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The Soundscape for Science Fiction fans

Star Trek's Enterprise engine noise has been a recurring request. A slight problem delayed its release: our user interface had more sliders than it needed to recreate the sound! ;) So, instead of designing just an engine noise, we decided to throw some extra sounds and turn the engine noise into a fully featured intergalactic experience. This soundscape has all the background noises needed to immerse yourself in a classic Sci-Fi movie soundtrack. For the TOS fans, we even added those fluttery vintage synth tones, reminiscent of how the future was perceived like... back in the sixties!

If you plan to listen to the soundscape for more than 24 hours in a row - there is a YouTube Video that has the engine sound playing for a full day - make sure to turn the Animate feature on! If you are after that exact same sound as the video - only without the YouTube distortion - try our White Noise generator instead, and this particular Star Trek Ambient Engine Noise setting.

Live Long and Prosper.

Do you like the sound of a spaceship? If so, then you might enjoy listening to space ambient music. It's an incredibly powerful and evocative genre that can take you on a journey to another world entirely. Discover and subscribe to Ambient Astronaut on YouTube.

Published on June 22nd, 2014

User Stories

Write your own here. Click the blue bulletsto load associated settings.

  Deep engine rumble, I like to adjust the sliders so that I hear just a hint of computers.

  Less the control room and more down the corridor towards the engine room.

  YESS! I finally found the perfect relaxing spaceship ambiance! 5 years I'm using myNoise and I can still be surprised <3 Thank you so much for your work Stéphane! Hope you're doing better and have some quality time with your family! Guillaume Pauli

  So if you pair this with the album Nostromo by Sleep Research Facility, it feels like you're just doing your daily tasks on that doomed ship. :) Very immersive in a slightly unnerving way.

  The low rumble of the engine with the faint, barely audible electronic chirps and pings help me focus while studying.

  Low rumble, control room.

  This combo helps me focus. Feels like a massage in my inner ear.

  This coupled with barely audible music is fixing my dopamine receptors actually. If you eliminate the control rooms and up everything else it will rumble directly into your brain, it's amazing.

  This goes great with `Alpha Omega` - it makes me feel safe, but like Im drifting away into space at the same time? Really can't explain it, but you NEED to use this with alpha omega, I love it so much.

  This absolutely reminds me of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. I love it!

  This is, I believe,the specific sound who have the "machine room" (more like where the helmscolumn is located) in a traditional spaceship who alternians used. Probably the little source of peace and familiarity for the psionic troll conected to the rim there. Yup, Homestuck fan here.

  This is my favorite sound on here. Sometimes I try different ones to mix things up, but I always find myself coming back to this one.

  I think this is what Chernobyl was like.

  "You're sure you know how to fly this thing?"

  Useful, bubbly space noise.

  This sounds so good along with the Black Hole sound space.

  Captain, we are getting high interferences in our communications, our ship info is not showing, everything is N/A! We need to fix it!

  Oddly this doesn’t sound like it would help focus and it sounds annoying too.

  I really like this one, with the settings I put it on it tickles my brain just enough to stay focused, but not get annoyed by it. I prefer to put the ruble sliders quite high up, because that makes it feel like I'm actually in diffirent surroundings.

  I am not really into sci-fi but to my surprise I really enjoy these sounds. When I am typing away with this background noise, I feel like I am on a spaceship and my job is to do all that techy stuff before the captain asks for the "progress report" but in reality I am just making my bio notes XD lol

  My own personal Starblaster from TAZ:Balance. Makes me feel like I'm back at home.

  This is so cool-- I rediscovered this website just recently and I'm so happy I did. I can finally focus again with this. I feel like I'm taking notes that are actually interesting.

  I find this extremely helpful when trying to stay focused on a task at the computer. Provides just the right level of distraction, without being disruptive.

  Been a Trek fan since jr. High in the late 80's so this is easily one of my favorites. On quality headphones this one really puts you there with Data on the bridge during night watch. Lately though it’s been my background for studying for my IT certifications...4 down 2 to go. Thank you!

  I have always loved the moon, I wish I could go there one day. But this sound makes me feel like I'm on a moon base. It makes me happy.

  This is the focus sound I never knew I needed <3 Love this so much! For my setting I bumped up the lows and moved the highs and space noises to a lower background volume.

  After several years of using this site daily, I can definitely say that this is my all-time favorite generator that I always come back to. It's just warm and comfortable and subtle and perfect for everything.

