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Impulse Noise
Frequency-Shaped Impulse Noise Generator
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Impulse Noise

Impulse noise is a category of acoustic noise made of instantaneous sharp sounds, such as clicks and pops, called impulses. Our synthetic impulse noise generator produces frequencies that are equally distributed over the human hearing range. Although impulse noise produces the same spectrum as white noise, the nature of these noises is different: white noise generates frequencies as a continuous, uninterrupted flow - think of a waterfall - while impulse noise uses short sonic bursts instead - think of rain drops crashing on the ground.

Impulse noise offers an interesting alternative to white noise, and can be used with the same applications in minds, such as the treatment of hyperacusis or the masking of tinnitus. Impulse noise can be used to mask background noises too, or to aid in sleep.

Published on April 12th, 2013

User Stories

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  OOOOH me likey!

  Sounds like peroxide in your ear… (or an egg in a pan?) … or something like slow-motion shaving your head. Very strange, very specifically gratifying, very good.

  Perfect ASMR. Helps me focus and calm down.

  It's like sitting under the shower, and putting your hands over your ears!! Wow this one is just fantastic! It's such an interesting noise, I love it :) Thank you so much for making this gen <3

  I don't know why but my baby loves this one.

  This is even better than ASMR.

  This noise generator makes some really satisfying sounds!

  Hi. I personally find this Impuse noise amongst all the noises to embody the "sound essence" of certain psychedelic experiences. I'm always playin around with this one to search new stimulus, good job as always, keep going myNoise, you rock!

  It feels like my ears are being cleaned and I feel so fresh.

  Sounds like... Polkadots... Audio polkadots... Yes... The higher the pitch... The smaller and sharper the dot... Hmm... I like the dots... Yes... Yeee..... Is good :)

  I love it! It reminds me a lot about Harry Potter games on Playstation 1, when there was a cauldron close.

  Incredible for tinnitus! Adjust the 'sharps' and turn off the 'bass'. See no, 'hear' what is best for you. Stephan

  Your thoughts burst apart one by one, transforming from constraint into unbound space

  It sounds like a bunch of pebbles falling into a shallow puddle of water!

  It's like stones falling on each other and in cardboard and I love it!

  The random time of the impulses is great for breaking up the rhythmic beats of my neighbor's stereo!

  Really sounds satisfying. I would listen to this whenever I go to bed. The sounds are unexplainably soothing somehow.

  Don't know why, but reminds me of popping bubble wrap, Almost seems satisfying.

  3 sliders are enough! Then press shuffle to get variations of those 3 sliders.

  I was thinking of a ASMR noise generator, but this actually sounds like one of those ASMR vids on youtube. Love this!!

  Sounds like slime is being popped multiple times! Very satisfying and awesome!!!

  O my gosh I love this one! The sound is super satisfying!

  Sounds like a lab with all those machines that go beep boop- except there's no beep boop. I like it very much.

  Whoa. Seems to vibrate my ears and massage them. Only works with headphones, though.

  I like computery noises, and this mixed with the "Circuit Bender" gen sounds amazing!

  The higher notes sound like computer keys being pressed very quickly! I like it.

  I am autistic and I find that when I am near having a meltdown or I am in the midst of one, this always helps me calm down and feel better. It also helps me stay focused when I need to write papers for college. It is very relaxing and one of my favorite sounds on this site!

  My friends don't like it, but I love it. There is something about it, like space bubbles popping in and out existence right at your ears. Strangely calming, I could easily fall asleep with this.

  This is so nice! Most of the bass levels on this generator hurt my ears, but this is just right.

  I love these gentle popping sounds -- it mimics the sensation of hydrogen peroxide cleaning out my ears, I can't be the only one who enjoys that, right? Haha. I often layer this over other generators depending on what I feel like -- currently listening to this and Tape Memories together.

  I love the nice pops. Sounds crunchy!

