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Black Hole
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Twin Black Holes

You probably embarked on a space mission beyond our solar system; otherwise you wouldn't be there at the moment, lost in the middle of the interstellar void, alone in your vessel. This mission likely failed. You woke up too early in the mission—s schedule. What are you supposed to do now? You have no idea. Your memory is unclear, and communication channels desperately remain silent. What happened? Slowly but inexorably, your spaceship drifts away toward a distant black hole. One that absorbs matter and time. As you move toward your fate, you can feel time already stretching.

The initial plan was to compose a soundscape that would nicely complement our Twin Black Lodges soundscape. But the sounds slowly drifted away during the composition process, like that spaceship drifting into the black hole. Though the final result sounds more like an interstellar soundscape, it still plays nicely along with Twin Black Lodges. Have a try!

Published on July 17th, 2017

User Stories

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  A dark place cold and silent.

  Thus it is unknown sounding yet fearful and dramatic, to create a world based all around it.

  I would highly recommend this combined with Osmosis.

  Wandering through a huge abandoned spaceship which drifts millions of lightyears from home. Only small devices still operate faintly and the silent everlasting pulse of the universe resonates through the ship.

  Sounds like you are spinning in space with no control over your direction or destination. Perfect.

  This combined with Isochronic Tones and Spaceship is just.... Perfect. There's just something about these three together that just hits different. Sounds like the inner-workings of an iterator.

  Haunting space engins .

  I find this noise excellent for writing. It is melodic yet meditative, with just the right amount of underlying dread.

  When you slowly drift near an active star system.

  Black Hole + Twin Black Lodges together is very calming.

  Kinda sounds like the Interstellar Main theme!

  I volunteer at two Star Ship Simulators, there work there allows several Flight directors to introduce me to this ambience generator. I love it! Now as I try to do what the professionals do but at home, I use this all the time. The black holes are the most dangerous time anomalies ever to exist.

  Gliding through space, is the Athena II, nobody but the people on the vessel know about it, but now you do. You see, space travel isn't a new thing, but now we're going far beyond. We're going to a different galaxy, we're going to Andromeda, far, far, away. "Places unseen, faraway and never missed." that, is our motto. We believe space travel is our future, THE future of the whole of mankind.


  So serene, it's like being soothed to sleep by a kind entity. Great for writing.

  I love the deep rumbles, extremely haunting.

  What a tranquil and serene sound. Like a god or goddess in the universe singing their song directly to you, and connects to your heart and your soul.

  Death's black hole grows more day by day, the black hole could wipeout the entire Milky way. It destroyed many planets with life on them. Other races tried to destroy the blackhole, but failed. Who will save the galaxy? It's Hawking Radiation will kill it's self, in five million years. Too long for our solar system to survive the black hole. It will just kill us all...

  It helps me so much to just listen to this while trying to get work done.

  Black Hole + In The Sky (Floating) has a very 11th Doctor (his last series) feel to it.

  You're lost in space!

  Hi everyone! I really encourage you to donate. I can't because I'm only a kid. If you can donate please do. I love mynoise and how Stephane provides it free. If you want it to stay like that, then you have to donate. Please do so, if you love mynoise. Thank you!

  This helps me get to the right state of mind for astral projection. There's no feeling equal to getting to explore the stars.

  When you are not here.

  I use this every day in my office to create my own little headspace in a sea of distractions.

  I'm currently using this along with a Shepherd Tone generator and Tinatus Neuromodulator to try and recreate the mythical POLYBIUS' title screen.

  I run Orbiter 2010 with this. When I've finished docking Soyuz to the ISS I just let this play in the background, set up a camera view and enjoy the rest.

  I always use this for studying, and it is so helpful!

  This is such an amazing sound! It helped me focus while I was studying for the quiz in three days.

  This is perfect for writing while actually lost in space. There's no sound out here, so the place needs a bit of atmosphere, you know?

  My Shadowrun-group hates this generator, as I always pull it out when they are investigating something during downtime that will affect their characters’ personality. :D

  Makes me feel like I'm in a random SF movie. Genuinely love this.

  This is very good! I have custom settings for anyone who just wants the music without the other background noises.

  "Our destiny is in the stars, so let's go and search for it." Perfect for falling asleep to-especially when I can launch myself into whatever Whoniverse story I want!

  Gives me lots of euphoria and makes me actually feel like I am who I want to be, which is quite literally the fabric of space.

  I am a huge fan of music that sounds haunting.. Also a huge fan of Space and Physics. This one is very satisfying!

