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What is White Noise?

White Noise is generated by a continuous range of frequencies evenly distributed across the entire hearing spectrum. In healthcare settings, white noise is employed to treat hyperacusis, a heightened sensitivity to normal environmental sounds, or to mask the annoyance caused by tinnitus, a ringing in the ears that occurs without any external stimulus. White noise is also used to obscure background noises in offices or to aid in sleep.

Are you aware that myNoise offers many more free soundscapes to explore? There are no advertisements or subscriptions to worry about. Everything is free to explore. Curious? Browse our full selection.

Pink Noise and Brown Noise variations

Even though all frequencies are produced with equal intensity, white noise sounds much brighter than one might expect from a spectrally flat noise. This is due to the nature of our hearing, which perceives different frequencies unequally. As a result, people often prefer listening to Pink Noise, a noise that enhances the lower frequency range to counterbalance the unnatural brightness of white noise, or Brown Noise, a noise that places even greater emphasis on the lower frequencies. When the noise precisely compensates for the unique sensitivity curve of human hearing, white noise becomes Grey.

If you find the different colors of 'White' Noise fascinating and want to discover the perfect tone that suits you, check out this excellent and free tool : The White Noise Playlist.

Did you know?

Nowadays, there is a noticeable misuse of the term "white noise" when referring to audio tracks found on the internet. Instead of playing actual white noise, many platforms and websites often play brown noise instead. The reason behind this misuse can be attributed to two factors. Firstly, the term "white noise" has become widely known and used as a catch-all phrase for any type of background noise or soothing sound. Secondly, many individuals prefer the deeper and more relaxing qualities of brown noise over the higher-pitched and sharper sound of true white noise. As a result, brown noise has gained popularity.

Despite being named "white", this generator plays noise in the pink range. This is a compromise between the authentic white noise and the more popular brown setting. Pink noise, as it happens, sits comfortably between the two. I encourage you to explore the presets or experiment with the sliders to discover your preferred setting.

Wider stereophonic field

If you use headphones and pay attention to how sound is positioned in space, consider using Wide noise. It is a modified form of white noise that enables you to adjust the stereo width at various frequencies. By default, it also plays a darker sound similar to brown noise, which is a favorite among many listeners.

Published on April 12th, 2013

User Stories

Write your own here. Click the blue bulletsto load associated settings.

  I don't know why my story went to the bottom but ill tell more! My parents always would get mad at me because I always would watch YouTube at night even when I wasn't supposed too to the point where they turned it off and I always used white noise on it so I couldn't sleep and now that I found this I always go to sleep on time. But I suggest making it downloadable on the fire app store. Thanks.

  This really helped me with my studying and writing.

  Dear Stéphane, you have created quite the essential tool for my work. I have used it for going on a decade now, and find it absolutely invaluable—thank you! xx

  I mix it with Fireplace and keep it quiet while still keeping it audible. Fireplace for comfort, synthetic noise for it's effects! Thank you! Works really well. For sleeping I add some low Solfeggio Tones in for the waves of calm.

  This noise generator helps me study and work around the holidays when I'm with family. A blank slate, not distracting like music or radio. Thank you!

  Wow, my noisy roommate and her thinnly walled house is back at it again! What can I say? Rents cheap, annoyances be damned! And damned they be! Thanks to this very useful website, neither her, nor her father she is constantly conversing with whom I assume she gets her noisy nature from, can pierce my mental veil through my headset! Thanks you’re a lifesaver!

  Makes my noisy colleagues fade away.

  Using this to counter the loud noises from my dad and other males in the room's snoring! This is really helpful, I don't get to sleep since this keep my computer all night long, but it's good to counter his snoring when I'm not sleeping!

  Dogs in my neighborhood aren't particular about what they bark at: anything that moves or makes a sound, nor considerate about when they bark: early morning and late night are preferred. If I turn up my white noise real loud, I can usually sleep through their threatening, concussive vocalizations. My noise can't completely drown out helicopters, Harleys, or sirens, but it sure helps. Thanks!

  I use a lot of generators on this website but just simple white noise is definitely my favorite! Finals are coming up so I'm going to be using this a lot.

  When I'm having a bout of insomnia I become oversensitive to every little sound. I've tried SO many things and the brown noise setting of this generator (plus some comfy noise blocking earbuds) is BY FAR the best solution I've found, both to mask background noise and to soothe me back into a state where I can actually fall asleep. It's a life saver and I'm so grateful.

  Speech blocker helps me focus.

  I looooove ALL the bass, high bass to sub-bass. BASS IS GREAT thank you.

  Thank you! I used to stream noise through my headphones on YouTube to drown out loud talkers and other office distractions but I'm now working in a remote location with limited internet bandwidth. Thankfully, your site works here and has a ton of noise options. Thanks for saving my sanity! :)

  I love the Brown noise, White, Coffee Shop and Airport terminal! I have a sniveler/cougher that I'm forced to share an office with, and this app helps tremendously. Thanks much!

  This site helps me mask my tinnitus when it is especially bothersome.

  I work in very close quarters where you can hear other people eating and you have to worry about other people hearing you eating. My misophonia is forever grateful for this site.

  My doctor doesn't let me listen to music, so I listen to this instead. How quaint! White noise has my vote.

  I have always heard my anoying sister hearing bad shitpost of instgram, due to his noise I coulnd't play well chess, but after discovering this website I have been getting win after win, don't play the londres brothers and sisters, the benoni defense is better.

  Really really calming I love it for when everything is overwhelming!! :3

  I use this when I do my homework; it calms me down, distresses me, and helps me focus. I love it, and I use it all the time! It's best with earbuds or headphones by the way! Oh, and I LOVE the bass! I turn it up high, and it's amazing!

  I use this in the background of music while I'm writing. It really helps me concentrate, which is difficult with ADHD. Also, it's really great for sleep. I love the sliders. This is such a gift. Thank you for keeping it free.

  I use a lot of generators on this website but just simple white noise is definitely my favorite! Finals are coming up so I'm going to be using this a lot.

  I use it every night to sleep. Probably the best noise generator out there.

  Essential for lunch nap in the office, thanks so much.

  I work at a call center, so when I tried this out I was thoroughly surprised. It gets pretty loud with over 40 people on calls at the same time, so it's really helped block out the noise and be able to focus.

  As an 8th grader with loud classmates and a loud bus, I LOVE this! It helps block out noise so well ^^

  Voice-cancelling preset does a great job at what it promises. Never knew that was a thing.

  I have problems focusing, but this website helps me so much! I used to listen to this last year but I somehow forgot about it. Now I'm back and it's as good as it used to be.

  My second-floor neighbors annoying music with the bass making all the way past my headphones. Using this website has given me peace, because I can tune out the noise using the color noise generator. Plus having misophonia doesn't help me either.

  Was making up a test in my classroom, but there was music playing in the background and people couldn't talk. I couldn't focus enough to study, until I cam here. This website saved my grade, and I will be using it in the future!

  December, 2023. New Delhi. The sound of street hawkers is killing me. This website is keeping me afloat.

  Countless hours of sleep and focus have been reclaimed from my Misophonia thanks to this website. You are providing a deeply helpful service here to myself and others like me. Thank you.

  Lifesaver. Thank you.

  This site helps me focus and get into "flow" in my noisy office, and has increased my productivity significantly!

  I have a condition called misophonia and my house is very loud so this website is really helpful for drowning out noises! And I really like that it has no ads.

  I have misophonia, so many sounds from my coworker can throw me into a state of deep irrational rage. Well, not anymore. This noise generator probably saved lives! :D

  For NaNoWriMo or not, I'm trying to write. At this very moment, my mom has the radio on, and she's singing a different song whilst picking through pans and special dishes for the holidays. Halp! ...But wait! There's the adjustable white noise generator! Sanity restored, and writing back on track. Thank you, myNoise!

  This sends me into flow state. I get so much done with the white noise from this site playing in the background!

  I've been using the white noise to help me with online school work and it has been awesome! Thanks so much :-)

  This is my favorite website ever. Looove :3 - kit

  I work in a very noisy environment and trouble blocking out conversations around me. With this sound generator I can completely block out voices and distractions. I accomplish so much more work when I can focus and concentrate. I love being able to adjust the sounds, I love the lower tones!

  Used this during college and still using this after graduation. Does wonders for focusing and has helped me so much.

  I love White Noise & Co. It's the only way I can survive life in our open office space with people "talking" to each other across my desk.

  I can't concentrate while someone is speaking around me and unfortunately that is the case 24/7 in today's open office setups. Speech blocker setting of the "White Noise" is a life saver. Even at low volumes, it converts human voices into mumbles my brain can ignore.

  Alexandre here, thank you so much for this site. It helps me a lot with my work. With love from Brazil!

  Thank you, Stephane!

  The generator saved my life. With my attention deficit and hypersensitivity to sounds, I wouldn't have been able to finish my dissertation project, if it weren't for the brown noise. Thank you so much!

  Helps me to concentrate while working in an open-plane office.

  Just amazing.

  Hi, I'm ThomasC. Thanks for the tool, I live in high anxious place and it saves life and spirit. As a volunteer, I did many things for people for free too and it is nice it has returned. I have only a suggestion: It would be best if the volume would be set to the highest possible value of topmost scalars.

  I absolutely love the white noise generator on this site! As someone with a touch of the tism and who works in an office, it's been a real game-changer for me. The subtle, continuous background noise is just perfect for creating a comfortable and less awkward environment in the workplace. You see, it can get a little uncomfortable when the office is too quiet, as people often feel self-conscious .

  I have been using myNoise for years. It has been invaluable in helping me concentrate, especially in noisy environments. Thank you!

  I listen to this (as well as the powerline noise from Serial Experiments Lain) while writing Power Rangers fanfiction. That's funny, I think.

  Almost rain sounding. This one helps me stay calm, meditate, study or work.

  A truly one of a kind solution. As a science graduate student, this helps me stay focused on work and I really appreciate that it's free. I will be donating as soon as I can. It has customizibility yet, I just almost always just use the speech blocker settings. Truly grateful for this application. Thank you so much.

  Speech Blocker is great! I can block out a bunch of noise even at low earphone volume!

