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Frequency-Shaped Meditation Soundscape
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Humming Along Clears your Mind

A subtle hum hides behind the sparking bells. Locate it first, concentrate on it for a while, then hum along. Use the same pitch - or an octave below if you are a male singer - and keep humming for as long as it remains comfortable. Slowly inhale through the nose then start humming again.

Humming enhances breath control and extends exhalation. It also creates deep vibrations inside your chest, helping you to relax, ease stress, and balance your mind and body. Try such an exercise ten minutes a day, for a week and see what effect it has on you.

Published on August 5th, 2013

User Stories

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  This is nice and calming.

  The sound I made feels like you're ascending into greater plane of life, existence, and goes deep in your soul and relaxes it. To a better world then to this one

  This is awesome! It's like looking into a gem in the moonlight, just watching it sparkle as the hours melt by.

  I feel like I'm floating in space it's so relaxing.

  This is so relaxing! Drag the purple slider up and then back down periodically to have the effect of the background getting louder and then quieter again. I was trying to build a kernel for a new OS called "MoleOS" (or "Moles"), but I kept getting errors, so I used this to calm down, and it helps so much! I recommend turning the bass up by a little bit more then it is here for this preset.

  Listen long enough, and you'll hear something unique... And secret... These tracks never repeat, you know...

  If a sound is unsatisfying, either use J/K to intensify the volume—or just drag sliders until they sound cool... Also manipulate individual regions to cancel out annoyances, like this one, tuned to erase my annoying classmate that won't stop mumbling "Metallica"...

  Dr. Pigeon, you far understate the vastness of myNoise when you call it the internet's public park. Visit the homepage. Click through the neural feedback section's "More", all free gens, and you will be reeling with awe. And yet it is the mere beginning to the thousand gens, the surface to a page of composites, some never to be heard by the masses. This isn't a park, it's a public sound-galaxy.

  if you like stargazing this is for you. I spent 2 hours listing to this, and well my anxiety is not really a problem any more, and combing with Unreal Wind, it becomes sleep music. It's really nice, thank you!

  This, is the only thing that has been able to calm the anxiety and has helped me forget the bad memories, there's something that is unique, about hearing the gentle tones of the frequencies & the gentle ringing of the bells , and I was finally able to find a place where I can finally feel... safe. I call this preset: The Spirit of the Fox.

  It felt peaceful..For once I found my safe place, I imagined I was a fox peacefully traveling the snowy region of the cold tundra with the peaceful starry night sky and the glow of the northern lights above me… It was… truly something amazing, and I just zoned out to that reality for a bit... I really enjoyed it. Thank you!

  Shepard tone.

  When I listened to this, I was just sitting there and imagining a walk in the forest, a very green one at that. I imagined feelings cool breezehitting my face, the smell of the nature. It was just so peaceful. I started listening and fell asleep for along time. When I woke up and checked the time it was like 1:14 am or something.

  This is perfection.

  This helps me relax and it helps me do my work.

  This helps me relax so much.

  Hello beautiful people :) This is by far my favorite. Enjoy your day!

  After listening to the Shepard Tone for 20 minutes, this was a wonderful way to reset. As a composer, I truly appreciate this opportunity to hum along not only with the note itself, but with notes that harmonize with it. I imagined a pool with the reflections of many trees on it, the gentle breeze making the branches move and the light sparkle on the deep green water. I joined the wind, humming.

  It made me feel better after crying, thank you.

  This is really creepy I would recomend it if you use this but not for me.

  I Absolutely Adore This App! It's So Calming. Just To Sit And Relax To! Solid 10/10 From Me!

  i used this at night and it works with my ADHD and autism, would recommend this to a friend.

  it's just too perfect to comprehend.

  It helps me calm down with my anxiety.

  It helps me with my ADHD disorder.

  I use this as pseudo noise cancelling when studying. Helps keep me locked in.

  This is soooo beautiful. One of the best for my tinnitus. Not too soft, not too loud, just the perfect mixture. Many thanks to Dr. Pigeon.

  I woke up with really bad tinnitus today. Usually "Summer Nights" on low volume is enough to give me relief, But not today. Fortunately I found this which helps. Thank you so much. I don't know if I would be here if it wasn't for this website and these sounds.

  A beautiful generator with delicate noises that pluck the strings of human emotion like few other generators do.

  Row, row, row your boat • Gently down the stream • Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily • Life is but a dream

  Makes me feel like I am floating through a calm, dark blue ocean.

  I'm under water in a bubble, looking at all the mystical wonders.

