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Winter Walk
Winter Soundscape Generator (Wind, Snow, Birds and Water)
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The Winter, all year round

Our fireplace wouldn't feel as warm and cozy, if you weren't frozen to the bone first. Enjoy this immersive walk on a freezing winter day.

Use this winter soundscape as a pretext to take deep breaths, and pretend you are feeling the fresh air entering your lungs. As you slowly exhale, notice your tension melting away, like snow in the sun.

Headphones are recommended to achieve the best effect. Leaving your fridge wide open, helps too! ;-)

Published on February 8th, 2014

User Stories

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  Or as I like to call it: "The Winter without the painful freezing temps"! I can appreciate the look and sounds of snowy winter scapes while in the comfort and safety of my heated bedroom.

  This makes me think of this image: *It is a crisp, winter day, and I am in a heated log cabin, in a remote forest, and I have a window that let's sounds but not chills inside. I am in a bed, drinking not chocolate, surrounded by nature.* When I hear this sound mixed with Fireplace, I sleep in 3 minutes instead of 30! Love it!

  I love this one!. It sounds just like a walk on a winter evening to me.

  It is the LOVE of all my life. I believe with this that the Lord exists.

  This setting strongly reminds me of Finland. Never been there before, but somehow it does. Also makes me want to learn Finnish again. Kiitos! (i remember a couple of things from when I first learned it back in September (?) 2020.)

  Winter in Manitoba :)

  I know this one is called 'Winter Walk', but with these settings it sounds more like those transitional days between winter and spring. Those days where there is still wet, crunchy snow beneath your feet, but the sound of winter thawing away, the birds welcoming spring.

  I find this one very calming, especially with light rains. It reminds me of cold autumn and spring days when there's still snow on the ground, but it's begun raining. The air is crisp and the rain is fresh. The surroundings are quiet and peaceful - it's not summer yet, and you've been walking for an hour without seeing a fellow traveller. This takes me back to the Vermont mountains.

  I second the dislike for the birds. The tweets and high pitched noises I dislike. I like low sounding noises. The Cat's Purr is one of the best sounds to meditate, or for just pure comfort. I like the crows. I've made a guided meditation with the birds cut out. I also dislike the bubbly brook. I like the whooshy, wind sounds. Thanks for making this! I use it a lot.

  The crows are surprisingly calming. I don't care for songbirds, high-pitched noises distract. The crows however are perfect thing to break with the sounds of the wind.

  I love walking barefoot, even during the cold season, especially in early spring, when you can listen to blackbirds and feel the melting snow under your toes. Paired with the "Infrasonic" Oblivion, this noise lively reminds me to the happiness of this experience.

  It just snowed, and now it's raining. You decided to take a walk, and you found a peaceful little stream to walk beside.

  It makes me feel like I'm still in the cold times of December, walking through. This is perfect if you don't want to go outside during winter or you miss it!

  With Ice World, it feels like a magical icy landscape! So beautiful!

  This is perfect with Ice Drone... they complement each other beautifully, creating a wonderful winter sound.

  This is how I remember taking a walk in deep winter.

  Growing up in Alaska, I would wake up to the sound of Crows, Ravens, and wind every day. After moving away, I found it hard to sleep without the sound of the birds croaking. This has helped me fall asleep more easily, and I'm so glad I found this site again.

  This setting gives a perfect sense of a winter trek. I use it all the time for background noise when I'm free writing.

  This particular setting is perfect to help me get in the writing zone! ^-^

  My wife and I have tried many of sounds on myNoise and prefer this setting for sleeping.

  We hardly see snow where we live, and I love to listen to this - especially the footsteps! Thanks greatly!

  A great track for when I'm missing winter back home!

  Perfect background noise for creating a wintery feel underneath quiet, cozy music. The whooshing wind sounds help me pretend I'm snuggled up in a ski lodge instead of working in my home office.

  This reminds me of my old home.

