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Frequency-Shaped Eerie Soundscape Generator
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Anybody in there?

This sound generator is not intended for therapeutic use. If you are suffering from anxiety problems, don't listen to it. Use this one instead.

Professional writers are not only using our sound generators to block disturbing noises while working, but to find inspiration too. This soundscape will create a tense and nervous atmosphere around them, which is ideal when working on the darker passages of a book, or to inspire the creation of neurotic characters.

The first slider - the brown one - mainly produces subsonic audio frequencies and may not be audible to you unless you are using a better set of headphones, or bigger subwoofers. Infrasound may cause odd sensations, such as feelings of awe or fear, or even sometimes it might suggest the supernatural...

Published on February 8th, 2014

User Stories

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  Mr. Pigeon, "withiut" in the last request just means "without".

  Thanks, Mr. Pigeon! I could never defend my diploma withiut listening to the "Infrasonic" Deserted during short breaks when studying!!!

  Something is happening... It's them! You can here their siren song from miles away... Don't go, whatever you do.

  Dave, I've been watching you. I know everything about you,

  I feel breathing on the back of my neck as writing. A tense atmosphere occludes my calm. I look behind and

  I hear a gun sound. I hid somewhere. What is happening, I don't know. Help, help...

  I have pretty bad anxiety, and I actually find this rather calming. Though I could just be a bit odd. Who knows! Lowering the high end of the spectrum kicking up the bass and mids makes this one really special. I feel oddly comforted by these sounds, Thank you.

  Deserted sounds like a strong (tonal) version of Oblivion and like a dreary version of Twilight.

  Deserted and Oblivion are twin brothers: Deserted is (almost) music and Oblivion is noise.

  >"I use it (~125 Hz) in my brief meditation sessions to recall the emotional memory. There are some hidden alpha waves there, aren't they? It can be scary if you are afraid of the soundscape, or have some severe psychological traumas, of maybe have just watched a horror movie." Dr. Pigeon, there should stand "or maybe have just watched a horror movie". Replace it if possible!

  You're in an abandoned playground. But you get the feeling that someone is watching you. You see a shadow rush by. You know you're not alone.

  For my autism, I'm surprisingly pleased by this soundscape generator. Can you create some more soundscapes like this?

  Slowly... Going... Insane...

  Highs are twinkling stars, mids are daemons, and lows are the wind.

  Dr. Pigeon, can you remaster this track please? There should play bells without heart beat there. Since I discovered myNoise, Deserted has always been among my favourite generators and one of the most frequently listened by me (especially the preset around 125 Hz), but this artificial heart beat is rather disgusting and spoils all the impression. Those who want can add the real one from In Utero. [Stephane here : there is no heartbeat in that slider. And that slider has never been changed since the soundscape has been released!]

  Are there heart beat in the bass slider? Is it a new change or I have just discovered it?

  I like the high bass, as if it is designed for meditation.

  Here are the relatively annoying sliders, especially the aquamarine one (1 kHz). Try to mute them, and you will get the pleasant mysterious soundscape with a strong touch of sadness.

  When I'm depressed, I return to the "Getting Insane" preset more and more, and every time I percept it differently!

  You've overstayed your welcome. Now your skin feels as if it were being peeled away from your soul bit by bit, like how one slowly peels the rind from an orange, until all of your soft vulnerabilities are exposed to a world that craves nothing more than to rip them apart. Nerves squirm and muscle quivers. You have never felt so hated in your life.

  "Wooden Bridges" Healing Water + "Bizarre" Deserted resonates with my soul strongly and reminds me to the coldness and freshness of mountain creeks :)

  The soundscape is not so fearful as they describe. It is just the severest dissonance in music.

  You wake up, but something is wrong. You don't usually wake up at night, and your alarm clock is off. You decide to walk outside your room, the lights are off. It seems something happened, furniture is broken, the glass is broken. You walk outside your house and find out that nobody is there and the city looks abandoned, then you hear something near, something horrifying…

  I use it (~125 Hz) in my brief meditation sessions to recall the emotional memory. There are some hidden alpha waves there, aren't they? It can be scary if you are afraid of the soundscape, or have some severe psychological traumas, of maybe have just watched a horror movie.