  Relax sound without the noise (treble) or bass.

  I haven't used this much, but so far I am loving this. It helps keep me equally between awake and asleep, and makes a tiring day at work feel a lot easier, easing stress and helping my mental health. This is my favourite. Thanks :)

  Eerie, yet incredibly calming! Great for relieving stress and for falling asleep faster and easier. If you like this generator, try 'Black Hole,' I often pair it with this for a calming, sci-fi feel. Thanks for making this website Dr. Pigeon!

  Helps sleep.

  It's beautiful, both a sparkling yet deep flavor of noise that almost instantly soothes one's mind.

  When I listen to this, I feel like I'm on a unknown planet that no one has discovered yet in our galaxy that contains to have special minerals that no one had discovered yet... Of so unique & stylish look to them.

  I like this, it's relaxing.

  I LOVE this generator, it's great for when you're trying to fall asleep!

  When I hear this when very stressed, it allows me to calm down. There's like a nice but indescribable feeling that calms me.

  It feels as though I'm floating through space, unconfined by gravity or stress. Starlight gently caresses my face, and I am at peace.

  I feel like I'm walking through a cave looking at all the sparkling diamonds and crystals on the walls and ceiling surrounding me, and I have a look on my face of wonder and astonishment at the spectacle before me.

  This is so cool it helps me relax after a long and stressful day and helps me sleep when I am stressed.

  Amazing sound generation.

  It sounds like noise they use in Minecraft.

  This really helped me get through studying and actually focusing on studying.

  Thanks! This really helped me relax after a long day of stressing work!! I do recommend this with the meditation bell too! Much appreciation!!!

  SO cool! I love this! If you like this try Take It Easy. Thanks so much!

  It made me feel sleepy and I almost fell onto my keyboard but overall amazing experience.

  This is soothing and I just need to rest after this.

  My favorite settings are putting sub and low bass a few notches over medium, then cranking up middle and high bass to the max. Everything else should be somewhere around the middle, but it's fine if you want to experiment! It just feels relaxing, I don't know how else to put it. Send this website to a friend if they are stressed!

  Recommend this - only the lower slides - to those with migraines and headaches.

  I don't know how to describe this sound. The bass and sub-bass are the highest values, giving this sort of feeling that soothes you into sleep. It's beautiful, and I love it.

  This one made me feel like I was sent to a mystical realm and connected to god.

  I cannot put into words how relaxing and calm this makes me.

  This is preternatural!

  Really nice to listen to while drawing :)

  Mix this generator with Hum Drone for something truly otherworldly! Great for coding or falling asleep... or falling asleep while coding!

  It really does make you feel like you're floating between two dimensions.

  When I firstly heard "Floating" at a low volume, I was... terrified. I was irrationally afraid of death for more than a day (!) and then started to desensibilize myself. Firstly I was listening "Highs and Lows" which caused no fear and then changed for loud "Floating" with Summer Night playing on the background to make the music less lonely and sorrowful. It did work!

  Adding Aeternitas to this mix sends you drifting off into a place that may exist between dimensions, helping you to reach enlightenment. I set both of these to animate and the animation mode to the Deep (0-150%) setting. I really love this, it's extremely relaxing and helps me focus when studying. It's a great noiseblocker too!

  I don't think I have synesthesia, but this sounds like a sunrise to me. Orange and Purple.

  I listen to this generator, along with Anamnesis, and Irish Coast (both are also generators on the same website) and I suggest trying it for yourself too! Open up 3 different audio generators from this website, set the slider animations to fastest+deep, and see what unique sounds come out of it. My 3 have made my sleep so much better, and it might work the same for you too!

  I love this generator. I love most of the sounds on this site, but this is one I come back to again and again. It's relaxing enough to help me unwind in the evening and energetic enough to stir my creative juices in the morning, busy enough to keep from feeling dull and repetitive enough to fade pleasantly into the background. I've written multiple books to this sound. Thank you!!

  It sounds like purified amethyst but as a powder... in a sound? It's otherworldly.

  I love it so much! Thanks for helping me myNoise!

  The settings I made relieves the pain at my head actually because most of the time when I get nightmares it makes my head hurt. Thanks for making this :D

  This one's perfect to block out noise and relax!

  Nice and calming music!

  Weird, but to me this sounds creepy. Overall a great sound generator.

  This is great, it helps me sleep and calm down. Sometimes it makes me think about the galaxy.

  I could listen to this forever. Beautiful soundscape - makes me think of space!

  It’s very calming. I recommend this if you want to do yoga or you want to fall asleep.

