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Subaquatic Dreams
Underwater Soundscape Generator
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Scuba diver's dream, without... the scuba!

Underwater sounds represent one of the noises that people enjoy the most, as can be read in our user testimonials. The subaquatic world probably unconsciously reminds us of the place where we all were comfortably immersed before we were born, and this brings us calmness and relaxation.

Many visitors have been trying to recreate underwater noises from the other sound generators available, such as our Water Stream or Ocean Wave noises. This noise generator adds more variety and even recreates a very enchanting experience. The background image says it all. Stay quiet, hold your breath, and be ready for a close encounter with one of the most iconic species of the marine world!

Published on February 8th, 2014

User Stories

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  I personally is a big fan of water since my childhood , and this sound makes me feel like home <3 ... I just literally fell in love with this audio, unexplainable, loved it.

  This makes me feel like I am back in the womb, so warm and conforting.

  Makes me feel like a mermaid...

  For the deep water dive feel. I use it while translating a book about a dive to a shipwreck.

  "Scuba Diver" saved me during hard study times giving me a chance for a quick relax.

  This one's gonna put me to sleep ^_^

  Sounds like another planet...

  I find the waves, coral sounds and dolphins very relaxing. Thank you! Also, how were the dolphin sounds recorded? [Editor's note: with underwater microphones, see the Sampling Sessions Photo Album]

  How lovely and calming! Reminds me of my dives off of San Diego in the kelp forest. I no longer scuba (an injury to my left inner ear keeps me shorebound), but this takes me back to the peace I found underwater. <3

  This one with the White Noise & Co.'s Speech Blocker is just the most perfect way to block noises from outside AND the sounds blend together soooo well!

  This noise will be the background of my personal underwater VR laboratory to visit with family and friends.

  A beautiful composition, Filipe did a great job! This takes my mind to a sunny island lagoon where a pod of dolphins plays in the turquoise waves and invites me to join them.

  The calming pace of the underwater-waves help me to focus on good breathing and processing a lot of stress, which is priceless.

  I used this player to take myself back to the Great Barrier Reef. I have never felt so much peace as I did diving there, and was able to recreate exactly what I remember. Thank you!

  I love this ambience, it truly is so relaxing, not to mention the dolphins!

  As an animal lover and them being one of my favorites I love putting the dolphins at the highest setting!

  This is great! A lot of the sounds on here bug me after a while cause they're so high pitched, but the low rumble of the ocean is just what I needed!

  This is BY FAR my favorite generator on this site! I'm an introvert, and after a long busy day, this is EXACTLY what I need. It takes me to a place where I can find peace, and calm. Thank you so much.

  This generator is so relaxing! It helps me to pull away from everything that's going on, and find peace.

  This one is super nice with Orchestron softly in the background, for a touch of mysticism.

  It calms me down when I have PTSD. The waves sound to my mind like "It's okay, everything's quiet here." The bubbles sound like "You're protected in a water shell, no one can beat you up."

  Sleeping in the Ocean.

  I love diving! I miss being in the ocean so much. Subaquatic Dreams is so calming to me and reminds me of happy times. The scuba breathing is so realistic and makes me feel like I'm underwater again. Thank you for making this!

  Wow! This will be really helpful for my book I'm writing, which has a chapter underwater! Many thanks!

  I LOVE "Subaquatic dreams" and listen to this preset alongside "Irish coast" while studying. For "Irish coast" I enable animation on fast, On this I just use the preset.

  Amazing noises and the dolphins are too cute! The ocean is its own song.

  Fantastic. I use this with "The Falls-Waterfall" and it is very pleasant.

  The sound of crashing waves! Ahhh...

  These dolphin noises on the deep ocean one are making me cry; they're too cute! This site is amazing by the way. My ADHD kicks my butt sometimes so it's about time I kick its butt!

  Great if you love the animal sounds. Sometimes it doesn't sound like you're underwater (if the wave noise is to high (which is also distracting) but this definitly does.

  I used to be a swimmer and this reminds me of the times I used to swim, I miss it so much.

  Deep, deep below! I like this different take on the water-themed noise generators.

  Great one. I use it together with the Irish Coast to work tirelessly. It has all the complexity to keep me focused yet relaxed for hours.

  Fansastic soundscape. Soothing and relaxing. And it even 'drowns out' the construction noise in the building. Pun intended :p

  I absolutely love this soundscape! I love the ocean, and everything in it. Swimming is my favorite sport, and I love dolphins so much! Thank you for giving us this glorious soundscape, and it really is like a dream! Thanks!!! :D

  The developer did a fantastic job combining quality sounds and an equalizer so I always can get my perfect auditory environment. The sliders are really easy to use and the amount of selection is ridiculous for the free program. This site has become a staple for working on projects for me and I'd pay for premium if I could.

  This site is great! When I need targeted brain stimulation, this is the perfect place to come. Thank you for creating a site like this!

  This really helped me calm down. It reminds me of the first time I went to the ocean.

  This generator gives me such an isolated feeling, especially with all the powerful waves miles above and the rumbling bubbles. It reminds me of sitting on the edge of the Marinara Trench and what it would be like to have such a massive pressure above you. It makes me feel small.