  This setting is a low, spacey rumble with just enough "whoosh." None of the stimulating high frequency elements. This is my go-to noise blocking sound for reading and working.

  It's a awesome tool. I sometimes use it for my game.

  I have no Idea what to write here but, Never give up! Giving up won't get you much in life! I'm a Roblox Dev right now, but before that, I didnt even know how to print Hello In Lua. During That Journey I have encoutered many Problems, to which I couldn't fix. But Did I give up? (yes). I tried again, and again, Until I fixed it! Never give up, and give your best! We all belive in you!

  If you've paid for your patron privileges - and you haven't, DO IT - stepping up through the root notes creates a great effect of gradually increasing your warp speed!

  My go to ambient noise, lets me focus perfectly on my work.

  Studying for my thesis presentation using space repetition. It's just plain perfect.

  Helps pull me back from anxiety and incapacitating stress. Sincerely, thank you.

  Covered up the noise of the outdoor power equipment the landscapers are using outside my apartment so I could focus on work.

  There is no other noise on this website that makes me meditate as well as this noise. It's just so ethereal to listen to, it's not hard to completely relax.

  I find it strange that of all the noises I have tried, this one seems to work best for working. Maybe it is because I imagine myself being a disciplined, goal-oriented member of Starfleet ;)

  If anyone needs to find me, I will be at my deck.

  Great for background study sounds. Nothing too distracting, but enough to keep you focused. It just hit right.

  Using a high level of rumble, a moderate amount of flutter, paired with a barely perceptible amount of chatter and babble from the Cafe Restaurant, I was able to come really close to replicating endr4life's TNG Ten Forward Lounge! Ace, and cheers.

  Ensign Week's Log, Stardate 98318.67: The Captain has requested that I be transferred from the science dept. to security. I received my red shirts half an hour ago. I have updated my will and told my family I love them. I can only hope that whatever gets me is quick and painless. Tell my kitty that she is a good cat and a pretty cat.

  This generator is the one i clearly use the most, and in this particular arrangement. It fits everything for me. Relaxing, concentration, sleep.

  The Enterprise noises have always been a go-to for relaxation for me. It's so nice to have it in an endless loop for when I need to wind down.

  This is my number one noise for working. Rain doesn't do it for me unless it's wet outside, and I can't convince myself I'm hoboing it cross country in a guard's carriage with the railroad sound when it's bright. But this works for any situation, neutral enough to work anywhere and not distract me life the cafe sounds do, but varied enough to block out everything from chatter to pneumatic drills.

  Best ambient sound to read sci-fi books!

  Happy I discovered your sounds during the lockdown. The sounds work well in my work and sleep environment. Thank you.

  Captain's Log, Stardate: 41-83-26-45.2 As I keep myself occupied by checking the command blocks below the mines in the server room, I can't help but feel a sense of unease. Perhaps it's the ever-present possibility of an enderman teleporting behind me, or a creeper silently sneaking up behind me. Nevertheless, the infra rumbling and beeping of these command blocks keeps me at ease.

  Here I am sitting at my console in an out-of-the-way work-space in engineering. The lights are low and I really should tidy the place up. I had this running in the background all day yesterday and it helped me focus and get work done - so thank you very much!

  Very good. Creates just the right working enviromment for me.

  Put together with the engine of the Enterprise, and both the fine mechanics and foreman's office settings of Industrial Revolution and my sound settings adjusted so that it all plays a tad louder than my music makes for an intriguing mix of noises that fade. The starship's engineer is hard at work in the engine room but not without some tunes to keep them company.

  This has always been your one of your favorite spots in the Enterprise, at the base of the stairway to the access conduit inside the warp nacelle pylons. Here, you can feel the immense power of the ship in the rumble under your feet, the static of the plasma conduit valves whistling overhead, trimming the flow of fuel from the warp core. If only you could have your bed moved into this spot...

  It helps me concentrate on my homework!

  I have autism and my special interest is Star Trek! This helps me a lot to sleep and relax.

  I really love this one - makes work a lot more interesting, so I don't feel like just a normal person, but perhaps an alien on a distant ship, studying a star or mapping out possible life on another planet.

  Pure engines, and the uncertainty of space anomalies.

  How do I walk out of area 51?

  Thrusters on.

