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The Fireplace
Frequency-Shaped Log Fire Noise Generator
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More than Just Warmth

The sound of fire and logs burning has a primal appeal that resonates deeply with many of us. This could be because fire has been a fundamental part of human history and survival. In ancient times, fire provided warmth, safety, and a way to cook food. The sound of logs crackling and the gentle roar of flames might remind us, even subconsciously, of a simpler time where these elements were crucial for our well-being.

Additionally, fire has often been a communal gathering point. People would come together around a fire to share stories, food, and companionship. The sounds associated with fire may evoke a sense of community and comfort, reminding us of shared experiences and emotional connections.

In a modern world filled with electronic noise and distractions, the organic and unpredictable nature of fire sounds can also be grounding. They can help us focus, relax, or even meditate, offering a break from the complexities of daily life.

So, it's not surprising that the sounds of fire and logs burning hold a special place in our psyche. Whether it's the comforting warmth, the sense of community, or a feeling of connection to our ancient past, these sounds have a unique ability to touch us on a deep emotional level.

Rain and fire sounds combine elements of White Noise and Impulse Noise, offering a unique auditory experience. While rain noise provides a consistent, soothing backdrop, fire noise stands out with its distinct crackles and deeper, warmer tones that are primarily heard in the lower frequencies. Many people opt for the refreshing sound of rain to mentally cool down during hot summer days. Conversely, the rich and comforting noise of a fire becomes the preferred choice as days grow darker and colder.
Published on June 29th, 2013

User Stories

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  When heat is warming you inside out. Bass sound is perfect.

  This has been my favorite speech blocker and I'm so happy I found this website! Usually white noise is not very pleasant and only draws my brains attention back to the fact I'm trying to block noise outside, I've grown used to ocean sounds making me sleepy. So the fire sounds are perfect!

  Love it! Perfect for sleeping in a cold room!

  All the sounds are evened out, and I am in a trance. This is great mixed with Distant Thunder. Thank you!

  Whenever I try to find a sound, I get it failed in but it is always too harsh, too low, or too fake. I found this website and BOOM! My problems are gone! Love it!

  I love this sound, it is one of my go to sounds when the other sounds don't work.I imagine myself in a remote world full of fire and ice, but I am made of fire. Thanks again!

  This literally makes me feel warm! I love it! <3

  One of my favorite sounds on this site. I love listening while I do work in my college library during the winter. Also great for just filling the space while you drift off to sleep, guaranteed to sweep you away to a dreamscape with cabins and beautiful trees. Just lovely. Great background noise for small gatherings or christmas morning without a fireplace, real cozy.

  Listening to this (or any setting) while in a meditative state makes me feel warm and comfortable.

  When I look for a sleeping sounds it’s too harsh or to low I can't sleep in silence. I found this app and I made my own sound if you want to listen your always welcome :)

  Amazing experience and cool thing for study.

  This is amazing paired with the Mr. Rhodes gen!

  I have a relatively cheap electric fire with fake (but pretty realistic) flame effect. I put a small (very basic) bluetooth speaker on top. I play the 'comfy' (or any) fireplace sound though it from my laptop. Flames and sound combine to create the perfect reading ambience at any time of day! Visitors have often been fooled and asked when I had the new log burner installed. :) Amazing site!

  I find the high frequency transients work really well for masking my tinnitus and the natural rhythm of fire is both relaxing and mixes well with "Implanted Memories" or "Twin Black Lodges" . So I turn off the bass frequencies, mix in one of those 2 tracks and sink into my work. Thank you!

  Hey! I listen to this whenever it's very cold here. It gives me such a soothing feeling! It fits very well with many songs. Just perfect for studying during the winter, or just relaxing. Thank you once again for this amazing site <3

  This reminds me of a nice fireplace in a log cabin. Very nice for my PTSD and going to sleep. Gives a cozy feel to the noise.

  Hi. I'm enjoying the fireplace noice and it really helped me with bipolar mania like nothing else could. You are such a genius for making this, I'm so thankful to you.

  This is so incredibly comforting. Warms the soul! Makes an electric fireplace seem more realistic.

  I stumbled upon this while looking something to calm my nerves while studying. I am glad and thank you for recording this.

  Huh. Accidentally stumbled onto some settings that sound like a fireplace plus a background of some white noise like rain or a distant highway, but without the need to stack multiple generators. Not a fan of the slider with the high whistling sound of water escaping. Dry your wood!

  I'm right in front of the fireplace, and it's burning perfectly, with not too much cracking or popping. I imagine myself with a cozy throw, a cup of cocoa, and a book. In reality, I'm at my home office desk, toiling away, trying to find a sense of warm snugginess in a house that has no fireplace. This fuels my mind and helps me pretend my house has more character.

  Super relaxing setting when listened with studio headphones.

  I work 2 days a week from my garden office (UK) - this week we had snow and ice, I put this into my headphones to make me feel warm and cosy and to distract from the fact it was taking longer than usual to get my 'shed' up to temperature!

  I like listening to this during winter and study. Makes me feel warmer somehow.

  I love to pair this with "Cat Purr" for a completely calming, relaxing soundscape.

  This generator is great for when you're sitting by a quiet gas fireplace--- the warmth and the sound combined make it feel like a genuine fire experience. Very cozy and relaxing to the ears, the lower ranges make watching treble-heavy videos more comfortable.

