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A Sonic Talisman
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Sweet Dreams

According to Native Americans, good and bad dreams fill the air at night. Like a spider's web, a dreamcatcher traps the bad ones, and lets the good ones gently slide along its feathers to reach the person sleeping below. The bad dreams are then destroyed in the day's light. May this musical atmosphere transport you to the land of sweet dreams!

Published on April 27th, 2020

User Stories

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  I like mixing it with default Japanese Oase, it is incredibly soothing.

  I love mixing this with Japanese Garden, it's incredibly soothing!

  As a native listener I'd missed this or bypassed it because of appropriation issues that come up so easily even with people that are usually thoughtful. The sound generator is nice, but it would be extraordinary to somehow connect you with some of our modern net savvy music culture folks and get a voices of the Americas recording done as you've so lovingly done on other cultures. [Editor’s note: ’d love too, but then need find people willing to collaborate. Maybe you can help. Stephane]

  Sounds like the music in an very expensive, urban luxury flat on the 70th floor.

  This is gorgeous! I have ADHD, and this really helps me to focus. Thank you myNoise for this beautiful generator.

  This helps me focus on my schoolwork and getting it done. Thank you for making this website!

  This is definitely my favorite recording on myNoise!

  Absolutely lovely! The voice sounds so much like Björk. A soothing lullaby by an otherworldly spirit. Listening to this; I feel much more calm and focused.

  So soothing... helps me to let go of the day and heal with my own breath. Lovely!!!

  Very pretty and relaxing. Makes the every day feel a little more magical. Thank you.

  I've always loved the concept of the dreamcatcher. Now to have a collection of sounds inspired by it to perhaps go to sleep to? Happy dreaming... zzz

  Amazing! But unfortunately these composite generators are not available in the iOS app… yet.

  Excellent! Passed the meditation/prayer test with high marks. Highly recommended for deeply peaceful and insightful moments within oneself!

  It's so beautiful, that makes me wanna cry and smile at one time! I feel like I'm floating in my happy dreams... Reality means nothing to me when I listen to this. Perfect for falling asleep and also for working. It calms me and makes me feel like I'm surely gonna get through all of these difficulties.

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