  This helps me to calm down and take my mind off of things.

  I like playing this one together with the Warp Speed/Ultimate Enterprise one, together creating something straight out of a bridge of a spaceship, slowly cruising through the empty void. Kind of scary, but serene and calm at the same time.

  This sound generator is the reason I donate to this project. It's cosmic and soothing at the same time.

  Who will stand strong when facing the Unknown?

  Woah! Incredible! It is the best for studying!

  It helps me relax for breath holding which helps me sleep. I love all the generators, it's amazing what sounds can do if you listen.

  It is Mysterious, Relaxing, and Beautiful.

  I have a form of childhood trauma called attachment disorder, and I have always had a sense of emptiness inside, a lonely Void beyond Time, where nothing ever changes. I must visit this Void from time to time, in order to become able to leave it voluntarily. This soundscape helps me do that.

  Darkness surrounds you but you have no fear you decide to go outside and there is nothing.

  "The darkness no longer scares you. Seek your comfort in the black emptiness surrounding you. Give in. Fall asleep." So yeah I like this one, you can combine it with Spaceship pretty well.

  What would you see, in the face of this cold void? Are you still the collection of experiences past, though they have lost all relevance? How much like the void we are, when we lose our sense of self! My friend, remember what grounds you to life, and may you live a happy life.

  This is... AMAZING! I love it!! The surreal sound effects make it sound like you are actually in space and flowing towards a black hole. It inspired me to write a book about it. You are truly amazing!!!

  Amazing!! I love this so much! It fits perfectly with In Space with Markiplier too! You are Amazing! "The multiverse is littered with the corpses of your failures"

  This is amazingly chill-I love it.

  I Love. It’s so awesome, I love the whole Idea!

  Great for relaxing at night or making some calming music. You can make something peaceful, or something straight out of a T-rated sci-fi tv show.

  I love this! As a spacekin, this sound is the closest I've ever found that actually sounds like space! I've been looking for something that sounds like home and this is great.

  "Trapped in a space station, no connection to Earth. Not enough oxygen for everyone inside - dread and grim intrusive thoughts start to creep in."

  This helps me focus at work, I work in an open space, so the sounds adjustment helps. I love that it doesn't stop even when I am having online meetings, the sounds continue playing in the background.

  This almost reminds of home, even though it's many miles away from me. My heart is with the stars, but this is a good substitute.

  As you quietly walk the halls of the abandoned station you start to feel as something is watching you.

  Very relaxing and otherworldy. Perfect for late night reading.

  it's not a normal black hole... it’s’ a hole inside you. A hole that take over your emotions, your sense, everything that makes you. Perfect for study tho...

  This sounds like an eriee moment, where your seeing a black-hole take over everything you knew. Everything you loved. Your home, friends, family. Your life.

  Listening to this paired with "Implanted Memories" helps so much with focus and headaches while working.

  It's so amazing! It felt like I was really floating in space alone. It made me feel emotions I never knew I could even feel.

  This is perfect.

  The description beautifully captures what I think of with this. Lost, hopeless, despairing, yet eerily calm. Even in the chaos one can find peace.

  Infinite Timelessness

  A soundtrack when you're playing an outer space horror game. Creepy!

  Just discovered this site. Looking for ways to unplug, but since I am an electronic baby I need at least baseline electronic stimulation. So far this is a fabulous compromise between silence and input.

  The best companion to designing and testing ships in Kerbal Space Program.

  I feel like this soundscape perfectly matches the theme of the novel I am writing. On the morning of Tuesday, 15 October 2030, you wake up and rise from your bed. You cross the room and open the curtains to allow a stream of golden sunlight to flood the room. Then all of a sudden, the sun disappears, like it had never existed in the first place. An alien race takes over, and you know the rest...

  You look into the void. You feel as if you are timeless. There is absolutely nothing. Not even you. The ship has already been consumed by the void. Now you have forgotten everything that ever happened to you. You are now at peace, with nothing to think about anymore. Time is nonexistent. You can never go back to your time, but you can wait for the void to consume you finally...

  Useful in the background for solving math problems.

  This sound I have found called Black Hole it's real cool sounding and the variation I have made is... wow these sound options are just wow... I'm impressed.

  Really helped me focus while writing my creative fiction story, and definitely added to the atmosphere of the story in my head since it takes place in space.

  Calm before the storm with wind chimes telling me everything will be ok.

  Pretty great sound for concentration..

