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Wind Harp Drone
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Drawn by Wind

Wind blowing on a stringed instrument can produce sounds, like a bow drawing across the strings of a violin. Eolian harps - or wind harps - have been designed to be played by the wind, and this generator illustrate how they sound like. Enjoy listening to what Aeolus has composed for you!

Published on December 3rd, 2018

User Stories

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  I love this played over Levadas (another one of my favourites). Thanks, Stephane!

  Blends really well with the street sweeper that cleans the parking lot across the street from where I live.

  The shepard tone doesnt effect me but I like it.

  I am so thankful for this website & for you, Stephane! I have been using myNoise almost every day for 5 years now. It has brought me so much comfort & I get excited every time I see a new generator has been published. I was saddened & concerned to hear about the struggles with your health, & I sincerely hope you recover stronger & more enlivened than ever before. You are an inspiration. Much love!

  This wind noise stayed with me for years.. It took me a while to find it again.

  I LOVE how the name references the musical mode (Minor, or Aeolian)! It's so calming too!

  Definitely my favorite drone generator. So soothing and I can listen to it for hours. It goes great with Pebble Beach.

  This is a constant favourite for me. I keep it on animate and play it in the background for something to fill the silence in my room, whether studying or doing anything else at my laptop.

  myNoise has done it again! This is another one of my favorites to calm down and fall asleep to. THX DR. P.!

  So beautiful and calming.

  Natural sounds are by far my favorite. This one is so relaxing. Definitely in the top five. Great for background reading, but also for falling asleep at night.

  I normally prefer nature sounds to tonal drones, but I'm a big fan of the Name of the Wind book. The Eolian is the name of the tavern where the main character plays his music while attending school... and much to my delight both this channel and the tavern are Wind themed!

  I layer this with Aeternitas. Sends me into a state of serene focus that's perfect for the writing I want to do. Big thanks for working so hard on this wonderful site!

  I've played Celtic Harp outside since the 1980's. Often between songs the wind will get into the strings and sound just like this! When that happens I will let it go for a while, then turn the harp a little to change the angle of the strings to the wind. This takes me right back to busking at the original Renaissance Faire in Agoura, California.

  I pair this with the Hurricane Irma sound generator and the extra wind noises, along with the warning sirens, blend together really well. Very relaxing.

  This generator is a great base to layer other sounds over. My favorite is El Grey from Chapel Voices. Hauntingly beautiful.

  This paired with the Duduk is just amazing! So sad, but so life affirming too. :)

  Beautiful sound. This seems to have set my brain to 'serene'. I could listen to it all day.

  This almost sounds like an organ at first, but you hear the violin. It's always changing, even when it's not on animate.

  Every time I think I've settled on a favorite, you come up with another noise that becomes my new favorite. This on animate is helping me stay focused without being distracting as edit my novel. Thank you a million times for doing this work. Without your work, I'd have an extremely hard time doing mine.

  Beautifully dissonant. It's quiet and slow enough to be calming, but the changes in dynamic and tone are steady enough to produce a meditative atmosphere. Perfect, as always!

  Tried this first with The Pilgrim. It's a hit!

  What a lovely place this sends me to!

  It's distant, it's drawing you closer. You don't know what awaits you, but you can't stop following it. Mysterious and enchanting, I love this sound!

  What a beautiful sound! Peaceful but not boring. Perfect to have on in the background.