  Combine this with 88 Keys and you've got this: Captain's Log, Entry #177: Another quiet night; the crew is sleeping while I keep us on course. Autopilot's broken beyond on-board repair, so we're stopping over at the nearest mechanic in this system. A four-hour course. ... I keep forgetting how lovely the galaxy looks when you're up close.

  Kind of sounds like a broken down laboratory in a horror film but still pretty relaxing.

  Hey, this is just wonderfull, This help me to focus on my task as if I was aboard the Enterprise. I've joined the Star Treck fandom a month ago. This fandom is amazing. I knew it but it feels very good. Thank you all for all the good things you 've made. I came back to this site with some hope and this generator is there fluttering, bipping, thank you for the journey aboard

  Meet me in Engine Bay 4. x

  I was recently in the hospital, and constantly beeping monitors were driving me crazy. Playing Warp Speed with headphones on effectively blocked it out, blending in the beeps so I could rest!

  This is the greatest gift to this Trekkie with severe ADHD. It's just the right amount of stimulation to help me focus, paired with or without instrumental music. Protip: goes exceedingly well with several of Adam Young's instrumental albums and Enterprising Young Men (of course).

  I find this very focusing. There is work to be done, no one else is going to do it, and everyone who can help is light years away.

  I absolutely love sci-fi soundscapes like this, really calming when I'm drawing.

  This setting makes me feel like I'm floating around space in an abandoned TARDIS.

  I haven't had the chance to experience everything yet but so far I've been in a desert and spaceship and I totally love it. The amount of customisability is incredible and the quality is absolutely topnotch. Props. - Edon

  I don't have words... It is simply AMAZING... Many many Thanks.

  I really like this paired with "shortwaves" to add a little radio noise from alien planets... good stuff.

  Lol one of them sounds like there's a perpetual Red Alert happening. Love this one, though.

  Like napping in the belly of Tin Man. Soothing ;)

  Noise canceling but so much more! I love that many of the sliders change even without being animated, to keep things interesting while I focus on reading legislation.

  I paired this with Babble Noise so it sounds like I'm in a fully staffed sci-fi space ship. It's definitely a nice addition to tedious homework. Now I feel more like a futuristic cultural anthropologist studying a planet before visiting it instead of a bored college student.

  Doing physics work in school and this is so relaxing! I'm in the middle of my exams, so a wind down is pretty good :)

  This was probably the coolest experience I've had throughout my entire school day. I have been so relaxed today.

  I layered this on top of the Black Hole and it made a really nice combo! This really helps me focus on what I want to, when those lo-fi YouTube mixes just have too many lyrics.

  Feels like I am in the engine room of a starship - travelling to anywhere, with no cares.

  I paired this with the "Cursed" setting in Evil Charms, and the "Torchlight" setting in the RPG Elements. It creates a perfect crepy spaceship-type air. It's made writing my sci-fi horror book so much easier.

  This plus 'Bagpipes' = Scotty! <3 Thank you!

  This is so excellent. I'm a huge Trekkie and I have always found the ambient noise of the ship to be really relaxing, so to have it at my fingertips is just awesome.

  This particular setting has a nice Star Wars-y sound instead of the default Star Trek-y sound. Great that this generator can include all our favorite galaxies! Thanks Dr. Pigeon.

  I turn this on when I just can't write an English paper. The comforting sounds of sci-fi combined with either the Data Centre or Aircraft Cabin combine to drown the world out and let me focus on the boring papers :D

  It's so weird but this generator makes me feel at home. When I was a kid I always fantasised about galactic empires and having my own little rocket ship: I was shy so I liked the idea of a spaceship, my own safe and comfortable space away from people. I'm much more outgoing now but I still love this pack. Especially the Asleep in Quarters preset - it makes me feel so cosy. Thanks guys!

  Drift into a perfect spaceship slumber.

  Space; the final frontier. These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Enterprise, on 5 year mission. To seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before! Live Long and Prosper! When this is set to default animation, & Saturn Rings is also set to default animation, it sounds like you're headed to the planet Astra! :)

  This was not only entertaining, but a pleasant experience, and made exam prep hot seem to feel so painstaking. I felt as though I was preparing for something important.

  Click this one for a clean bridge noise set! <3

  This, together with Twin Black Lodges and Duduk Song. Three masterpieces that just somehow flow together. Maybe it's just me, but the interplay of technology and tension against wind instruments and their tranquility is striking, mysterious, even inspiring.