  I honestly can't tell if I like this or not :D It's certainly interesting! It gives me a physically pricking feeling on my ears when it's too loud. Enjoyable but still very weird.

  The sound of ant bodies! Imagine any documentary where they feed the camera into an ant hill...

  This one has a nice bass-y sound not commonly found elsewhere. Fun to just listen to...

  This helps me think.

  I used to have a lizard, and I would buy crickets for it. This is the sound of their tappity-tap feet in a plastic bag. It sound like it would be terrible, but I actually love this.

  I use the Impulse Noise to focus. The spikes of sound allow me to sit still and get work done on the computer. These sounds are amazing and life changing thank you for creating this website and making it available online.

  Reminds me of the sound of boiling champorado (chocolate rice porridge) . Relaxing!

  I can't claim to have heard every generator on this site, However I know that this one is my favorite by far. It's like a massage for my ears!

  My brain says: Yummie, Impulse Noise rules and might be addictive :-) Interesting: it doesn't mask my erratic tinnitus but makes it go flat, which is quiet nice.

  It reminds me of my childhood in the Caribbean: heavy tropical rain drops pounding banana leaves under which I shelter.

  This is awesome. I cannot find the words to describe how thankful I am for this page.

  This is perhaps the master ASMR approach to stimulation of mind, breathing new life into one's consciousness, titillating your senses. Brings about a sense of focus as well.

  This is the best noise I've found to help me focus. It not only sounds pleasant, but also feels amazing to me physically because of my synesthesia.

  Flashback alert: jumping on bubble wrap as a kid.

  It feels/sounds like my brain is melting and I'm listening to it bubble and boil...

  It feels like someone's sticking their fingers in my ears and poking my brain, but in a good way.

  This sound is so bizarre (in a good way). It really helps me stay focused in my study halls. Thanks so much!

  I love this thing. The sound is so familiar, kind of like rain, but yet I can't put my finger on it.

  I feel these small bubbles' explosions right in my ears, so strange and so comforting at the same time :D

  It sounds like POP ROCKS!!!

  Remember in middle school when you destroyed your white out tape and got to that hard plastic gear? This is what it sounds like to run a nail on it.

  This is the sort of thing that really should sound horrendous, but somehow it's really not.

  This removed a migraine I've had all day. For those of you that get those, this helps.

  One of the best generators there is. I alternate this with White Noise & Co. so I don't listen to the same thing every day. I wouldn't have survived those stale study sessions if it wasn't for this generator.

  ASMR doesn't really work for me but this made my leg muscles clench! Very weird! Like rain tapping on my eardrums.

  ← Sounds like when you get foam in your ears and its popping!

  ← Bacon

  Sounds just like standing under an umbrella while it's raining! I use it to study at the library when it's too quiet.

  This one doesn't make my head hurt! It's like when it first starts raining.

  It's like a bunch of tiny fingers poking at my brain! Thank you so much for this website!

  What a great sleeping noise!

  Twenty minutes of listening to this = migraine GONE. Thank you so much!!

  It's almost like hearing the horse hoofs of the Heavenly Host, led by the King of kings. Coming to deliver His bride from everything that will happen after Revelation chapter four.

  Incredibly effective noise masker of loud roomates or construction. Other times, at lower volume, it puts me to sleep. Medium volume is a study aid.

  Twisting a large bubble wrap continuously...

  This sounds like earwax boiling in my ear! (in a good way)

  This really helps me focus a lot of the time, and this setting is both interesting and relaxing.

  This is strangely satisfying.

  Gave me chills - good chills - immediately!

  Sounds like bacon siziling! :)

  It has an interesting effect on digestion if exposed for at least 10 minutes to the middle frequencies (500hz).

  This somehow reminds me of my childhood. Feels so amazing and cosy that I wanna cry.

  The higher frequency setting helps me feel more awake when I'm sleepy at work!

  I can't explain why this is so satisfying, but it just is.