  Extremely calming.

  After a hard day of stress and confusion, this really makes me fade back into the world of clarity.

  It's like a calm sound that's making you sleepy.

  This entire site is incredible but this has to be my favorite sound. I play only the 2 middle sliders (low mids and mids) because i have synesthesia and that setting is such a pure, bright silver :) Thank you for making this free!!!

  It's like nothing you've heard before.. its like light, piercing the dark of night.. like a lone wolf in the infinite void that is the universe.. it's unexplainable...

  This is really relaxing. I'm a reality shifter, and this mixed with shepard's tones (which this website also helpfully has!) makes it really easy for me to concentrate on shifting and nothing else. It's super relaxing, too!

  This makes me really happy. It reminds me of a puzzle game I used to watch my dad play when I was little; Myst V. I never liked ambient/meditation music but I love this one.

  Perfect for meditation. I boosted 125Hz as that knocks out a weird vibration from next door’s swimming pool that drives me crazy!

  Osmosis always reminds me of that scene from the old movie, Legend, where Oona leads Jack into the treasure cavern for the armor he'll need now that he's their champion. The hum, the tinkling bells... I am instantly transported to a faerie realm where anything can happen.

  I expected piano music or something along those lines, but this- this is so much better and unique... I can feel the Anxiety fading.

  Right now, I'm angry with my brother. He is the leader of a committee, and I'm the coordinator of event division. He doesn't understand his job, and only controlling, but not working. This website really calms me down. I guess sometimes we don't need people to make us better.

  Omy gosh. Listen to this. This sound. It's frickin amazing. Like cold water drops on my forehead. Like piercing stalactites, piercing dark. Like dropping glass, on ice. Slipping through the fingers of time. Marking years and days of ominously grace. Like starbursts and feiy so bright. Like the universe put into perspective.

  This noise makes me both tired, sad, relaxed, and happy, all at the same time. and considering whats going on these days it may help

  Sounds like you're in a cave just listening to the dripping noises on stones.

  I used this before a big exam. It really calmed my mind and helped me focus. Thanks!

  I started falling asleep in the middle of the day. I'm a child and this is the weekend, so that's a compliment.

  This is relaxing. "Imagine you are on space, looking at the stars sparkle and calm your mind. You go in a space suit and float looking at other things. you look left and right. And you saw earth. You see starman in the distance. Driving in space. You can move anywhere you like. And you can float without any health effects." This is what I have thought of and I enjoy the fact that I can relax.

  I was doing online work and decided to see what this was. Suddenly I could just concentrate.

  It is beautiful... this helps me a lot with my anger.

  A void with some sparkles.

  As I listened, I began to drift off into an infinite space. The music played and I began to touch objects around me. As I touched them, I remembered my past in an alternate way that wouldn't bring me sadness. I also remembered the present time and my goals from the objects and the music itself. After a while, I heard my name and slowly drifted back into reality. I am very grateful for this music!

  It's so beautiful and enchanting, so relaxing. I don't know how to describe it. It's like pure ethereality.

  I agree with the thought below, it sounds a lot like subnautica. Very similar instruments that help to relax.

  This is an enchanting noise.

  This feels cold, but safe. Like sleeping in ice caves.

  This sounds like Subnautica - Something ominous but relaxing about this, a feeling of awe and wonder.

  I really love Osmosis as it helps me with memorization during studying.

  This reminded me of my past thoughts and memories that I regretted and adored. This soundtrack puts me into deep concentration and activates my imagination that roams free with nothing to stop it. It is such a touching rhythm that makes me feel sentimental about life and my past actions. GJ

  These settings helped me relax a little during a very difficult day and eased up my headache. A truly peaceful set <3

  Love this! My calibration settings make this perfect!

  I paired brownian Osmosis with pink Deserted and it was like floating through the stars on silver wings.

  I paired this noise with Twilight and it was like floating through the stars on silver wings.

  The sound is just perfect to focus on challenging study session, I find it extremely relaxing and smooth!

  I adore this soundscape. I could listen to it all day. So soft and gentle. Love it.

  I paired the lower to higher mid slides with first three slides of Bilateral Harmonics and it's such a relaxing sound! Great for relaxing or even focusing while doing some work (or trying to read).

  This is amazing. These are what my day dreams are like in my head, when I opened this up, a rush of inspiration hit me. I am learning hand lettering and it really helps me concentrate. Thanks so much! This is an awesome site!

  I clicked on the link and the moment it started I immediately started crying, I don't know why, something about that particular set of sounds just deeply resonated within me.