  This setting is soft enough for work but is still soothing to listen too, and helps me tune out some outside noise that can make me feel overwhelmed and anxious. Also, dolphins. Love it. Yay!

  As someone who is terrified of deep water, this is a generator that I find oddly comforting - I'm going to listen to this more, and I think it will work in making me less afraid of the ocean.

  This noise is just so charming! I love the bubble noises, they're so fun and dolphins are so cute. It's nice to be able to hear them chatter under the bubble noises!

  I LOVE LOVE LOVE "Subaquatic Dreams" and I've been using it for a few years now, both at school and at work.

  ← Love this! So relaxing but doesn't make me drowsy. Really helps me work! Thank you!!

  Listening to both "Home of the Fin Whales - Underwater" and "Subaquatic Dreams" is exceptional. Merging the experience of scuba diving and the tremendous fin whales low freq sounds is unique.

  The sounds help me concentrate while setting a calming and relaxing atmosphere. the breathing and rushing bubbles helps stay awake more.

  ← Child of Poseidon

  Very relaxing. Helps me concentrate and not panic when I'm writing in a loud place.

  Best sound generator ever. OMG, I love this!

  This is such a lovely soundscape. I love being in the water - it is one thing that really relaxes me, so this is perfect.

  I love scuba diving because it's an almost meditational experience. And this recreates that feeling amazingly! I feel like I'm floating in the ocean, breathing slowly, listening to the coral crackle. I LOVE it.

  Pardon the unsophisticated language, but this is freaking awesome! I have been using a white noise generator for a long time, but it never quite did the trick for me. This, however, this is real. This is a dream come true. This helps to quiet the storm of my mind. I am so grateful and hope to be able to donate.

  You guys are geniuses, who put this and all the other sounds here together. Remember folks, give them a few bucks now and then. Keep the ship afloat !

  I love the dolphins being in this! Sounds like I am right up with them underwater.

  There is nothing better, or more relaxing, especially while studying, than listening to the sound of waves, and my favourite animal. This is definitely my favourite soundscape <3

  I love this but it's so powerful I felt sea sick hahaha!

  This is simply amazing. Perfect for my axiety issues. I also have lots of problems on focusing, but this helps me a lot when I'm studying, or when I'm nervous. Everyday, I pick a different sound, and I try to relax. The sound just flows.

  I really love this setting. It's really calming, and it helps me fall asleep, or it helps me focus while doing all my homework (which can be a problem due to my A.D.H.D). Thank you very much for this!

  The Coral Reef preset does magic things to my ears. I've been looking for this sound forever. Thank you.

  Deep, low waves - combined with Aeternitas, it sounds like there are mermaids singing somewhere nearby - remember to resurface before you run out of air!

  I love, love, love, love, love this generator! I've paired it with Aeternitas, Three Friends of Winter, Dust & Scratches and Thunder & Rain. I know it sounds like a lot of different sounds, but it mixed perfectly into this calming, rainy day, underwater chill.


  Takes me back to the Cuban waters in the summer morning when the sun warms the seas at the top and the rays filter to the darkness.

  Being a person who can't swim and is terrified of deep water, this is incredible. I've always wanted to go scuba diving but I can't see that I ever will. Finally I can, vicariously through this generator!

  I enjoy a lot of the generators, especially ones that evoke natural sounds. However, I find myself coming back to this one the most simply because it combines two things that makes me happy: dolphins and being in the water. Thank you so much for this! It helps out with my misophonia and my writing a whole lot!

  Distant shore is amazing, I live near a beach and can say you did a phenomenal job capturing that sound.

  Man, when you plug in "coral reef" you feel clicks right in your ear bones. That's marvelous!

  It sounds like a blizzard and a waterfall and the ocean all mixed together. I love it.

  Accidentally managed to generate the sounds of a rock pool - my favorite yet!

  This sound helps me sleep. It reminds me of floating in the more shallow waters, and occasionally your ears slip past the surface. Everything is calm and quiet, and you are being cradled by the ocean and there are no worries to plague you.

  I like this setting with the Deep Sea preset of Ice World.

  I feel like I'm in a water dispenser.

  I feel so calm listening to this, like I'm in an isolated beach house after dawn on a rainy, dark day.

  Take me back to the days of yore when I flew down south to scuba dive every summer. Take me back to the bubbles and the hiss of the diver. Take me back to the initial splash and the bright corals around me. Take me back to the surf rolling overhead. Take me back.

  I know it's not quite the intended use, but I've been working on some BioShock roleplaying and this really gets me into the deep ocean mood! I love it!

  Honestly, it can sound so much like scuba diving that I freeze and I am transported back. I can feel the cold respirator air in my mouth.

  You're lying on the water's surface, listening to it break on the not-so-distant shore. But sometimes your ears dip below the surface and hear the ocean's depth press up around you.

  I have a hard time focusing on my writing or my homework and tend to get stressed out very easily, but this helps me focus! I also can calm down my breathing when I'm having a panic attack by breathing when the diver does. I love this noise generator <3

  I love this sound! It may sound weird, but it inspires me! Algebra doesn't frustrate me as much, and I can concentrate much better. Expecting to ace my test tomorrow! Thank you so much... I need an A!