  Turn up the wind sounds. You'll shiver to the bone.

  I find this Winter Walk very good at noise blocking. I can't work on difficult tasks at work when nearby people have extended discussions. I find soundscapes with very soft sounds like soft rain or soft wind the best. Footsteps, train over tracks and birds singing don't relax me, they annoy me instead.

  This really helps me to relax and block out other noises. thanks!

  Once again you have saved my sanity (and probably my relationship). I was going mad listening to my partner eat a very crunchy snack while watching tv. It shouldn't be annoying, but today it was super annoying. But your lovely crunchy snow sound covers that kind of noise perfectly, especially if you crank it up. Peace returns. Thank you.

  This makes me feel cold.

  Born and raised in Russia, living in England. Makes me a bit less homesick after the winter holidays spent in Moscow.

  Love it, This helps me do my work in class easily.

  Great noise blocker!

  I really like this generator; however, growing up in Michigan, this is definitely more reminiscent of a Michigan Spring than winter. For example, no birds sing in a Michigan Winter. No rain falls, nothing thaws, and the footsteps happen through a bitter, powdery snow. All is dead. Until March or April, which is when this generator absolutely nails the season sound. Love it.

  This was super relaxing, and it made me feel completely inside a scene from a Doctor Who episode.

  A winter blizzard.

  This soundscape I've tuned in reminds me of laying on my back in a grassy field as a kid growing up in rural Tasmania, Australia. Nothing but the sound of the birds, the wind in the trees and the slight sound of the rain hitting the grass around me as I eventually got soaked.

  This mixed with Gregorian Voices on the Distant Prayers setting (an odd choice, I know) got me into a mindset to just... let myself heal. Thank you so much for these generators, they help me get my mind back under control immensely.

  Absolutely love this. The sound is so crisp and fresh, and it brings me back to a holiday in Germany, where we walked through fresh snow in a forest by my family's farm. It was such a magical experience, and a moment I will never forget. These sounds really immerse me into that memory. Thank you so much for creating this!

  This mixed with Singing Bowls makes for a beautiful combination <3

  Love it! Reminds me of going on walks in the forest with my father as a child.

  Winter is my favorite season. Its cold, chilly, and I love the cold, <3

  This one is a balance of wind and water, with a mix of birds in the background. It reminds me of a perfect time to sit at the window, watching the rain fall with a laptop and a cup of tea, finding inspration to write. E. Grey

  Sometimes you just need a cool winter walk.

  Incredible. Makes me wish winter was here already! I can't wait to cast Wicca spells in the icy cold snow. Thank you so much for providing this.

  ← This is totally wierd!

  I think this reminds of cozy wooden huts. Try the ocean wave generator and the fire noise generator to your comfort. It really feels super awesome! Cold, yet warm, cozy, and calm.

  Winter has always been special to me. When I found out about this soundtrack, I was really happy. It made me feel like I was back in Tahoe, taking a walk around town before the snowplows come. It's such a peaceful sound because it seems that no one is there but yourself and that just makes it seem like you are really in winter. It helps me focus, but it makes me feel like I'm at peace too.

  The pure isolation of freezing wind blowing over a white land devoid of life... for when you want to feel like the sole explorer and living thing in a landscape hostile to human survival, alone with your thoughts...

  It snowed today! (Feb 3) This is one of my favourite noises. The cawing crows reminds me of home. I love to combine this with Gregorian Voices and Aeternitas when reading and studying philosophy, it makes me feel like I'm back in the time of Plato!

  Wow! this realy helps me do my school! I like the wintery feel of it. Soooooo peaceful.

  This paired with the bird generator's owl noise make me feel like I'm home in Alaska taking a walk at night. I miss my nightwalks. It really helped to put me at ease.

  This helps me study, and I actually feel colder when I hear it. Awesome! Thanks a ton Dr. Stephane! :-)

  This combination really brought out memories of walking through the snow on a windy winter morning. Nothing but the breeze and bird's songs.