  Paired with Twilight, I can slowly ease myself out of the darkness. It feels nice; like a warm hug. :)

  Very dreamy, helps to slow you right down.

  This makes it feel easier to breathe, especially after listening for a few minutes and getting your mind a little more in tune with the sounds. It's really relaxing and centering.

  I use this to study. It blocks out the sounds of loud study rooms but is also not at all distracting, just happy twinkling bells in my brain!

  This one really helps with my concentration during the examen period, It is calming and filters background noises when I'm studying in the city. Merci Stéphane!

  When used in combination with Twilight and Into Balance, it keeps my stress low and my focus in my story and school work.

  I really liked the "Intimate" setting, but this one is even better! It makes me feel light and buoyant, but so relaxed... Truly amazing work with this soundscape, as always!

  The grey noise preset is the only thing I've found so far that helps with my tinnitus. Super thankful, Dr. Pigeon.

  Just heavy! So deep and at the same time those really high sparkles come in which keep you kind of awake... Pretty awesome, love it!

  Wow, this is incredible. So calming especially on the low/quite settings... Listen to this whenever you are stressed. <3

  I was scrolling through just testing out the different soundscapes and I just stuck on this one. It's been going for about an hour now. Thank you!

  This really helps me calm my amxiety and relax.

  This setting in particular calmed me down from a bout of anxiety. I love this site.

  Ive been wanting more sound like this since first listening to Jarre's Waiting For Cousteau.

  This is a Godsend! Osmosis combined with Aural Scanner on Calibrated (for me) creates such a deep blissful noise that a child could sleep to. It vibrates my earphones with the deep rumble of the Aural Scanner and leaves the soft Osmosis' tingle that's created with bells. It's honestly one of the most relaxing sounds I have ever experienced! Amazing Work!

  The Osmosis soundscape has emotional value for me, because it takes me back at 2 situations, 25+ years ago. The first flashback is of me reclining in the planetarium in Brussels, looking at the projected stars and listening to the accompanying Jean-Michel Jarre soundtrack. The second one is cycling, all alone, over the massive Delta-works in the Netherlands, Jean-Michel Jarre on DAT walkman.

  The tonal drone section is my favorite by far. I use this site quite often when writing, and having surreal yet musical noise to both distract from my surroundings and add to the scene in my head? Absolutely fantastic. I especially like This one, Northern Lights, and Stardust all playing on with animation on. Paints a very nice space atmosphere.

  I really like this setting. The High Treble has helped notice when I can pick up sound in my Right ear which has significant hearing loss.

  I am floating around in a mysterious black void, watching little sparks of light in all sorts of different colors come to life. These lights then start floating through this void, embarking on their journey, just like me.

  OMG, this soundscape actually helps me clear my mind while I'm napping. Thank you, myNoise!

  The one that got me hooked on this website back in 2014, and I keep coming back to it when I really need to zone out.

  I sometimes get pretty bad anxiety, and this mixed with the thunder generator is just so amazing!

  I recommend playing this alongside Irish Coast, with the volume slightly higher for Waves Crash, Rain, and Wind. Great combination!

  This is my cat's favorite soundscape! As soon as I start playing it, she climbs right up behind the computer and falls asleep.

  A very calming soundscape, it sounds incredible and helps ground me after an emotionally exhausting day.

  This helps me to concentrate when coding. Thanks so much.

  Feeling a very strong connection with this!

  Wow, I could listen to Osmosis forever! While I've been surfing the Internet and chatting with friends, it's been playing in the background for the last half hour. I'm loving this!

  Combine this with Anamnesis and you have your perfect sleep at night.

  Fastest I've ever hit trance mode - I keep returning to this website when I truly need a chill-out session. Perhaps I'll be able to hum along for more than a few seconds at a time soon.

  Saved me. Saved my marriage.

  This is one of my favorites audios on this site.I listen to it almost every day when working (sometimes simultaneously with Healing Water audio) and it makes me feel really relaxed and at the same time concentrated. Really helpful and inspiring.

  Something about the deep hums is deeply relaxing.It's like a warm kind of silence. Like of deep seas.

  I always like to close my eyes and imagine myself in a cave filled with quartz crystals and water flowing between the stalactites and stalagmites.

  I appreciate your work, Dr. P! This website has been great for my tinnitus patients.

  It's funny because I accidentally found this while looking for osmosis based generators for a science project, which I happened to be having a nervous breakdown because. The fact that I opened the tab accidentally and started hearing weird noise that suddenly calmed me down a little was crazy. Thank you so much.

