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Spring Walk
Spring Soundscape Generator (Birds, Bees, Water and Wind)
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How spring feels in a mixed forest

After winter, comes Spring. This time, we take you on a walk in a forest, at different times of the day, depending on how the sliders have been set.

This soundscape is extraordinary in its ability to stimulate your other senses, with sounds only. Close your eyes and concentrate on what you feel, not only emotionally, but physically. Do you experience the coldness of the early morning hours? The warmth of the day's first ray of sunshine? The heat of a bright afternoon, almost too hot for spring time? Or simply the quietness of a place where the only man-made sound you will hear are the sounds of your own footsteps, as you wander though this unspoiled place.

Use this soundscape whenever you are in need of a vital break. Make sure you leave all your worries behind, even if it is just for a minute or two. Even the shortest pause will help. Spring is synonymous with rebirth and renewal. May this soundscape help you and inspire you.

Published on August 18th, 2014

User Stories

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  I can just imagine putting this on, alongside "Morning Forest" and just sitting back and relaxing, it's really soothing.

  I love to pair this with Café Restaurant. It makes me feel like I'm sitting on the outdoor patio of a café surrounded by trees and sun. A recipe for relaxation and productivity!

  This reminds me of the feeling I'd get as a child whenever I'd see the first budding green after a long, brown winter. Simply lovely.

  This is without question the most beautiful, best recorded completely adjustable nature sounds I have ever heard and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to escape the sounds of the city etc., to take the time to tune this beautiful soundscape to their personal needs and improve your inner environment within minutes. Well thought-out and much needed product! Great work!

  This is really one of my favourite generators. It is so relaxing, and it really feels like I am standing in a forest right now!

  I turned it on and started working. I get distracted really easily, but once I started working, I already had a few pages down in minutes! Really a lifesaver, thank you so much! The birds, wind, and water combination is something I really love!

  How come I didn't visit this sound for the past 2 years? WOW!

  Feels like walking through a forest.

  Certainly one of my favourite soundscapes, the bees, water and birds are so relaxing.

  My dream is to be an Author when I grow up and this is the perfect thing to get me in the zone!

  I like this to wake up to. When I don't have real birds outside my window to listen to, this amazingly provides.

  I paired this with Sleeping Dragon and it made work so much more relaxing. 10/10 would recommend.

  I love the outdoors-y feeling you get when listening to it!

  I love this one with Oblivion around 8 kHz. It sounds like a power line lost in the forest. Very odd...

  I know this may be a subtle setting, but if used with higher volume, it's awesome! I love it!

  This setting was like a spring morning even though it's fall!

  This really feels like I'm walking through a huge forest!

  As a student with ADHD, I frequently find it very hard to focus on my schoolwork. With this generator, combined with 88 Keys, I find myself flying through my schoolwork with an intense level of focus! I'm about to get my final report card, and I know it will be all A's because myNoise generators have helped me so much! Thank you Stéphane!

  This recording sounds exactly like the kind of sound I use to hear at my childhood home that I have left a long time ago to move to the city. Apart from the obvious relaxing aspect of it, the nostalgia makes me feel serene :).

  An alarm was going off in a different building for days straight - this worked perfectly to drown it out!

  Helped me fall asleep in the middle of the day! Been feeling so much better after that nap :)

  I paired this with 88 Keys (animated) and it was one of the most beautiful things that I've ever listened to! The peace of Spring Walk mixed with the gentle melody of 88 Keys makes for an inspiring and stimulating backtrack. Thank you myNoise!!!

  I listened to this paired with Meadow Land and a loop of the Shire theme from LOTR and it created a perfect image of Hobbiton with rolling hills and absolute peace. Perfect for writing!

  I listen to this along with world map tracks from video games and it makes me think of people walking along their journey. I find it relaxing.

  This one in combination with the sailing ship sounds very close to what it was like at our summer house (in Sweden) when I was a kid. Birds, wind, water, a slightly squeaky wooden bridge and buzzing bees all over. So nice <3

  I love the bees in this :) Thank you so much for what you do.

  Helps me to calm down or fall asleep.

  Pairing this with Mr. Rhodes and Cave Water, and I feel like I'm at home. There's no other way to describe it. It's just... so beautiful. Thank you so much.