  Just the soft sounds of the fire to break up the silence of the room.

  Nice strong crackly fire to read.

  I like these settings, make for a nice strong crackly fire. Of all the noise generators here this is the one I keep coming back to.

  Mixture of fireplace and Stormy Weather is just awesome.

  Love this generator! This setting especially works well for me :D

  This one makes me wish that the winter holidays were here so I can be warm and cozy by the fireplace!

  Perfect to curl up with a book :)

  I've always loved the low rumble of a fire best, but it doesn't last long so of course I always set this generator to the low frequencies. Too quiet for speakers but great for headphones. One of my favorite sounds :)

  I have a gas fire, but I prefer not to use it, being that it is an open fireplace. But when I put on this generator along Examination Time, it sounds like a Hogwarts exam, plus it makes warmer than my fireplace ever could :) Thank you for making this website, it helps me a LOT with daily stress!!!

  This setting is my favorite. It sounds like a real fire and actually makes me feel warmer.

  I have the most lovely and peaceful dreams when this sends me off to sleep.

  It gives me the illusion of warmth.

  Right now, I'm hecka cold. But this noise generator? It is figuratively and literally making me warm. Such a good idea.

  This generator is a classic that I always come back to time and time again. I like to layer it with katydid or lakeside sounds so I can get that proper fire pit ambience when I can't physically be at my fire pit, and it works fabulously for podcast listening if I want to settle into a comfy atmosphere. The only way it could get any better is if it came with free S'mores, too.

  I use this custom noise with my studio headphones which makes it perfect for burning the midnight oil. It's super cozy and concentration-inducing, which helps my ADD a lot. Also makes me feel warm in the winters!

  I put this on in the early morning. I usually get a feeling of coldness in the morning, this definitely helps relieve that feeling as I am getting on with my day. It is very relaxing too. Thank you.

  Greeting from AhmedElkhateeb from Egypt. This is by far the best White noise I've listened to. Helps me > study, focus, sleep, relax. almost helps me do anything.

  I love to listen to this when fall comes. Love the low tones of the fire vortex especially. It makes me feel warmer and helps me focus and relax even while studying for exams. Also love that feeling of falling asleep besides a fireplace... the only thing missing is the smell of the smoke... Thank you! I so love this website!

  Ahh, small campfire in some quiet nature; a sparse forest or the edge of a field after sundown. Inviting and serene.

  This sound makes me relax a lot and makes me avoid problems outside...

  Nice and warm, like sitting by the fire in a winter cabin during a snowstorm. The lower bass feels relaxing, like a massage for your ears in audio form.

  An amazing campfire... Just missing the banjo, drums, flute, and harmonica. -PATHOS

  Love this fireplace it feels like I am relaxing after cold winter day. Listening to this generator makes me feel like I have a fireplace.

  I actually feel warmer listening to this.

  I've always loved the sound and look of fire, however I can't go camping all the time. This setting simply reminds me of what the flames look like, while also allowing me to write without elaborate noises that distract my brain. Love it.

  I've been using this website for a few years now and often have many tabs of it open at a time. It is ALWAYS on in the background when I'm on my computer. It's on when I work and it's on especially when I play video games or read. The fact you can customize your sound(s) is what draws me to this site specifically.

  While listening to this sound I worked straight for 3 hours without losing my focus. Very very immersive.

  I become immediately focused on my work as soon as I start listening to this sound. What a game-changer.

  These fire sounds are so nice. The panning is great and it’s giving me asmr tingles.

  These sounds are so real it doesn't feel like I'm wearing headphones, but it's right beside me!

  Thi is great at masking clicking noises made by keyboards of people working nearby!

  I like the low vibrations and crackling this one makes. It's peaceful and calm and safe to me.

  This, combined with Rain Noise on the "bedroom" setting, mysteriously gives me epic concentration superpowers.

  This sound gives off the vibe of camping with friends.

  In my country, most homes don't have heating (mine included), so in the winter things can get pretty chilly! I thought I'd put on this amazing noise machine, and just listening to the rich, gentle crackling of the fire is helping me feel a little warmer.

  Set this to white color with hearing curve applied, open Rain Noise and set it to bedroom, bam! Nice and cozy spot of warmth amidst a chilly rainy day.

  Love this! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  It's almost thanksgiving, and I'm already in the Christmas season. With how rough this year's been, this fireplace noise plus a fire screensaver on the screen next to me makes everything feel a little more okay, especially when I'm wrapped up in blankets and pillows in my bed and combined with Purrli.

  This setting brings back memories of lighting our sauna fire at our cottage in the Finnish archipelago. The soft rumbling of the hot flames along with the sound of deforming iron really takes me back to those calm moments with nothing else existing in the world other than me and the fire.

  10/10, Now all I need is the warmth, dunno how I'm going to get that to happen...

  It's balanced and quite relaxing.

  It reminds me of camping on a cold night and huddling near the fire to keep warm, the crisp, autumn moon above me, and the hot, orange embers below me.

  I have been using (and enjoying) this site for many years, and this setting just reminds me of fun nights while camping, and making s'mores or hotdog octopi by the fire. It's perfect for some noise-blocking, especially in a tiny apartment!