  Just came back to my mind after an anxiety attack at 20 to midnight... In a moment of control I grabbed osmosis and my headphones. This has probably saved me from doing something stupid... Countless times... THANK YOU.

  Until this day my favorite sound was Aeternitas... Osmosis is great. Very peaceful and these little tiny sounds touch your mind like rain drops...

  This generator combined with 'Northern Lights' on animate is absolutely beautiful. Great for mental clarity.

  I was having a horrible anxiety attack but, in a moment of self-control, I decided to make use of this particular soundscape and hum along with it for a few minutes. Before I knew it, the attack was mostly gone. I'm so glad this website still exists. :'D

  It's amazing to see twelve stressed-out girls in my school sit crossed-legged on the ground and meditate for fifteen minutes to these soothing sounds. Welcome peace in a noisy world.

  I am a writer and I find noise generators to be god sent. I also use them when I read or need to relax in general. They help me zone out when I need ME time and help me meditate when the world around me becomes too chaotic to handle. I also use Sleeping Dragon and White Noise, sometimes combining them to get the ultimate noise canceling experience.

  Feels like hearing snowflakes fall, watching them fall, feeling peaceful meanwhile.

  Constant low sounds that will block all sounds of your environment and to calm your mind, and some higher bells to keep yourself focused and motivated. Welcome to the zenroom for studying!

  I combined this with Intertidal, and it was just awesome.

  The perfect soundtrack to fall asleep and dream to.

  I pair this with 'rain noise', with the low bass/thunder sounds up very high. Helps me concentrate on reading things, which is very helpful with my classes! Not only that, but this sounds musical *without* actual words being sung, and it never ends. No need to focus so much on the sounds, and even better, no urges to sing along. I love it.

  Anyone that suffers from an attention disorder knows how hard it is to stay focused on one thing all day at a job. I pair Osmosis and Anamnesis together while at work. I'll look up at the clock and realize that a whole hour has gone by when I feel like it's only been 10ish minutes. Love this site!

  I'm autistic, so I generally have difficulty expressing how I'm feeling to others. I use this website to show others how I'm feeling and it works. I pair Osmosis with Mournful Chimes and it not only relaxes me, but using the sounds, I can tell people when I'm feeling out of it or just down without having to tell them all the details. Music is a language we all speak.

  I'm a tinnitus sufferer, and while the Neuromodulator sound does a great job of relieving my tinnitus, it isn't particularly musical or that pleasant to listen to for long periods. This sound however both chills me out *and* completely cancels my tinnitus. I can focus again! I can get work done! Thanks Dr. P!

  I like to pair the ethereal with the earthly. Osmosis goes really well with Rainforest. You feel like the sun is rising and starting to trickle through treetops. Very soothing and uplifting.

  I have been listening to this generator for days on end without ever becoming tired of it. It is the best soothing, relaxing background music I've found anywhere, ever. It's helped me focus on work, relax, rest, and enjoy my meditations. Beautiful!

  I was absolutley in 'bits' having panic attacks. I listened to this soundscape and was immediatley calmed, my heart rate came right down. Thank you!

  This is somehow ominous and very calming at the same time. I love the overall effect that it gives. This is possibly one of my favorites.

  Oh wow! Blend this one with any of the bowls/bells/chimes engines and then add an environmental layer or two and a vocal layer or two... Just brilliant!!! I don't want to listen to "real" music anymore! This is REAL music as far as I'm concerned!

  These settings take me to my happy place.

  As a student in all honors and AP classes, being able to concentrate on my homework while not stressing out is essential for me. I use this because it's a soothing light noise that I could listen to for hours on end. I also like to combine it with the Cafe Restaurant, which blocks out the sounds of my family. Thank you so much for this!

  This sounds exactly like the slow, tinkling, drone-like musical sequence in many soundtracks/compositions by Vangelis, my favourite music artist. This is one of the most calming sounds for me, I've never found it anywhere but in Vangelis' music -- until the Osmosis generator! Now I can listen to it always! Thank you for making such a calming, peaceful sound!

  This is such an atmospheric and dreamy soundscape. I love to combine this with Tibetan Choir for the perfect way to relax and concentrate.

  I frequently use Osmosis as a noise blocker for my tinnitus, and to deal with TMJ headaches while working. It's just enough in the high registers to distract with out removing focus. It also combines well with many other noises, especially white noise or waves with a gentle animation.