  The sound is so chilling and scary. This really takes me to a whole new dimension. This noise helps me to block out the outside noises that stresses me out and also relaxes me.

  I've reached the final destination, now this is the last thing to do.

  I keep going into a trance, helping a lot with stress...

  Thank you for not only creating these sounds, but for sharing them with the world. I've had the most productive day for a long time, and I forsee many more. My donations is small, but will be frequent.

  I'm weightless, lost in space. Perfect for exploring the largest codebase I've ever encountered, as it's literally a black hole of code.

  This has helped me deal with SAD, gender dysphoria, an eating disorder, and depression. It feels like you are everything and nothing all at once, and suddenly things don't seem so scary.

  This makes my hairs rise- it's.. very.. erm.. intimidating. But it also makes me feel like I have a large void in my head- hah.

  Reminds me of a story I wrote about an AI ship orbiting the solar system, simply observing.

  At the very edge of the universe is a brick wall with graffiti on it. I drew the orange frog btw :)

  As you drift endlessly into the darkness of the black void in front of you, you feel... empty. You say one last prayer hoping that something will knock you off course, away from the black hole. You hope humanity will be saved one day. You check the date. March 27, 3450? It's been that long? You lay down at the bottom of your spacecraft, as the space around you bends... and goes black.

  Time never stops in this unending, expanding universe.

  This is both terrifying and wonderful all at the same time! I love it!

  Perfect for a low ominous rumble. Got this on layered over the livestream of the Iceland volcano.

  The only things keeping you company from your impending doom are your thoughts, you've never really been able to hear them until now. The thoughts remind you of the things you did wrong in your past, and at this moment waiting for your doom you realize maybe this is your way of redeeming yourself.

  Something has gone terribly wrong, you can feel it in the pit of your stomach, and it sounds great!

  My favourite sound in the world.

  Best sound in existence! Inspiration is so much easier now!

  This sounds like a beginning of a TV-14 Alien Sci-Fi movie where aliens have landed and the planet is in danger. Love it!!

  Sounds beautiful and terrifying at the same time. It's great, though!

  Humanity's last frontier of space.

  Miss that Half-Life 2 soundtrack? Well miss no more, head down to the black hole.

  "As you approach the station, you feel a low rumble, you see a bright light, and you hit the hyper drive, unaware that you had blown up a dock, thinking that there were space pirates, then you dropped out of light speed, only to find that you had found an ancient hole of doom. Looking closer, you feel a connection with the V̶͓͝o̵͚̿͐i̸̝͛d̵̛͇"

  I add the rightmost two sliders from Chapel Voices for some ethereal, cinematic flare, and I look forward to listening to them almost every night. Very soothing.

  As your impending doom approaches, you think to yourself that it will never end but when the black hole calls out to you, you become the only person to know the secrets of the universe.

  As you find yourself drifting to the end you wonder "do I regret anything" a silent tear falls down your face as you think of all the things you did wrong but what hurts more are the things you did right as the end approaches you accept your fate and realize that it was all worth it.

  Flying through God's art piece. Going past stars and galaxies so big, you can only hear them.

  You can feel the hole taking you in, letting you know that you will be part of it in a matter of time.

  Feeling lost, no hope, just accepting the reality...


  Drifting through space... all hopes lost... only a slow, twisting, melody to keep you company. Amazing and inspiring.

  POV: You get untethered from your vessel in some tragic accident. As you float past a piece of drifting metal, your oxygen tank lets out a warning that it is desperately low, just around 5%. You'd given up hope of rescue 2 hours ago. At this point, you accept your fate as part of your lifelong dream of being a spacewalker. This is how it is supposed to end. You've known since you were a child.

  Like listening to silver/gold strings twisting and turning into a beautiful patterns rhythmic with your mind.

  Sinking into the void - nothing but your thoughts to keep you company.

  I feel like I'm trapped in space, a deep and never-ending space. It's almost as if the stars are singing to me.

  This is Awesome! Love the way this website works and the noises are amazing!

  I honestly love it, it feels like I am really in a black hole just like I have always wanted to do! Thank you myNoise! - Josie

  Combine this with Drifting Away; the sweeping noise really adds to this... I feel like I'm in another world :)

  TBH, Timeless kinda sounds like a Minecraft song.

  I can hear the wonderful, atherial music even after the music stops playing. Wow.

  It feels like i'm in a movie. And we are going down into the deep of a cave...

  I just absolutely love these base noises. Just amazing to study or zone out to. 10/10 would float through space with again.