  I Have autism and this site and the speech blocker setting is the only reason I still live in my residence where I rent a room. Without the white noise I would have argued or fought with them over nonsense. I have used this site since 2018 and I am so thankful for it.

  Thank you so much, this blocks out the classroom behind me but not distracting and also does not effect my online class sound level either.

  Keeps my ADHD in check, thank you Stéphane!

  I really like this website!!! I have a lot of people living in my house and the settings I chose help block out unwanted noise. Thanks so much!!!

  I work in an office with a nice colleague who simply has to hit the keyboard hard when typing. Haven’t found out the setting how to completely shut it out, but myNoise really makes it tolerable. Thanks a zillion!

  If you could immerge yourself in a swimming pool filled with sparkling water, this is probably what it'd sound like.

  This website was instrumental in helping save my sanity during a particularly awful bout of insomnia and anxiety. Thank you so much for making such an incredible resource freely available, you've done a very good thing for a whole lot of people.

  This is great, nothing intense at all!

  Thank you so much for your website. I'm working in a big office with 12 other people, lots of them being chatty or having work calls a lot and the Speech Blocker is truly saving me.

  Sanity saver. As both an ASD and ADD sufferer this is the only way I can sane!

  I have trouble focusing if other noise is present (thank you, autism and ADD) and any little sound can become a distraction strong enough to break my concentration. This site dulls those outside noises well. Additionally, I often develop headaches due to sound (thanks again, autism and ADD!), and I have found that the lower, bass-like frequencies on this site are great for treating them. <3 <3

  I'm in medical school and this website saved my life. Words can't describe how grateful I am to finally able to block out chatters in the study room! Thank you for everything and please continue with your great work! <3

  I have two rescue cats of unknown age who just went into heat at the same time. This blocks out those horrible wailing noises, a lifesaver as someone with Autism, ADHD, and I work from home as an accountant, and not only is it month end, its quarter-end and I am overloaded with work.

  I just want to thank you for this resource, it really helps me to concentrate and to block out distracting back-ground noise. I know a lot of work must go into it and I just want to express my gratitude for that - it's really appreciated.

  Love it! Great for blocking out noise and focusing better. So cool that we can listen in on each other's custom noises too! Thanks for creating! -JAI (2023 October 3)

  Before I listened to white noise, I was a poor little boy. But once I discovered this website, my parents came back, my dad loved me again, and my adhd died. I hope to inspire others with my story and give hope to people in tough situations. The voices are no longer present and I can finally focus.

  I can't understand a word anyone else says, this helps me with reading so much

  I'm in an office where colleagues often talk about ideas other than what I'm currently working on. Being able to just crank up the speech-blocker noise and completely drown them out is invaluable.

  The best one ever.

  I am plagued with a rare middle ear condition called tensor tympani syndrome. This background noise helps calm the nerve in my ear down so I won't have base drum pounding hell in my head.

  Like many here, I too have ADHD and struggle to stay focused, and this tool is the best I have found to block out distracting noise. PLEASE consider supporting Stéphane with a small donation; if we all gave just a little it will help him to continue producing this awesome FREE application.

  Love it, nothing better than some noise while learning! Helps me focus and improve my efficiency!

  On return to site, I find out that they've started playing the radio in the background. Actually piping live radio (an annoying station, with lots of attention-grabbing noises) into an office where people need to work. For some reason the people that requested the radio get precedence over the people like me who want it off... Truly appreciate this site when I need to concentrate!

  This will help me pass my exams!

  I use this most day´s. I work in an open office space and this really helps me to focus.

  The app lets me focus o my studies better than before. It is really helpful during my exams. AMAZING APP!!!

  There is always that BullHorn person in the office who talks in their meeting like they are projecting Shakespeare. Ugh. I could not do it without this app. Thank you. (I love tuning out the higher pitched voices without blowing my eardrums out too.)

  I am an extremely light sleeper and I would probably never sleep at night without this generator. Everyone keeps telling me that I should train myself to sleep with my ears open, or probably get more tired so that I would sleep like a log, or this or that. Anyhow, this generator is a life-saving solution for now. Thank you so much!

  This is the extreme speech blocker.

  I have ADHD and fighting against depressions. Either I have hyperfocus or no focus. Mostly no focus :) My thoughts are here, there, outside, everywhere but rarely where I could possibly make use of them. This site helps me working, sleeping, and getting along. Thank you so much!

  I'm so nosey I can't help tuning in to other people's conversations in the office, which stops me focussing on my own work. Now I use Pink Noise all the time to block them out, and my productivity has gone through the roof. Love this site.

  I'm a writer. I internalize my thoughts, and nearly all of my hobbies involve concentrating. My mom, on the other hand, thinks everything out loud and likes noise. It's everything from drumming in the kitchen to meowing, and listening to the radio and having the TV on 24/7. My sister and my mom both have loud voices and joke around as though they live in a sitcom. This keeps me sane. Thank you.

  This app is fantastic, it allows me to find the perfect sound for how I'm feeling. I use it on the desktop or the mobile app when on the go. Thank you for helping me manage my noise sensitivity.

  Good way to drown out a loudly stepping upstairs neighbour.

  Awesome site, helps me concentrate, I often get distracted and I need to wear headphones so I pay attention, and this made it better. Click my blue dot to hear endless thunder.

  Best site ever, click on my dot for my personal favorite setting.

  This noise reminds me of strong wind in trees or heavy rainfall. It really helps me to relax and focus, the default grey/white/brown noises were too harsh for me.

  I pair this with Japanese Garden for perfect serenity. I am able to focus by tuning out all the distracting environmental noises. Then, with Japanese Garden sounds added, there is a pleasurable, calming effect that helps to maintain my focus.

  I used to be a loser but then I found

  I have ADHD and this helps me concentrate SO WELL! Thank you Stephane..

  God send for ADD folks who like working in an office but not a noisy office.

  Our lab is a BeeHive of constant conversion, be it science or gossip. When I want to work, I simply plug in my headphones, open the site and just like magic... WORK.

  This webpage has the power to cure *my* autism for several minutes at a time. 10/10, neurological miracle.

  The static calms the voices in my head.

  Excellent at cancelling out local gossip at the open office.

  As a person who studies in a home with never-ceasing noise, this is a lifesaver, I once studied for 6 hours straight due to this, good job!

  One of the jewels of the internet.

  Truly one of the noise generators of all time.

  This works I adjusted it while the girl next to me is talking her jaw off.

  I use this the second someone starts using their speakerphone in a cafe (btw I wish society would make that a rude taboo but good luck to me). What I love is I can dial in the frequencies that are bothering me and not have to have a wall of noise.

  Thank you so much for this tool! I have tinnitus, and pink noise helps me to mask it very effectively!

  As someone with OCD, ADHD, and bipolar disorder, this sound is my favourite for helping me study without distractions. I was able to get 4 hours' worth of studying done without missing a beat! Thank you so much, Dr. Pigeon. This alone is worth the donation to help keep the site running.

  Wonderful website. My personal favorite setting is green noise, find it by clicking my dot. Stephane deserves a standing ovation :)

  I suffer from Misophonia, and this website/app that I use in combination with in-ear earbuds is pretty much a lifesaver for me. Please, never go away or change anything...

  Love the "speech blocker" function; I have a very noisy household and this helps me cancel them out, as I focus on the task ahead of me

  This one really helps take up all the extra space in my head so I can focus on the single task I need to do.

  Whenever I struggle to concentrate - this is my go-to place. Thank you!

  This site is amazing, it helps me to focus while coding.

  This is one of the greatest Belgian creations.

  This website is peak.

  Dental handpieces / patients / employees - I hear it ALL. Not with this fantastic website. Truly amazing.

  This is just a really great tool w/ so much functionality to customize. So complex, and yet so simple. I really enjoy using this to drown out background noise during focus sessions and I like the pomodoro setting for scheduled "breaks". Thanks for creating this tool!

  I have tinnitus and this is perfect for masking it!

  Thank you so much for creating this site, it changed my life!

  Loving this site, it helps me study <3

  With much of my family working from home, the speech blocker setting is a lifesaver for me to have my own thoughts without getting distracted by other conversations from other rooms. I've been happily using it for years, and I'm glad to be a supporter of this site!

  Found this setting that sounds like big thick raindrops falling heavily.

  I have super sensitive ears and anxiety disorder, and this hybrid pink/brown setting helped me sleep for years. I also enjoy the TNG Enterprise Engine Noise Preset, the Ultimate Sci-Fi preset, and others. Thanks for helping me survive ^^ ~Monica

  I love that website. It is simple, efficient, and you can choose exactly the sound you want I love it. Perfect to forget my loud roommates when I'm studying. It could kinda create a new way to socialize when you think about it. Like "yo man are you more a green noise kinda guy or a brown one? Yeah you definitely seem to be the kind of guy that's into low frequencies". That'd be fun. Check mine.

  ← Click the blue circle here to make green noise!

  This site is a lifesaver. I have misophonia and to be able to tailor the exact frequency to block what is triggering me is wonderful. I use the site behind the media I listen to and also use 3M foam earplugs. This is perfect and allows me to get some relief and get on with my life. Thank you so much.

  i have trouble focusing and this site has been very helpful with it. It's like the noise can block out intrusion and makes it easier for me to think. And since it also sounds similar to rain, it helps me calm down and stay grounded. I just use the presets because it's easier, but I like that you can move the toggle around to experiment and find the kind of noise that works for you.

  I listen to myNoise for at hours and hours every day while I work on my thesis. It feels like a massage for my brain and helps me concentrate so much! Sometimes I use the "speech blocker" setting when I'm in a coffee shop, and most of the time, I listen to pink noise. Thank you!!

  I love this site. This setting sounds like rain.

  I dropped out of college when I was young to support my family, and now when I am working on my second college attempt (for a PhD in psychology) this site is saving me so much focus and lost time! Thank you so much for this wonderful tool.

  This website really calms me down at night and helps me fall asleep super fast. My dad said I should try listening to brown noise like he does and the fact that I can tune it to the perfect pitch is super helpful. Thanks you guys, this is great. :)

  I can't remember exactly when I started using this daily, but it's at least least 12 years now! I love to try the new settings, but I always come back to my particular favourite white noise combination, it instantly takes me to a happy, calm and productive place. Thank you so much Stephane!