  As a teenager suffering from depression, ADHD, and chronic dissociation, I haven't been able to enjoy art or relaxation for months, but I decided to give myNoise a chance, and it's really helping. Osmosis with Clockwork, Dog Sled, or Cat Purr is really nice. It makes me feel less alone. I'll definitely come here when I'm feeling down.

  I was typing up a philosophy essay about the 4th dimension and I had Osmosis, Etheral Choir, Northern Lights and Isochronic Tones open, all animated. I fell like I was flying through a warped spacetime tube like in scifi. Amazing. I reached a higher level of sentience.

  I feel like I'm floating through a nebula

  Relaxing, enjoyable, stress free and very helpful. Thank you!

  Simply put... a BIG THANK YOU!!! <3

  I suffer from Intermittent Explosive Disorder. I often throw huge fits at a drop of a hat that would end in the police being called, and controlling them was nearly impossible. Now, with this site, I can turn to a generator and within seconds I feel the inexplicable rage fade. With my anger under control, I am studying International Studies and minoring in Chinese. Thank you for saving my life!

  Hum the first 5 notes to the Star Trek theme along with this :)

  Kind of melancholic, loving it!

  I'm listening to Osmosis for the very first time, and I feel super relaxed, calm, and focused!

  It's really relaxing me and makes me feel peaceful. I love this so much, it takes away stress and anger and helps you calmly sort things out.

  Completely and totally in love with this. So relaxing and simple, yet complex and it allows you to fall in to each sound until nothing but the sound all together matters. It's amazing, this site is forever one of my favorites on the internet.

  Sound can be a beautiful gift. Being here feels like I found a secret place and a destination that I can return to throughout the day and every evening to release from the chaos out there and to center my inner being... So I can heal. Peace Be With You.

  Almost hypnotic. Beautiful work.

  Very peaceful, helps me block out outside noises and focus on what needs to be done.

  I love to read and write but I can never find a relaxing place to sit at and work at. Discovering this today and listening to it has made me come up with more ideas than before and has even helped me to hold onto them long enough to write down. Combining this with Three Friends of Winter has made me more relaxed and happier. This is amazing!

  I love this already. I've only used it a few times. It really helps me focus and drown out background noise!

  This is is Deep. Makes you think.

 I'm Already at Peace. I'm an artist and writer myself, and this really helps me get into the zone for drawing, writing serene and calm stuff. Peace - 

  Play this with Three Friends of Winter, both on animate. Don't ask questions, just do it. It's absolute bliss.

  Very romantic, good for getting intimate with a lover.

  I am a student who does a lot of studying, but I find myself distracted by both noisy environments and too-quiet environments. I love using natural sounds to establish ambient background sound and layering Osmosis along with them. I find that the tonal, windchime-like sound really ties everything together and helps me focus without stressing me out further.

  There is no way to put to words where this takes me in my mind. It's as if I've found that secret place in my head, that only I can reach. Peace, wonder, serenity. I could stay here for days.

  I've been struggling with horrific night terrors every night recently, to the point where I developed insomnia. My psychologist and I have tried a lot of different things to combat this but the treatments are unpredictable at best. One night I played this sound with the Spring Water noise and my dreams were more peaceful and pleasant than ever! Words cannot describe what a relief this has been.

  I need several layers of noise to sleep on bad anxiety nights, and most of the time white noise and static sounds just make it worse. This is so beautiful and calming. Right now I have this layered over Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos and it's helping tons.

  This is just breathtaking, it feels like playing the sounds of outer space. It activates your imagination, makes you focus, it makes you feel like you're in a different universe. If I had to describe it it one word, it would be "phantasmagorical".

  This, clockwork and cat purr create an unrealistically calming athmosphere, like sitting alone in an old house in the past, time has gone mad and maybe stopped completely, and there is just the magical athmosphere of the old house, and a warm, sleepy cat curled up on my lap. It doesn't feel like a fairytale, yet it does. I recommend these 3 together! Trop magnifique

  I always have trouble focusing on my school work, but this is absolutely perfect and keeps me from getting distracted. Especially with writing essays and such, it really gets you engaged. Keep up the good work!

  I love this. Because I have problems with anxiety, listening to this helps me calm down and relax. I have tried lots of different songs and classical pieces, but nothing has worked as well as this. It also can help me focus on my homework and block out extra noise. It works beautifully with the same settings on Twilight. Thank you so much for this.

  Ahh.. This is my space music right here. When I listen to this, it's as though I can hear the songs of the universe playing into my ears... It's beautiful, calming and soothing and it brings me to a place nowhere on earth can take me. The chimes and the hums come at just the right times and light up stars within my mindscape, and I am brought to peace...