  Literally feels like I just went outside my house while it was snowing... Amazing sound quality!

  This is so beautiful. We hardly ever get snow in the winter where I live, so when we do it's always nice to go outside and walk around in it. Listening to this is really nice because I get to hear the winter noises whenever I want. This really helps to calm me down.

  It brought back memories... My heart started to beat like crazy, I almost got emotional.

  ← peaceful walk

  Reminds me of walks home from elementary school way back when, haven't felt so at home in a while.

  You walk through the snow-blanketed forest. The crows, agitated, fly over you... Do they watch you? No they can't be, right? Do your footsteps echo, or is someone following you? You must get to the stream...

  I love Winter Walk under this setting coupled with Himalayan Voices on Animate. The combination is eerie and mysterious.

  I love listening to the different sounds of this website to help me do work or to unwind at the end of a long stressful day (which is almost every day). And this is by far my favourite; being my favourite season of the year; being able to immerse myself in a winter walk is an amazing experience and I am ever grateful of this website's creator for the ability to do this.

  This along with the fireplace generator sounds like resting inside a cozy cabin while it snows outside.

  A peaceful stream.

  This really calms me down when I feel anxiety coming around and I just love the sound of the water. It takes me to another place. I love this setting so much.

  Winter walk, and circular breeze together is simply amazing... I honestly love this site. I have ear problems and this brings me to forget I have such problems... Thank you!

  I love using this. It's one of the best things online.

  One of my absolute favorite soundscapes. This is one I use year-round both in summer and winter. The crows are the best part and the chilly feeling is perfect for when the summer heat gets to be a bit too much. We don't get much snow here in Delaware but this is fantastic for when I need that reminder of cold centuries past.

  Reminds me of my childhood days, when we would walk with my father in a park. Listen to the snow under the feet, listen to crows. So nostalgic.

  I normally don't like winter due to the cold, but this generator could convince me to reconsider my opinions. It's very useful for helping me start on my project that's been beating around the bush.

  I love the sound of snowy foot prints. Now that we don't get that much snow in South Jersey, I love being able to still listen to it. Being able to turn down the sound of the annoying birds is a plus too :)

  When I get homesick, this helps a lot.

  Now, it's sound like you are walking throw snow with some ravens in a tree and some cold wind blowing :D

  One of my favourite soundscapes to study with. If I keep the window open and the cold fresh air in the morning is wafting through my room... along with this soundscape, it feels very real. Fresh oxygen from outside keeps my mind refreshed and the sounds just make it 100x better by keeping me focused.

  Just moved to Montreal and listening to this as I sleep puts me in such a better mood to face my snowy walks to class in the morning.

  I love crows and ravens, don't know why. This feels like my dream home, some sort of dark manor. It's morning, you look out your window and ponder life, one crow will fly to the sill if you wait... Quoth the raven, nevermore!

  I have trouble sleeping without background noise, however, keeping a tv show or youtube playlist running in the background is too noisy for me to stay asleep, and no noise just makes me nervous. This winter walk soundscape is the only thing that helps me sleep at night. I set it on animate so the noise changes slightly while I'm listening and it keeps me calm. I love this website so much!

  This noise is aesthetically pleasing to the ear. It's a helpful noiseblocker that doesn't demand too much of my attention, allowing me to focus on homework, writing, or other tasks while being relaxed and at ease. This triggers my memories of walking when the snow was melting when I was a child, when I used to live in Wilmington, Delaware. Fantastic work! This is a great generator.

  I have a quiet office and a quiet apartment. I shouldn't need noise to cover up anything. However, I find myself worrying a lot, doubting myself, and generally stuck in my own head and not focused on the present. These generators on this site are invaluable to me because they help me focus on soothing noises to help get me out of my own head.

  This sound is simply beautiful and realistic. It's very helpful and relaxing for any task. This site is truly amazing.

  This setting plus the fire noise generator on animate is pure magic. I feel like I'm in a cabin in the woods on a winter morning.

