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In The Sky
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Free Falling with Enlia

Let Enlia be your guide during a weightless journey up into the sky: All you have to do is to relax and close your eyes. Soon, her wonderful vocals will bring you into a peaceful state of mind where you may leave all your worries behind. Focus on the harmonies, the slow melodic line and the various stems of tones floating around you. Only then can you allow yourself to drift away into dream land. As myNoise generators never repeat exactly the same, a feeling of eternity will soon emerge... Like a free fall that never ends.

Enlia is an independent singer-songwriter from France with an beautiful, ethereal voice. She specializes in dream pop and ambient songs, and is available for collaboration here.

Do you know that all myNoise generators are carefully designed to blend perfectly with each other? Try combining this generator with other myNoise generators such as the Canyon Drone.

Published on December 5th, 2016

User Stories

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  Beautiful. That's it. That is what I have to say.

  I needed to do my homework math and I paired it with 88 Keys. It was so relaxing the time flew by and I was finished without realising that I was doing it.

  This plus 88 Keys go together so well. It got me through 8 hours of incredibly stressful work yesterday. Somehow it helped me stay calm and focus. Absolutely gorgeous, thank you.

  Reminds me of Lily's Theme from Harry Potter, but extended almost? The singer's voice is lovely.

  The vocals are mezmerizing... It's like heaven! I absolutely love this, it is calming, and relaxing.

  This is absolutely beautiful! It puts me to sleep within minutes. Enlia's voice sounds so calming and heavenly... Thank you for this amazing generator!

  "The demons will awaken soon, come with us." The angels are calling, and you know you must answer to them, so you follow. And the planet you used to call home... Well, you may never see it again. But you don't really mind, because you know that you will lead a calm and peaceful life with the angels. Rain, birds, and the most beautiful voice you've ever heard.

  Paring this with black hole is truly such a delicate mix of sounds. It's absolutely mesmerizing

  This+duduk song makes a surprisingly good mix. This song with the sad/comforting Duduk is perfect for focus. Thank you, Enlia and Dr. Ir. S. Pigeon!!! Enlia has such an amazing voice!!

  In the Sky and Canyon Drone ARE an amazing combination - excellent suggestion! I love playing around with the different Scenes available in each and coming up with ever-more transcendent mixes. myNoise is superb and I'm finding more to love about it each time I enter the realm....Thank you, Stephane, for your imaginative work!!

  With the world feeling like it's all going crazy and my anxiety going through the roof, this calming generator is helping me feel anchored. Enlia's voice is truly heavenly and tranquil, which is exactly what I need right now.

  I use this a lot when I need to focus, and if it is mixed with Oak Song, you get this mellow, beautiful song that just sounds amazing.

  This + Gregorian Voices (Hum/Bells/Reverb Song) + Medieval Village (Rejoicing Bells/Carriages/Market/Animals) creates a literal dreamscape. Superb!

  I paired this with Gregorian Voices and oh my stars, I made something absolutely beautiful. It's sounds like something you'd hear in a very emotional scene in a movie.

  This one is perfect for school! It helps me focus on what I'm doing!! Thank you so much!!!

  I am using this website for almost 2 years, this noise is not new for me. I come to this generator, the first 15 seconds is calming and I leave immediately to another generator, but today, I immersed myself into this music along with my maths homework, guess what?! I did it! Yeah! Otherworldly.

  Soothing for the brain. Lovely.

  That cloud on the right looks like an elephant!

  I have bad anxiety, especially at night. But this helps relax me and eases my anxiety slowly but surely. I pair it with nature noises like Healing Water for added affect. It's really nice.

  Oh my god... absolutely breathtaking; this voice is magical, ethereal, graceful, and so appealing to hear! I honestly can't imagine a better soundscape.

  This generator accidentally started playing while at the same time as Cinematic East on another tab and WHOA was I surprised!!! That was some mystic energy! I was trying to look for an afternoon pick-me-up. Settings: both on default. Thanks again, Stephane!

  Paired with unreal ocean - it's like your floating up the ocean and your fading senses make it feel as though your being lifted to heaven.

  Nice! Very relaxing.

  Sirens are calling to you... you head towards them... you cannot turn away...

  I combined this with Irish Coast, and it makes me feel like I'm at the beach, looking up at the sunset.

  This with Flying Fortress. If the angels are flying low and the pilots are flying high... (I suppose my imagination is overactive.)

  I combined it with Oak Song, Japanese Oase and Garden, it's so good!


  The mermaids are calling...

  Super relaxing. Great to fall asleep to.

  This generator and one called Osmosis... NEVER in all my 45 years have I ever slept so deeply, then with these two generators playing together! You have a fabulous website and wonderful intuition in its creation.