  The music is haunting. It also seems somehow so great like there is something great beyond. It helps my belief in life after death (and even before).

  OMG, this is really cool. I started using this while planning for my mid terms... Horrible... and you know what, it literally helped me focus. It really works!

  As an avid Space Enthusiast, this really helps me concentrate on my school work while still thinking about outer space.

  To the ends of the Universe, never to return....

  So cool mesmerizing beauty and intense feelings. Love this combo.

  The sounds of the distant explosions are oddly calming.

  Makes me feel like I'm standing in front of something so massive that I can't see it.

  I miss you, dad.

  This really helps me sleep or just think really deep thoughts for no good reason.

  This is amazing. I love this soundscape! Here's my favorite setting if you want to listen to it.

  This sound made me feel as if I was already inside the black hole.

  Life is limited, But void is eternal.

  This generator combined with Electric Sheep sounds awesome! I'm a huge fan of sci-fi and dystopian novels and this has given me inspiration when I was writing my own.

  Eternal Life.


  I often try listening to a lot of different sounds on myNoise, but this is one that I always return to. It helps remove my mind away from this world and helps me focus. It’s beautiful and other-worldly.

  I am a lover of astronomy and I've always considered black holes the most mysterious things out there. Many times I've wondered what it feels like to be inside one or very close to one and this illustrates it perfectly. Absolutely perfectly. Thank you so much!!

  Subtly eerie.

  Big space fan. Cool noises!

  When I was doing ny homework I couldn't concentrate at all. Then I put this in my earphones and I could concentrate. Really good! This noise helped a lot!

  This is what I use when writing. It really conveys the inner thoughts of my sescentillion-year-old character, living through hundreds of Big Bangs and universes, spending most of the time drifting, waiting for life.

  I like to animate the settings and listen to this while I paint space art. I am working on a big nebula now.

  Next best thing to actual space exploration.

  Always loved space. The vast emptiness, the beautiful stardust structures, unbelievably massive orbs of heat (or nothing, in the case of a black hole) It's so intriguing to me, and so beautiful.

  I have a character that has many mental issues, so he is always in a kind of lonely, depressed state. He is not mean, but not kind. This reminds me of him.

  This is the sound you hear at the edge of the Universe.

  Love it! So calming.

  I imagine myself in a cabin of a stranded ship somewhere in space with a distress beacon turned on. There is not many things to do on out-of-power ship except wait for help and most of the time you will be sleeping preserving oxygen you have left. Your luck that the life-support system has a backup reactor... Get in slightly cold room, get good headphones, go to bed and push the ♡

  I am now one with the universe while I gaze into the stars at a planetarium.

  I'm writing a sci-fi story and this perfectly sets the tone as well as drowning out the outside world.

  Ah, yes, the sound of something gone wrong and the end slowly approaching. It's haunting.

  It sent shivers down my spine and gave me awesome chills! Great while doing homework!

  A really haunting piece of music. Makes me shiver in a nice way. I've got a tingle up my spine! But I write short stories and this helps me a lot.

  These voices won't leave my head...

  It's all over now. Everything's gone. You're safe here. Nobody can hurt you. Your life came to an end. The pain is all gone.

  I love this sound. I listen to it every night before bed. I just put all of them up let the sounds role.

  Stuck in the vast nothing, anxiety kicks in, you can feel your heart beat in your head. No one is coming to save you, no one knows you are out here. You are alone, might as well enjoy it.

  I sit at the end of the day and listen to it, reminding myself that everything flows: my failures and successes. Everything is nothing compared to the vastness of the universe. I was able to see it and experience it. To be an observer of my life. The ups and downs, everything is an experience I am grateful for. For the joy and suffering. And I shouldn't regret anything but to go.

  Your mission has been completed at the cost of your own life. The suit activates an emergency stasis mode to keep you alive. Chances of survival are minimal as your consciousness drifts off in to deep space.

  ....where are we? No where. What do you mean? We are outside of time, space, existence itself. we are no where.

  I’m lost. I could never hope to go back. They won’t come looking for me, they wouldn’t risk the same fate as me. I look up from my long obsolete control pad, the sight is breathtaking for a number of reasons. Nostalgia makes the black hole in front of me resemble the Sun being blocked by my home planet. I will die here, consumed by nothingness, so intense not even light can survive. I’m gone.

  I put this on while listening to podcasts, along with Japanese Garden. These are such cool sounds!

  Watching from a distance.

  You look out. You are speechless. It's sucking you in but you let it. It's beautiful.