  I like this for concentrating on tasks that take too much mind power to go well with music. Just the right amount of calm and nostalgic comfort. Also great for masking office noise or creating an ambient layer on top. I can still hear my coworkers clicking away on their keyboards and doors opening and closing, but it fades into the acoustic scenery.

  This reminds me of the days when I used to fall asleep watching old Star Trek reruns. It really helps calm me down so I can focus on my homework and reduces the fatigue of running on three hours of sleep :)

  Normally I need music to fall asleep. White noise doesn't do the trick for me. Even with music, I still need my sleep meds. I actually feel nice and relaxed listening to this. Man if I knew how many credits for a donation I get, I think I'd make a play list of these various soundscapes!

  This is my favorite generator for coding. Instead of being in my hot office at my desk, I'm a starship sysadmin alone in my room full of servers, floating through the endless dark. It's peaceful here. There's no one asking me for "just a quick question". Just me, with my ship's computers chirping away happily while I tune and fix them.

  A good space-filler (no pun intended) that masks office noise and pairs well with a NASA livestream (

  I was looking for some sounds because I remembered this site but this really is perfect. I really got into Star Trek this year and this is so lovely, I didn't know I needed this haha, thanks!

  Maximum warp!

  This setting is for mainly engine rumble and bridge noise. The Enterprise is my ideal work setting.

  I remember using this site several years ago, and coming back to find all these new noise generators is very exciting! I'm currently trying out this one and the Stardust tonal noise generator (layered in different tabs), and they're doing wonders for my concentration levels, and for getting myself in an outer-space mindset when writing.

  I love this, it really takes me to the Enterprize!

  The TNG Enterprise bridge! :-)

  This one feels like the TOS Enterprise bridge! :-) Love it!

  I layer this with ambient music and feel like I'm floating through space. It also sounds great with the less rhythmic sounds of Take it Easy.

  I put this on before I go to bed, very relaxing. Sort of a "Dozed off in engineering" feel.

  Aboard the Enterprise, minus the flutter is my favorite. This setting is like the White Noise generator, but slightly better.

  Needed something to block noise at school but wouldn't distract me from working like music tends to. This plus Saturn Rings is my current favorite.

  I love this plus Cave Chime, both on animate. "Time: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Stalactite..."

  I have no idea how to explain this other than it feels like home. I was having a rough week because of finals, and it helped a lot.

  I like to mix this with the "Babble Noise" and imagine I'm in Ten Forward or the Bridge on the Enterprise.

  I have tried plain white noise in the past, and it's not enough to get my brain's attention. I work best in areas that have background noise, and when I am in a quiet room by myself, I can't concentrate. But this works well for me! The sound of the ship's rumble and the control room electronic chatter in Warp Speed pair together to make a comforting space for me.

  Engine Rumble preset minus the flutter is the BEST background noise for me to work to. I add another layer sometimes like Zen Garden or Canyon (my favorite), or Osmosis, but the background noise just blocks out so much distraction. I adore it. Thanks so much for this site! I will keep donating because it's always helping me focus on my work, meditated, relax, sleep, and block out unwanted noises.

  It's so soothing while combined with Saturn Rings. I love space, and I love this generator.

  This is my favourite - in fact, I spent many days listening to this soundscape while working on my PhD. It's still my favourite in the office as it allows me to concentrate on tasks that require high precision, even if people are talking around me on the phone. Feels like I'm in Engineering aboard the Enterprise! - Laika

  I tried to recreate the background spaceship noise in Logic's album The Incredible True Story.

  CT-4040 surveys the outpost, and finds his feet leading him back to the control room where he last saw his brothers. The panel isn't that badly destroyed, and for a second he contemplates creating a distress beacon, but the looming shadow of doubt plagues him again, and he feels an acidic hatred for anyone he thinks would respond to it. He does it anyway. (pair with Sahara "Plain Winds")

  OMG I swear I heard a Metroid!! This is lovely, eerie, soothing, and techy all at once!

  Play this and Electro Sequence (both on animate) and you get a cool sci-fi video game ambience. I feel like I'm stealthily exploring a futuristic space station. It's super cool.

  I absolutely love turning up the rumble here - the brown noise combined with the sci-fi sounds are great for concentrating <3

  I combined this one with Oblivion and now I feel like I'm the lone survivor being stalked by an alien on the Nostromo. Brilliant!