  This gen on "Getting insane" setting, paired with Shepard Madness (also on "Getting insane") and Poltergeist makes for one spooky dose of paranoia! Do not listen to that combo while you're trying to sleep, or when you're alone at night. Or do, whatever floats your ghost I guess >;)

  Dream World full of Ghosts. Abandoned. Lonely. Sounds like I am staring into a Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare.

  I turn around to look at him but find nothing. It wasn't real....

  A defunct asylum, creaking doors, and the occasional screech of metal on the ground. Eerie and creepy, but ever so calming.

  Where am I? You slowly peak out of the darkroom you wake up in. Thump, thump-thump something approaches.

  I love this one for creepy scenes in my Pen & Paper roleplaying rounds. Changing the presets or mixing it with other gens (like Darkwaters or Black hole) makes it fit for nearly every creepy scene.

  Writing stories this generator drags me into the mood of unsettling scenes. Beautifully disturbing.

  Wow! Thank you so much! An old mansion? Upon a marsh? The once beautiful hedges... uncut... the magnificent grounds overgrown, with wind trying to find a way through the maze of grasses in its way. Love and hate grew there, but now... only silence, wind, owl hoots and clouds. Reminds me of Great Expectations - the old mansion Mrs Havisham and Estella.

  Wish I had these when I was in highschool.

  I'm writing a particularly creepy part of my book, and this setting plus the "Whisper" and "Spirit" settings (any combination, really) turned up in the Poltergeist RPG sets the mood for my characters perfectly. Deliciously eerie and perfect for hunting down a bad guy on a deserted, darkened space station...

  Combining this with Anamnesis creates a really creepy scene in your head :o

  I used this generator for my Call of Cthulhu game. It left a very strong impression on my players!

  Combine this (with the trebles and high mid turned off) with the poltergeist rpg (turn tremors off) and put them both on animate. Get spooked!

  Combining this with the Conet number station recordings makes for a very strange experience indeed!

  I can feel a strange sensation in my heart...

  Helped with my migraine, thanks ^^

  Part of the way through writing my essay and listening to this, I started to hear noises like someone walking around. I hope this was in the generator, because nobody's around me right now!

  I'm writing a story that takes place underneath an old, huge castle, in an abandoned dungeon. These settings make me feel like I'm almost inside it...

  Probably great for creepy pastas (

  Great! If you want to be freaked out pair this with 'Deserted' and search for Chernobyl mutations in Google images... Very effective!

  I feel like I'm a psychological nightmare. The perfect setting for my story.

  Wow. This is... Indescribable. It almost seems to bring me to a creepy, abandoned building. Maybe a school for children. Swings swaying in the wind, the breeze making the creaky equipment almost sing, an eerie, sorrowful song. This whole experience has creepy, horror written all over it, and I'm loving it.

  Tried this with the healing trees whispers... sets an inspiring mood indeed.

  Eerily creepy. This is very good inspiration. I love the lows.

  This, along with In Utero's heartbeat helped me write one of the most scariest stories I have made to date and it gave me an excellent sense of fear that helped my fuel story.

  It's the echoing of a lobotomy inside your skull.

  Oddly enough, Deserted + Twilight is really creepy. There's a lot of dissonance between the two, especially if you make Deserted a little louder than Twilight.

  Hussshhhh little baby... It is going to be okay... The pitch makes our primal instincts scream, fearing for a child. Combined with fear binaural beats (32 hz) and Shepard Madness, you'll be in the loony bin eternally... SWEET DREAMS CHILDREN.

  Evil Charms RPG + Deserted + the heart of In Utero... is creepy.

  Just maybe... you're not alone?

  Lows and mids combine really well with Orchestron (anmated) to create a cinematic soundtrack for the wasteland. Add some wind, thunder and rain, and imagine yourself as the last person alive, exploring a scorched Earth.

  Just listen to this for a while. Beautifully creepy.

  Wasn't the door right here? Where... are you, exactly?

  Please don't look behind you.

  The wind howls. The school was deserted. The trees dance. You and a few friends come into this school to witness the horrors and see why it was abandoned. Although it says a sunny day on your phone, when you were in the school property, it was cloudy, even though it said a sunny day for the town. You and your friends try to find out the mystery of the abandoned school.

  This is perfect! I love combining this with the Evil Charms RPG sound to make a really eerie sound, and it is awesome!

  I combine parts of this with parts of Evil Charm and the swordfighting sounds from RPG Battlefield to make a sort of "lost hope" feeling to a climactic battle setting. I max out first slider in Deserted.