  It sounds like after all this time, I've come home.

  This works wonders for doing homework. Perfectly peaceful.

  For us living close to the polar circle, this is the sound of spring.

  I think I might have created something eerie here... Walking through the frost-covered woods alone. Are you being followed? Why are the crows so agitated? Didn't you come this way just a minute ago? -I love it

  One word. REALISTIC.

  This is just brilliant, I always try out different sounds yet I know that I'll always come back to this and I do. It's so calming and great. I have a lot of trouble sleeping and this really helps, especially if I have work in the morning. Love it!

  A hint of spring.

  One of the most relaxing soundscapes for me. Wind, water, and ice really do the trick in relieving my mind.

  This setting is perfect. It's a hot summers day but this keeps me cool as I sit down to my work

  Absolutely helped me at work, makes me feel like I can work outside while being inside the office. Cold yet warm. Much thanks!

  I really like the sound of footsteps.

  This with the temple bells "tinkling" preset is so calming.

  Stroll through the forest, listening to the collected drips of water as it slides from the trees. The conifer needles protect you from the wind; the air is calm by the time it reaches the depths of the forest. Birds herald the spring as crows complain distantly.

  Calming and beautiful, the birds aren't that loud, and the ice is thawing.Gentle rain comes drizzling down, soaking you pleasantly.All happens while the stream runs down the hill in attempt to find the lake. I could listen to this for hours on the end!

  This is the sound of a typical German winter, it reminds me of my childhood.

  The long night gives way to bitter day. The hungry crow's call chills what wind and rain cannot.

  Winter is ending, Aslan is on the move.

  Walking past a stream while the ice is thawing.

  Sounds like taking a walk past a stream in the New Zealand bush and listening to the bird song!

  Love it

  Winter walk in the snow.

  It sounds like I'm frozen in the ice, and somebody is walking right over me... spooky...

  Finally I can recapture the feeling of waking up to the sound of crows. I've always loved their lonely sounds.

  This is wonderful to listen to during the day at work. It's so much less distracting than music.

  I can't believe how productive I was today, and happy. It's like my mind was outside in nature, with the birds and the trickling water of snow melt. I didn't mind standing at my desk just getting so much done. At the end of a day on Friday, this is realllllly saying something. Thank you! This is incredible.

  It's so nostalgic! I used to live in Connecticut and this reminds me so much of home. This is great!

  I lived in Seattle, WA for a long part of my childhood... this soundscape is perfect for me to fall asleep to. The wind, rain and water sound just like home. <3

  The wind is howling as the crows fly around, so many crows... you can hear more pleasant birds in the distance, but that only makes the crows seem more... unnatural. What was that? It sounded like footsteps, but you stopped walking awhile ago, when you first noticed the crows... you wish they weren't so loud now...

  I don't know where I am, but I'm certainly not home...

  Sigh... It's nice for when one's favorite season is winter, one lives in Michigan, where it's supposes to be cold, and when there's been know sign of what makes winter so great because there hasn't been a single inch of snow since last winter. It's the day before New Year's Eve. The ground should not be so green.

  I love this page! Almost everyday I come and listen to the winter noise that I can't live without. Thanks!

  ← You've been skiing down from the top of Mt. Everest, but didn't get very far down before a small wipe out. Both your skis fell off and are about 50 yards above you. You proceed to climb up to retrieve them, as a distant rumble below threatens you. You carefully peer over the edge of a cliff that juts down 3000ft. The clouds block your visibility. All you can see is the white sky below you.

  I really love this soundscape! Useful for getting into the winter mood.

  Listening to last night's ice melt into this morning's snow, waiting to see what festivities the day will hold. Perfect soundscape to stick on in the morning during the holiday season.

  Feels like an actual winter day!

  This is wonderful, albeit slightly eerie. I'm currently writing a story that takes place largely during a snow storm in a war, and this combined with Howling Winds and Flying Fortress creates the perfect inspirational atmosphere. It keeps sending cold shiver down my back.