  Today's a grey, rainy autumn day, and I have to study for midterm exams. This makes me feel like everything's going to be okay.

  Sometimes when I play Minecraft I get cold exploring the ice plains and snowy taiga biomes even though it is in a game and this sound really helps keep me warm.

  This sound is perfect! And I definitely do what it says in the description- I listen to this in Winter, Rain noise in summer and the walking tracks in Autumn and Spring!

  Its a nice simulation. I made a visual simulator, but having this in another tab open, makes it just way better.

  Amazing! Calm and relaxing, just how I like it!

  It feels like a real campfire! Sleeping under a lean-to shelter, trusting the person watching after the fire, and feeling the warm breath coming out the fire pit.

  It's one of those moments when you delve into your favorite game (with in-game music off) turning "fireplace" on! So warm and cozy and intimate, even in the dampest of caverns xD Definitely one of my favorites. Thank you!

  I play this when it is actually raining outside so I feel more warmer and in a cozy place.

  I know it's just my imagination, but whenever I hear this, I feel warmer :D

  I've been using this site since my first year of university! Nothing nicer and cozier than studying next to an imaginary fireplace c: It warms my soul!

  With the last 2 sliders to the max, with headphones on, the clicks of the fire resound in the back of my head, it's so pleasant, these little micro explosions give me some kind of head massage and they also remind me of those fizzy popsicles that would pleasantly crack in your tongue. Keeping the 3rd slider from the last in a middle position makes it smoother without sacrificing the cool effect.

  This is a beautiful one, just the right ambience to be calm. It's like a fire that's been going for a while.

  This really helped me focus and was super calming!

  More of a general observation. This setting reminds me of the Cat Purr noise machine. I just love it, when sound and music reminds me of other sounds and other music. Thanks! MF

  Very very relaxing. Not only does the sound relax me but also the memories of the nights on the beach.

  Just a quiet fireplace with some fresh logs.

  My favorite ever. However you shouldn't play with the sliders too much. Can hurt after long time listening.

  A place to rest while it is snowing outside...

  My husband gave me an electric fireplace for Christmas. Love it, but it has no sound. We put our small speaker on it, and google-casted this fireplace sound to it. We enjoy it as if it were a real fire. And it is, isn't it?!

  I'm not sure how I found this site but I am glad I did. Thank you Stephane!

  I've paired this with Winter Walk but toned down the footsteps a bit to seem like I'm in a winter scene. I've also got my fan.

  Raging inferno!

  I love this track as a way to generate some sound when the room is too quiet. The crackle of the Pine Logs setting is satisfying. The only thing missing is the marshmallows!

  This has a great atmosphere and also means I do not have to maintain the fire.

  This paired with Rain Noise set to "Bedroom" and Cat Purr set to "Sleeping" or "Content" creates a nice scene of sitting curled up a big, squishy chair in your library with a book and a cat curled up on your lap. A very nice background for writing, I've found ^^

  It reminds me of my childhood. When I close my eyes, I go back to a Sunday afternoon in winter... about to take a nap on the couch listening to the sound of fireplace... so cozy and lovely!

  Having grown up in a house with a fireplace, this is a perfect comfort for me when feeling a little homesick, and even more so when it's a cold November day. I like to pair it with Tin Roof Rain while I'm working to drown out other sounds, and imagine I'm working alone at a little cabin somewhere. Like so many other myNoise generators, this one's fantastic. I'm forever grateful for this website.

  I had relatives who had a fireplace at their previous house. This generator gives me sweet memories of napping by a warm fire after Christmas dinner.

  I find this quite good when combined with the Nocturnal garden and it sounds like I'm camping outside.

  I love this for when I am feeling cold and tired at the office. I have "thin blood" and listen to this the most in the summer. Sometimes I layer it with evening/night nature noises like crickets or frogs, and it feels like I am out camping! It really helps mask open office noise, even that one person who clears her throat every 5 minutes... Too bad the smell of the fire isn't included.

  I work in an open office and I keep this as a shortcut on my desktop. It's especially helpful because I am bothered by chewing noises and there are some people around me who make crackling, smacking noises. I find the crackling log sound effect to be an excellent mask to help work with munching rather than trying to drown it out. It may be reconditioning me somewhat, too.

  Had been listening to this for over a year ever single night in order to sleep. I sleep very lightly and have difficulties falling asleep and am generally used to sounds of fire since we have fireplace in old house where I grew up. This is perfect solution for missing that!

  I layer this with cafe restaurant's 'table for one', distant thunder's 'still dry', and slow jazz music. Perfect atmosphere for comfort and concentration!

  I love listening to this with the 'Distant Thunder' page playing and while listening to 'Myths and Legends' episodes on Spotify. Great story times with sounds that make them that much more epic.

  I've used this site on and off for years. When I need to concentrate at work, I listen to white noise to drown out co-workers chatter. Fireplace is my current favourite.

  Absolutely beautiful. Actually makes me feel warm and cosy.

  I really like to listen to this website for a few minutes before sleeping when I'm too stressed. It helps a lot.

  I like having this on with Examination Time. So cozy... like I'm studying at Hogwarts before class. It's perfect!

  I have this noise generator on with a mix of tavern music from Skyrim playing on in the background. I also lit a pine-scented candle and the smoky smell you get after you light a match is lingering in the air, which sort of fits perfectly. This generator helps block out sound for my studying but also makes me feel warm and cozy too :)

  This is so well made... I could literally smell the wood burning, it's so relaxing.