  Listening to this with Huu Chant and Canyon Drone is such an out of body experience, I feel so inspired to write right now! This is seriously amazing, sounds like a sad but bomb ass soundtrack from a movie, love it.

  You hear them. Who? ... You don't know. Emotions flood your head and block your ears; as if you were underwater. The world is at peace. It doesn't matter if it is only for a moment. It's at peace. ... Appreciate this, self. The voices draw you in. They tell you to escape, but when you listen, they tell you the most wonderful things. What to do... What to do indeed.

  Mermaids are dancing in my head...

  You know it is time to go, but you don't want to. Somehow the alluring voices of distant angels call you forward... You hear something else but, what could it be. Only one way to find out... (Very lovely paired with Gregorian Voices)

  5AM and I'm working home, nothing could calm me down this good. Feel like floating in light.

  The mermaids are singing.... they mourn the many ships lost in the depths and the brave men that sunk with them.

  Takes me to another place as I work in the noisiest room on the face of the planet. And I seem to soar else where till I am jerked back to the real world - and this makes me feel surreal, as if I don't belong in the real world at all, but up in the sky.

  Needed something to pair with Irish Coast while I was writing and decided to go with this. An excellent idea, added such a heavenly and serene feel to everything. Exactly what I needed.

  This is perfect for studying or relaxing, because in my opinion, I can't work if there's no background music, and this is perfect.

  This along with amplitude modulated delta waves and isochronal gamma waves got me into my first transcendental meditative state. I started slowly falling, and then lost all feeling in my body and became weightless. I've never felt so relaxed before, this is insane!

  This with Aeternitas and The Pilgrim.

  Ever so relaxing... Wonderful! The main vocal is soo gorgeous!

  This noise makes me relax SO much! I play it with Unreal Ocean and I feel so at peace. Thank you lots!!

  You hear the sirens in the distance, you know you shouldnt go, that it will be your doom. You head towards it anyway.

  This noise mixed with Deep Ocean's Scuba Diver setting reminds me of Endless Ocean. I love that game so much.

  This is very calming. Helps me relax after a long or stressful day. It also helps me sleep. 10/10 great experience would recommend.

  If you speed this one up, it sounds like a society of cats singing the folk songs of their people.

  This setting paired with the Troubadours setting of the RPG Medieval Village reminds me of The Legend Of Zelda Games - especially Skyward Sword, which this generator in general reminds me of.

  I've been listening to this on Shuffle mode coupled with Singing Bowls on Sound Therapy setting for three days straight. Coincidentally, I'm writing a story that happens in the sky, and I've wrote more than seven thousand words since I'm tuned in to those ethereal sounds... Thanks once more for calm and inspiration!

  I combined this ethereal sound with Unreal Ocean: Underwater and it sounds a bit like the Harry Potter singing egg scene. I almost fell asleep on my keybo... Zzz (snores)

  This helps me focus on studying, very calming.

  A very calming and slow atmosphere, reminiscent of wide, sweeping Fantasy landscapes, forests and plains with a lone rider on a quest. Remember to set it to the key of E, and slow it down.

  This is so beautiful, puts me right to sleep and I dream of angels singing.

  I am happy that I fond this site. This truly sends me to other places and soothes my mind. It only takes few minutes for a complete relaxation.

  I like to pair this with 'The Pilgrim'- The humming and the rhythm goes perfectly with the vocals of this one and sounds wonderful- I use it all the time for when I study.

  This is truly heavenly.

  I was really mad and needed a few minutes to myself to calm down. This worked perfectly to soothe my nerves and help me regain control of my emotions.

  Pair this with Duduk Song, and be immersed in a sorrowful, reflective atmosphere.

  Put this in combination with Osmosis with the "Calming" setting. Travel to a land of clouds...

  This works perfectly with "The Pilgrim".

  As someone who enjoys fantasy writing, and such stories closely involve pegasi - animate this with the Polders windmill wing sounds for your pegasi's wings (the little jingles are your saddle and bridle) then use any wind noise maker - and away you fly.

  'Floating' Preset + "Twin Black Lodges" (Anim. Ex, 4x) + "Northern Lights" (Anim. Ex, 4x) gives me chills. So relaxing and beautiful. Its amazing how well this angelic soundscape plays with the dark setting of the other two!

  There is a storm over my neighbourhood, which I was looking forward to because I love storms and there hadn't been any for two years. Listenning to the thunder sounds with this and "Into Balance" generators is like being in heaven.

  I suggest pairing this with 88 Keys with both generators on 'Animate'. These two generators almost belong together.