  I've developed tinnitus over the last year, and my audiologist suggested habituation therapy. The born noise generator on this website, and also the associated app, are the very best I have found, and have been lifesavers. I use this website every single day. Thank you SO MUCH for the hard and intricate work you have put in here, and for the attention to details. You’re the best!

  I use this to help me focus when I am studying, reading, or writing for school. I have ADHD and this helps me focus when I need it most. Thanks! I personally love the speech blocker for those college students who choose not to be quiet in the library.

  Thank you for the 'Brown' version of the White noise. It is the only background noise which works for me and helps me focus. I used the website for a while and then I also downloaded the app - which is the only app I have ever paid for: I wanted the white noise to work and 'Medieval library' for the evening. I love exploring the noises sometimes and reading your notes about the recordings.

  This is so helpful. I love this site.

  Thanks so much for all the work you put in to this.

  myNoise and in particular White Noise & Co. are my #1 stress-blocking, productivity-enhancing, daily work solutions. Dr. Stephane is very responsive to questions and feedback. This is truly a world class resource!

  This site is a lifesaver. Thank you to whoever made it.

  Ever since I moved into an apartment with upstairs neighbors, white noise has helped me calm down and tune out the sound of footsteps and voices. I grew up with the sound of birdsong and silence in a small town, so white noise and brown noise both tend to help me a lot in this noisy city environment.

  Ohhh sweet rain on a particular type of concrete and beach waves I cant stop pulling in and out of existence. So good.

  Great site! Love it and use constantly.

  I love this so much! So relaxing.

  This is perfect to help me study in a noisy household.

  This is exactly what I needed to filter surrounding voices and to concentrate on my work.

  This is EXACTLY what I was looking for: a white noise generator with the ability to tune the profile since plain white noise has too much high frequency energy for me. This will make working from home a bit easier, thank you!

  I needed this for measuring my speakers, thanks.

  I use this website to protect my focus from noisy colleagues.

  Our office just moved to low-wall cubes, so all the conversations and zoom calls have made the space distracting. The speech blocker setting definitely helps keep me focused!

  We can close eyes, but we cannot close ears.Speech Blocker partially solves the problem.

  This is probably one of the most useful sites I've come across! Helps me fall asleep in moments when paired with rain and music. I found this a while ago and it's making my sleep come faster every night. Thanks!

  This has helped me get through college in one piece. It is a major help in enduring my ADHD and misophonia. There are many times where I feel like I do not have control over the noise in my environment, and that sort of thing absolutely breaks me. I've used this for several years, it has helped me immensely.

  I found this website several years ago and have been using it ever since! I have ADHD and the white noise (and the meditation gong) really help me focus. Thank you so much!

  I would like to note that there are now 581 user stories on just this page. Congratulations!

  At 60 yo, my whole life the "noise" of the world has bothered me. Having been tested and told I have extremely sensitive hearing and ADHD just in the past few years, it was like an AHA moment. In search of a way to help me focus and drown out the noise, I came across this app. It has truly changed my life. I'm able to concentrate on priorities and accomplish so much more than before. THANK YOU!

  Thank you so much for providing this wonderful resource, which I use whenever I need to focus on a task and I need to block noise around me.

  Oh my god I love this site so much! I am ADD and this helps so much!!

  Thanks a lot for this simple yet effective whitenoise generator. Being an developer with ADHD this is an lifesafer.

  This site is amazing. Simple. Elegant. Precise.

  This website makes it so easy to concentrate its great.

  My roomate snores louder than a dumptruck driving through a nitrioglycerine plant, so I am very grateful that this service exists; otherwise, we would have had to part ways long before now, and he is a really awesome person.

  Grey noise and Infra are incredible. I have a very excited and sanguine temperament and I just feel so relaxed and calm listening to them. I never knew this could happen!

  After a consultation with a tinnitus clinic, they recommended that I listen to white noise that is played directly into my bluetooth enabled hearing aids.

  Sounds of a waterfall to help you block out the day around you. For concentration and focus.

  This site was one of my fastest bookmarks ever. ADHD lifesaver.

  OMG SPEECH BLOCKER. Never even saw that preset before! I wish I had this setting on my actual human ears. :)

  Colleague: "Hey, sorry, does it bother you if I jump on a call real quick?" Me, doing some rather focus-intensive data things: "No problem at all!" *turns up speech blocker* - Just a brief impression of keeping the peace at the office :)

  As a neurodivergent person, this is a lifesaver. Thank you :)

  Inside my spaceship quarters now... Drifting along the outskirts of Alpha Centauri...

  I have ADHD and lose my train of thought at any sound. This generator helped me get a good grade on an important essay. Thank you Stephane.

  Inside my spaceship quarters now... Drifting along the outskirts of Alpha Centauri...

  Blocking - cat meows - mating bird chirps - annoyingly loud co-workers - existential crisis and nonsensical overthinking and doubts from my inner self Helps with - concentrating at work and study - sleep - blocking noise in general - getting calm

  I have ADHD and I'm just about to face finals. Finally graduating is my lifelong dream but I struggle with concentation. Noise really helps me when I'm too distracted by my own brain.

  Simply put, amazing generator! I think it's unbelievable that someone could make an environment noise so helpful to focus. Yet if I was in a cafe restaraunt myself, I would've been unable to do any work. Whenever I'm in a noisy environment, this is always my go-to noise.

  This website helps me so much with my schoolwork. My favorite presets are Infra, 125Hz, and the Speech Blocker. Thank you so much for making this website.

  i have problem in my ears, constantly ringing, using white noise and adjusting frequencies to feel comfortable I can concentrate better and forget for some moment this uncomfortable ringing. I used to get stressed because the ringing cause me conditions for don't sleep well, some people are hard to understand, too much difficult to concentrate on job or every kind of activity.

  I struggle with misophonia, school was a terrible place because I get triggered easily. It also used to be difficult to stay asleep because I'm a light sleeper. This website/app actually saved me, it is my go-to whenever I get triggered. I honestly can't thank you enough.

  It sounds like you're on an airplane in the comfort of your own home. So nice!!

  Wow! This one is amazing! I loved the Brown noise but discovered Infra setting and it was even better! I tend to find lower range sounds more soothing, so this was perfect!

  This website has saved me at school I can finally focus and get my work done and have nice background music going on. Def using this more.

  If you listen really deep you will hear a music.

  This is the perfect feeling of comfort for me. I feel like I’m underwater swimming around honestly I just love this site.

  I found the "125Hz" setting perfect for testing my different noise-canceling headphones for airplane use.

  The speech blocker setting is a godsend! I work either in an open office or in a small apartment with my partner who also works from home. This is the only thing that truly enables me to block out unnecessary distractions and focus. I am much more relaxed and productive at work, regardless of where I am that day. Thank you!

  Great site. Also a useful tool for diagnosing problems with audio systems. If you play pink noise and can hear specific notes, something's wrong.

  I listen to my custom noise profile all day every day. It blocks all the noises that bother me, but having to have listen to white noise all day is annoying in its own way. I wish I could just have silence, but this seems to be the best thing I can get because at least it legitimately blocks the noises and I don't notice them any more. Of course now there's white noise blaring in my ears instead.

  I love using it to study and focus on wordy/text-based projects. Mine mainly utilises the brown noise aspect since the static is a bit overwhelming at times. Still definitely gives the sound of when youre on a plane and time is non existent. Hence why I love it, I can get into flow state easier- dont even realise hours have passed XD

  I unfortunately live near the flight path of a major airport. I can only handle listening to them for so long before they become very irritating. This quickly drowns them out and gives me peace.

  TYSM this helps me with school :)

  I'm on the autistic spectrum and very sensitive to bass sounds. I also work from home, and recently had two weeks of roofers playing their radio loud and using angle grinders in the courtyard outside my flat. Thank you for White Noise and Co for keeping my sanity and allowing me to concentrate on my paperwork.

  This noise helps me study at home even if my family is talking and making lots of noise.

  thank you, the chatter at work is now so much quieter it seems

  Thank you! The Speech blocker setting is amazing. The phone call from the office next to mine is still audible (barely), but now I can hear my own thought as well.

  Use this amazing noise simulator to dull the chaos of a busy ER enough so I can hear myself think enough to dictate my charts. Amazing and soothing - helps make my patient's care safer and faster by keeping me calm and focused.

  This is so incredibly helpful. Pairs very well with isochronic entrainment (like binaural beats but slightly more empric evidence lol). I love this tool and I hope whoever made it free (and without ads/data collection!) is healthy and satisfied with their life! Why is there subtle misogyny just a few comments below? "blocks nagging female voice"... Goddamn dude, check yourself.

  THANK YOU for this wonderul, tunable gift!!! It is the necessary antidote to the mythical benefits of the 'open office,' where in fact we communicate less and must isolate ourselves in order to concentrate and get our work done.

  Oh my. Foam earplugs, Bose QC35 NC headphones, and Voice Blocking…. Serene. Perfectly blocks nagging female voice.

  I feel like a zombie, I didn't think it would have an effect on me but I can't hear anyone or anything, it just feels like some endless loop I can't escape.

  I use myNoise every night for a custom set white noise generator. Thank you!

  myNoise is the best! Paired with music and rain, this guarantees me a great night's sleep - thanks!

  I've been using this site for longer than I can remember (maybe 10 years?). Mostly, thanks to this site I have been able to keep up with my deadlines at work, as people are frequently very loud which makes it very hard for me to focus at my tasks. Thank you so much for this!

  I use this site at work when others around me are too loud, or when I am just tired and need a little help focusing to meet my deadline. Thank you for creating this site!

  I just made my first donation, because this project is literally changing my life Stephane. I hope you keep doing what you're doing and I'll definitely donate again and again in the near future. Hope others will do the same. -Jeroen

  I live in a student dormitory and the ceiling & walls are very thin. The constant scraping and stomping is very difficult to get rid of, and this is where white noise comes to place. After playing with the scrollbars for some time, I (hopefully) found a setting that seems to mask it quite well. The only downside is that I have to keep it playing all the time and quite loud.