  This is so beautiful and realistic. I thought I was smelling smoke so I started looking around and the smell went away... there's seeing things. Now there's smelling things.

  The "mids" slider is so perfect that I keep going around to find out what is cracking in my room.

  When Rain On A Tent is set to "Covered" and Fire Noise Ambiance is set to "Pine Logs" and both are animated, it sounds exactly what the members of the Kidz Tunz Chorus are hearing tonight inside their tent during the first few days of Autumn. A surprise rainfall has crept up, but inside its also cozy and snug as s'mores are being made, games are getting started, and good books are being read...

  Adding this with Mr. Rhodes, it's such a soothing sound. Like I'm plinking at the keys next to a fire. It's perfect.

  This is so soothing :] I especially love the lower-pitched sounds. I also like to listen to it with Calm Lake and feel like I'm camping.

  Helps me study. Thanks <3

  Just a simple roaring fireplace. This generator has lulled me to sleep more times than I can count (beating insomnia handily), and acted as a moment of respite during stressful days at work. The hissing, the popping, and the crackling are evocative of a combination of a fireplace and a campfire; the delightful simplicity here cannot be overstated.

  This plus the cat purr is just the happiest noise ever, without being overly sleepy.

  Reminds me of camping with family as a kid, sitting by the fire at nighttime, but without the smoke blowing in my eyes. Very relaxing. Helps me very much with anxiety and just being present and mindful :)

  This helps me relax and lower my anxiety. Thank you.

  Sounds like the world is ending around me while I sleep, or study.

  I love adjusting the volume for the 'Drawing well' setting for the Fireplace. The low tones and mild crackling are so soothing, it could put me to sleep after a hard day at work with my space heater to keep me warm during the cold winter months.I love this site and all the noises it provides!

  I was feeling soo cold but this made me warm.

  The gentle crackling is a wonderful backdrop to help me with my schoolwork. It's very soothing and helps keep me focused!

  I can't believe how good this is. I love this, thank you <3

  Perfect for listening to with music going on with it!

  I have an aroma pot that I frequently light, and this generator with the piney aroma from the pot creates the perfect Christmas feel.

  Stress and depression have been getting to me lately, this helps me sleep.

  This is a pretty nice preset in my opinion. Modify how you wish.

  "Autumn Walk" is set to the autumn birds preset while "Unreal Wind" is set to autumn wind, and when paired with these settings in place on the fireplace its exactly what the kids in the Kidz Tunz Chorus are hearing right now all cozy in their treehouse during the first day of fall as the smells and scents of a hearty rustic stew from a huge iron pot bubbling in the fireplace as it simmers!

  I can smell the smoke. Pair this with Rain on a Tent. Magnificent.

  Sitting very close to the fire, almost too close.

  I have been using your site/sounds for 2 years I think. I use it at work in an office building in NYC that decided an open floor plan was a good idea. It can be very hard concentrating while people have conversations all around you. But with your site I am able to play a relaxing sound and ignore the chaos around me. It really helps me get through the day. Thank you so much!

  This is lit! (ok that's a bad joke)

  Wonderful. The cracking noise is so relaxing and it relieves me from the anxiety I've been having lately. Best noise generator site I've came across yet.

  Works brilliantly with myNoisli (thunder turned right up and a bit of wind and rain). Perfect evocation of being in a log cabin with a woodburner out in the back of beyond on a stormy night.

  Extremely hot fire...

  Great for helping me sleep. Just right.

  My ideal setting! I love the loud crackling!

  This soundscape has reduced my anger in myself to become more calm and subtle. The bass and the treble has given my sanity back and it feels so peaceful. I imagined myself meditated near the crackling fireplace alone.

  These sounds help calm my anxiety and lift my mood as well as any creative block I may have.

  I can't stand low bass noises, so I made one that sounds like a fire, but doesn't make me sick. It's peaceful.

  I love myNoise! I use it all the time. Recently I went to use it, but I couldn't because I couldn't hear anything! I found out it was an issue with the audio on my phone soon after, but I was still upset. Shows how much I love MY myNoise!

  Works really well against my tinnitus!

  I currently have the stomach flu and with it, a bad case of the chills. This helps me to feel less cold and helps me fall asleep. Thank you.

  When I was diagnosed with tinnitus, I was so scared at first. The ringing and whizzing in my ear was driving me crazy. Then I did some research online and somewhere in a blog someone posted a link to this website. It's been over two years now, and whenever the ringing comes back, I just load some fire or rain sounds and the ringing goes away. I can't thank you guys enough.

  Whenever I'm feeling cold, I turn this on and in warms me up. Awesome. Thanks Dr. Pigeon! :-)

  My neighbourhood is loud with bricklayers working and won't let me focus on studying. So I plugged my headphones and put fireplace sounds in my ears and now everything is better. Thank you!

  Makes me feel nice and warm.

  Really cozy, there's just something about being near a fireplace that just calms you down. This generator does it the best. I love love love it <3

  This generator is my favorite. I don't know why, but the crackling is so satisfying to my ears. It's my perfect white noise type of sound. This helps me focus on work or studying.

  Makes me feel that I am in a log cabin in the middle of the winter! Love it.