  A mission, and no one knows how it'll end.

  Wow, feels like the star citizen ambiance.

  It's amazingly, sadly, beautiful.

  It's like apocalypse music.

  Amazing. I just started a Destiny 2 story and it's going really well thanks to this noise generator.

  My ideal balance of these noises for sleep, or transporting my mind far away.

  This reminds me of how much of space we don't even know exists.

  You arrive at an off-planet Monolith that in unimaginably ancient.

  Barış Özcan Bey beni burya getirdi. Thank you It is perfect net site.

  Thanks to Barış Özcan for sharing with us this amazing site!

  Barış Özcan Bey beni burya getirdi. Thank you It is perfect net site <3 Arda Özkoç

  I feel like somebody took something big and heavy from me. I feel like I can't move but I am so satisfied.

  Barış Özcan brought me here. Awesome stuff!

  It feels like you are exploring something in deep space with the threat of being swallowed by the black hole...

  Use this to feel small and vexed by outer space

  You're passing the threshold of all that is known to man, plummeting into an endless abyss that you knew would come. You're been fighting the darkness for so long now. The hull of your vessel begins to contract and boom. Soon you're left with nothing as it is swept away like a tempest. Al you can see is a bright light. It envelopes you, warm like an embrace... and you are at peace.

  My friend introduced me to this noise generator in November of 2018, and I've used it all I can since then. It's beautiful in a way that is both haunting and stunning. Here, I'm standing at the edge of a relentless destroyer of infinite universes, and I know that I'll be here until the end of time, poised to fall into it, and waiting in the inner peace. Amazing work, thank you for making this.

  Pairs great with Warp Speed! This Trekkie is SO happy!

  Just like out of a space movie. Love it!

  This is AMAZING!!! I'm in the cockpit and am trying to turn around when all the time in our galaxy stops and I say my goodbyes...

  I discover a new amazing Generator each day, but I always keep coming back to this one as it helps me concentrate at work. Its slightly eerie sound is powerfully evocative: makes me feel like I'm exploring the technological remnants of a long lost civilization on a distant planet and I get mesmerized listening to its deep droning hum. Love to combine it with Ice World, Anamnesis or The Hum.

  An amazing sound generator! I've used these sounds for over year now and they do the job!

  Really great background noise for loading screens, studying, sleeping. Anything really. While a bit ominous, it is very calming to listen to for longer periods of time.

  This one's by far my favourite generator, I've used it for years. I have ADHD and this generator helps soothe me when I'm feeling overwhelmed or burnt out at the end of the day. I also use it a lot when I take my weekly hormone injection, because I have a phobia of needles and this generator helps me calm down and slow my breathing.

  This preset is just otherworldly. If I turn off the last two sliders completely, it feels as if I was really in space, stuck in an endless time-limbo at the brink of the end of all known things that can be torn to shreds in an instant by this colossal, infinite celestial body. Nothing stands between me and a relentless eater of worlds. I have all the time in the world, yet others pass by instantly.

  This is perfect for when I'm writing sci-fi stuff. It's some great space ambience.

  I mix this with Yakutian Voices for a really haunting feel. It's like the theme for the final mission of a space crew trying to save humanity.

  Listening to this along with Mind Hack, I feel like I am Lain in Serial Experiments Lain trying to connect to The Wired with my Psyche Processor. Whenever I listen to soundscapes on here like this, synthesized, and brain hack along with Theta beats and some PsyTrance, I feel like I am getting closer to fully connecting to The Wired and transcending reality. -NaterOfTheWired

  This makes me feel almost completely calm, but not quite... I can't figure it out.

  I love this noise for when I've been thinking way too much - I can put it on and forget

  I like to listen to this along with my custom 88 Keys track, It gives a really erie feel to it.

  I work in an open working area as a researcher, combined with good headphones this drowns out every other noise in the room.

  Helps me sleep at night. It has a technical white noise, but it has a great way of helping me calm down and chill.

  This makes me feel like I’m literally in Interstellar, it helps me block out all of the noise around me.

  Staring out the tinted window of your spacecraft, you see the black hole before you, slowly reaching forth and grabbing everything around, the light, the planets, and your ship. You know the end is here as you take one last look at your dead communications, wishing this were a nightmare. Instead, you pull up a chair and stare at your impending doom, a single tear streaming down your face.

  I like to listen to this combined with the drums of Cinematic East. An inspiring combination!

  Immediately gave me shivers, very spooky!