  This is what it sounded like when I went on a winter walk last year. <3

  A winter hike out to Raven's Point on the archipelago island where I grew up =)

  This noise makes me think of walking through the snow, bundled in layers of scarves to muffle the wind and cold... Goosebumps.

  Combine with Dark Calm in the Deserted generator, and you get a wonderfully eerie walk through a dead, cold winter forest or field. Are you sure you're alone?

  Helps me get to sleep as well as sets the mood for part of a story I'm writing. Keep up the good work!

  I love for the ambience for working! The sliders are used very well for particular parts of the setting, and the animate function helps a lot for the ambience! High quality sound samples for the different noise machines, so much effort can be seen in this website!

  If you wan't to go to Northern Ontario, and are willing to miss out on the blueberries, this is as good as you can get!

  These settings sound just like what I would hear when getting up in the winter. I love it.

  I feel like I've found a really relaxing mix. Just the right amount of background noise for reading or falling asleep. Little bit of birds and a lotta rain. Dash of crows for punctuation and there ya go. c:

  Wow just turn everything off but the birds and the stream next to it on the right then turn those two all the way up and I find it really soothing for my stuff, so I  it!

  A walk in the forest on a crisp, windless winter's morning. Bliss.

  My settings are what happens when it's not actually winter and you're just outside at five thirty in the morning, and it stopped raining a hour ago.

  Alone on your way through an always dark and cold land, you have found a cave to rest for a while.

  Love it! I feel like this sound is the transition between winter and spring, where the snow is melting, and you can feel warmth spread in to your being. ^.^

  ← Winter Is Coming

  I stumbled across a recommendation of this on tumblr and boy am I glad I did, this is amazing. I live in the tropics but love the arctic, so the fact that I could forget where I am for a while was wondeful!

  Aha. Just nature.

  For some strange and wonderful reason, this makes me feel all cool and cozy inside. It's really nice on a very hot day.

  Oh my goodness! The footsteps are timed just right for me. It takes my imagination away easier when the steps are slower - I feel like I'm there in a beautiful snow day, every day!

  Completly amazing! I am a forest addict. When I don't go into the forest for a week or two... I need a 'patch'. I tune in here and have my shot. Thanks for your wonderful work :-)

  For some reason this sound makes me feel extremely nostalgic and tranquil. I close my eyes and imagine myself on top of the mountains that surround my town, looking down on the valley, breathing in the brisk mountain air... I love it. c:

  Reminds me of my home. ^_^

  I have such a difficult time falling asleep. Thank you so much for providing this!

  Really nice background that emphasizes the bird and gentle rain sounds.

  Ah I love this so much. It never snows here so I find this super relaxing.

  This one makes my birds eat for some reason.

  Nice one , 3 or 4 noises in 1, plus extra, I sleep better, and have lucid dreams and also helps me to relax and wash my worries away, let the imagination flow throw you, as you "walk in a park".

  I love this sound. It makes me feel back at my grandmother's old house; it was on so much land and had little rivers and creeks everywhere. We would go outside and walk around and then get some hot choclolate when we were back inside. <3

  Nice ambient noise.

  The hopeful noise of a winter to melt away.

  W O W it's just amazing. I really feel cold >w<

  Absolutely beautiful. I come from a place where there is snow for almost half the year, and this sounds just like March melting into April.

  Reminds me of heavy winter storms while sitting next to the window.

  ← Lol, waterfall in rain forest.

  I love listening to this! It is so calming. I use it to help me focus on what I am doing. I feel like I am outside on a thawing spring day, listening to the songbirds.

  Having spent most of my life in Colorado, I've taken a number of solitary strolls along the snow-covered bike paths running through the neighborhood. This is as close as I could get to going on such a walk during the summer, without listening to this in an industrial freezer.

  It sounds like you're under the ice, listening to someone walk over it... over you...