  I've always wanted to go underwater in the ocean, this feels SO real!

  Amazing. It's perfect when drawing/writing. I feel like I'm really in the ocean, and it helps me focus and concentrate on what I'm doing while at the same time calming me down. Truly beautiful.

  I prefer it without the sound of scuba breathing, dolphin and bubbles. I feel like I'm genuinely submerged deep in the dark ocean, floating in a dream-like state. It helps me focus as well.

  It really helps me study & concentrate whenever I'm trying to write something.

  This noise is honestly one of the most calming and beautiful things I've ever heard, but at the same time one of the most refreshing and exhilarating, like walking on the beach and smelling the salty sea air. There's also a bit of rumble thrown in. I absolutely love this soundscape.

  The sounds are so beautiful, I can feel everything /smashes keyboard/

  I've been scuba diving a few times before and this is honestly a great representation of it!! (I turned the dolphins and the waves off.)

  Sounds like I'm swimming with dolphins!! <3

  I can feel the waves crash onto my legs. I'm standing ankle deep on the rocky shore. I'm at peace.

  Great sound generator, it's very calming. Reminds me of just floating in the lake my family always goes to in the summer. It's also a nice substitute for those of us who can't actually go to the ocean too.

  This has definitely been the best noise machine for helping me relax and get to sleep so far. I feel calm, like I'm submerged in the ocean and looking up at the light as it filters through the water. Very positive.

  It's like I'm being held by the water; just floating, safe, calm, and relaxed; letting everything drift away.

  Many thanks for this, Doctor. I love the sounds and the different customization's. Best website for relaxing.

  See, what I love about this site is the manual interface. For example, I just love everything about this generator EXCEPT for the breathing. No other noise makers I've used let me just crank down that noise and enjoy the rest. Superb.

  Beautiful little setting!

  Just listen

  I love this because it makes me feel instantly calmer and I can feel myself relaxing. I'm gonna use it as background noise when I'm sleeping instead of my fan, which makes my room really cold.

  Great Job Doctor!

  This website is now my favorite place to hang out. It's perfect for both relaxing and getting work done. I love this underwater sound, it calms me down and helps me isolate myself from the stress of the outside world. No one can get to you when you're underwater!

  The sounds are really amazing i just love the website and your work. Excellent!!

  Very nice, but as an amateur scuba diver myself, the breathing is too short, it should be longer and slower, much slower ^^

  This makes me feel very relaxed. It really helps me when I have a panic attack. I instantly feel calmer.

  It honestly feels like I'm swimming, this is amazing! Thank you so much!

  It sounds like you're very very deep in the sea, it makes me feel very calm.

  Submerged and free.

  This website is amazing!!! So glad I found it!!! Going to download the iTunes album.

  As someone who loves the ocean and its creatures, this is pure paradise. The occasional glub glub is just perfect!

  Homework is now a breeze, TY!

  I was searching for a background noise to help me concentrate and get through the monster of a book that is Moby Dick. I found it!

  Let me sink deep down. The oceans noise in my ears. And nothing more.Let me dive to alien worlds. Embrace the lights. Which guide me. Into darkness. Let me breath the water. With giant eyes. I will watch the deep. And become one.And my spirit faded in the growling waves of the untamed ocean  it sank until it hit the ground and it evolved into something blue and beautiful.

  Sitting in a boat, surrounded by dolphins, not a care in the world

  This is all just breathing and bubbles.

  You are an ocean drop in a raging ocean on a storm day! So beautiful and relaxing!

  As an Scuba Diver I can say that this really does a great job in re-creating the sounds of being underwater.

  This sounds just like scuba diving!

  I love this it does remind me of diving. However, I breath very differently that the person you based the model from. Deeper breathing would be nice but its pretty accurate.

  Sounds like you are underwater, swimming around, with the rest of the world compleatly silent; exept your your breathing and the water movement.

  Lovely soundscape, excellent for concentration. I also love the fact that I can mute one channel (not really fond of the scuba breathing) and it remains muted when I animate the soundscape. Smart!

  ← deep under water, alone, just floating along.

  It gives the feeling of being on a small boat or raft near the shore, and being visited by a pod of dolphins!

  This sounds like scuba diving!

  This reminds me of dunking under water in a swimming pool!

  ← The Coral Reef

  I have asthma, and can't go scuba diving because of it. This is my favorite substitute so far!

  I have VERY LOUD roommates, and this combination of waves and slow breaths helps me keep my cool and transports me and my research to a safe, quiet place where even the eels won't disrupt learning.

  Reminds me of the white noise machine that my kindergarden teacher would play during naps. Paired with an Enya album it takes me back to the stress-free earlier years of school.

  Your destination is a relic from another era. You were told the submarine has gone untouched by human hands since it sank in the war. Armed with a team of skilled divers with a passion to discover the unknown, you are finally ready to crack the seal on her ancient hatch and find out the lost tale of her crew.

  ← Mostly water noise, with minimal wildlife and tech.

  I think it feels like being in one of those old diving bells, something I've always wanted to experience.