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Hands of Time
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The Hans Connection

He was slow to pull the trigger, but he finally did it! After many years of waiting, I can finally introduce my friend Hans-Jörg Scheffler on myNoise. Our meeting goes back to the time when we both were working as sound designers for Roland Corporation Japan in the late nineties. Hans is a mad sound designer, very prolific but a tad messy at times. With Hans, you never know what hidden surprises await. His patchnames for example: "Homopathetic" to refer to the sound of a horrible-sounding male choir patch and "Horny Sax" for a brass section. That's Hans! And we always need someone like Hans to keep a hardworking team in a good mood.

Among Hans's varied talents, there is one that this sound generator illustrates so well — Hans has the gift of gathering people together. The Hans connection is real and works like a charm among musicians. He managed during lockdown to involve 70 of his musical friends in his Cabin Fever project, including Deep Forest and Jacob Collier! For the generator 'Hands of Time,' Hans invited two of his buddies to play along — the talented Hans-Peter Salentin on the flugelhorn and the skilled fretless bass player Manfred Miketta. Thanks for joining in!

Eager to discover more from Hans? Check out his Vimeo and YouTube pages. Hans's music is available under the artist Cosmic Passenger and under Salentin & Scheffler for his duo with Hans-Peter. Hans-Peter Salentin runs his own record label, Dewey Records.

Published on November 26th, 2020

User Stories

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  Beautiful, yet horrifying. "The hands of time" makes me think of a utopian universe where there is only pleasure and happiness, no pain. However, every 100 years one random member is sent to another dystopian universe which is the complete opposite. So the question is, can one really be happy? This music to me perfectly captures the irony of the situation.

  This is such an amazing soundscape - ethereal, crystalline, nuanced and oh so full of beauty...

  Okay, this setting is absolutely night-frightful, if you run it at half speed! Great job!

  Takes me back to my childhood and playing with all the kids on my block. Very contemplative. Good times.

  It feels like your going back into the “jazz era” of music with some children playing and cheering too, 10/10

  I love how this setting presents a jazzy flugelhorn playing in an ethereal void. It's simultaneously calming and invigorating. Perfect for helping me focus!

  Dear Stéphane Pigeon and Hans-Jörg Scheffler, Fortunate are those who can listen to music, more fortunate are those who come across timeless jewels like this one - Hands of Time. I have nothing but the highest regard for this sound generator and folks like you who make the suffering of being alive more bearable. Thank you so much for everything! Best wishes, yashashav_dk

  Discovered this one this morning. Absolutely my new favorite!

  This sound makes me feel as if I am sitting in a playground watching other kids play while reminiscing my own childhood. This never fails to warm my heart. This is so precious to me.

  Reminds me of Pink Floyd.

  This reminds me so much of the cartoon "Hey Arnold" that I watched as a kid in the 90s. The score was composed by Jim Lang and had the same melancholic and jazzy vibe.

  Turning down the bells & children make it the perfect background music track for relaxing in the evening.

  This setting focuses on the flugelhorn, brass pad, and soft bells. The children playing give the setting the feel of a NorthSound recording.

  How did I miss this one? It's probably in my top five in this website. Brilliant!

  The Flugelhorn is pure joy to listen to. It pairs completely well with other sounds. I love to isolate just the flugelhorn, and either add some rain sounds, or add it to some light coffee house sounds, perhaps with some 88 Keys for the effect of hearing some live jazz.

  Something about this feels so reflective and sad. For me, this is like the embodiment of knowing you are about to pass away, and sitting on a bench in a park, watching pensively as young life (the children) innocently plays around you. Life around you teams with vigor and activity. I feel that the trumpet represents you reflecting on your life and coming to terms with the end.

  PS. How could you resist calling it 'Hans of Time'?

  Very Blade Runner 1982, but after the darkness lifted and the rain stopped.

  This is magic!

  Whoa! Sounds like Nils Petter Molvaer on that trumpet!

  Thank you so much for the great opportunity and the cool comments. You totally made my day. We had so much fun making this generator that HP and me decided to follow up with a full album of ambient type music. It will be soon available on all digital platforms for download and streaming. Look out for Salentin&Scheffler/Deepavali.

  I'm sitting on the roof of a building, at sunset, looking how everyone is doing their summery, bittersweetly tired activities. There's not a hint of danger, just pure, warm comfort, and an apparent endless amount of time for me to fall asleep. You're in the moment right now, not wanting it to end, ever. You know this is going to pass, yet you feel the start of this summer was an eternity away.

  This is wild - it feels like it's from a place I know very well but somehow never visited!

  This takes me back to 1975/76 and growing up in Novato, California. It reminds me of the quiet and breezy summer days, hearing the neighbor kids in their pool and my mom's radio tuned to an easy listening station. In the evening the fog would roll across the hills to the west and slowly make its way to our part of town at the foot of Mt. Burdell. Those were halcyon days.

  The bells are supposed to be the wind-chimes from the next door neighbour, the dirt voices stand for the voices of the past, that I'm hearing once again in my mind, the sounds of the kids in the background is me, my sister, my cousins, and my very best friend, Rebekah, playing in the sandbox. Tragically passed away from a heart seizure in 1987 at age 8. The soundscape I made takes place in 1985.

  This is evocative of watching 70s TV on long summer days in the Poconos. Lying on the floor watching Bionic Woman and Charlie's Angels and Wonder Woman and Hart to Hart. Listening to my brother and his friends outside. Empathizing too well with the poignant and disappointing lesson at the end of the episode as the credits roll.

  I've been smartworking with this in the background the whole afternoon and found it made me feel... well, cosy and comfortable as I type at the keyboard, watching the sun set and the room grow darker. The flugelhorn and bells seem to do the magic for me, but I prefer to tone down the voices. I'll certainly get back to this generator again!

  I miss being a kid. So this is just right for me.

  This is amazing! This brings back so many memories. A brand new page and my nostalgia levels went through the ROOF. Thank you. If I can afford it, I'll definitely donate.

  As a jazz lover and bass player, I LOVE the fretless bass on this! I'll be coming back to this a lot for studying.

  I resonate with the Hans-vibe! Laughed and smiled throughout the description... these music combinations are a work of art. I like this generator because it's so very human... it's like being able to look back on a sunny memory an old friend shares with you, a photo-book of music.