  I love using this app while playing music and other stimulating sounds. It really helps to meld everything so that I can focus for hours at a time. I live in a very noisy environment, but even when it's quiet this is super effective to help me focus on my work or whatever I'm doing. Reading, writing, drawing or otherwise, this is the perfect way to set my mind on a task and complete it.

  I've autism and ADHD and I've always had a hard time focusing on my tasks and studies, and I came across this website on pinterest so I thought I'd give it a try. It's an amzing tool to block out distracting background noises, that way I can focus better. I always have this website open on a tab and I blast it on my bluetooth earphones while I go on with my day.

  I've taken a suggestion from Andrew Huberman's podcast (Huberman Lab) to use White noise while studying. He had a note in one episode where he talks about a Physiological Sigh which we do unconsciously most of the time, but when we use digital screens, we don't sigh as much as we normally would. I used the meditation bell as a reminder to consciously do the sigh, highly recommend it!

  I've struggled with a noisy downstairs neighbour for years, but over the last few days I stumbled across this site and the idea to play this through a Bluetooth speaker in order to mask the sounds. It's working pretty well so far, thank you for giving me back the freedom to sleep before 2am!

  Very effective speech blocker preset for working in the typical open office space. Thank you very much!

  I like listening to music while I work, but then I pay too much attention to the songs. I found that if I play music in one tab and brown noise in another tab, I can enjoy the music as a background sound and keep my focus. I also mixed a custom speech blocker matched to my husband's voice - even at a low volume, it blurs the words of his phone conversations so he has privacy & I'm not distracted.

  I adjust the sliders to cover whatever noise is bothering me. I live by a train yard and the trains crash together loudly. I create a version of brown noise and play it loudly on my stereo, and that's the only thing that has ever worked . I also use with headphones when I am traveling, or to cover snoring. The higher end sliders work well for misphonia. Truly rely on this app daily.

  My fan on my power supply is making a humming noise that weren't there a previously that's driving me up the wall. Instead of being responsible and fixing it I have decided to use this as a distraction from a problem, even though I know full well that its probably gonna cause more problems

  I have a new roommate whose low voice makes me cringe. He talks a lot when I'm trying to relax and sleep. I work in a noisy environment all day and want my home to be a place to relax and recharge. His voice is very deep (baritone?) Is there a sound that cancels out that deep tone?

  I have autism and probably ADHD, and suffered from focus problems my whole life. With this site I can finally focus on my work and get stuff done. Thank you so much <3

  I have severe tinnitus and I have this open every single night I go to sleep. Absolutely god sent

  I've used White Noise Generator for years, and I've recommended it to countless people. Thank you for helping me to work, relax, and think in our noise-pollution heavy world. Truly a fantastic resource!

  I have raging "after a motorhead concert" ears ringing tinnitus 24/7 from some very loud bangs thought it would go away. It didn't. This noise and lorazapam at night has probably stopped me seeking a permanent cure.

  Thank you. I work in a converted warehouse with no cubicle walls and lots of loud chatty people making it hard to focus. These sounds help enormously!!!

  This site has saved my life. I am basically dependent on it now, but that's ok, it beats the insane noise to which one is subjected all sides without it.

  I love this, man. I swear this site is a lot helpful than the creator realizes. Thank you so much!

  My office is a portable building with paper thin walls located only a few feet from a very busy intersection with lots of loud vehicles in full acceleration mode all day. Plus a new open-air gym just opened next door with booming loud workout music. Without this White Noise, I don't think I'd be able to work here. Thanks for making it possible for me to work under these conditions!

  We recently moved to a new building, and my employer thought it would be a good idea to put the Buyers in an open office space between the two machine shops. The noise never ends. Fortunately, this web site allows me to customize settings to block out the unique and annoying sounds of whatever piece of machinery is operating at the moment. I'd have quit my job, if it wasn't for

  I work in the loud and busy warehouse of a guitar manufacturer. The white noise and white rain make it easier to block loud conversation, radios, and machinery while I'm there, making it a MUCH more enjoyable work day!

  I thank this website's function in my life a ton. These noises (particularly the speech blocker) let me step away from the surrounding (often distressing and of dubious sense) "worlds" that surround me. It lets me sleep, it lets me relax and it lets me work, study and create without a hassle. Pair it with a proper bluetooth speaker (or similar) and your room is already "somewhere else".

  I've been struggling with tinnitus for about 2 years now, this site has been an amazing discovery because it masks the tinnitus very well. I depend so much on it that I can't start working before starting the White Noise generator. Thanks, Stephane.

  It feels like a brain massage.

  I've used this noise machine for years. It's an immensely helpful tool. The frequency adjustments are very handy, even interesting to play with - it's great to have more options than strictly white noise. Thank you for sustaining this site!

  My in-office savior for 3+ years. Thank you Stéphane!

  This has proven to be my savior while I try to study in the library with other students working in groups nearby. It has also helped me block out the radio on car trips so I can focus on reading (or even sleeping) without distraction.

  It's like working on my own little planet. Everything that bugs me about people talking in the cubies behind me, or walking by chatting about some inanity, just goes away.

  I can be self-absorbed and focus on my goals in my work and in personal stuff. Love this tool, awesome use of tech.

  This is a really good noise machine, I love how it's adjustable and it drowns out my noisy family to help me sleep and focus.

  Sleep like a baby with brown noise.

  The ULTIMATE WHITE NOISE PLAYER is a A Great WORK-FROM-HOME Online Tool - Of the 10 sliding tabs that can be custom-set, I set the first 6 coloured tabs, from left to right, at less then half-way sound height. And the last 4 coloured tabs I turn off; or at lowest level sound height. It provides an effective, subtle background noise buffer for telephone work in a home office. Thanks!

  I find it difficult to write or edit text when I can hear people talking around me. The Speech Blocker sound has been my best friend for many years now… :)

  Helps me stay focused on the task at hand. I use it with the bell to signal for a short break.

  I was under a lot of stress before because of my a noisy neighborhood I moved to, but now Im listening to plain white noise here every afternoon every day and , after switching to a tablet, every night. Thanks to this site, Im no longer stressed and I have long, deep sleep every night and wake up refreshed.

  Customising the noise and tailoring it to my needs is what it's all about. Thanks for creating this tool! Also available as an app too!

  This one makes me so calm and focused on writing - it's not too harsh nor too quiet. It's just enough to distract me from silence and also from (some) chaos in my mind while being able to concentrate and hear my thoughts. Perfect while writing essays <3

  I listen to brown noise while I'm working. The only downside of this website is that I've become like one of Pavlov's dogs and can only concentrate if I've got noise playing through my headphones. The upside of that is that as soon as the noise starts playing, I'm straight into 'flow' - it's like an instant cue to focus. I couldn't live without it. Thank you Stephane!

  I love this site! My favorite is the slider animations when paired with a cup of coffee, it leads to my best productivity. This site also serves as an effective meow canceller when my cat demands to be fed hours before his scheduled feeding time.

  Idiot managers think it is appropriate office etiquette to take loud zoom calls in the open office right next to my desk. I fantasized about saying something pointed but decided white noise would be better for my career prospects.

  The best app for sleep I've found, stays on all night! Thanks!

  I've been using this website for years. Easily the best place for white/background noise on the internet.

  I have an annoying co-worker who just won't stop talking! This white noise generator allows me to put on my headphones and relax, while "drowning" him out with the sounds of the sea!

  Unbelievably helpful. Studying at home with autism can be very difficult because I'm pretty sensitive to sound. This blocks out everything—and I mean everything—both outside sounds and the ramblings inside my head. Incredibly helpful for concentrating during college course readings. Stéphane, you are a gift to the internet!

  I listen to the Brown Noise from White Noise and Co all day at work. It helps me focus. Also since I work at home I play this over the speakers and it helps keep my dogs calm as well.

  This preset, mixed with music and rain sounds, helps me to fall asleep almost immediately! Dodged many nights of insomnia with myNoise!

  This works great to mask the noise of my cowokers' competing music at their nearby desks, as well as the air conditioner in the office. Thank you so much for this generator.

  A low bass sound for those who also have music on, so the silence in between songs still has noise.

  I used to use this site when I was younger and forgot all about it until now. I love the fact I am able to mix the levels to get exactly the type of sound that calms me best. Absolutely invaluable website to people like myself who find white noise calming and are sensitive to auditory distraction. Thank you so much for creating this.

  Its like the sound of wind mixed with nearly silent rain, which I absolutely love. Made me fall asleep INSTANTLY.

  This noise sounds like I'm inside of a cave.

  Blocks external distractions. Blocks internal distractions ;)

  This website is truly a blessing. Paired with music and rain sounds, this helps me fall asleep in minutes. Thanks, myNoise! :)

  Helped me ignore my coworkers in the office. Thanks a lot.

  I don’t need to listen my neighboors anymore.

  This brown noise mix layered with an audiobook is perfect for blocking the noise of power tools at my workplace.

  My neighbour loves to smoke cigarettes at 5AM, he has that window always open and the most disgusting cough you can imagine, a thing nonstop, deep and repulsive. He has a cup there he's using to spit the remains of his lungs, makes my hair stand on end, does he ever sleep? He's always sitting on that chair by the window. Would choke him if he wasn't slowly killing himself already, taking forever.

  Just moved into a new room, since I'm not used to it I get jumpy at sounds. White noise helps lots!

  Dreams are totally coincidental and the white noise has all the random in it to cope with that coincidence. Hence it helps soothe all the pseudo-interference. You can achieve this by reading books or subjecting yourself to even more random set of variables like travelling, etc. White noise may not be enough but helps create all the randomness without you doing anything. Nice application!

  Started using brown noise when I was in a noisy apartment working mornings. Been hooked on it ever since - and this site lets you customize it more than any other I know of. Thank you!

  Great app! It helps to diminish the thoughts that love to run around my brain at 11pm. Thanks, myNoise!

  Software developer here (I'm sure there are a lot of us here), working in a open space, the sound of the people around me disturbs my workflow. Found this site today, and I love it!

  Lately I've been listening to this with atmosphere music layered together. In the office there is too much noise distraction to listen to soft music alone. The clicking and clacking of keyboards ruins it for me. I thought I had to give up soft music. Instead I have the white noise laying a foundation of blockage and put on the "Nordic Atmosphere" spotify playlist. It's perfect!