  A child woke up on the cold hard ground. He was someplace unfamiliar. This wasn't like Earth. Where was Amethyst? Garnet? What about Pearl? Was this a homeworld ship? But what did they want with him? Someone was humming somewhere on this ship. Maybe that was Pearl. But what about Garnet? She looked like she died. Hopefully just poofed. But how'd he know? Steven would just have to find out.

  "Admiral Pendragon slips away in his quarters located in the dual neck sections of the U.S.S. Calgary. The EPS conduits, impulse drive in the saucer above & the hum of the isolinear assembly of the secondary computer core nearby guide him off to a gentle sleep after policing the border between the Federation & the remains of the Romulan Star Empire."

  A lonely little space shuttle heading quietly towards a distant moon, everyone on board is asleep in the back except you, who is too occupied with staring into the vastness of space, listening to the low rumble of the ship.

  This is amazing. I'm using this to block out my tinnitus at work with Star Trek. How baller is that?

  I'm more of a Rocket Science nerd than a Star Trek nerd. But I realized that I can still get a good sound effect here. What better to give you the idea of gravity being generated by pure acceleration of a high-power fusion torch-rocket than to have the three rumble settings set to high?

  I'm an astrophysicist writing a proposal to apply for Hubble Space Telescope time, and this makes the perfect background noise! I got for extra Control Room sounds.

  I'm a sniper hidden high up in a semi-abandoned structure on an alien planet. An unknown power source is below the surface. I am scanning the horizon for movement while my team checks out the rest of the structure.

  As a sci fi author, I am always looking for white noise while a write. Warp Speed is perfect. Not only is it white noise, but it puts me there, where my characters are, and helps me to live the scenes, making them more real. Thanks for this!

  Very cool for Indie Games

  I love the sci-fi sounds! If it wasn't for star dust, I wouldn't have been able to drown out the noise at the library to help me pass Real Estate school! Well worth the donation.

  I have searched for something like this for years! This app and site are way beyond incredible and truly a godsend for anyone with tinnitus. This is great for all but everyone in the tinnitus community especially should stand behind this work financially to keep it going. I have loaded this on my IPod touch now and am hooked. Thank you Stephane for putting so much love into this.

  So nice to play in the background, especially combined with the Yakutian Voices generator, which I put on a low-volume Healing Voices preset. Together it sounds like something straight out of a space opera soundtrack! Very calming and inspiring. It makes me feel like I'm floating, watching the stars...

  This made me feel like I'm aboard the ISS with all tech sounds, along with a loud rumble noise.

  I'm a huge fan of all SciFi, but especially Doctor Who & Star Trek... I grew up on them. So I found the TARDIS settings someone else came up with, and love it!!! Mixed with the Stardust generator, it really feels like you're in the control room, just waiting for the next adventure. So immersive!

  Very soothing stuff. This preset makes me think of ships in the Homeworld franchise, and how it might sound to be on one of those.

  I feel like I'm on a long-term near lightspeed deep space mission with this setting. Trembling electromagnetism and silent, speeding inertia.

  This one was created to try and recreate the sound of travelling in a cargo hold of a ship (a scene in a novel). I've layered it with Oblivion and it's really great. I think it'll definitely help me write.

  OH YEAH! This sound makes me board the Science Spaceship and travel through the Mysteries of the Universe! It's the power of Sblaic and I love it. Thank you.

  This is how I imagine the ship from Farscape sounds! Some rumble, some woobly noises, and a little beeping from communicators and things. Gotta love soaring through the depths of space, comfortably nestled in your ship.

  I like to use this sound in combination with harmonic binaural beats (the focus preset). It is incredible for studying and really does help me focus longer! It feels like I'm a Starfleet officer writing up my reports instead of just a sleep-deprived student trying to scrape together a homework assignment.

  Dream me up Scotty.

  Perfect for playing Elite:Dangerous!

  Loving this addition! Also love the selection of noises for added effect! Reminds me of the Mothership in Homeworld; very soothing!

  I use this setting while working and it makes me feel like I'm a researcher aboard a spacecraft sifting through audio records from a long dead civilization!

  This is fantastic. The infra-Rumble really grounds me. The captains' chair is mine!

  This is basically the TARDIS's hum, but I added the control room slider for that "Hartnell/Brachaci TARDIS" feel.

  Perfect for people who feel alien.

  Like I'm on my ship

  Makes me feel as though my desk were on a spaceship, with others working nearby!