  This one is great. I really love playing this one along with 'Evil Charms'; it makes me feel like I am walking through an old, abandoned town at night, hearing the whispers of the dead as I journey through old buildings. It's absolutely terrifying and I love it.

  Hello darkness, my old friend.

  I was writing a story in which the main characters enter a city that had been burnt to the crisp. It was completely deserted, and this definitely helped. It helped me get the on the right track and added to the mystery. Here's a sneak peek. "Huh, everything seemed to be very ashen. This wasn't one bit cool.. (Note: This story is a comedy) The family panicked, but Nellie was calm."

  You enter the village you once called home. Walking through the remains of buildings that stood just a few years back, you hear a distant murmur. Instantly, you turn your head... nothing. You can feel your heart thrashing against your chest. Is somebody there? Lurking in the shadows? You find a small shed and take shelter. Closing the door behind you, a whisper is heard. "You're not alone."

  Like a ghost movie. Scary and intense.

  The dialogues and jingles on the TV show in the other room become incomprehensible while my room seems to be a very quiet place. Except the rusty merry-go-round, which is perfect because abandoned playgrounds are my favourite type of creepy.

  Das some spooky business rite there. Not too loud but kinda unnerving.

  I just... made them all maxed, then slowly put down the rest of the sliders till my sister shouted "Ate, stop it!"

  Okay okay okay, I am creeped out!

  Darkness. Deserted. Creepy. Old, decrepit house feel. Terrifying. These are all the things you would imagine when you hear this chilling atmosphere... Beware the demons...

  I dig it. Really helps me get into the mindset when I'm writing or drawing a setting where you are all by yourself, yet you aren't alone.

  This is just scary. A low rumble, like a haunted house slowly engulfing you into it. Deeper, and deeper, never turning back. Then, there's some high-pitched jingling. Ghosts?

  I know what noise generator to use for my horror fanfic for Halloween!It just sets the mood so, so well, and I know that I can write a good piece with it. :D

  This really gives me goosebumps...

  I love this generator. I usually randomize it to get inspiration for my stories, but I finally found one that I just can't stop listening to!

  Calibrated to my ear, I imagine this is what it would sound like if someone were capable of walking into the mind of a mad scientist or a horror movie monster. Maybe they're so crazy because this is all they can hear.

  ← The anticipation.

  If you want to be entirely creeped out, try the Eerie setting mixed with the footsteps and wind from Spring Walk, plus a bit of rain. Help.

  ← Abducted by Aliens

  ← Possessed

  A group of miners sent down into a abandoned mine not knowing what there in for, this sound is perfect for the setting and the things they see.

  Deserted reminds me of Resident Evil. Like the main character is walking around a scary building and then a jump scare.You wake up, and find yourself in a hospital bed. You look around the room. Everything dark but the flickering light on the other side of the door. You get off the bed and start to walk toward the door. Turning the knob slowly you open the door. Once you leave, you're scared.

  Listening to this with Beatae Memoriae with only the priest (medium blue slider) speaking is definitely an experience, like you're watching from a far-off place but you can't interact.

  Very creepy! Love this noise.

  I find this one very relaxing, reminds me of hanging out on the farm as a little kid: screech of metal from the windmill, barn, and my swingset, infrasound of the jetstream and trucks on the highway, yellow one is about perfect for cows mooing and wind whistling though through fences, dark blue one is even a bird we have around here. Go figure.

  This reminds me of an eerie walk through a creepy abandoned space station, reminiscent of Event Horizon

  Pitch darkness all around you. You take a hesitant step out into the unknown. Your heartbeat speeds up and you silently will it to slow down in case something out there hones in on it with its preternatural hearing. The inky darkness caresses over you and the hairs on your arms rise as you hear a heavy, scraping, lumbering being approaching you from the side. What horror awaits you?

  The Dark... My favorite... A sinister laboratory, abandoned for years... Waiting for someone to fall into its clutches once again... Someone to continue the Evil work inside... Waiting... To be released...

  A sound for an empty landscape, perfectly gray all around, a single, lonely highway stretches as far as the eye can see. There are mountains in the distance. The wind is unnaturally still. Two headlights begin approaching you at alarmingly slow speeds.