  Very spooky, but I love it! It sounds like a part of a really serious movie right after someone is killed and everything is moving in slow motion.

  This is my best favourite now. I'm listening to it along with Osmosis (center raised up) and Polyrhythm (selected sliders only). Sometimes I add parts from Indian Drones or from Into Balance. This is creating a perfect soundscape for work for a whole day - relaxing, motivating, focusing, little sad and "flowing". LOVE IT!

  Falling asleep in a cryogenic chamber...

  it sounds like a beautiful horror movie scene!

  It's a great sound to be listening to while working. Your calm & you focus on just yourself & nobody else. Just like if you we're actually in a black hole!

  This is really cool, I just wrote a short story inspired by this, it's really good!

  Damn, this is creepy.

  Best sleep ever.

  This was perfect for the character I'm writing. Really has the feel of being small and alone. My writers block just went *POOF*

  This is like the dark part of a movie but with some light on it. Very relaxing.

  These settings are perfect when writing ethereal scenes! The background noise allows you to really imagine yourself there. I look forward to using this a lot more!

  This is absolutely beautiful. It feels so strangely dreamlike, and it sings endlessly of other universes and the abyss at the end of the universe. It puts me at peace.

  I've been listening to this with 88 keys while writing, and in the context of the character I'm writing, it's like knowing you're totally insignificant compared to the rest of the universe, and being totally okay with that. Drifting freely as a soul through the stars, just breathing. So melancholy yet so relaxing.

  You are sitting on the edge of a precipice, darkness is all around, everything you ever did has gone wrong. Your whole life is going wrong. As you sit here, you will time to turn back so you can change or to turn forward and envelope you in a new mysterious era, danger constantly approaches then subtly retreats...

  Engine idle preset makes me feel like I'm on a Von Braun spaceship from System Shock 2 game. Pretty cool.

  Try to pair this with Stellaris soundtrack for a great experience.

  These settings made me really think about what life is and what it means... I've had some really deep thoughts since I started listening to this!

  Listen to it for many days straight when studying, drawing or playing. It is by far the best background noise, not distracting, but very rich, whenever I pay attention, it is as beautiful as ever. I keep returning to it. Thank you!

  Imagine being in a spaceship floating past a bright, glowing, pulsating star illuminating the system around you. You look in awe at it's beauty. Then you look at the empty space around you. There's this balance of hope and light & intriguing yet terrifying darkness. It's the pinnacle of human experiences. To be face to face with the unknown and yet be so mesmerized.

  This one helps me calm down after a long day, mix it with Twin Black Lodges. I get really sleepy when I listen to both.

  I am pairing this with "Shanti Chimes" from the Mournful Chimes generator: Alone, adrift in the void, tens of thousands of light years from home, yet with the memory of chimes on a front porch, under an earth-blue sky...

  This is a great soundtrack, mix it with Twin Black Lodges and you get the feeling.

  We made it through, the ship seems to be still intact. The view is so beautiful.

  I love this sound! Super eerie but still the good kind of eerie! I feel like Im there, and being sucked in or not depends on the slider settings! I LOVE IT.

  It is creepy. A good Halloween thing to scare people with.

  This one reminds me very much of the Naaru from World of Warcraft. Absolutely ethereal.

  I layered this on top of Warp Speed and it made a really nice combo! This really helps me focus on what I want to, when those lo-fi YouTube mixes just have too many lyrics.

  It just feels like everything that could've gone wrong... did.

  I love the way it gives me this dangerous, yet comforting feeling. Lately, I've had the subwoofer of my sound system next to my bed so I can feel the rumbling of the engines and distant explosions. 10/10

  So chilling, shimmer and distant explosions up so high makes me feel... cold.

  Lights flicker above, the narrow white passage way illuminated with dancing rays of lights that coat the door at the end. At the console, "engine failure" warning, and a time that reads way to early for the mission. As I stare into it, nothing feels the same. Nothing left to do. Only the slight hum of the lights to comfort me. Slowly they go out, one by one, until only the console remains.

  Really helps me focus when I'm writing any kind of Sci-Fi, regardless of the mood. Love it!

  Just amazing when combined with Twin Black lodges.

  Woah... The emotion this makes me feel is... It's... Impossible to put into words. It's like being in another dimension, experiencing a terrible fate after a failed intergalactic mission, being slowly sucked into a black, unknown void you know you'll never scape, but you're already at peace with your destiny, having accepted your death as yet another incredible adventure. Your last one.