  It's the strangest thing - this actually, physically makes me feel warmer. Temperatures have been in the 20's where I live, and I've been cold all day. But as soon as I turned this on I started feeling warmer. Lovely <3

  Mixed with the Rain On A Tent sound, it truly feels as if in you're a campfire.

  I just heard of this site via Jacksepticeye and I LOVE IT! Makes me calm.

  Mmm, it makes me feel nice and warm inside :)

  This really "burns" my stress away :D

  I use white noise from this website to fill the empty spots in music resulting in a more constant, ambient sound which is nice when studying or writing papers. The Fireplace is always great accompaniment for three piece jazz sets.

  This makes me feel... hungry! (Now I want to grill some chicken!)

  Oooooh, this makes me remember so much things! All of our scout camps, especially the one in the Gilwell Park after we had been to an international scout camp... Such a fantastic moment since it was the only fire we were able to light the entire fortnight as there were no fires allowed on the previous campsite. Waaah, I wanna go back to England!

  Put with the ASMR and Cafe restaurant settings took me back to a beautiful bar in New Zealand where you can recline into a soft chair by the fire and zone out to snippets of conversations from people around you. After and during exams is no longer a hell time for me!

  As the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, the sounds of a crackling fireplace brings me back to the warm nostalgia of my childhood. My younger sister and I would sit on the woolen rug with a large, fluffy blanket shared between us, and we could watch the flames for hours. Now that I'm in college and away from home, this definitely helps with my homesickness.

  I have officially found my new favourite website. This reminds me of the winters that I used to spend all of my days with... my dad would be tending the fire, my siblings, anxiously looking outside on a cold night to see that the rain and sleet had turned into fluffy, beautiful white snow, lit up by the soft and dim moonlight... my mum would be making warm hot cocoa... thank you so much, Mr. Pigeon!

  Using the fireplace generator at work today makes my hum-drum office space feel so much cozier. The comforting crackle is helping me get through expense reports in a better mood and pace than I would with a music playlist.

  This setting pairs perfectly with Distant Thunder. It makes you feel as if you're sitting on a squeaky wooden stool in front of an old fireplace in an abandoned log cabin, waiting for the storm to pass. If you choose not to use distant thunder, imagine you're in your old cabin, sitting on a comfortable couch with your spouse as they sleep with their head in your lap.

  Found settings that sounds like cooking on a campfire. I can nearly smell the smoke and bacon.

  This reminds me of my days where I would camp all the time. It helps me relax and get focused for whatever task lays ahead, or for just pure enjoyment. Thank God I found this generator!

  This is absolute flamming softness! It surely provides me a warm ear massage.

  Amazing, just amazing. This one makes me feel it's winter and were sitting just next to the fireplace with grandma putting some more wood now and then. Wonderful, Amazing, Outstanding, I'm just completely wordless.

  This is awesome: the sounds are so good they just make me feel like I'm sitting next to a real fire !

  I've been having issues sleeping well for the past few years.. I just discovered this site and it's... stunning! As soon as I put the fireplace on when I'm about to sleep I immediatly feel warmth surrounding me, giving me an incredible comfortable feeling that I just can not describe. Amazing!!!

  This helps me go to sleep. It is soft.

  This noise is incredible! It's like sinking into a warm bath. If you combine it with the 'Home' theme from Undertale, you will experience ultimate happiness.

  This sounds like a real campfire

  WOW! This generator sounds like a bonfire or a burning house. Listening to this combined with "I See Fire" by Celtic Woman went perfectly with my favorite book "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury.

  I grew up listening to rain sounds to calm down, which would always help slowly. I tried listening to fire sounds one day and it helped so much quicker. It's especially useful for nights where I can't sleep - the sound pulls me into my bed and makes me feel warm.

  This mixed Tropical Rain sends me right back to my pleasant autumn in my family cabin. The fire rumbling as rain clinked on the tin roof. Lulls me right to sleep, and eliminates my mild tinnitus.

  I love this so much, it really helps me study for my Shakespeare class

  As soon as I got to college, I was diagnosed with clinical anxiety, and I've had a rough time finding internal peace ever since. No matter where I am or what time of year it is, I can always unwind by thinking about sitting by the fireplace at my grandparents' home in the winter. Whether it's the height of summer or whether I'm a thousand miles away from home, this generator is just what I need.

  Great for helping revision for hours on end!

  I like trying out the different nature generators in particular, but this is always the one I come back to. It helps me focus. There's something so calming about it. It got me through studying 8 hours a day for several weeks the Series 6 and Series 63 FINRA exams, and I still love listening to it.

  Astounding. The sound of childhood, calm and happiness.

  I've made this part of my de-stressing routine - this, a purring cat, some rain, and a quiet piano concerto play for several hours every evening, and it just puts me in a state of serenity. Absolutely wonderful.

  This is what I stay up late into the night listening to when I'm out camping: that close crackling flame, that low windy rumble, and the snap, pop, and hiss of settling wood. Mesmerizing.

  Listening to a fireplace while unwinding from a long day of school and homework is bliss. All I need is a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket, and I would be set for the night.

  I believe that the details are what makes these noises really special. The fact that I can hear the sound of the logs adjusting and those high-pitched squeak that I only associate with fire is amazing to me and it is what brings the noise to life.