  I've been dealing with increased levels of stress and general anxiety, but this website helps me calm down and focus on studying better.

  This is a great app! I have lots of noise in my house at night, and playing this helps me relax. It's also fun to see the likely-fake reviews, like the one about the disease where you hear in reverse. All in all, great app.

  I have a disease where I hear in reverse. The first sounds I heard would've been the moment of my death, but thankfully I was too young to remember. Through my childhood it was mostly silence, and scraping, which I could deal with. But recently, it became people screaming, cries of fear, panic, explosions, disaster. With this blasting at full volume 24/7, I feel functional again. Thanks, myNoise.

  Passed many exams and tests with the help of this site.

  The brown noise, from White Noise and Co. At higher volumes, helps me get my twin babies to sleep and stay asleep. An absoute godsend. My only request would be a higher volume setting in the app. Being tuned to headphones is probably great for those using it in that way, but I need it blasting and the website won't stay playing unless my phone screen is on! Donation incoming.

  I use it as a rest from my tinnitus.

  As someone who sometimes struggles to sleep because of my tinnitus, this is very nice. I can put Mids slightly higher up than the default, raise Bass a little bit as well as High Mids, and lower the Trebles and make it sound like rain! I've always found rain soothing, sometimes finding myself opening a window just to listen to it as I sleep. Can see myself using this in the future!

  Love this, specially the way it is designed... Very versatile to EVERY situation.

  When I try to sleep, I usually use white noise to block out any + all extra sounds. This is currently my go-to site for it!

  I have a disease where I hear in reverse. The first sounds I heard would've been the moment of my death, but thankfully I was too young to remember. Through my childhood it was mostly silence, and scraping, which I could deal with. But recently, it became people screaming, cries of fear, panic, explosions, disaster. With this blasting at full volume 24/7, I feel functional again. Thanks, myNoise.

  This is such a great app! A few of these reviews look slightly fake, though. I call this preset 'heavy noise.' Please consider using/donating!

  Just discovered this last month. I need air movement and noise to sleep. This site is the best thing ever.

  This silences the cars from the motorway next to me!

  Calms my ADHD brain <3

  Just feels kind of like rain... Which I like the most.

  Good when there are occasional steps that are coming from far away but they still distract you.

  Lots of fake looking reviews here. Generator works pretty well though, this one sounds like being on a long flight in a passenger plane.

  I use this website whenever I am working from office.

  I've been using this since I started college four years ago and it has been great. I must use this at least four or five times a week. I like how you can make custom noises unlike most white noise generators. The speech setting has been a blessing. I have honestly considered donating because of how helpful I've found this, but I don't think I'm going to sorry lol.

  I've been swindled into renting an apartment next to a monster truck practice complex. While the glamor and lights astonish many, I've slowly lost pieces of myself to the soul-numbing, ever-present growls that pervasively invade my home. By blasting brown noise through my ear canals, I feel re-humanized, willing to attempt one more day of this painful existence. Thank you White Noise & Co.!

  My saviour...

  It helps me cope with tinnitus.

  It was awesome! It really made me chillax, and I made an ocean spray kinda white noise. White noise is great!

  When I'm stressed, what am I gonna do? Listen to this gen.

  I drift into daydreaming/medidation automatically, and it severely interferes with my ability to learn, hold conversations etc. I think white noise alleviates this feeling.

  I use it to make a barely audible noise that is still loud enough to keep my headphones on. Very nice for this purpose.

  I live in a basement with very noisy neighbours above and after tuning with the white noise I was able to find this setting which completely eliminates footsteps, hot wheels, you name it. Life saver.

  So good. I was looking for a site like this!!

  Here's something that sounds like if you're riding in a plane, I like it.

  I was finally able to recreate the sound of the giant box fan I used to have in my bedroom. The "Fan Noise" generator was a little too "choppy" for my taste but this one is perfect!

  I love this so much, it helps me concentrate in class when everyone is typing on their computers, I really hate that sound, but with this I can block it. I love that I can customize it so it is not much loud or silent, it's perfect.

  I'm easily distracted by the open office noises at work and suffer from a certain degree of misophonia. myNoise helps me keep focused while my coworkers chew like an old llama.

  Took a spectrogram of the noise at work and tuned the generator to the most annoying bands (150-400Hz). This way I can block out the noise with the lowest overall sound volume and it's much less distracting than music.

  Great for my misophonia :-)

  Fantastic! I am a huge music lover, but have severe ADHD, and use this site when I'm working (visual arts), as I tend to get distracted by lyrics or familiar melodies. The ability to fine-tune and personalise the auditory experience helps tailor each soundscape to the daily mood. Thank You! Yann

  This is phenomenal, you've given the power of sound control to the masses.

  Hi, am I happy I stumbled onto this. I luv sound, when its mixed the right way, incredible things can happen. Especially music, there are billions of melodies that inspire. I'm on a pc using the website app. I just began moving the sliders and doing my own jam session. I did vidscrncap to show anyone can do this. Can sound apps be made to cancel any wave frequency at will?

  Love this app - thanks so much - helps me to concentrate in a shared office and I can block out the noise around me (and loud people on the phone). Cheers!

  This is where I start my workday. I've been working from home for 10+ years, and nothing comes close to helping me focus. Thank you so much. This is a rarity - Something online, free, that actually benefits members/visitors without any gotchas. You are very much appreciated here on the Texas Coast.

  I leave it on all of the time when I'm at my computer. This helps my tinnitus a lot!

  I have to work near a computer that's on its last legs and has this very annoying broken fan that I can hear from the next office. This blessedly drowns it out.

  It didn't help me. Not even a bit.

  I've been using the brown noise to help me read assigned books since freshman year of high school. This full volume + music at half volume blocks out basically any noise and thoughts I could have and really lets me focus on getting my classwork done.

  Thank you so much for the site! I've been using White Noise & Co for years now to sleep through the night. At this point the sound can knock me out anywhere haha. Love it!!

  I like to call this one, "Annoyance B-Gone."

  This really helped me focus whenever I'm studying, worked better than even music lol.

  The speech blocker preset is AMAZING. It helps when I am focusing and someone is having a conversation 5ft. from me.

  When my neighbor cranks his 2000watt stereo and rocks out I flip to Infra and it blocks out 90% of his bass so I can think.

  I have been struggling with bothersome & loud tinnitus for over a year now. Tried a LOT of white noise generators but it was hard finding one that would mask my tinnitus completely. The fact that I can adjust this one & combine it with other soundscapes makes it the perfect masker for me. Thanks to my audiologist for suggesting this app & thanks to the creator of myNoise -- you're a lifesaver!

  I can hear my sister's pet birds even when both of our doors are closed... so I just put this on and tune the frequencies to their incessant chirping. It was so much harder to focus on my studies without this—thank you for saving my sanity!

  This is really an awesome creation. It's good because you can change it to what you like such as high or low frequencies and especially to block speech that’s what I use it for.

  Love this. I use what I call "dark noise" at night, helps to drown out noise on my street and I find I sleep better with it. Try this setting, sort of a heavy brown noise.

  The Speech Blocker preset is the only thing I have found to block out voices while working in noisy environments, and I appreciate hearing about other peoples' experiences in the testimonials. They don't seem fake to me. I guess we've trained ourselves to be pretty cynical of what we read on the internet.

  I use to combine this generator with the Calm Office one when I go to public library. Nowadays all the people have laptops with keyboards and the pressing of keys drives me crazy. These generators block these noises and so I can learn.

  Fake reviews but great website, I prefer brown noise to white noise and this thing does it perfectly. [Editor note: monitored and filtered to remove offensive comments, yes. Fake, never.]

  Without this website I would gone crazy, it has helped me block out my horrible neighbors.

  Both white noise and a random timer to remind you to close your eyes and relax for 10 seconds during a study session have been shown to help the learning process. I can testify that this site perfectly offers both and I've even made it my homepage to get right to work in the mornings after my walk. This website is invaluable.

  I have had a tough 7 years dealing with an illness and my sleep has been considerably disrupted, I have even grown to the conviction that the silence itself is waking me up. When I knew about white noise and looked for ways to supply myself with tools to generate it, I found this site and downloaded your app, you saved my life, literally! Thank you so much!

  These reviews seem fake.

  I live with other people who are always bickering/arguing, this helps me to stay peaceful and quiet. Thanks so much!

  The brown noise setting is perfect, helps to block out sound and allows for deep focus on my work. My productivity has definitely increased since using, I especially love the Pomodoro timer setting!

  myNoise on headphones was really helping me to ignore eating and chatting coworkers.

  I share a home with others. With, we can peacefully co-exist. Truly a lifesaver.

  Spaceship vibes right here.

  Truly a lifesaver! Blocks out all the noise and helps me to focus on my studies! Thanks a lot...

  Helps me a lot in my studies. It just blocks all the noises and I am able to focus on my work. Without this I don't know if I would be able to clear my tests. Thanks for keeping it free and keeping it awesome.

  This has been truly a life saver! As someone with misophonia and neighbors that walk around their apartment like they have 50 lb weights strapped to their feet, using these sounds (especially the brown noise) has honestly changed my life. Thank you so much!!!

  A true gift! Thank you!

  I really like the speech blocker, its lives up to its name.

  I use this to mute background noise and keep me on track when I do homework and studies. the meditation bell especially helps remind me to get back to work when I get off task.

  Super helpful! Stopped me from ripping out my hair :)

  Amazing! I've used this generator for almost 2 years now. I'm usually pretty sensitive to loud noises whenever I'm sleeping, so I saw this and started using this generator every time I went to sleep. It automatically puts me in a more relaxed state, and it has helped to block out any noise! Thank you so so much for this!

  Damn... just perfect! Everyone can enjoy this, not just "special people"

  This one covers up construction noise!

  I was doing homework and I just couldn't concentrate! I found this website and I absolutely loved it, the noise was so relaxing. I then finished it perfectly, thank you so much for making this ^^

  My upstairs neighbors like to throw massive object (toys, tools, chairs..) in the air and see what happens. Repeatedly. They must conduct some sort of secret experiments, cause they do it also at night, and when confronted they say they do nothing. Earplugs don't work too well when in the silence there is suddenly a loud noise.. the only thing that saved my sleep is this noise generator. Thank you.