  I love the call of that black bird - lovely indeed.

  I had forotten I put the Spring Walk on, and hours later working by my window I remarked to myself many times how pleasing and fullsome the birds sounded today. Then I listened closely, hardly believing it could be the speakers. I muted them. Total silence.... wow. I put it back on right away and have been happily listening in ever since as I go about my work. Thank you.

  This experience get me through my workday without stress!

  Honestly, I am just completely blown away. I am speechless. These sounds are incredible, and they are so relaxing  and pure. Clean. Authentic. I just want to lie down and let the sound take me away... Thank you for creating such beauty!

  It reminds me of my spring walk this year. Sadly the warmth came too early in my little village, so the cherry blossoms flourished prematurely and perished when the coldness came back. This generator inspired me to write a haiku about it. Here is my tiny sakura poem: La varmo venis / tiam koldo returnis / bruna florado

  I put this sound on a realistic volume and instantly began confusing it with the sounds of reality, especially the birds. I live next to a forest and a river. So the quality is so great, that I can easily compare it with reality.In some years I will have moved out, maybe moving into a city. I already know how much I'll value this later, because it just sounds exactly like home.

  This is one of my new favorite soundscapes! I just LOVE the birds! The footsteps are a nice touch, it really feels like you're walking through a spring forest. Thank you Dr. Pigeon! :-)

  I am now reading The Revenant by Michael Punke and thinking, this must be the sound of the whole book! Birds chirping here and there, flies buzzing around your ears, the sound of river bank, and the sound when they stepped on branches and leaves. Personally, this is one of my favorite nature sounds!

  VERY quiet office; we can almost hear each other blink. A co-worker: clear throat, SLAP! enter key, typetypetypeSLAP! typetypeSLAP!, clear throat, nails are too long. SNIK! ... SNIK..SNIK! ... clear throat ... SNIK! ... SNIK! ... typetypetypeSLAP!, SNIK! typetypetypeSLAP. Headphones on. Spring. Birds singing, sound of water. No more slap, no more snick. Lifesaver.

  Great soundscape. I love almost everything about it, but... really mosquitoes? After the few minutes I had to stop it. Mosquitoes are more distracting than anything, you know. Based on evolution and all. [Stephane: 1. Bees, not mosquitos. Cute busy bees... 2. That's what sliders are for, mute the sounds you dislike ;-)]

  Played this after I got home from school, pet mice immediately scurried out from under their little hut to see what was going on :)

  This makes me feel like I'm sitting in the woods next to a creek early in the morning :)

  This really reminds me of a nice walk in the park. It is so relaxing and helps me block out the noise of my tinnitus. It really helps me calm down, when I'm studying.

  I listen to this together with the Fantastic Beasts soundtrack "A Close Friend". It's so peaceful and calming, yet powerful.

  Oh my goodness, this is simply amazing! I can just feel my mind clear and calm down by every beautiful sound in this atmosphere. Whenever I hear the sounds of nature, it's such an incredible feeling, and this sound generator captures everything I love so very dearly about the outdoors and about the forest. I could just listen to this forever and get lost in it. <3

  The bees are buzzing, the wind is rustling and the birds are singing <3

  My office mate had her headphones on while listening to Spring Walk. After an hour or so I heard her burst into laughter. Not only had she forgotten she was wearing headphones, listening to a soundscape, but she had caught herself absently swatting at one of the 'flies'! Brilliant! <3 I am a proud supporter, both financially and via word of mouth. Thank you so much! <3

  I love letting this animate while listening to a playlist of classical music at the same time. It gives me a touch of the outdoors while I'm stuck in a windowless office all day!

  The perfect combination to help you drift off to sleep. Very nice in suburban or city areas to counterbalance the night sounds of our fellow humans.

  This is spring time in Western Australia

  Fantastic for falling asleep and dreaming about nature, not too intense, but just enough natural stimulation to get your mind going! :)

  Walking with the wind.

  I love the sounds of the birds, particularly the Blackbird... It reminds me of the UK... I can imagine myself walking through Bluebell woods with the dog...

