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Dark Forest
Interactive RPG Soundtrack Generator
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Enchanted? Maybe.

The moon — your only friend in these dim and mystical woods — disappears behind the treetops and abandons you to the dark. The ground beneath your feet crunches with your every hesitant step, and then you nearly stumble when the earth — suddenly spongy — swallows your boot. Nocturnal creatures wake all around you, greeting you in echoes of lonely howls and hums. A winged insect flutters past your ear. Something doesn't feel right. It's like the whole forest knows you're here. No... it's like the forest knew you were coming, and won't let you leave...

Published on December 29th, 2015

User Stories

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  Do I detect some sampling from Pink Floyd's Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict, or at least heavy influence? [Editor’s note: no influence, was even unaware of this work of Pink Floyd]

  Paired with Osmosis on "Highs and Lows" preset, this gives me the vibe of my own early childhood.

  Great background music for roleplays :]

  You feel like you've been here for days. The forest never ends. The night never ends. But you just have to keep moving. You have to keep moving or those far away howls will become much much louder.

  POV: You're in the woods, looking for adventure. You hear strange wailing noises you never heard before. You go and investigate. Then, you suddenly realize you've entered the boss room. These short humanoid children with short hair strips on their head start walking slowly towards you. They surround you and start talking in Elizabethan English.

  I'm a writer, currently writing post-apoc urban fantasy. This, paired with 'Evil Charms,' has given me exactly the vibe I need to break through a small writer's block and put words on the page.

  This has a really creepy vibe, and I like creepy things like this because it brings me fear. (The good type of fear, I mean) Thank you for making this!

  I play quite a few high-fantasy games. They have become exceptional entertainments with superb art, remarkable good writing and plots with real moral and ethical underpinnings. All this and an elf armor! I play your ambient pieces almost exclusively while playing and have been passing my good fortune forward to others.

  This is strangely calming, helps me when I do my work. Those footsteps make some great white noise!

  Ohhhh wow this is SO CREEPY! Literally gives me chills up my spine... and the little description at the top is spot on :) Definitely not one to listen to in the dark... amazing job, this is so cool :D

  Hgggg,,, this is so comfy,., I know it’s supposed to be spooky but maybe it’s just me? I would love to fall asleep to this.

  I like to layer relevant sounds behind movie soundtracks and this one is perfect for standing in as the Forest Moon of Endor layered with the score from Return of the Jedi!

  This is so good! It's inspiring. Big wizard vibes.

  I love all speakers at max. It feels like I am in the middle of an eerie forest.

  Highly recommend the Dusk preset. It is great for studying or just lying down and relaxing. Love this website!!!

  Just an eerie sounding swampy haunted night.

  This layered over Church is so eerie and spoopy, perfect for Halloween or just freaking yourself out for no good reason.

  I've always loved cricket sounds at night, and making the other creatures sound very distant gives me the impression of standing at the outskirts of a mysterious forest, calling out to me to step into its world, beyond my comfort of familiar crickets... what will I discover if I decide to cross over?

  Sounds like a setting of when you wander lost into Slender's Woods, and you hear nothing but your own footsteps and... Distant howls, but from where?

  Perfect for writing ghost stories - not too much high pitch and footstep setting that tricked me into twitching my head to the side more than once.

  This paired with Oblivion set to the "Amnesia" preset reminds of the game "Inside". I can imagine trying to sneak past guards and watchdogs through a dark forest, with an impending sense of doom and loneliness enveloping me.

  I love how the footsteps sometimes sound as if they're stepping in mud or on branches... adds to the realism. The animal noises are very weird and calming. The RPG generators are great for me as a DM.

  Strangely calming.

  To be listened in a tent, alone, in the middle of an unknown forest.

  It's weirdly calming...

  ← Guys click the heart. It sounds so eerie and cool, I could use this on Halloween! XD

  Feels like being home. Not the where I currently live, but more like an universal feeling of home.

  This is a great sound generator for creepy settings. Combine this with "Deserted" and you'll have yourself an amazing atmosphere of scary. I always love channels that tell scary stories like Mr Nightmare, and these are some of the best sound effects for those channels and for anything eerie in general.

  I've been listening to this for hours and still love it! It's very nice and relaxing, especially when paired with a rain generator.

  This is great for planning a D&D session, but I also find it oddly soothing to listen to whenever.

  It gives me anxiety, but the good kind of anxiety.

  Niiice. On animate and with headphones, it's sometimes hard to tell which noises are from outside my window and which ones are from the generator. I'm writing a spooky story and this has really helped me find my muse. Now I just need a name for the villain ...

  This track is amazing!!! I discovered I was wolfkin about three days ago and this "Dark Forest" track helps to combat the dysphoria I feel... Having the sounds set to my preferences helps a lot too. It's like lying down for the night in the forest, and hearing my pack hunt nearby... Love it!

  You have no idea how much ambiance can improve a table top session. Even subtle stuff like this will get you noticeably better player engagement.

  This generator is so wonderful! I've been looking for a long time for one that sounds like this or similar, and I'm so glad I've finally found a good one. It transports me to a dark forest, just as the name suggests.


  This generator combined with the Purity preset of Twilight made me feel like I was at the abandoned shrine in the wilderness that the main character of my book visited.

  Dark Forest, paired with Dragon Sleep (Anamnesis) and Battlefield makes me think of a scout or a spy or an uninvited observer slinking around a battlefield.

  This is such a relaxing track to listen to while I write! It inspires me with so many ideas for nighttime journeys and quiet midnight mischief. It almost makes me want to go out and roam in the night myself...

  I'm really liking this; first thing that comes to mind is Luke Skywalker making his way through the swamp in Dagobah.

  It's so eerie. And the howls are amazing; it puts you in the mood.

  Rare creatures is my favorite. With a little bit of thunder added... perfect.

  It took about five seconds for this to become my new favorite generator on the whole site.

  Love this! The Eerie Bird noise is amazing. I re-tuned it all to be much more creepy and haunted and plan on mixing some other players with this one to create a "fighting ghosts" experience. Thanks for putting it together!

  It sounds like a home I once knew.

  I just love this one, without nocturnal tone: This way, it's a quiet, dark, ancient wood - where humans are only guests. If you behave well, you may stay and receive your gift: tranqulility. If you don't, well, the floor is soft, and, y'know, humans don't swim too well, soo, err, ... ;)

  This sound generator is amazing on its own. Pair it with the Poltergeist generator and you get a nice horror soundtrack.

  I find myself imagining a lightly foggy alien forest with strange swirly plants, blue fireflies and cat-sized insectoids.

  I've grown up surrounded by forests, and this really puts me at ease. It feels like I'm back at home, safe in the comfort of the woods.

  Just stop in the dark mist and listen for a bit  the forest is full of noises.

  I love all of the RPG noises! I mostly use them for writing, but man if I ever get my Pathfinders group to meet regularly...