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Hidden Spaces

An acoustic space doesn't make any sound by itself. It requires an external sound to reveal itself to you. It's like standing in a spectacular cave with wonderful formations and colors around you. In complete darkness, you won't to see anything. Magnificent things need light to be seen. It's the same with acoustic spaces (the cave), silence (the darkness), sound (the light), and our hearing (vision).

There are many beautiful acoustic spaces around us that we barely notice. Among human-made spaces, places of worship are often beauties for our ears, too. When entering such acoustic spaces, sound lovers won't resist producing a sound to expose their particular sonic signatures. I will often clap my hands, just once, and listen to the echo and reverberation. However, these places really shine when one starts to sing.

Singing plays an important role to many religions as it touches responsive souls deeply. Not surprisingly, chapels and churches have been designed to resonate to the sound of the voice. Singing in a chapel or a church is a wonderful experience for the singer and the audience. This generator tries to recreate this ambience from a listener's perspective. So, here we are, in a chapel, with a couple of friends. Infinity Calling and Enlia take care of the higher frequencies, and Les Amicroches, a Belgian male choir, are filling the lower register. And your humble servant is playing the harmonium. Sit quietly now and listen to the sound filling this sacred space.

Published on November 27th, 2017

User Stories

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  This soundscape pretends to sound Christian-like, but it is sometimes written that "Om" is the Satan's mantra. As an Orthodox Christian, I'm afraid to contact the REAL evil accidentally when listening...

  El Grey compliments Enlia in "In The Sky" so well. Crazy how every generator blends together!

  Wow. The harmonium is just out of this world.

  Great when writing stories. Helps me focus. Not too loud, yet not too quiet.

  This generator + 'Distant Thunder' generator without the rain feels like you have angered the gods and now the angels sing as the thunder and lightning wreak havoc around you. You are protected by the angels as long as they sing above you.

  I've had a long day of studying and feeling generally unproductive, and this relaxed and soothed me before bed in a way that's hard to describe. Utterly transporting, gentle, and makes me wish to drift right off to sleep and renewing dreams.

  The voices and humming make a feeling of otherworldliness. It feels like I'm being transported into the sky by an angel.

  I was exploring more music based generators and this plus Take It Easy is such a great mix! I love being able to change up the settings in everything. Thank you for making it!

  Huu Chant + Three Friends of Winter (minus teal harp) + Chapel Voices (harmony hum preset): one of the most soothing combos I have found so far.

  Listen to this with Bad Weather: epic and relaxing at the same time. When I’m sad it helps me to grieve.

  I agree with another comment I saw here... This is reminiscent of elvish singing in Lord Of The Rings.

  Chapel Voices + Summer Night: A harmonious combination of human-made and insect-made sounds, which somehow translates into expansive comfort in solitude. I turned up the Solo Hum and the low Harmonium because I love the low register.

  It's calming, but relaxing. It kinda feels like you're at some kind of ritual XD

  It kind of empties the mind. Much need clamness and touch to soul.

  So... I love this particular generator. Right now the combination is Chapel Voices + Gregorian Chant + In The Sky and it's quite an impact.!!

  Very beautiful! I love the soothing voices and haunting music. Those people humming must be masters, I'd be out of breath! XD

  This is very soothing and is closer to what I can create to opera songs where there is one prominent and other supporting voices.

  Beautiful! Especially recommend Enlia for calming down. El Grey can be a bit sharp but most of the time INCREDIBLE! Well done to all who had an input with this Chapel/Church heaven.

  This setting combined with the 6-on-4 African Trance generator sounds like the beginning of a spiritual journey. Very calming and inspiring! It's perfect for working on stressful projects at work.

  You're lying amid frozen wastes awaiting your peril. Out of energy to even shiver, you stare into the endless snows as light slowly lours in your eyes.

  This + In the Sky = What heaven's music classes sound like.

  Oh my god! I picked male and female hummings and my heartbeat normalised instantly! After that I added El Grey and I became amazed and glad. And Enlia is awesome for meditation!

  This, mixed with Gregorian Voices is just omnidescent, brings me instantly into another world.

  I put my version on animate and now I'm crying so there's that.

  This sound is truly beautiful and has touched me with new emotional awareness. I am in real love.

  With Chapel Voices El Grey, Beatae Memoriae set to The Sacristan, & Gregorian Voices set to Anno 731, and setting all three of them to "animate", this is the exactly the same sound I always have playing in the background when I watch the daily Mass on EWTN, and when I recite the rosary in honor of Our Lady. :)

  Putting this slider and the Primeval Forest on animate help create an environment that is simply superb, putting me into an ancient, magical forest where anything can happen and the trees themselves might be singing. I love this whole site, and this is just one example of why.

  Combining the setting I made with In The Sky on default settings and Into Balance on the Ancient Tree setting leaves one with a most divine experience.

  Wow... El Grey... its like, an angel is coming down to take me to heaven.

  I've recently been forced into working in an open plan office of over 80 people after having an office to myself for 37 years or so. Really struggling to work and concentrate with the noise pollution from my colleagues. This site is really helping. Still fining my way round the site but brilliant so far!

  This one, in particular, is a work of art. Bravo Stephane.

  I love putting this on animate and letting the voices rise and fall. It's sublime.

  Wow, Om Vocals combined with Singing Bowls - so relaxing and mind expanding. Thank you so much for this

  Beautiful! So much talent here.

  Oh my goodness. I fell in love with this the second I first heard it. This is truly a masterpiece.

  Absolutely Fantastic! What more needs to be said? :)

  Right now, I'm listening to Chapel Voices, Beatae Memoriae & Gregorian Voices playing simultaneously, all set on default and auto animation. Your site is AWESOME! I love it!

  I love this! I combined this player with Primeval Forest, and I thought of Lothlorien from the Lord of the Rings, or some other forest with an elven or otherworldly feeling to it.

  Simply beautiful. The atmosphere, the singers, the harmonium; they just effortlessly melt together creating something magical.