  My newborn (three months old now) and I love this soundscape. As soon as I turn it on she drifts right off to sleep. Because we both keep rather odd sleeping hours (I'm on HER schedule now) it also helps mask outside noise if we have to sleep during the day as well to get our cummulative needed hours of rest. Thanks for building this site! Keep up the great work.

  Nothing to say besides this is my favorite noise on this site. Absolutely beautiful.

  Hands down my favorite noise on this site. This is my go-to for those 5+ hour long homework, study, or writing sessions. It's mystical, spiritual, fantastical, and easy on the ears, and it's the only one that I keep coming back to no matter how much I try to give the other noises equal playing time.

  Beautiful. No other words for it.

  One of my favorite generators on this site. It's very relaxing, has enough of the deeper resonating sounds I like and the little fluttering of the higher pitches. Very calming and meditative. I often listen to this while I do work.

  The low noises really make me calm, and the high notes make me imagine I'm floating through space, looking through the black void and at all the stars around me... It's beautiful.

  Helped a lot while I was writing my research paper. Loved that I could tune out all other sounds and really focus.

  It helps me keep calm in order to focus on my school work and not get bogged on by the anxiety I have towards failure. It helps clear my mind and I feel as though I think more freely listening to this. It's my favorite sound out of them all.

  The Osmosis Soundscape sounded like the sound was reaching into my soul, and gently caress it. This is one of my favorite sounds. Keep up the good work!

  This is definitely my go-to track for when I need some peace beyond that of a quiet room. Nice ringing tones and plenty of bass, really helps keep me leveled.

  Not much change from the original settings, but somehow it just speaks to me. I love most sounds on this page but somehow I keep coming back to Osmosis and I feel both mellowed out yet invigorated, like I could just as easily take a nap to this sound as I could fight a tiger or something.

  Osmosis is such a wonderful name for this noise generator. It definitely feels like the sound is passing through me, being absorbed into me. The light chimes and subtle background sounds are fantastic and provide a relaxing atmosphere. I finally did my personal calibration because I enjoyed the natural 'Pink' nature of this sound but I felt like I was missing some sounds. Simply amazing.

  The bass noises send me into a deep relaxation, and the slightly audible mids and trebles make me feel like I am floating softly.

  This really helps me focus with my Physics study, it's incredibly amazing.

  I really like this! Not only is it relaxing, but it also serves as an inspiration to a story that I have written for fun :)

  This sound reminds me so much of the sounds you hear in nature/underwater/space documentaries and science museum exhibits, so of course I always listen to it when I am studying. It really adds a new dimension to my studying routine and helps keep me focused and amazed in what I learn.

  Osmosis + Tibetan Choir + Himalayan Bowls (animate mode) calms me down whenever I have panic attacks while studying. It helps clear my mind of anxiety. :)

  Every grey preset on this website is absolutely beautiful with calibration. Thank you for creating heaven for my ears. :)

  Though simply just a product of applying my 'hearing curve' to Osmosis, this is very calming. I've undertaken some meditation using this set-up, which is most unlike me, being an unspiritual person, and I feel somewhat better for it.

  Wow. I'm so glad I found this website. It's not even late, yet after testing out all the sounds I could fall right asleep! This Osmosis soundscape with the rain noise makes me feel like I could slip out of this world right into space and float there peacefully forever...

  Used this in conjunction with Tibetan Choir - Darkness preset for a frissonic experience. It made my work day completely different.

  THis noise invokes a unique and puzzling ambiance within me.

  This soundscape soothed my mind and body during a time of extreme stress. Thank you so much for making it publicly available.

  My little brother made this one for me. I have anxiety and depression and this really helps with both. I feel like I'm floating away.

  It sounds as if someone is calling to me in my sleep. I absolutely adore this.

  It feels as though the stars are available to be touched ~ so beautiful.

  I listen to this and the Tibetan chant to help me sleep. It's beautiful and de-stressing and soothes my mind .

  This is a great noise for work. The higher tones keep me alert and focused, while the lower ones block out unwanted chatter and traffic noise.

  I really love it... It's very good to set a good hum and to focus on meditation. The problem is it's so good it makes me want to hum constantly for a long time and I run out of breath :(

  I really love these sound generators, and this with the rain ones helps me really relax when I'm out to try lucid dreaming or meditating. The trance like noises and the animated setting truly hits the spot when you wish to imagine random like pattern and scenery. Keep the great work up! :3

  I love this noise! It is perfect for relaxing after a long day, whether studying or sleeping.It clears my mind of all random thoughts that pop into my head while I go to sleep.