  This is in the same/complimentary key as the Gregorian Voices generator, if you're looking for a combination of male and female vocals.

  When combined with the "Huu Chant" it sounds like you're ascending into heaven itself... ahhhhh.

  This goes astonishingly well with my Take It Easy settings. The ultimate never-ending chillout.

  Putting this on animate and mixing it with Sailboat sounds like accidentally finding a mermaid cove. It's not hollow or aggressive enough for sirens, but it's hauntingly beautiful; as if they haven't noticed the ship yet, especially if you keep the ship louder than the singing.

  These vocals are calming and so beautiful. It has a mystical sound to it. I second on the comment that this is a great combination with Intertidal if you want a combination that will get you reminded of mermaids.

  I LOVE this one. Without the main vocals, and combined with Intertidal and Northern Lights, it feels like a magical mermaid serenade. My current favourite meditation accompaniment

  Every setting is beautiful, I was tempted to put them all on maximum. This really is gorgeous!

  The "Floating" setting is like hovering above the clouds. Or floating underwater with rays of light filtering through the surface. It always seems to calm me.

  This combined with the underwater noise generator is very calming and beautiful. Almost like mermaids. <3

  Feels like standing in a field looking up at some clouds that look like rain, calmness surrounds you. The breeze feels as if it's trying to gently lift you off the ground, you come up on your toes and the top of your head starts to tingle. Your eyes close. You feel the entire universe around you.

  Beautiful, simply stunning! I have this paired with Distant Thunder, with only thunder and very little rain. This combination is doing wonders for my anxiety. I feel at peace. I feel powerful.

  Combined with Stardust and Deserted - beautiful.

  Layered it with Dark Water... sounds like sirens are calling me.

  This goes GREAT with the Ice Drone generator.

  This is profoundly beautiful. It sounds like being called home in the most existential way possible. It pairs with any of the nature soundscapes to give you different visuals and experiences. My personal favorite pairing is with Ocean Waves for my own ethereal siren's song. It's perfect and I might not listen to anything else, ever.

  I paired this with nocturnal garden and it was absolutely beautiful. Instantly made me relax. I just know I'll be coming back to this one a lot.

  This, together with Siren Song, is absolutely magical. It's like truly swimming in the oceans' depths and draws me into a sense of calm. I've had them playing together for hours on animate. Wonderful and soothing.

  "In The Sky" + "Twilight" = GREAT!

  I usually combine this with the right three sliders from Evil Charms. Love it!

  This makes me think of being in a enchanted forest or something as mythical.

  I like to pair this generator with "Ultimate Wind" and set them both to animate with the lights off and the fan on the highest setting in my room. The experience is amazing.

  Beautiful, this one truly makes best use of the animate! button - some excellent random sequences!

  I think this is what the voices of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the ancient fairy people of Ireland, would have sounded like. I'm spell bound, uplifted and awed. Another beautiful generator, Dr. Pigeon. Thank you.

  If you want to experience flying through the clouds, match this with Wind Noise and Paraglide <3

  There's something about this sound that stirs the soul. On the slowest animation, it's like gliding through an ethereal sea of clouds; along with Primeval Forest it makes me think of a forest of elves, of magic and beauty. This is my new favorite generator.

  Listening to this with some light wind and looping the song "Chopin nocturne in C# minor". Pretty magical, certainly recommend!

  The wolves felt their eyes growing tired, paws clumsier, listening to the sweet voice of the flower maiden. Their ears remained ever perked, cold, wet noses occasionally nudging her with appreciation, the sun warming their fur, dappled as it shone through the shadows of the leaves overhead. Drowsiness overtook them, an overwhelming peace, the impossibility of negativity... Paradise. At last.

  I'll admit. This one kinda makes me want to cry. It makes me think of what the afterlife is like and who I'll see again. :)

  This and Yakutian Voices are pure gold. Thank you!

  Wonderful. No other sites can ever touch the MyNoise experience.

  This reminds me of The Voice Of Shenka, from the science-fiction TV series Heroes. There was always something like this floating around.

  I'm lost for words... You've done it again. Absolutely beautiful.

  Dive deeper. The mermaids are calling...

  This combined with Orchestron is truly celestial!

  Absolutely beautiful. It's definitely one of my favorites now, combined with the rain generator playing lightly behind it.

  This really is the ultimate relazing sensation. Amazing sounds that combine very well with the sky theme. Enjoy, relax and don't let the world and it's problems distract you. Good job and keep it up.

  Sounds like that dream bit in some movies where the main character is told his/her story, but in video form.

  This feels like that scene of Harry Potter where he opens the egg under the water for the first time; serene and calming when before it'd all been panicking static. It feels like coming home.