  This setting reminds me of one of my favorite childhood memories in Sweden. To and from my walk to school, I had to cross a bridge that had a tranquil stream running underneath it. The birds sang just like this. I'd often pause by the stream and pick wild berries to snack on as I got on my way. Thanks for reviving my memory while I'm surrounded by skyscraper buildings and traffic sounds.

  I love how you are able to customize the individual sounds! This reminds me of just laying down near a river on a breezy day. Hearing the birds sing, and just simply relaxing. I really enjoy this website.

  Combine this with Jungle Life (both on animate) and close your eyes. You will have a jungle journey you will never forget...

  The bees are such a nice touch. They don't overwhelm the soundspace with a continuous drone but give it a nice 3d feeling as they come in and out. Footsteps are a nice touch because, again, they aren't a constant rhythm but have the feeling of walking uneven ground and pausing now and then. Really quite nice! And of course the cats love it.

  I really like this generator. Listening to noises from this website really helped my anxiety and also to focus more when I needed to work etc. Thank you so much.

  This is my favorite soundscape. Even more than binaural beats, this helps me focus on my creative work and schoolwork! I live in the city, and this is a perfect getaway from the noise without having to really get away.

  I'm sitting in my office, the light of the spring sun falling on my back. This actually makes the sunlight feel warmer!

  The Spring Walk Soundscape is amazing! It helps me to concentrate on my work far more than music does. It is especially helpful when I'm writing stories, as it is inspiring for writing. Thank you so much!

  I love the bird sounds in this. It makes me feel like I'm relaxing in a forest or enjoying a warm, sunny afternoon.

  This is beautiful! Thank you Stephane!

  This is very pleasant paired with the "Autumn Wind" setting on the wind noise generator. It reminds me of hiking through the mountains on a windy day, except I can take the feeling with me to my noisy home in the middle of a dreary winter day. Thanks for this generator, and for this entire website.

  I adore this soundscape. I currently live away from home in a city, and I miss the sound of birdsong and woodlands. Feels like being back home, and it's so immersive - I can really feel the sun's warmth on my face while I listen.

  This perfectly emulates a peaceful evening in the woods and it transports my mind to somewhere calm and peaceful and closer to nature. I work in a modern environment and the most nature I get in my daily life are dried-out indoor plants! I must mention that I suffer with anxiety disorder and have Asperger's Syndrome. Whenever my thoughts start to reel off, this sound really helps centre my mind.

  It's been quite a dreary and wet day today, even though it's meant to be Spring. This made me feel all bright and cheerful again, as I realised that Summer is only a month away, and that then, I won't need a sound generator to pick up my mood :)

  It's just another fantastic soundscape. I can also blend it with another sounds as I'm doing right now with "Trip of Mind" and it's even better. I love the animate option and I set it on most of the times. Bees can be muted on the third bar and are still muted after clicking on "animate".

  Quite seriously one of the best things I've found on the Internet. I suffer from personality disorders and as a result I am often very suicidal. This calms me down, helps me focus, and tunes out the world and after just a few minutes of this I feel a little better. Thank you so much!

  Whenever I start feeling frustrated with things, I stop working, close my eyes and listen to this one with the five minute timer. The way that it slowly fades out feels like a gentle transition back to reality and I can continue on whatever task I need to do, feeling mentally refreshed.

  This one combined with wind noise and water stream create good layers for one another.

  This is my favorite generator. As a wolf therian, it helps me shift easily and deeply and it makes it so easy imagine being deep within a forest, the wind stirring my fur.

  And that's how Spriggans sound while being calm :)

  This is beautiful... especially combined with the circular breeze generator... such a calm sound, perfect for becoming at peace.

  I love this! I rotate between Sprink Walk and Ocean Waves when I'm working. Really helps me to focus! :D

  This setting reminds me of my early childhood in Belgium. In the weekends my parents would take me for walks and bike rides in parks and around ponds and lakes. The blackbird in particular jogs my memory to lying on my tummy in a field in a park and picking buttercup flowers while my mother sat next to me reading a book.

  This generator helps me to relax and take it easy. I love listening to it when I'm stressed out, because it helps me breathe. I also enjoy this while drinking my cup of tea or coffee in the morning!

  This sound generator, and many of the others on this site, are one of the best methods of relieving tinnitus that I've found - I feel sane for a while, and I can concentrate on work in a quiet environment. Thank you so much Dr Pigeon. I really wish I could carry these sounds around with me in a small piece of hardware.

