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Tribute to a Greek God

Childhood is a time steeped in influences. I don't know where my passion for synthesizers came from, but Jarre and Vangelis were certainly around when it happened. Jarre I remember for his plethora of electronic sounds, and Vangelis for his musicality. Vangelis knows how to make synthesizers as expressive as real musical instruments. This generator is dedicated to him.

Vangelis fans will easily recognize the multiple references to Chariots of Fire in this soundscape: the title, the background image and the sounds of course. If you don't get these, this YouTube video will put you on track (pun intended). Slow Motion also makes reference to how the highly repetitive tracks evolve over time, very slowly. This is the nature of analog synthesizers: the sound never repeats exactly the same and it has a life of its own. Isolate one of the first slider tracks and listen for a minute or two. You will understand what I mean.

This generator really shines when slider animation is activated. Set Animation Mode to Extreme manually - now - or click here to reload the page with the slider animation running. Animation will turn tracks on and off randomly to reveal unique combinations over time. A last thing: if you miss an acoustic piano playing along (why would you? ... well, Vangelis fans know), try adding 88 keys.

I would like to express my gratitude not only to Mr. Vangelis, but also to Torley who helped me to create this sound generator.

Published on December 14th, 2017

User Stories

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  I just saw the notice of his death and knew exactly where to go for a moment of tribute. Listening to this track always made me feel like time was stretching, and I stretched with it... Exactly the way I felt the first time I heard "Chariot's of Fire". RIP, Vangelis.

  Appreciate his aural vision. Rip V.

  I'm a huge fan of electronic music, especially the sequences. This music generator is my favorite out of these so far. What really makes it for me is that two note passage on the V Pad that comes and goes. I think the notes are B♭ flat to A♭ but whatever they are they really make this special. I prefer those minor sounding notes so could be it too. Great music gen, I tagged it as a favorite!

  Very calming music. I kinda played around with it to make it perfect but it was perfect in the beginning. Thanks!!!! ( ◠‿◠ )

  "Vangelis knows how to make synthesizers as expressive as real musical instruments" So, I guess synthesizers aren't really real instruments...

  I absolutely love this. High on Drums with the animation at Extreme. Sublime. Soothes your soul and a little bit melancholy at the same time. Loved Vangelis, also reminds me of the hours I would spend listening to those other electronic wizards, Tangerine Dream, endlessly on repeat, as a teenager.

  I find this helps me to switch off and even drift off.

  I've used a lot of different generators, piano music too.. But this generator gives you the needed focus and you'll forget that it is playing in the background!

  This helps mme to relax and drift to sleep.

  What a fantastical noise to drone off to...

  This generator helps me so much with schoolwork. I know it's a tribute to a Greek God, but it makes me feel like one, too!

  This setting combined with Take It Easy really helped me focus on my homework! Funky beat but chill enough that I could concentrate. Love it.

  Absolutely beautiful! This is a spot-on tribute to Vangelis.

  I know it completely goes against the nature of "Slow Motion", but the Pulses preset at Speed x2 (with deep animation) is a completely new experience from this beloved generator.

  Reminds me of Chariots of Fire, this is great!All the best, Syok

  Earth has just been vaporized, and you find yourself on a ship gazing out the window at the empty space that was once home.

  Bound to a hospital bed without worries, floating inside your own head, people pass by but it doesn't matter... Such a wonderful mood...

  Sound bath.

  This sounds super cool with the Twin Black Lodges generator!

  I particularly Like this mix while travelling Through the Deep Black in Elite dangerous, Sometimes I would spice it up with 88 Keys Dark keys preset. Really makes my Voyage that much more... Sci-fy like.

  This is soothing and transporting. I suddenly found myself gawping into space. Another superb creation.

  Only a few seconds in and I can already tell that this generator will be a mainstay for the upcoming semester. Excellent work as always.

  As a child of the 80's, long washes of synthesizer bring up all kinds of fond memories and associations for me. This generator sounds like childhood to me.

  I love using the animate option for this. It's one I definitely bob my head to. It's like constant motion played in an infinite loop. It's great for writing, work, whatever you need!

  Wow, this one is beautiful! Using it together with Ferryboat in Fishing Boat mode, and this is a great combination to keep focused while collegues are lively discussing some issues in the same room! Thank you!

  Can't help but think of Stranger Things when listening to this one. Fantastic!

  This setting, combined with Rain on a Tin Roof, has realized my eternal Blade Runner soundtrack! A fantastic recreation of the Vangelis sound. (As suggested above, you can add 88 Keys in for variety.)

  Grateful. You read my mind. I have been waiting for this for a long time.

  It's incredible. Most splendidly well done.

  I'm pairing this setting with the Car Interior generator for even more of a cyberpunk atmosphere. This is just what I needed!

  Such unique high-quality generators, this is why I support you.