  I have sleep anxiety due to past experiences and sleep attacks, but this nostalgic, crackling, warm fire beside me keeps me calm. I feel like I'm back in my Nanny's woods, with her tending the fire as I'm drifting asleep after a long day of adventures with her. My beautiful best friend Keely showed me this, bless her.

  I love the combination of fireplace and wind noise in the chilly evenings of fall and winter. A nice balance between mood and white noise to help me study.

  Hot embers a bit louder then normal is great for homework! Thanks!

  I love to listen to the Pine Wood setting while doing work, it fills me with euphoria!

  The "Hot Embers" preset set off a great ASMR reaction for me. A+ 10/10

  This is fabulous on animate. If I pull up a fire video it feels like I'm hanging out in front of a fireplace while I do my homework :)

  This is it, that's the one.

  Listen to this with Tobu-Legacy playing faintly. They go so well together, and give a relaxing feel, with a melody playing faintly. Try classical music like Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi as well for an even more relaxing atmosphere. ● -Cloudy

  I absolutely love this! I never had a fireplace, but I love the sounds of them, they're so calming! Combining this with the Cat Purr really makes me feel warm and comfortable! 

  Super cozy; it's really nice on Animate :)

  I love The Fireplace. I play it with the clockwork generator set to just ticking and classical music over it. I can concentrate on my work because I don't hear lyrics, and at the same time I'm completely at ease. When I listen to this I feel like I am curled up in a comfy chair in front of the fire in the library from Beauty and the Beast with coffee in hand and a good book waiting. Amazing.

  I'm a little sick right now and am working from home. The fireplace plus the cat purr together helps me forget about my chills and really helps me focus.

  I just couldn't get the noise I wanted from youtube, but here, I can decide! Thank God for this site!

  The setting is my favourite! I love whoever created this!

  I lived in Seattle before moving to Central America several years ago. This makes me feel like I'm back in my house with my kids, sitting across from our stone fireplace on my red couch with a cup of coffee, wrapped up with a cozy blanket. The pops and crackles... Amazing how sound can transport you. Thank you.

  Combine this with the Clockwork Noise and it's like sitting on the couch of a dark room, contemplating the fireplace with the only company of an antique wall clock. I'm falling asleep! 

  This is super relaxing. I love it.

  I combined this one with the Dungeon RPG to make a torch-like noise! Super cool! I call my settings "Engulf" and it's great for getting some sleep enveloped in the imagined warmth of a fire.

  Turning up all of the bases almost makes it feel medieval. It's rather mood setting like the RPG sounds but not as much noises. Just makes you feel like you're in a huge throne room with a giant hearth right at it's center. Calming for me.

  Now, normally I lie awake in bed for at LEAST 20 minutes trying to fall asleep. I put this on with my gaming headset and I fell asleep in minutes. Also, despite going to bed at 1 AM and waking up at 8 AM, I feel totally rested.

  This plus A Trip of Mind is super peaceful and relaxing.

  Once a year I go camping with my family. This noise is relaxing. It calms me when I come home from a stressful day at school or work. This is also very calming if you listen to 'Stay' by Sugarland. It sounds like I'm camping with my country music.

  This reminds me of being home, even under the harsh fluorescent lights of my university library.

  I really hate school but even there this noise makes me feel like I'm at home in my sweatpants drinking tea. And the high bass sounds like a cat's purr, so it feels like my cat is there too.

  It's like a campfire and I can even smell the smores. My favorite. 

  Reminds me of the first fire I lit. It made the warm summer night seem all the more peaceful. I fell asleep by the fire that night, and ever since then, when I sleep to the sounds of a fire, my dreams seem to be bring me back to that lovely summer night.

  A nice fire on a windy dusk

  A gentle fire to soothe the tired soul.

  ← I call it -- "Launch"

  This is so relaxing! I calibrated it and in blends so nicely together it makes me want to curl up in a sleeping bag and go to sleep.

  I put this on along with my own personal music. Made me think I was camping with the radio on.

  I listen to this with upbeat music and it blends right in to create an awesome light "beat" sound. Try it some time!

  I have suffered with 'frozen feet' (and hands) for many years and THIS program of fire sounds really warms me up! I just set it on the random animation and it's just like sitting in front of a live fireplace. The ever changing sounds make it feel and sound just like a real fireplace. Cozy up to this sound to warm up and relax. Thank you!

  This helps unwind in the end of the day and helps get to sleep in loud or distracting places. Hope it helps you!!! :)

  It's a rocket!

  This setting brings back so many nice memories for me of when my dad would take us all camping and at the end of the day we always got to sit back and enjoy the warmth of the fire together in the middle of nature. So calming especially for myself who is usually anxiety ridden.

  Helps me with my tinnitus; sometimes use it alone, to give my ears a "reset"; sometimes as background for music, sounds similar to vinyl; love it, many thanks!

  This particular sound is a life-saver! I use it on my stereo as background noise and the mix of sounds is both soothing and effective at blocking out noise from my neighbours. I just need to find an alternative for the Summer months...

  My hands always get super cold when I'm working on the computer, and having this noise in the background solved my problem, and relaxed me too! Strongly recommend listening to this NOW! Thank you so much,! :)

  I'm listening to this, all sliders to the max, with music on in the background. Completely, fully, totally, awesome.