  This is super helpful for tinnitus masking, especially for people with hyperacusis (the neuromodulator is a little too high-pitched for me). So soothing!

  When used with the café generator, the white noise blends in perfectly.

  I've tried so many different sources for white noise and is BY FAR the best one I have found. The interface is simple, easy to use, and has all the features and customization options I could ever ask for!

  Absolutely in love with this website! I use it nearly every day and it's incredibly nice to have and help me focus on things. Listening to music tends to distract more than help, so having white noise (especially white noise I can tune to my liking (or the storm sounds) to use is great.

  Strangely, there are so many possibilities here... this setting is soft and warm, it's very comforting and easy to ignore while still masking sounds effectively.

  Honestly, this is such a safe haven for students who may have learning disabilities or even simply those who get overwhelmed by noise. I'm genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, grateful for this and I hope those responsible for providing this gift free of charge have a long, happy and healthy life. This has been the only thing truly helping me cope with misophonia while studying.

  I work in a cube farm with lots of people moving and talking throughout the day. This website makes it so much easier to concentrate and get my work done.

  I couldn't stand the constant chewing, crunching, slurping, and talking of my co-workers, and I read that noise-cancelling headphones are next to worthless to address these sounds. This website has saved my sanity!

  This is such a good alternative when I don't have my noise cancelling earbuds. It makes it easier to focus when my sound sensitivity flares up at school

  I really love this. I listen to this while I am taking notes in history class and I get stressed so easily so when I listen to this it soothes me and helps me focus.

  This generator is so nice, I like to listen to it as I do school. Adding just the right amount of sound, especially if there is thunder in the background of deep brown noise.

  Infra preset is my favourite! Helps me to concentrate during work.

  I can't live without this thing and have it on most of the day and night. I mostly use it not logged in because my chromebook automatically logs me out, but all I need is the brown noise and sliders. I can make the traffic outside my house disappear, I can completely block my rooster's crowing at 3am or for my afternoon nap. Thanks for keeping it up. Hope you can continue doing so.

  This is the best white noise generator I've used. I struggle a lot with focus, anxiety, and noise sensitivity, and this is genuinely so helpful! The grey noise, speech blocker, and ear massage presets are especially beneficial to me! :)

  Man it really helps me a lot when I'm studying especially with people around me.

  Today was not a good day with noise sensitivity but this blocked out everything nicely :)

  I love this white noise generator, it is really useful for studying and combining with pomodoro technique is absolutely compulsory for a good working session.

  Wow. This actually works. I usually work in my room alone, and in school the constant noise makes it hard to focus. Am going to recommend to my father, who is doing college from home.

  This is a great tool for making sleeping noise. I even have a great preset I made. It has lots of comforting low frequencies with few painful high frequencies. In combination with a sleeping mask, leads to deep refreshing dreams.

  This is hands down the best 'build your own noise' version of any app/addon/site I've ever used. Thank you very much.

  Perfect implementation of functionality, simple to use, free, and educative. Every tool on the internet should strive to be like this.

  White noise is what I hear in my head constantly /s all seriousness this generator -- and most of the ones on here -- all do exactly what they say. This one in particular is REALLY good for blocking out speech if I just need to focus on something.

  This is probably the best website on the internet! As a neurodivergent person with a terribly irritating sensitivity to environmental sounds I can't thank you enough. I've been trying to mask disturbing sounds with calm music for months, but it never had the same effect as "your" noise.

  If there is silence, my brain will make its own background noise, which is very distracting. If there are only a few background noises, my brain will focus in on them instead of work. With colored noise, I can tune to block out exactly what I need to in order to stay focused.

  I live near loud traffic and I sometimes sleep during the day. It muffles those unwanted sounds and helps me sleep better and faster. I call my preset AC+Fan.

  OMG, I like it so much! Thanks for creating this tool, it keeps me sane at work! ~woc

  This service is incredible, and has been a huge benefit over the years. If you have trouble focusing, this tool is invaluable - donate whatever you can to keep it going!

  This website is awesome, and I just love the sound of nice smooth low noise.

  This website is awesome, and I just love the sound of nice smooth low noise.

  My settings block out the noise of coworkers well, and I find it comforting like I'm sitting next to a big furnace. I could just lean back and rest against the warm equipment.

  Sometimes I pause and unpause this to compare how well it works. And boy, does it work alright!

  I generally have a really hard time working and concentrating, this is perfect for getting me in a productive mood and calming me down as well as keeping my mind away form distracting noises!

  There was a very loud meeting going on through a speakerphone in the cubical next to me and using this utility it was like I was working alone. I like how you can modify the white noise to your own preferences. It is also handy how there is a pause button that allows you to talk if someone comes with a question and go back to the tool being on when they leave. I love the color interface. Thank you.

  This helpful to cover my coworkers' noises! Also lets you focus very well.

  Yeah, this is helpful. Like unimaginably helpful. Use it or I will drink your Capri Sun.

  I love it, it helps me and my family sleep. Whoever made this is really smart.

  Great way to mute wife's complains :) (and I really love her!)

  I don't know why but the longer I listen to this the more anxious I get. I feel like something is gonna happen, I'm not sure what or why but something is coming.

  Seems to keep my baby sleeping happily.

  This is awesome for sleeping and has helped me multiple times. Great!

  I wasn't able to focus on my homwork because of my family making all kinds of noises at all times of day (and sometimes night!). I love this website because it lets me choose the kind of white noise to play for all my moods.

  YouTube is blocked at my company. This website isn't. Incredibly useful for concentration.

  I have a "considerate" neighbor who's given me the privilege of "enjoying" the low end of his music exclusively for the past 9 months. Found out about myNoise via and using sliders in the article coupled with relatively affordable active noise cancelling headphones I've manged to retain my sanity. Thanks!

  Drowns out my family who haven't figured out how to use headphones or when I'm working.

  This is a perfect rain sound. It sounds like sitting outside in a thunderstorm.

  I have an awful neighbor who likes to run a subwoofer at very high levels for a long period of time. This website has helped so much! I've found the right brown noise to drown the subwoofer noise out.

  This is what I've been looking for as a college student living with a noisy little brother and parents in a thin-walled apartment. Definitely increased my quality of life.

  I love this generator! It makes my teachers voices during online school a little softer on my ears.

  So, I was trying to work but my office neighbours were talking about some monkey that got drunk, went berserk and bit about 70 people. It was somewhat hilarious, but my deadlines were close, so I really needed to focus on my work. With all the sadness of my heart, I put on the speech blocker and was able to ignore my coworkers and focus on my work again.

  I like it :) Drowns out my stupid moms piano.

  I regularly use this generator while at work. I've found that it really helps give me some temporary relief from my tinnitus in such a quiet environment.

  This site is greatly appreciated. It is well thought out, friendly, and user friendly. It was a no-brainer to give thanks with a few bucks. Wishing the White Noise & Co. the very best. DM

  To the person concerned with "perfect gramar" (sic). Perhaps the persons writing these comments are not mentally defective like you. And just for the record: the quality of the "gramar" found in these comments is better than average but not perfect.

  does anyone else’s thinks its weird that these all comments have perfect gramar

  This is very good when trying to sleep or focus on something, very helpful to block other distractions and noises. It definitely helps with tinnitus and the awesome thing is that you can listen to a bit of soft music as well or watch a video. So overall this is a 10/10

  Wonderful. I'm a court reporting student and this noise blocks out leaf blowers and dogs in the neighborhood while allowing me to still hear dictations while I practice.

  As someone who suffers with misophonia and relies heavily on earphones, this site has truly been a lifesaver. Blasting music at full volume was not a viable solution; this however doesn't cause headaches, and I can focus completely on work too! It is the only thing I have found that successfully blocks out my partner's snoring, and as a bonus I can also watch videos while this is playing too!

  Excellent for blocking outside noise. My home office is unfortunately in a shared space, so I often have to deal with chatter, TV, dishes, laundry, and more. Having this running enables me to just shut it all out.

  I have the Noise Generator running 24 hours a day. I shape the noise using the sliders to fit my situation. If I turn the Generator off it feels weird not to have the Noise running in the BG all the time. The Noise makes a huge difference in my life. Without the Noise I would be badly stressed. I tried other websites but this is the most useful Generator I have found.

  Thanks for this awesome website! As an animator, I can't listen to music while I work anymore because I'll start thinking up plot lines and drawing thumbnails to the lyrics. This site manufactures the pure, unadulterated, single-minded focus I had when I was a kid-- no thoughts, head empty. Thanks for drowning out the world for me!

  Great for unwinding and thinking, it makes me feel like I'm back home.

  It's really helpful for me for when I'm studying. Definitely recommend it!

  I was very skeptical about the truthfulness of this website, but I found out that speech blocker works.

  I was skeptical at first, but I can say that this site really helped me to calm myself and block the outside world's noise. I recommend this for everyone!!

  I have a hard time focusing with background noise, especially when it's someone talking. I attend classes online at the same time my father is in work calls, so needless to say it's a bit difficult for me. The speech blocker really works for me. I turned it up a bit and, paired with some classical music, I'm now finding myself in the sweet middle between ambient noise and peaceful instrumentals.

  Using it for my hyperacusis. It's great to be able to modulate the sounds appropriately so that it has the greatest benefit.

  I'm able to completely tune out my obnoxiously loud co-worker. Thank you.

  Wow this is so amazing for studying, even without an ailment ...thanks!

  I really love it. I have over thinking problems and this just clears my mind. It helps me study and even write my poetry in piece without music. Thank you so much god bless you.

  This noise generator is by far the best I have seen, thanks for this.

  I have tinnitus for as long as I can remember it, I cannot listen to the radio because it contains vocals and I cannot listen to music because I will eventually lose my focus and waste my time finding stimulating music. When I first found out about colored noises, they made me skeptical, but this is now my fourth day of listening to it and I can say it has been blessing.

  I just used this to test my volume pot balance, and wow pink noise is so relaxing...

  This really helps when I need to get school work done and my pesky ADHD gets in the way. I have fallen in love with it and I do not regret using it. Keep up the good work, guys!

  Great because now I don't need to hear my parents fighting anymore.