  This reminds me of being a little girl and waking my mum up, very early on a crisp morning, and crawling into her bed to listen to the birds. Lovely.

  I have to mute the bees because of my phobia of bees. Other than that, what a fantastic soundscape! Great for both writing and working, and makes a great backdrop for soothing instrumental music.

  I was so excited to see the Spring Walk generator on this site. It's a favourite under any settings, but I was especially pleased to find that turning everything off but the wind and combining this with the Wooden Chimes generator (on animate) made for a perfect combination. The gently rustling leaves really make it.

  I set this up, then hit "animate" ... perfect with the "Three friends of Winter" soundscape - can sound like you're just out of view of a beautiful Shinto temple, surrounded by Kitsune and Kappa, deep in a sacred wood.

  This setting is like you're walking river side and listening to all of the lovely birds sing to you. Really like this soundscape. :)

  I love the sound of the bees in this setting. I actually felt the warmth of the sun. :3

  This one is the sound of "Oh god why" / "Swarmed by bees" I challenge you to last a full 60 seconds!

  Those first four presets! They're so perfect! It's exactly what those times sound like! I think this is really one of the, if not the most immersive soundscape you have! Those bees, I actually had to repress the urge to try and sweep them away!

  This is EXACTLY how spring sounds at 2-3AM in my garden. Blackbirds and silence. I'm so happy to hear this being away from home!

  Sounds exactly like the forest near my grandparends' village. I've been revising with this on for 3 hours and I still feel fresh! Parents enjoyed it too .x

  I'm a big fan of mixed noises. All the layers in this make it feel like I'm actually outside. Appreciate the inclusion of running water.

  Playing in the forest

  Bees freak me out, so that's literally the only sound I have to have muted on this soundscape. I love the rest though; totally puts me at ease!

  Wow, this is great for work! Especially if you find yourself stressed or have to work in an environment with lots of distractions, this really helps you to focus! :)

  As a bee lover, this is perfect when I'm stuck without bees nearby. Reminds me of home.

  The way I set this up reminds me of sitting on a bench on a park in my home state of Nebraska. Plenty of birds, a little less water, and a little more wind.

  Oh my gosh! even the buzzing of the bugs! I almost had to swat at my ear it sounded so real!

  This is brilliant for a weekend morning, even more brilliant if you sleep with it and woke up by it, it doesn't matter what season is, with this one it's always Spring.

  This one is so realistic I keep looking out of the window and thinking the sound is actually coming from the outside. Absolutely wonderful, thank you! <3

  I've been listening to this along with the Squeaking Sailboat, and together they create the most relaxing atmosphere. Gentle birdsongs and small waves, I could listen to it all day. Wonderful.

  In my opinion, this is by far the best natural noise on this website yet. The jungle soundscape is good, but finally, there is also a normal forest soundscape too! Thank you!

  Walking in the woods alongside a gentle stream... I love it!

  Oh wow. I had been hoping for a forest/birdsong like soundscape for so long and this is wonderful. Even just the single note of song is enough to ease the tension in me. (Though I'm more used to the Australian bush and the sounds therein, this is the next best thing!)

  This could be my new favorite soundscape, I love the dawn chorus.

  'Spring Walk' has got to be my favorite by far. I cant believe how peaceful and immersive it is. These sounds are so crisp and real, I feel like i'm there if I just close my eyes. This is a masterpiece. So, so well done. Bravo my friend for making this.

  It really is as if I were walking through a forest in the morning! I especially love the sounds of the leaves crunching under my feet; it gives that earthy pleasant feel on top of the birds and water ^w^

  I want to tell you how wonderfully thankful I am for your this "Spring Walk" soundscape. I have tinnitus and this has really helped me cope with it. I am also an artist and I am continually listening to it while I paint as it is very inspiring and puts me in the mood, as if I am really there doing a plein-air painting. Again, thank you!!

  No bees, just a beautiful morning walk in the woods.

  If I ever have the masochistic desire to be attacked by a swarm of killer bees, I now know where I can generate a noise for that...

  Really great soundscape here. The 6am preset is my favourite as it reminds me of camping when I was a teenager. I think I'll have to go again now.