  This brings me back to the Iron Age, when people lived in cozy little houses furnished with open hearths. The sound of fire is like an ancient memory.

  A very damp sounding fireplace. It feels like it's raining outside, with a warm cozy fire inside!

  Hearing this makes my face feel hot. Just like those times during the summer when I would help my father with tending the fires we'd have in our fire pit. It's so odd. The sounds also give me the phantom sensation of my face and hands being on fire I feel like the Human Torch; just sitting here, playing with my flames.

  This got me relaxed! Hope it does for you!

  I get cold very easily and feel like I never get comfortably warm in winter. This actually makes me feel warmer and helps relax the strained muscles from the shivering. Thanks so much!


  Bacon cooking!

  When I needed to calm down and focus on my essay, this helped a lot.

  Official: My bathtub is on fire... (This is relaxing in the bath.)

  I work in an office with some meanspirited, gossipy people. This site allows me to tune out the negative energy and concentrate on my work, which requires creative and analytical thinking. The binaural generator helps me stay focused and positive. Thank you for all that you do!

  Heartwarming when the house is a little cold in the morning!! thanks!!

  I had a big social studies project to work on and the pressure of it really got to me. The normal music I listen to wasn't able to help calm my nerves. But I remembered this site and quickly turned up the heat! Er, volume. The sound of fire really helped me get through my project and most importantly, calmed me down!

  OMG I smelt bacon!

  If you keep the Low Mids up, you get the added bonus of a bird in the background! Feels like I'm in a cabin in the woods.

  This setting along with the rain generator on 'Bedroom' setting is lovely and helped me block out my mother's TV. It's very nice and relaxing and helps me to focus on my writing and art.

  Woah...I actually just smelled bacon.

  I've traveled many places in my lifetime. You wouldn't think a 23 year old could say that, but I've been to both sides of the United States, and I guess I'm working on top to bottom now. I have lived in Oregon, Iowa, Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota, and now Arkansas. Fires tied it all together, and this generator brings back all the comfort of a nice, warm fire with good friends and family.Thanks.

  Sounds just like my grandparent's wood burning stove down in the basement. Cozy and relaxing.

  This sound combined with a quiet rain noise is great. It reminds me of sitting inside on the cold rainy days in winter - absolute bliss x

  I have a hard time going to sleep normally, but this is perfect for getting me to sleep.

  Wearing my sweatshirt while listening to this feels comfy. We have a fireplace, and I love fire. But in the spring and summer, my dad doesn't put a fire in the fireplace, and that's when I miss it. I think this, with my sweatshirt, feels amazing, like I'm sitting in front of the fire just like I do in winter.

  Ahh! My house is burning!

  MMMmmmmm..... Feels like I'm sitting right inside a huge bonfire. Great for keeping warm in the cold library while studying. (Also, did anyone else notice there is a random bird? :D )

  This makes my cat try to sit on the computer in an effort to get warm. She is baffled by the lack of heat.

  Reminds me of camp with the fire.

  It's like I'm holding a torch.

  I have looped numerous other fire sounds to try and create different atmospheres but, as usual, nothing quite satisfies me like this site. Not only for the quality but the convenience. I can change the size and fuel of the fire with a few clicks, and combine it with other sounds for complex scenarios... Ah! So pleased with this I may combust!

  Sounds like lava fire!

  I combined this and "Ocean noise" and it feels like a good campfire at the beach. So soothing

  The feeling of almost falling asleep. The sound slipping away. So calm.

  This noise generator is one of my favorites! This generator combined with Summer Night and Rain Noise make me feel right at home. Excellent job by Stephane!

  If you listen to it with Winter Walk without the birds or steps and turn up the thaw then it sounds like ice melting and cracking and snapping and it's quite calming.

  I am listening to this with 'Deep Ocean' which makes me feel like I am swimming in lava. I probably look a bit weird on the sofa with my snorkel and flippers on... but the neighbours don't know I have the heating turned up... so they won't think I'm strange! Mmmm.....Barbecue!

  The fire sounds kind of like a eternally fizzy carbonated beverage if the volume is set just right. Oddly enough that is just as relaxing.

  Combine this with the 'Summer Night' noise and you can go camping even in the middle of the city. Just beautiful.

  I feel like I'm in a burning building and that is comforting in the most disturbing way.

  It's like been 6 feet away from a medium campfire sitting in a chair at night...

  This is a pleasant sound like an old house burning down.

  Oh... baby... tingles.

  Helps me focus on my work for my degree which is NOT an easy task :L Perfect amount of rumble and crackle.

  This is one of my favorites. As a writer, hearing what a scene would sound like helps me visualize it. When I'm not writing, I still prefer to listen to this sound generator because the gentle sounds help me focus and even feeling warmer!

  This makes me feel almost as warm as I would in a real sauna.

  Helps me with my math homework!

  Very warm

  Just the right amount of roaring and crackling for my taste :)

  I wanted the rumble without so much of the crackly-ness of the fire

  It is relaxing and it takes me back to childhood when I went camping with my family.

  It makes it sound like my house is on fire :D

  Helps me to relax after a long and stressful day

  I've looked everywhere for exactly the right fireplace sound for me: frequent high crackling with low-end rumble pushed deep into the background. Now I can finally create that sound myself. I love this site.