  Sounds like you're in your ship, quietly working on charters as you fly through space. Very good for a space-themed study session!

  I'm currently writing my thesis and not only does it help me concentrate, it also makes me feel like I've got to turn this work into the Captain. Very awesome.

  This kicks ass. The sounds are so cool as I have them on with my animated hyperspace screen saver. Thanx.

  Stood at my station on the bridge, I can feel how fast we are going by the rumble of the engines. Sure beats sitting at my desk on Earth and working.

  Thank you sooo much. I have been looking for something like this. You are the best!

  I love how it sounds... I feel like I can really "feel" a moving engine.

  "This is colony ship c-137. We are in approach of the target planet, thrusters hot and comms open. All I can do now is hope for contact."

  Highly recommend this generator for Mass Effect role players! Between this and many others on the site, there's a noise for every need.

  As a huge Whovian (and a less huge Trekkie), I absolutely love this.

  Perfect background noise for studying, writing, and getting a job done. Also great for sleeping to. It makes me think of being in stasis in a cryocapsule during long space travel

  This setting plus the Cafe Restaurant makes me feel like I'm in Ten Forward aboard the Next Generation Enterprise!

  Nothing like dozing off to this and waking up while having a sleep paralysis, thinking you're being abducted by aliens.

  Wonderful. Lets me sleep at night, thinking I'm in my ship.

  You step in the untouched grassfields, in quest for the light object you saw dashing through the sky and crashing, most certainly due to how fast it was, near your house. You step forward, and you notice it's nothing more than a very small, comical-looking grey Unidentified Flying Object. The tiny little creature on it, almost 30 cm of height, looks at you with curious eyes...

  You slowly make your way through the desolate spaceship. What happened? Why were you the only one on this ship? Where did everyone dissapear to? Papers are scrambled everywhere, stuff has been thrown around, everything is a complete mess. Glancing at a stranded paper, you check the date: Feburary 14, 3044.

  I'm a huge star trek fan and ive got to say this is AMAZING!

  It feels like our space-craft crashed onto a planet, lifeless, endangered creatures and the only human, me. The alarms fail to operate so they go quiet and it helps me concentrate.

  Captain's Log, Day 22: Still listening to this while on my intergalactic mission.

  Wonderful. Very soothing.

  Just. Awesome.

  And that's a sci-fi fan needs after a long day at work. Very calming and not very distractful. Perfect as a sound background for doing stuff online and writing.

  I'm a huge Trekkie and Whovian, so I was super excited about all these Enterprise presets. And then I realized that you can make the Classic Doctor Who TARDIS hum with this. I may have screamed.

  This is soothing, yet eerie at the same time. Since there is no human chatter, it makes me feel like I'm alone in the vastness of space, just drifting. I really like The Bridge preset.

  This is so surreal, I feel like I'm floating. Thank you.

  Great sound. Sounds like ship in space. Really cool! ^^

  I honestly love the noise generators on this website. They always help me focus or stay relaxed. Warp Speed is especially my favorite, and its helped me get through the stress of reading various books I've needed for school. There's just something so calming about the idea of sailing through the vastness of space. I've definitely not regretted purchasing this generator on the iPhone app.

  Makes me think of sitting silently in a solitary spaceship lounge, looking out of a giant window towards a planet out in front of me.

  This pleases me greatly. I have been searching all over for Star Trek ambience tracks, and this is by far the best!

  I absolutely love space and this setting always gives me the feeling that I'm a scientist trying to unravel something when I'm studying.

  This particular setting puts me in mind of the new "Abrams" Enterprise's Engineering when the ship's at warp. I made sure to bring out the nice, deep rumble of the engines and added faint hints of fan noise--the cooling systems--and topped it off with a slight ambient flutter to give it that 'futuristic engine' feel. All in all, a very soothing sound. I'm new to ST, but this is so soothing.

  I imagine a war spaceship orbitating a planet (the imagine on the back) that not long ago was invaded by aliens. I imagine my custom sound from the communication room, which has this big window that shows the beauty of the universe, everyone is just chilling with small interferences and control sounds in the back, while waiting for the big invasion that is going to take place the next day :)

  Reminds me of standing in line for Space Mountain at Disneyland!

  This one is my absolute favorite listening to it put me to sleep within minutes.

  Abducted by giant squids.