  Catching up on work in a noisy household. This speech blocker is a god send!

  I keep this site bookmarked for when I'm trying to study or do homework. ADHD makes it very hard for me to tune out voices and the speech blocker is a HUGE help.

  I play this quiet under Examination Time when I'm trying to get LOADS of work that's due in tomorrow done at 9:00pm and I whizz through it. Thanks so so much :D

  My landlord has the most annoying geese on the planet and put them 10 feet from my house. White Noise & Co. is literally the only thing keeping me sane until I move.

  This is so soothing. I have ADHD and this helps me do homework.

  I'm a writer, and I'm also autistic with very bad focus issues and almost extreme sensitivity to noises of all kinds, which makes concentrating almost impossible sometimes, even though my house isn't that loud. This helps me focus sooo much easier and has been a life saver! Thank you so much for offering it without upfront cost. I definitely intend to donate whatever I can <3

  Great for helping me concentrate in school and drown out typing and talking sounds.

  I use this page often while I study, especially if there are people talking nearby or playing music downstairs from me. I'm very grateful for it being so comprehensive at no mandatory cost to the user, because I don't have much money. Still, I intend to donate sometime :~)

  Best thing to help me block out my brother's stupid humming.

  I live in a pretty noisy environment, with my brother yelling at video games, my sister running around downstairs, and thin walls so I can hear it all. This noise generator has helped me get through school, allowing me to focus on my work without hearing anything else!

  Wow this works like magic!! My neighbors play their radio so loudly that music, commercials and all the rest just streams right into my brain. With this set to Speech Blocker and Calibrated, the radio is a distant muffle and I can actually concentrate AND keep my windows open for a nice breeze. Just this generator alone is worth the price of admission - THANK YOU. [Editor's note: this generator is actually entirely free]

  It's very useful for when I'm studying to block background noise, it really helps me focus, something about infra noise is just really soothing to me...

  I was thrilled to be able to completely "cut out" all of the mids in this particular white noise generator. I had not realized that it was the mids that were causing excessive reverberations on my speakers all of this time. I've only been on here under a day and I am already loving the usefulness of these generators. Looking forward to hearing more generators tomorrow while I read. Thanks!

  I like that it comes with an EQ. You can adjust the freq-s to emulate the mountain wind, the ocean, the highway outside, a silent room, any kind of ambiance really. I turn on the bell and pretend I'm meditating on top of a rocky seashore :D

  I live in a super noisy household, and with school being online, these block noise when I don't want to listen to music or when I need to take a quiz in a noisy environment. Can't tell you how helpful these are, thank you.

  I think I would've had a nervous breakdown years ago if not for this site. Thank you for keeping me sane!

  Sorry, ineffective in drowning out neighbours, either their talking or (especially) loud TV. [Editor note: did you try calibrating the noise to the exact profile of the disturbance you want to mask? This is how it works. White noise itself, is ineffective unless its spectrum is correctly shaped.]

  Wonderful, helps block the sounds of my roommates talking and the sounds of cars outside, which lets me relax.

  This is fantastic for when I'm studying. It actually helps block out the annoying sounds and the best part is you customize it, so you're not stuck with a frequency that's too high or low.

  This website is awesome, I hate white noise that is too high pitch and white noise that is too low pitch, this website allowed me to find the perfect balance. I love it.

  I love this site. I have a family that has four kids and two parents which makes it hard to concentrate on school work. This is the only site that has helped. I am so glad I found this site and I recommend it to anyone who has trouble concentrating mixed with noise around them.

  I live in a 2nd floor apartment sandwiched between a family of 4 kids above me, a church who likes to play salsa music below me and rush hour traffic outside my window during my night shift schedule. This is the only website I've found that can drown out all that noise and let me sleep.

  Every day when I wake up and turn on my studio, I listen to white noise to open my ears and calibrate them, I go to a daily listening training on the internet and from there, to work on music.

  I use this for studying. It helps me focus and motivates me to study.

  I often have trouble sleeping without some sort of quiet noise surrounding my ears, and so I turn to this site when my fan or ambient music doesn't work. This setting fills in a lot of space for noise and blocks out wanted noises because of the high base settings.

  There's no site out there that is better. No distractions, custom, white noise. Whenever I need to block out everyone else, this is my go to. Thanks!

  Noise keeps me calm. I listen to music often, but sometimes it gets too much. But simply not listening to anything is not really an option for me because of my tinnitus. My tinnitus is very subtle, but it's there, and it distracts me. This website has become a part of my life now. It helps me focus and keeps me calm.

  I have ADHD & tinitus and it helps me SO MUCH. This site is truly amazing, I encourage everyone to donate, to keep this up & running.

  Helps me focus on art and generally just drown out loud family noises. Very soothing when you find a setting you like!

  It helps me focus and that’s epic.

  Love it so much it really helped me focus on my work in a room full of loud kids.

  My mind is finally quiet... This is so helpful ohmygosh <3

  I love this generator so much! Because of my grandparents' talking and my neighbours it can be very hard to focus on studying, but this helps me a lot!

  For some reason, when I am in a silent room for too long, my ears start to ring. LOUDLY. I turn up the sub-bass and enjoy the silence! Thank you, Dr!

  WOW! Frequently when I'm studying, especially when my parents are watching the news, it can be hard to focus. I just finished 2 chapters of a Language Arts reading and an online biology lab in 45 minutes with this setting! My productivity has gone through the roof; I'll need to try this again. God bless Stéphane!

  I use this generator to keep my stupid speaker on. Playing low-bass whisper prevents it from turning off when, for example, there is a quiet scene in a movie. Thank you for implementation.

  Amazing. My mom recently broke her foot. I've been worried about her. These settings help me calm down and remember that my dad will help her. And I will too. Thank you :)

  I love the speech blocker settings!

  This site is my GO TO for focusing on homework or drowning out background noise when I need to focus. When I got into college, I needed something to help me focus. I found this site, and I have been using it consistently for years! Would Recommend To ANYONE!! Definitely give it a try!

  I am so addicted to this, I can't stand quietness because of my anxiety of unexpected sounds. This is ideal in the background while working, gaming and while sleeping. Thank you!

  I have neighbours in apartments that love to annoy me with their music. myNoise really has saved my sanity! I use the app on my phone as well as on the desktop. I even run it in the background when I'm watching videos on YouTube or Netflix. It totally cuts out the bass. Works wonderfully in conjunction with airpods.

  Sounds like light wind, well paired with rain noise. I also like to put lofi music on with this.

  Paired this with some lo-fi and quiet rain noises, feeling good.

  I use this noise to work to and it does the trick for me. Helps me to focus and to block outside noises and thoughts.

  I've been using this every day at work for at least four years now. Simply the best way I've found for blocking out ambient noise while still allowing me to concentrate on the task at hand. Much more effective than music. Also comes in handy for sleeping if you have noisy roommates.

  This sounds like wind. I love it!

  I am autistic and very sensitive to higher pitch noises. I used to hate white noise because it was too high pitched and irritated my ears. Being able to customize the noise is super crucial for me.

  I love this custom setting that sounds like I'm sitting near the bottom of a large waterfall. It blocks out the noise from the other people in my house so I can focus on work. Thank you!

  I fell right to sleep.

  Helps me focus on work while my grandparents watch tv in the other room.

  Blocked out my parents chatting and talking, and my little brother's Google Meet class. Finally, I can do my schoolwork. I have been using myNoise for about a month and I love it. I use it almost every day. Thank you for making such a wonderful website.

  This has been a total godsend this fall! The unit above my apartment is getting renovated and there's constant noise... as someone with sensory issues, having this to cancel out the sounds of drilling, grinding, hammering, etc. for hours on end has been really helpful!

  I really love the Pomodoro setting in this.

  This setting reminds me of being on a plane with the air conditioning blowing on me from above :)

  Absolutely brilliant! I use these settings when I am writing online tests or studying. Love this website a lot!! <3

  ← Oh. My. Goodness. This sounds so much like the ocean! I use this almost every day for studying and relaxation. Thank you!

  Amazing! Blocks out all sound. I like to do schoolwork while listening to sounds because it helps me focus on the tasks I need to do. I got it to sound like the wind! Thank you so much!

  I have been dealing with footfalls from noisy upstairs neighbours and with late cooking and other sounds from the noisy downstairs neighbours! Since I discovered the white noise tool (emphasizing on the frequencies of brown noise), I use it every single night to sleep and without a doubt it has saved me. Thank you!!

  I love it. This noise helps me focus on my work. I'm very sensitive to sounds and this makes it possible to focus without music. Thank you.

  I use this all the time to block outside noise, and I finally got the settings just right to make it sound like it's raining outside! Absolutely love this.

  It is so nice. I can finally focus on my studies in peace.

  Masked the neighbour's dog so I can go on with my life.

  I wouldn't be able to work without it! Suffered all my 60+ years with noise, now there is peace. Thank you so much. Patricia

  Use this when working at office!

  I love White Noise & Co. It helps me being productive when I am studying for my exams and assessments. Actually I am new to myNoise. I thank Ellen Kelly for introducing myNoise in her youtube video.

  I love myNoise. It sounds just like a rainy night, which is my ideal time to focus and get things done.

  Perfect for relaxing before sleep.

  I use this site to study all the time. I share a study room with my younger brother and this is the best to drown out whatever he's up to so I don't get distracted.

  I have used this tool on my iPhone and on my desktop for about five years now. Once your brain learns to absorb the noise, the effect is astounding. All background noise evaporates. Concentration soars. Learn how to use this, you wont regret it.

  As a PhD student with sound sensitivity, I have been using myNoise for years and it has changed my life. It lets me sleep, study, meditate, read, focus, think and write. I can't imagine my days without it and am so grateful that it exists. Thanks so much for your brilliant and important work!

  This site is incredible, and the white noise really helps me sleep at night.

  Absolutely love this site! This mix is amazing at blocking out all sounds in my home and helping me concentrate on what I need to do not what's going on around me.

  This has been a revelation. Thank you for creating such an amazing yet simple web application. I'm currently coding my own and this site has been a life savior! Can't thank you enough!

  I'm just on normal settings and it blocks out the loud construction noise outside my building! Amazing!