  I no longer have a wood stove in my life, and I miss the rhythm of feeding one. This setting is a fire ready to be banked, as I crouch before the stove door before I head to bed. Comfort, security and 15 cords of good douglas fir still in the woodshed.

  Really peaceful and comforting.

  it helps with my concentration IMMENSELY plus I feel like I have my personal bonfire going on whenever and wherever I want it :D

  I smell smoke!

  Loud fire sounds, with this you get the feeling YOU are the flame. Used successfully in a fire meditation, awesome!

  This fireplace setting is well balanced for me... it sounds a lot like my Grandparent's wood stove... <3 All those feed good homey vibes...

  Makes me feel like I'm surrounded by giant flames, licking at the trees and the wind whistling by in the back. In short, I feel warm and cocooned.

  For some reason the high crackle noises are both meditative and enlivening to my brain. Plus it's a good neutral and natural noise that great for the cold weather season.

  I like having the fire noise in the background when I want to unwind from the day. It really helps me quiet my thoughts and just relax.

  Helps keep my active mind from wandering while studying for finals. I am a grad student and can't afford distractions! This sound helps me stay warm feeling and focused!

  Warming up on a pacific northwest winter night

  Just like a warm fireplace :)

  I may relax and do anything with this sound. I perfectly fall asleep at night, let my mind go blank, I don't have to worry about the house burning down!

  Hearth and home

  FIRE- You stand miles away from the burning city, hearing it's dark, deep rumbles in the distance as the buildings fall apart. You know you didn't want to burn it down. But it was a choice you were forced to make. The creatures were swarming everywhere, infecting all. You say one final goodbye to your hometown. You silently make a promise. A promise to keep the world secure. Contained. Protected.

  It's so relaxing I love the sound of a warm fire

  This is very relaxing for falling asleep, as I have minor insomnia and have trouble focusing on sleep, anyways; this helps me feel like I'm warm and cozy next to a campfire on a quiet night.

  I love this sooo much it helps me clam down.

  Makes me feel warm

  This is just f... awesome. OMG :D

  I'm an autistic undergraduate student at university in London, and the fire noises have helped enormously with filtering out the noise of all the activity around uni, especially moving between lectures. This site is an absolute miracle, and I've recommended it to my Asperger Mentor and our university Disability Service in hope that it will help others with sensory processing problems like mine.

  This sound really helps me calm down and relax.

  This actually helps me study even more. Weird how science can make you "like" a certain amount of noise just because it blocks out all the other noises. SCIENCE IS AWESOME!!!

  Fire without the hissing.

  I love this so much! I normally have a difficult time falling asleep but wow this is really putting me out! :) And this is just so calming overall.

  It just seems like a perfect ballad of warmth and comfort. Perfect for keeping in a tab whilst browsing the internet.

  Calms me down.

  I find it really hard to concentrate whilst doing homework but this really helps me to focus and knuckle down.

  This is intensely comforting and (yes) very warming for me! Cozy.

  This is such a wonderful tool when I'm trying to get homework done. Thank you so much for doing this!

  Warm and Close.

  I personally find this noise really relaxing.

  So great to fall asleep to.

  I've used to work in a music instrument maker's workshop. We were making violins, cellos etc. all day long also renovating old ones. There were a lot of tiny left-overs, which cannot be used for anything exept heating up the workshop in the winter. Now I'm a university student in a big city, and living in a flat... But this fire-noise I've found here, brings back a lot of good memories.

  This is the most amazing site, I have spent long hours listening to this while I study!

  This sounds like a crackling fire. Dylan XxxxX

  It has just the right amount of crackling to it :)

  It helps me relax and calm down on a rainy day or late at night.

  I work from home and have to deal with the sound of three different construction sites around my condo. This cancels out all the noise and lets me focus... Come on, baby, light my fire!

  ← Crackler as i call it

  A lively fire: there is enough of a soothing rumble in the lower registers while brighter popping and crackling provide depth and life like a real fire.

  I like it because there is no rain and wind, just the fire.

  I found this very calming and I love it

  Now it's gettin colder this will keep me warmd :D Thnx you're awesome!

  This helps me sleep :3

  Felt asleep with this :)

  When I'm listening to this low energizing glow spiced with the refreshing high frequency crackle, I feel like I don't care anymore about what is happening around me and can focus very well on my development work.

  I have actually turned on the heat while listening to this to calm me to sleep!

  It sound very cozy and warm.

  This is so cool :D

  This is just awesome. Period.

  I used to listen to music, but my ears hurt afterwards. Now I use relaxing!

  Helps me focus on my studies

  This sound makes me feel as if I am one with the fire. It also reminds me of a large furnace being run off of wood.

  This sound is helping me focus on my body and my breathing and control my tendencies towards panic attacks and out of body experiences.

  Very relaxing, actually, especially while sitting down with a book after a hard day.

  Just what I need for inspiration.

  I've been listening to this when the heating system in my apartment isn't working. It almost feels like the room temperature's going up ten degrees!

  Throwing Twigs

  I just love to listen to the comforting sound of a warm fireplace as I delve further into the imaginary lands and stories of my favourite books with a cup of hot coco by my side... =)

  I always have trouble concentrating when I read and this noise helps me focus and it makes me feel cozy, like Ii'm in a wooden cabin during the winter. I love it