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Quantum Polarity
Electronic Music Sequences
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Quantum (Music) Theory

I love loops, especially when they do not... loop :) Repetition puts the mind into a gentle trance, while variability keeps things interesting over long listening sessions. This is why, on myNoise, something that seems repetitive at first glance will be seen to contain a lot of nuances upon closer audition.

For this generator, the variation is achieved by introducing probabilities during the composition process. Thus, randomness governs the quantity and quality of the sounds. Try predicting the kick drum pattern on this sound generator for example, or the bass line; listen to those claps...

Music ruled by probabilities is referred to as generative music. It is to music what quantum theory is to physics — haha — hence, the name of this sound generator: Quantum Polarity. Now, if you ask where the word polarity comes from, it is referring to Polarity, aka Robert Agathe, an electronic music producer from Berlin, and a master of generative music. Polarity is also famous for his YouTube tutorials about Bitwig and VSTs.

Polarity kindly agreed to create this track for myNoise. You can listen to his original creation on YouTube, and see Robert performing it live. If you like generative electronic music, check out Polarity's releases on Bandcamp.

Published on September 5th, 2022

User Stories

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  Incredibly mechanical, bouncy, staccato music that would have fit well on the Windows XP (especially the spring percussion.) Incredibly energetic and energizing—an engineer's auditory fantasy.

  This is so helpful. Usually music is too distracting to me and this is the perfect balance.

  I am a person with ADHD and while white noise is many times my go-to, my tweaked Quantum Polarity preset has enabled me to both maintain focus and relax, whatever the situation might be. A real life-saver.

  I like a lot of bass, like this :)

  Love this to work! I made it a little lighter, with less percussion, for smoother listening. Enjoy!

  Love this. Very peaceful and evokes Mass Effect background sound vibes. Def feel like I"m on a Space Station.

  This really helps me focus.

  Now we're talking! It feels like I am traveling through Space and Cyber Space.

  I've been following Polarity on YouTube for several years, so I'm thrilled to find his sounds here as well! For anyone who's curious about the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software that Polarity uses to make his sounds, it's called Bitwig Studio, and you can check it out here: https://www.Bitwig.Com

  What a wonderful generator! The kick and bass samples on this are my favorite on the whole site... I'm excited to mix them with others

  Wow! Wow! Wow!


  Spacious and smooth.

  The sound of technological parts of a computer.

  Combine this w/ F# setting and you'll immediately get the urge to dance.

  With the Bass and Kick stems at 100% and my headphones all the way up, my headphones vibrate! It feels like my head is vibrating too. Awesome and soothing at the same time. I'm weird :D

  I just did 8 hours of homework without noticing the time passing. Great to work to!

  The bass and kick on this gen are amazing!

  Very nice accompaniment for reading.

  This is jaazzzyyyy. Lightens the tension off work after a long, hard day at school. Thanks for this!

  Great combined with 40Hz Brainwave Gen, if you like to feel as though a car's radio is loud as fudge combined with the car's radio song..

  I like it! Sounds like the soundtrack to a Space Station being constructed.

  This generator is super helpful for concentration and focus. It's energetic enough to keep me alert, structured enough to engage the part of my brain that needs something going in the background, and unobtrusive enough to let the rest of my brain stay on track. Thank you!

  D’une pierre, deux coups!! A magnificent generator to fly with wonderful sounds for endless hours, and thanks to it, the discovery of Polarity's fantastic music and his YT channel :-) Merci beaucoup!! Thank you both: great teamwork! 73, EA6AMM. Mallorca

  A little-known trick on this website is to transpose the generator to the key of G for approximately 0.75 speed, and F# for 1.5 speed, especially when the "speed x2" and "speed /2" sound a bit too extreme or distorted. I love how chilled this one sounds in G, perfect for a calm, focused work atmosphere!

  This makes me want to dance with joy even though I am exhausted from the 1st day back at school (y11). I am now completing revision for the math's test tomorrow with a jig now and then :D

  Thank you for introducing me to the topic of generative music! Very fascinating!