  I can literally feel this one popping in the roof of my mouth.

  Camping out, under a tarp, in the rain. Beautiful.

  This setting has all but cured my insomnia. God bless.

  Totally surprised and delighted at "Impulse Noise"... it's like getting aural acupressure... stimulating and relaxing at once. Others' responses cracked me up: exoskeletons of insects crawling through grass, earthworms pooping in mud, spiders on wood, marbles, pop rocks in the mouth!

  Really? You like this? Have you ever read "Starship Troopers?" (NOT the movie! AVOID the movie!)Anyway, I cannot hear this without remembering Lt. Rico with his microphone pressed against the ground... and he hears "bugs" during the Second Battle of Klentathu. And that's why it's not my going-to-sleep noise. I like a lot of the others, though. And I plan to keep supporting the site.

  This is one of the only sounds I've ever been able to listen to for more than half an hour. I love it. It helps me concentrate as a I read, no matter how loud I turn it up. It's nice to block everything out. For some reason, if I sit and let my mind wander as I listen to this, it sounds as if I'm bug-sized and running through a forest of grass alongside some kinds of bugs with shiny exoskeletons.

  This is pretty great! I don't know about other people but this really helps me focus! :)

  This is one of my favorite noises on here. It totally drowns out the clicks of my fingers on the keyboard, shifts in the air conditioning, footsteps, creaky floors, etc. Side note - it reminds me of the feeling of swallowing pop rocks while they're still popping, like to the point that I can almost feel the popping in my throat.

  So this is what it feels like to be in a bowl of Rice Krispies.

  It's almost like rain.

  As a suffered of ADHD, I find this background noise seems to help me focus. Normally I'd get ditracted by the tiniest thing on my desk. But now I can focus on my Assignments. Please note: I'm not promoting this as a definitive treatment, but it certainly works for me. Many thanks to the creator!

  This sounds like thousands of millipedes crawling over you.

  This is perfect for homework, and the deep rumbles remind me of rain on a rooftop. Good for noise blocking with earbuds too!

  I find that the noise doesn't block out noise but it definitely helps me to concentrate. I love cranking the bass noises and then getting to work.

  I love this site in general, but the impulse noise is exactly what I need to calm down and stop moving, and get my brain focused on work instead of a million other thoughts. I've tried listening to music, but it didn't have the same effect. This, however  this sounds like lovely little pop-pops tapping on the insides of my ears, which is oddly relaxing. So glad this exists.

  This setting is ASMR-ish. Thanks for this generator!

  This has helped me in so many ways. I was looking all around this site for the perfect noise for concentrating, and I finally found it! I had been slacking off, but now I can get concentrated enough to do my homework without problems!

  I am really enjoying the "popping" of impulse noise but it occasionally makes my eyes water, and I'm not even using headphones! Must be the frequency. Will attempt to adjust for my personal level.

  This. Makes. Me. Feel. So. Good.

  It's the exact same sound as when you eat popping candy! I can almost feel it popping in my mouth!

  For some reason, this plus the cafe resturant helps me concentrate.

  This is great! I like mixing it with the Grey Sound. It feels weird, but I like it for studying.

  Sometimes I get this annoying buzz in my ears, so annoying I cant concentrate on what I'm doing. This sound instantaneously masked it.

  I have Asperger's syndrome (high-functioning autism), and listening to this through earphones alleviates my need to 'stim', by drumming my fingers, tapping my feet, things like that. Now I can be comfortable without driving everyone around me nuts!

  This helped me study for my exams and I've been listening to it while doing homework ever since! It really helps me focus!

  So far, by far, the best noise for focusing on work and for studying. Great for reading. Intriguingly stimulating by itself. Great for ADHD and daytime noise insulation.

  Oh, this is wonderful. I have synesthesia (I "see" sounds), and I love messing with the different levels and making different sizes and shapes of dots appear. The lower sounds tend to make bigger dots. It also sounds a little like when you wash your ears with peroxide.