  I find this kind of relaxing but at the same time unnerving. I just found my new favorite noise on this site

  This is the perfect unsettling creepy soundtrack for writing paranoid, schizophrenic characters having breakdowns. It thoroughly weirds me out and I can only listen to it for a little bit before I have to switch to Osmosis or just rip the headphones out and go run.

  It gives me chills! I wouldn't recommend sleeping to it like I have for the others.

  This one is nice and creepy but without too many high pitched noises which tend to be painful for me to listen to! The lower sliders really make this really unsettling. Great for inspiration, or if you just want to let your imagination run for a while.

  Deep In Character - I use this arrangement to go DEEP into a character's mind that is uncomfortable to be in. I need to be totally wrapped up, with everything else blocked out until I'm ready to go back and edit.

  ← my first custom soundscape. Sends chills down my spine!

  I could just image the horror movie, and the deserted house...

  You know it's good when you can feel the liquid sound of darkness oozing into your ears, crawling inside your head and slowly gnawing at any semblance of tranquility you might have had before you started listening to it. This is definitely my favourite noise, the depth of the red and orange sliders makes me cringe, while the scratch-like lilac one makes my teeth ache so pleasantly... Perfect!

  I love this page! It opens many doors in my dreams!!

  The Killer's Mind

  This is fantastically eerie. I use a lot of the low end sliders when I'm writing. The atmosphere creates the most interesting pictures in my mind.

  Perfectly spooky! Like something straight out of a horror movie. It's a great scene-setter for mystery and thriller writers like myself to get into those creepier scenes!

  I layer this sound over both the railcar sounds and the church bell sounds. It is a chilling noise that brings to mind a horror story that just scrapes at the mind and terrifies the soul. I hope it inspires.

  Absolutely flawless. As a writer besieged by far too much external noise and - occasionally - too little inspiration, this noise generator absolutely consumes the senses and heightens awareness. It creates a perpetual sense of agitation and apprehension that can't help but trigger the darker recesses of creativity. Thank you!!

  Although it's not meant for therapeutic or healing purposes, I find this extremely calming. Thank you!

  At first I was just like, "Oh, well I mean it's just a noise," so I thought it would be fitting to listen to while reading scary stories. But then after about five or ten minutes, I began to physically feel my heart rate increase, the hair on the back of my neck stood on end, I found myself looking nervously about. Amazing how much sound can effect your state of mind!

  This is a very different noise than I'm use to on this site, none the less it's good. Can't say it help at 3:44 AM when you have anxiety! XD

  ← What's gonna happen to us?

  For someone currently writing a very sinister and creepy story, this is wonderful. Definitely recommended for anyone seeking inspiration.

  This is makes me feel so alone, like I'm in the laboratories of Aperture Science.

  The Deserted Soundscape is Amazing. I am having a hard time waiting for your app to come out!!!

  This is like "Death awaits those who dare enter this city, for the dead have risen from their graves, beware" and now I'm like "its like didn't want to sleep tonight".

  ← 'Dark Calm' I'd call this preset. Just love this soundscape. Once more you amaze me with brilliantly crafted noise and your creativity.

  Scary monsters and not-so-nice ghosts


  ← "Rusty Playground"

  I clicked on this,read the memo that said "Don't listen to this if you have anxiety disorders, etc" thought "Oh-Oh", and then it started playing. I almost died.

  I love post-apocalyptic writing, especially the feeling that the last man on earth has ample chance of hearing a knock on the door. This soundscape definitely inspires those ideas.

  This one is most effective in what it does... putting you in the doorstep of one eerie place that has something sinister hidden within. I love it, and it helps with my imagination.

  So creepy...

  Too spooky.

  Incredibly useful, and immensely creepy. Helped me a lot when I was at a roadblock in my horror story.

  I put it the first time... when I was home alone... For a moment I was stoned...

  I love listening to this while reading some Lovecraft, or playing games late at night before bed. Perfect amount of creepy mixed with excitement.

  I love eerie noises while I work, especially when I write creepier things. And it's hard to find music that has the right feel to it, so this is a godsend.

  I love this one, it sets a perfect mood for writing a creepy scene without distracting your thoughts.

  I absolutely love this new generator!! This is perfect for when I'm reading a horror novel.

  Sounds like something from a zombie movie

  All the presets on this sound make me think of crawling through small slimy passages in a dark cave with ghosts and strange monsters. I have a few games that would go grate with this. It does the opposite of all the other noises on this site. I think the only way you could make this creepier is if you put the clock sound with it.