you can personnalise them! Well done, and keep up on the good job!

  The wind can blow for weeks on end in the Kyclades Islands in Greece. On the beach, up the snug, sandy lanes, in the stone houses. It only calms down at night and begins again at first light. It sounds like this, with the occasional higher-pitched shrieks. It can be unnerving I admit,; but though it has been more than 40 years on now, still, I yearn to hear it once more before I die. ekw.

  ← This with Rain and B-17 Propeller noise.

  It reminds me of being alone in my room and just hearing the heavy winds passing my window...

  So relaxing! Works wonders while trying to study!

  Everything maxed out sounds like a storm at sea

  Autumn in Poland

  Incoming storm noises like loud wind helps me relax because I like to hear the grass and trees move by the wind and also see them move helps me want to stay more outside and read my books.

  Summer wind sweeping through the dry prairie grasses; a storm is rolling in.

  ← Eerie Wind

  It feels like standing on top of a mountain, taking deep calming breaths while looking over the world in front of you. I love it!

  The sound of wind from inside a train carriage, in a tunnel.

  This particular setting reminds me of sitting outside on a cloudy day in the yard of my aunt's beach house, which has always been a place I've associated with calmness.

  There is a storm coming in...

  I like this setting on the Wind Noise: it's the kind of wind I hear late at night before a storm rolls in.. <3 I love this website so much. I'll never need another sound generator!

  I think it sounds like a windy day in a forest clearing.

  ← Desert Winds

  ← Hurricane

  ← Calm before the Storm.

  Alone in a snowstorm. A clean white landscape surrounds you completely...

  I really seem to like the sound of cold arctic winds. Maybe someone else will too. ...Is this arctic-y enough?

  Very relaxing

  Tornado :o

  I like it. It's really bassy, so it sounds best with headphones.

  The sound of the wind, and nothing else, is increadibly relaxing. I'm so glad I found this site.

  I moved far away from home, and the climate is different. I miss the storms from home. I miss seeing the seasons. I set the sliders to sound like a crisp autumn night.

  ← "Wind City"

  So refreshing...

  This wind reminds me of my dreams of running fields when I was younger, plus it adds a strange calm to any music I listen to along with it. It's perfect.

  It's impossible to describe the calm these noises bring me. I feel like I'm floating.

  That is what the trade wind in the Caribbean sounds like on a boat at night.

  This is meant to go with my rain and ocean noise to produce a sound that reminded me of saying inside a old tavern overlooking the sea with an abandoned lighthouse on yonder chiffside and I had means to investigate after the weather settled down.

  I have four tabs open, and I'm mixing your Rain, Ocean, Fire, and Wind noises. Amazingly calming. I'm from Coastal Northern California, so these sounds are the sounds of my home, and I carry them in my bones. It's nice to be able to mix and customise these noises. Thank you.

  This reminds me of long nights out at the beach

  Sit, with your back against a tree, and relax.

  This is the sound of leaves blowing gently in the wind. I am a nature lover and this helps to calm me down when I am angry.

  I'm gonna try to fall asleep to this but wind seems to calm me down and I think it'll be good. This is genius.

  I usually have a hard time studying for school due to background noises. I get distracted easily, and homework used to take me hours. I found your Wind Noise Generator, and now I have a much easier time working! Soothing, simple, and wonderful.

  I adore your website! It has so much customization and it helps me sleep and relax at night!

  This sounds like sitting at the edge of a forest, overlooking a valley. You hear the wind sweeping through the trees, and then gusts flowing through the valey in front of you.

  A low rumble with a faint whistle of distant winds.

  I discovered this from a Reddit thread a couple of days ago. Can't tell you how much nicer my work day is! Today I set up a "riverside camping experience", with tabs for campfire and wind animating, and the river noise as a constant.

  Reminds me of calm afternoon in the wood when I was younger, sleeping underneath the pines.

  Spiraling winds. This is what I imagine going through a forest during a storm, or in an open plain where a tornado might happen.


This generator uses a mix of custom field recordings and recordings made by Glaneur de Sons and Benboncan, used under a CC-BY license.