  This reminds me of the main menu soundtrack/theme of The Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

  The osmosis generator is fabulous. It's seems to pull double duty for me, and can be alternately relaxing when I need it and helps set the mood when I'm writing as well. Absolutely love the sound.

  This is beautiful. When I 'hum', it's usually to songs with lyrics, but this is a lot more relaxing.

  Every sound is a pinprick of light in the universe of the mind and imagination. Endless, beautiful, mystical.

  larr; I lose my self in this! Thank you for creating this!

  Relaxing deep

  I just find this relaxing and hope others will too.

  [Studying Preset] This preset I customized is perfect for putting your nose in the book and your pencil to the paper to get things done. This preset helps me really *focus* when I need to. It has enough going on to keep me engaged in to my work, but subtle enough to not be a distraction. Throw on the noise-cancelling headphones and get lost in your objectives!

  Omg you changed it! Ahhh its soo, heartfelt<3 Love this website so much!

  I relax to this at night after a stressful day at work. I can feel it release tension and stress as I focus on the sounds and my breathing pattern. This is simply amazing and I suggest it for meditation or to simply relax or fall asleep.

  It's very... relaxing. Seems mysterious, hiding something...helps me work. :3

  This sounds a lot like it would be a song. Very calming, I could listen to it for quite a while.

  Very relaxing, makes me feel all warm and light inside :)

  This helps me go to sleep, i suggest it to anyone who likes otherworldly feelings.

  I love this soundscape- it's eerie, beautiful and relaxing at the same time and almost reminds me of Silent Hill. It is almost impossible to describe the blending of sounds heard in this soundscape.

  Sometimes when I write or draw on my freetime, this is the perfect noise to help me be creative! It blocks out sounds that distract me. It also sounds like twinkling stars singing their melody. <3

  Great for long periods of concentration with "animate" on.

  Helps me with studying for finals as well as relaxing. When set on 'animate' it really comes to life and feels a bit like being in a David Bowie movie.

  This is a strange combination of frequencies. It makes me feel as if I'm wandering a purgatory abyss. The events of my life frozen into walls of ice, as they are frozen into the chronological eventuation of my memory's timeline. It's serenity. It's unsettling....but calming all at once. It's much what I imagine death's embrace to be.

  ← This is how I'd imagine the deepest part of the ocean sounds.

  This is so relaxing!

  I can imagine myself in a forest, surrounded by trees, interacting with nature. As I am a naturally tense person, it is very difficult for me to calm down from everyday situations and get into the very depths of my mind. This calibration helps a lot and can instantly put me in that surrounding.

  Calms me down while coding late at night

  It helps me to organize my thoughts about the past better. It lets me cool down and makes me look forward.

  Amazing... Just simply amazing...

  This is wonderful for when I need to study and for when I need to concentrate and get a lot of homework done.

  This just sounds like a magical fairy is coming to kiss me on the cheek goodnight. Beautiful! One of my favorites on this amazing site!

  This site is dope as hell.

  Deep and peaceful. I love being surrounded by this.

  Humming along is very relaxing, and harmonising with the drone's octave like that creates a lovely vibration in my chest.

  This kind of sound really lets my imagination fly. I can imagine myself finding some amazing place that nobody's ever seen before. This sound is beautiful. It truly is.

  This one really helps me sleep, especially since I've loved the sound of synthetic wind chimes for a long time. I hope you all can find it comforting as well!

  This is the coolest thing, I swear. Every day for the rest of my life...

  Like a meditation tape, very calming, relaxing.

  Ahh it just sort of invades my head and turns it to fuzz.

  I think this is my favorite noise with my curve. I'm pretty sure this is what it would sound like if I could wander around in my own imagination.

  Sometimes when I draw, I get frustrated easily. But then I found this and it really calms me down and helps inspire my artistic ability. Amazing!

  I like deep low noises with soft charm of the high notes! Also helps since I'm a bass :P

  Such a peaceful thing. Reminds me of late loved ones.

  Extremely calming, helps me sleep insanely well.

  Love it. Beautiful. Calming.




  A deep humm, very relaxing.

  This sound makes me feel like I'm under water, but not drowning. Like I'm exploring.

  Paired with sweep, I find this setup to be very relaxing, and easy to write to. It's perfect for sad, soft, or mysterious moments, and is a wonderful source of inspiration.

  This makes me want to cry. There's....some hidden emotion behind that really makes me feel like I want to cry.