  In absolute solitude two miles above the desolate planet you find yourself unfortunate enough to live on, you sit alone in darkness or in a space of matter if so you choose to see. Water slowly circles you, its reflections cast in pale orange on the distant walls, illuminated only by the lone chandelier above, its single point of light slowly circling its circumference. You are Niander Wallace.

  I like using this one on "Serenity" (without the hum and some vocal pad) mixed with the "Twin Black Lodge" on "Haunting" (minus transients and upping the levels on the rest) and it's amazing. Perfect for my writing.

  Absolutely in love, so peaceful and so strangely far away simultaneously.

  This setting seems almost ethereal, heavenly. As though you are merely floating, half-awake, half-asleep, and you can hear the Song of Time, or something else that mystical. This setup, in a word, sound magical.

  Time means nothing. Days are months and minutes all at once. You have only your next breath to measure them by, and only the dying light in which to live them. There's a thrumming in your bones, and you're not sure if it's from the cold that has settled inside you, or the unnerving way It's waiting, watching. You know how it ends, but your defiance is all you have left; you stand ready to face it.

  Boy, do I like this generator. It really does make you feel like you're floating near a massive space body pulsating with pure energy.

  This whole summer, my family and I went to Europe for a road trip in the UGLIEST neon blue car EVER that smelled like a bathroom. This generator and the maze runner books (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) saved me from a couple of barf-in-a-crowded-car situations.

  Trying to find words to describe this galactic sound is almost impossible. You eventually just lose yourself in the beauty of the ambiance. This one in particular brings forth an unending beauty with that sense of dread, hidden among the awe and amazement.

  This is just awesome. It helps me calm down my anxiety and dysphoria. It's like I'm somewhere far away and I don't have to think about anything.

  This is some real sci-fi ear candy right here.

  Paired with 88 Keys, it has the feel of sitting on the dock in the late night/early morning. You don't know which. You lost track of time a while ago. Your feet hang over the edge of the pier, letting the mist off the lake cover your calves. You're laying on the pier. The lake is misty, but the sky is clear. There are so many stars out here. It's beautiful.

  Whenever I found this generator I started experimenting and I found with the 88 Keys one combined with this, it just gives me a really calming feeling like I've almost never felt before. You should experiment with the combo when you get the chance, too.

  "Achingly Beautiful" are the perfect words for this soundscape.

  This is perfect. So creepy, yet so welcoming.

  Reminds me of Star Wars.

  I usually listen to something to help me sleep, and I think I just found my new favorite website. This sounds so relaxing! I love it so much! Just wow. This is gold!

  Two hours of oxygen remaining.

  Pair 'Black Hole' and 'Take it Easy', it is an awesome experience.

  Brings tears to my eyes.

  This is basically a lost in space or a soundtrack that would be played when showing the vast emptiness of space. It brings a sort of majestical haunting.

  There's something about this that feels so... resigned. It's simultaneously troubling--haunting--and peaceful. It is a deep-seated oneness, "the great unknown", and "the finality of all things", all at once... Easily my favorite generator on this site.

  I love listening to this while doing physics. It makes me feel as if I'm the captain of a small spaceship, solving problems in my quarters between light speed travels as the engine cools down.

  Achingly lovely.

  The Song of the Universe itself (almost). Peaceful sound that makes me relax and almost silence or shush my racing thoughts. :)

  Wow. Youtube was down, so I decided to use this as background noise. Little does Youtube know, I'm not going back, because 1. This stuff is AMAZING and 2. With this, I don't have a way to procrastinate. This also makes me think of a story my friend wrote about space, and a dying ship, and something a composer wrote about screaming masses of distortion :) I love this. So much.

  My hair are all standing, as I listen to what my brain hears as danger. I love it.

  This almost sounds like some wicked version of breathing which is absolutely haunting and I absolutely love it.

  I love this. It is so helpful in an office setting to help block out distractions, and get 'wired in'.

  It's too good, it gives me that one mood that works like laxatives for creativity allowing me to push through my jet lag exhaustion and headache. Thank you.

  Wow, just wow. I feel like I'm drifting into an endless abyss.

  You grow closer to the hole. In the silence of space, you hear something coursing toward you. Looming, deep sound begins to reach your ears. But on top of that, some light comforting waves... You hear your engine humming. You know that this is the end. You welcome it.

  Great sound for getting work done.

  This is absolutely my favorite soundscape. It's so hauntingly beautiful. The bass alone made me fall in love!