  This is excellent for both anxiety and concentration. It doesn't do much to block noise for me, but it satisfies the part of my brain that needs constant stimulation. Something about the popping sounds is very cathartic and soothing, like running your hand through rice. I like to turn up the bass levels a little more so it sounds like rain on an umbrella.

  A pleasant pattering. My computer makes various clicks and pops when generating noises, and the odd noises are less obvious with a more 'clicky' generator.

  This sounds exactly the way eating Pop Rocks feels. It's all bubbly and it focuses me better than constant white noise does. Man, I love this site.

  Just freezes my body and puts me in a deep thought.

  This sounds like laser guns in a video game, it helped me read with the TV on in the other room!

  I feel like my brain is being massaged. I don't know if I could work with this, but it's interesting!

  Feels like my brain is popping bubblewrap. Definitely helps when I'm trying to make myself do a task but my ADHD brain would rather do something more stimulating.

  This triggers that tingly ASMR feeling really strongly for me. Too relaxing for work, but great for bedtime.

  This is weird, but enjoy it

  I love it! It sounds like I'm racing my horse in the rain, or taking a walk through the snow.

  It feels like it's raining on my skull... this is the most peculiar feeling. I'm really enjoying the meta-cognitive wander.

  ADHD sucks. This helps. Enough said.

  Calibrating your hearing curve makes it sound tota different. I like it.

  My personal curve. I had no idea that impulse noise existed until just now. I'm a huge fan of the various colors of white noise, but this is somehow so much better. I thought it would be irritating or distracting that it is comprised of individual short sounds, but it's really not. Give it a try.

  It sounds like things are tapping on your headphones, which I sometimes do. it's great!

  Dude. This is like putting hydrogen peroxide in your ears to clean them. Except without all the itchyness afterwards!

  It helps block out other sounds! :D the best

  Somehow, this reminds me of calvalry doing rounds of night patrol. Pair this with the Jungle Noise generator on the 'Insects' preset (and play around with the far right sliders to preference) and you'll come pretty close to recreating the scenario.

  It feels like my ears are getting a massage. It's very soothing.

  I hate little sounds, so I was sure I was going to hate this. But it's actually really nice.

  ← Sounds like spiders on wood. I love this!

  I highly recommend pairing this sound with the Cave Water generator, that will give an authentic rain sound. Since finding this site, I am a daily user. It's truly the best!

  This sounds just like earth worms moving through mud and pooping. I love it.

  Impulse noise helps me concentrate especially when I'm reading or trying to do work.

  This makes me really happy in ways I can't really explain. It's like the sounds of marbles. Not like doing anything specific, just marbles.

  A very bubbly noise, like near an under water volcano spewing out hot liquids.

  After a frazzling day of work, this helps me knit my brain back together.

  I don't know if it helps anything, but to me this sounds like horses in the rain. I kind of like it.

  I can't explain why I like this one, I can only describe that it somehow feels good to my ears

  It sounds like a several people texting all at once... It's a bit scary, actually.

  I thought the 'popping' would incite my migraine to get worse, but it actually kind of took it apart. This is the first noise to effectively numb and pause a migraine attack for me!

  Bubbling sound, like coke or the bubbles from a fish tank.

  This noise allows me to reprogram my brain.

  Purring Sound.

  What an amazing website! So many options and so beautifully constructed. I am easily distracted but these noises help me stay focused.

  I've been looking for something like this for a few months; absolutely stunning interface and variety!

  Impulse noise helps me focus even when in an environment where it's really difficult to. I love it.

  The pops and clicks sound awesome!

  This is really relaxing. Kinda sounds like rain on a umbrella.

  ← Horse race.

  Reminds me of rain falling on my car.

  It feels like I'm eating Pop Rocks!

  This is amazing, to say the least. It really does remind me of rain, and I like that it keeps at a relatively consistent pace instead of constantly varying.