  I've just started to re-read the Ender's Game Saga by Orson Scott Card. I've made sure this generator is my only auditory accompaniment, and let me tell you - the immersion is wonderful.

  This makes me think of an alien invasion, it's just perfect for writing sci-fi narratives. I <3 this website. I don't know what I would do with out it! =D

  Gosh. I'm writing a dissertation on sci fi, and this is a wonderful thing to do so to. Thankyou so much!

  Oooooh very spooky isolated spaceship feel. Like an abandoned space station. Very creepy.

  Galactic death approacheth thee. Very eerie sound.

  This helps me stay focused for long periods of time :D

  With all the weird noise that my kids doing, concentration is hard to get, but that noise and headphones gave me help me to write a science fiction scenario for my English class.

  A blend of 'Asleep in Quarters' and 'Engine Control Room', and sounds like a slow night in the control room, when you're half asleep, the beeping more comforting than annoying

  'Aboard the Enterprise' is the perfect noise blocker for me at work. Blocks out warehouse noises, the office radio, and coworker chatter without keeping me from hearing my desk phone or coworkers trying to get my attention. Great for those days when I am feeling overstimulated and need something to calm and focus me while blocking out unimportant work noises.

  For writing Sci-fi this is awesome as ...

  A slightly strange testimonial, but if you're a fan of Evangelion, this sounds just like sitting in one. ;)

  Reminds me of the feeling i got back when I played System Shock 2. The sound engeneering in that game was really good, this just takes that one step further. It gives you a very special feeling. Love it!

  I'm on Star Trek marathon right now, so it keeps me in the mood! I'm also getting headaches quite often so I listen to 'Asleep in Quarters' whenever it happens - it helps me relax (and feel like I'm aboard the USS Voyager!) Thanks a lot for doing this :)

  While playing a SciFi spaceship game... Awesome.

  (pair it with the first 3 sliders of Twilight and Deserted) You are the sole tripulant on the Enterprise. The equipments function, but there's no one to operate them. A cosmic entity of some sort is on screen, whole galaxies on its body. Perhaps that's what took the crew away? You don't know. You can't tell. The creature looks into your dreams. And you become part of the universe.

  ← Commander Shepard's room aboard the SSV Normandy... Or as close as I could get, anyway.

  I love this! It makes me feel like I'm all alone in the silent depths of space. So terribly alone and far away and yet under the constant watch of millions upon millions of stars. Thank you!

  This brings back so many memories of Star Trek: Voyager... In love rnn<3

  I too feel secure and at peace when listening to sounds like this. If you like this you'll love Hearts of Space.

  I have ADHD (I don't take medication), which makes focusing tough enough on its own, but add to that a noisy boisterous office environment. I can literally not focus on anything most of the time. Having awesome background noise like this improves my focus by several orders of magnitude. Thanks a ton! I especially love the starship noise generator.

  I imagine this to be the Med-bay setting. You are floating in a liquid, recovering from your wounds. the sound of the medical equipment surrounds you. Though the noise is distorted by the liquid in the tank.

  ← Engineer's sleeping quarters. Zzzzzz.

  I'm not here from Star Trek or anything, I just LOVE the feeling I get from this. I get a very secure and relaxed feeling whenever I put this on, like going through outer space with nothing to bother me, just the soft sounds of the stellar-engine and buzzing from the control panels.

  ← I immediately imagined that the spaceship crashed on asteroid (or something like that), and I was the lone survivor. Scares me a little, but awesome!

  It feels like I'm the captain of the Enterprise. What a stellar experience!

  Myself and a group of friends get together every few weeks to play a game of Artemis: Starship Bridge Simulator. This is going to be on during every game from now on! Thanks so much!

  ← Unimatrix Zero. Great idea for another brilliantly crafted noisescape. Thanks for being on deck, captain.

  The star ship sound is now my favorite. I listen to this constantly while doing work. It works with well with the Harmonic Binaural Beat playing quietly in the background to give a real Star Ship feel. Helps with concentration and blocking out my surroundings so I can focus.

  Eee!!! As a long time Trek fan I have to say- this is so cool!! I love all of your noises; I use them for yoga, meditation, enhancing focus, sleep, you name it. But this one brings out the geek in me like secret super power :-). Engage warp engines!

  Really calming. It's just the right mix to help knock you into those invaluable periods of intense focus you need to get anything worthwhile done

  The sound of working in a Starfleet office.