  Nothing is left. Your death is edging nearer. You failed. And now there will be only darkness.I tried to make a spooky mix, and it worked. Not for relaxing, I guess??? - LA

  You look at the abyss and see nothing. The beauty of the stars are being sucked up, deleted one by one. Matter of all types pulled in by the black embrace. It is empty, but whole. What will you become when you are finally drawn in? A memory that will be faded in mere blinks of the universe or something else? This is the last voyage, the final stop. At the end, you only see-.

  This sounds amazing! I go into my own, peaceful world with this generator. Feeling like I'm far away from this world and in the mysterious abyss of the cosmos is blissful.

  Don't let me leave, Murph! Sounds fantastic, and quite relaxing.

  Space too big, wanna go to Earth.

  I can't believe no one's figured out to pair this with Gregorian Chanting to get the ultimate Halo Reach generator.

  This is the deafening soundtrack of entropy and destruction: groaning, overtaxed engines; distant explosions, perhaps your own ship breaking apart; some kind of shrieking, howling sonic demon chasing itself around and around your craft. But sometimes when the noises go quiet - is that your own pitiful wail, or an illusory cry of mourners in a pitiless universe? This is the end...

  If light cannot escape me, what hope have you?

  A beautiful captivation of infinity.

  This with "Osmosis" on a lower volume (three clicks) is a must have interstellar mind journey you won't regret. I feel near-nostalgic yet... I long for something. Something whose understanding I can't quite grasp. I'm drifting away. Drifting so distant, so far away from everything. Nothing can harm me. Nothing can take me away. I am one. I am here.

  This generator combined with Warp Speed and Saturn's rings makes for an interesting journey of the mind.

  OMG, I have always loved these space-themed generators... They help me think and clear my mind from all anxiety and distant thoughts. My negativity is slowly being absorbed by this black hole!

  It is like gazing into the abyss and feeling the gaze of the abyss right back into you.

  Such an innovative generator! It ranges from humble and inspiring, to deep and melancholy. I sit at work playing the sounds of a galaxy being stretched and destroyed to the backdrop of harrowing vocals. The bass is fantastic, also!

  Wow, another inspired and creative idea. No other noise generator on the net can touch the MyNoise experience.

  I wasn't ready for this and my head exploded. It was awesome.

  As you approach the event horizon, you and your ship begin the processes of spaghettification, the stretching of your material being into a single line of atoms. You see the bow go first, the beginning of the end. Time has lost all meaning as your ship seems to slowly stretch before you into the void. Your last thoughts are of the universe you are leaving... and the one you might be entering.

  The reactor expands slowly, but surely. The stabilizers are fused - providing you with a shield that won't last long-, yet you don't flinch. It gives off the heat of a million suns yet you feel none of them... as you stare, unblinkingly, into the slowly brightening orb of destruction of the likes of which no man has ever seen. (Use In The Sky and Duduk Song with this generator. Trust me.)

  Your ship floats towards the impossibly black centre, distant explosions can be heard ringing through the hull, an eerie ring penetrates the air over the quiet hum of the engine. The light twists and convulses past you and you know that your voyage is over.

  This is the sound of the world collapsing around you. Everything you have ever known is lost to you now, and things fall in and out of focus. You feel disjointed from the world and from yourself as you stare at the chaos. It's the moment you knew was coming, yet the surprise still shocks you. Your throat aches like you've been screaming, but you hear no sound; maybe you're not. Maybe you're not...

  I'm about to cease my existence as we know it. As my lone starship stretches and cries of agony, I don't feel fear. A soft, and misterious tune surrounds me. I am left to wander what will be of... everything. I don't hear the ship. I don't remember my family on earth. I look on my window, astonished by the beauty of the galaxy, my mind is drowsy. That music entices me.Goodbye everyone.

  I hear the trepidation and the mystery, but instead of fear, I hear comfort. There's something soothing about knowing nothing about where you're going - like when you fell asleep on long car rides as a child, the yellow streetlights flickering down on you as you faded between dreams and wakefulness. It's like the void is giving me a big hug.

  This might be my new favorite. I just opened it without changing any settings and it immediately put me in a meditative state. Just me and the universe... so comforting and nurturing and expansive. Beautiful!

  Black Hole default settings, plus Subaquatic Dreams with both dolphins brought to other sliders' starting positions. Then animate Subaquatic Dreams. Cuts out the loneliness/fear factor of Black Hole, but leaves the sense of mystery and awe. <3

  It is sad, sorrowful, and scary. Truly heading toward the unknown, and there is nothing you can do about it.