  This blocks out the television noise while I work from home.

  This blocked out noise so well!

  This website is amazing at blocking out background sounds and I love to use it while I'm learning. This particular mix blocks out all human speech/noise so is great if you're looking for calm and peace.

  I live in a loud household and this helps out with blocking out the sounds, I really enjoy this!

  My headphones produce a loud ringing sound when no sound is playing. If I use this site and set all of the noise bars to -110db, the ringing stops because sound is technically playing, but it sounds like no sound is coming out of the headphones 24/7. I'm a music producer so this saved my life.

  Love this. It's surprisingly effective--almost shockingly effective--at blocking out random family noises and allowing me to concentrate while working from home during COVID quarantine.

  This setting is great for blocking out noise from my dish washer when working from home.

  Oh this is a godsend. I've got really bad high-pitched tinnitus in one ear and this helps distract me from it without just using music (that distracts me whenever I read or do schoolwork). Thank you to whoever's responsible for making this.

  Helps me fight auditory and verbal hallucinations. Living in a boarding house with a schizoaffective disorder isn't easy, but noise makes it easier.

  I have three loud male roommates with deep voices that carry very far, and this has been a live saver for when I'm overstimulated or just don't want to hear them. Cranking up the bass and mids is the best for covering deep voices--thank you so much for this website.

  This is so helpful <3

  I live in a very noisy household and this is super helpful, it got me through finals this week, without it, I don't know what I would have done, thanks.

  It feels like you are in a waterfall or near rapids. It is very calming.

  This is so nice. It is amazing for when you are working. It really helps me to relax.

  I try to match the frequencies to... how I feel? When I find the right frequency, I begin to meditate, and it becomes easy for my mind to wander to far away places. A very useful tool, thank you.

  One of the best white noise sites around in my personal opinion. The equalizer is particularly useful for emulating brown noise and storm sounds.

  I use white noise when I go to bed. it helps me relax and block out other sounds. I love white noise!

  Concentrating whilst home learning has been hard for me as there are so many distractions. But this has let me cope and focus exponentially.

  Feel like inside an airplane during flight.

  I have been using this white noise generator for years. I have a learning disability, so I have always struggled to read or focus when there is ambient noise around me. I love this website because some of the higher frequency white noises make me feel nervous and anxious. However, being able to adjust the sound to lower frequency makes me feel like I'm listening to ocean waves or heavy rain.

  My worktable is right next to the frequently used TV, and it used to distract me a lot. Not anymore! This is a good "rain noise" simulator.

  I can say I'm sensitive to sounds most of the time, unless I am super relaxed and have had my own quiet and personal space for a good chunk of time. When I use the speech blocker, I feel I'm alone with all the cosmos at reach (:

  Just a little amateur writer in a little corner of Brazil, but I must say, this is great when I need to put my headset and just get away from all the noise out there. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a distant space ship, and then my stories start to flow with this little imagination of mine.

  I honestly probably use this site at least 10 hours a week and it is the BEST! My friends all make fun of me for listening to static all the time but I don't care because it is the only thing that helps me concentrate and blocks out all the sounds when I am in a noisy place. I would 1000% recommend this to anyone who has trouble focusing. Thank you for this awesome website!

  Wow. Loving this. Wish I'd found this sooner!

  A good noise to block out distractions while reading, and it doesn't distract from the reading itself.

  Focus like never before.

  I usually need a box fan to sleep. Luckily this setting is almost as good at high volume! Thanks!

  Finally, I can focus on school work without my classmates distracting me!

  My wife and I share a home office, she can't stand the room being silent so she will usually have a TV show on in the background. I on the other hand get distracted by the TV show so I plug in my headphones and turn on this white noise generator which comes in super handy during my work week. She get's her TV and I get the focused, noise free environment I need! Thanks

  Best preset for cutting off the noisy office! Works like magic.

  At least I can manage my misophonia! This noise generators work even better than noise cancelling headphones, and they don't give me a headache. You can play with frequencies to turn off exactly that stupid noise that is bothering you at the moment.

  This is amazing. I can actually THINK when I'm working for the first time in forever! And the speech blocker works perfectly in my busy open plan office. Thank you so much!

  This might help with high-pitched tinnitus a bit more than the one high frequency.

  This is a great way to block out office noise! I think this sounds like a beach in a storm. I am autistic and really like this one.

  I was stuck in a WeWork office where the walls are nothing more than a single pane of glass. It's a fishbowl with people in offices around me who have no consideration for those around them & seem to talk as loud as they possibly can without a care in the world. Slightly modifying the Speech Blocker setting and turning up the volume on my speakers helps me finally block them out and concentrate.

  I have three children and my office is currently in the living room. Your site has allowed me to complete my work and college courses while the kids listen to the television, sing, play piano and just be kids. Thank you.

  I love this, it helps me to focus exponentially.

  This helps me block out the background noise when I am trying to focus.

  My brother starts his high-energy online classes with Chinese students at 3am every morning in the room next door to mine. Sounds like a problem? Not with "speech blocker" on my laptop next to my bed!

  I have very high-pitched tinnitus, and this really helps me tune it out. I can't tell if it will completely fix it yet, but it is definitely very helpful.

  I was actually using brown noise played on youtube, which was great, but I really missed an equlizar. Thanks to myNoise I am now fully in charge of that, and can decide which frequencies I want to block and which not. Big thanks!

  Noice noise.

  This has saved my sanity in the office. And probably relationships with colleagues. Videos playing, constant chat means concentration was near-impossible - until I discovered this. Thank you so much, this is really appreciated from someone who was on the verge of losing her marbles...

  I used to listen to music while studying, but found it annoying to keep swapping playlists if a distracting song broke my focus. With this sick white noise generator, I get to drown out everything else without worrying about this and can completely focus on studying. Thank you for making this!

  The stock-standard speech blocker has been great for my office. Today is "take your kids to work day", and there are some managers from out of town as well. I needed a little more effective blocking so I tried the noise calibration for the first time. Calibrated speech blocker is phenomenal! <3 <3 <3

  Like many people, noise-cancelling headphones just won't sufficiently drown-out many talkative coworkers. Customizing the white-noise for my environment is way better than listening to some preset noise or YouTube channel. My custom setting feels like a cross between a waterfall and an air-conditioner.

  The animation makes it sound like natural sounds of wind and waves near a cliff. I paired it with the Duduk Song and it feels like visiting an abandoned city in a distant future where humans left the Earth a hundred years ago.

  Fantastic website, very neat design. Above all thank you for your noise generator, it saves me everyday because I live in an extremely quiet house. The noises are perfect and the sliders allow complete customization. The best site out there. Keep up the good work!

  If I am trying to work on something and terrible music is going on in the background, this tunes the horribleness out so I can focus on what I need to.

  I have ADHD and work in an open office. I don't know how I would get anything done if I wasn't able to play this--thank you so much. The calibration options are especially helpful. I use my hearing curve for the typical noise around my desk, but switch to speech blocking when neighbors are chatty or having a meeting nearby. Tunes them out perfectly :)

  I don't know what I would do without this site at work! Thank you for all of these wonderful calibration tools. I was happy to donate for something so customizable!

  Thank you for these great sounds. It relaxes me a lot!

  Thank you for keeping me away from noisy working environment. Really peaceful experience.

  Creating a physical space through light sound and texture that enables me to transport to a world of focus, flow and creativity.

  I work in a shared office and the person that works closest to me produces a lot of sounds that bother me and make it hard to work (eating, talking, etc.). This noise production along with music finally allow me to work unbothered and without bothering my neighbor!

  Leafs being blown by wind (?)

  In between brown and pink. A balance between two polarities.

  I'm easily distracted and work in an open plan office. Calibration on the speech blocker preset does the job. I usually layer another soundscape on top. Really helps me be productive in my web development job.

  This sound (that I made) kinda sounds like ocean (for me). I use this when I'm doing my homework, and it really helps!

  I have misophonia. Working in an open office with tons of my trigger noises constantly happening was extremely difficult for me to deal with. Now that I have access to this beautiful tool, I can finally mask all of the unpleasant noises and focus on my work. It has reduced my stress levels tremendously! Thank you.

  This is a daily lifesaver for me. I can finally focus.

  I work in an office where there are often heated arguments going on in the background. This site helps me tremendously!

  I am a lawyer working in an open plan office and often have to read complex, difficult documents against a background of dictation, chatter and telephone calls. This website is heaven-sent!

  I get really annoyed and angry with some mouth clicks an throat noises my workmates do, so this really helps me calm down and focus.

  As relaxing as a sound can get!

  I live right off an Avenue in Manhattan. Every night I have this on to soften the horns of passing jerks.

  So I actually have to use this site in order to use my headphones with Bluetooth, it keeps the headphones on at all times, if I don't have it on, sounds will take a few seconds to start up, which is somewhat annoying for some audio-based work I do. I could just get a new headphone cable but I don't really want to bother with that lol.


  I've been using this this website for a couple of years now for studying and commiting to deep work. Now my brain associates white noise with productivity :)

  I suffer from severe anxiety. The brown noise helps me relax through great periods of stress and get through my day. Thank you White Noise & Co, you're a lifesaver.

  Extremely unique concept. I love it!

  Whenever I have to read, I struggle if it is too quiet. Music distracts me. White noise is the best, and this tool lets me find the perfect fit.

  I work in an office where my cubicle is located in the same space as the student lunch/break room. The only thing between us is my cubicle wall. The white noise generator does a great job at drowning out their voices. Thanks so much! A total game-changer.

  I'm autistic and work in an open plan office - the fully flexible nature of the settings makes this the perfect white noise generator regardless of what's going on around me when I need to hit a deadline. Thank you!

  I've been using this for years to sleep it really blocks out all background noises. It's super relaxing just to listen to aswell as just a noise canceler if doing work of some kind that you need more concentration music can provide.

  Greatest website ever. I crush work while listening.

  A good patch for people living in areas that suffer from noise pollution.

  This website is amazing! I use this to focus on homework since lofi music stopped working for me; it was too distracting. The setting I use reminds me of really long night flights, when I'm still awake, looking out the window.

  It helps me sleep on nights when I can't. It almost feels tingly in a way.

  This shuffling, deep windy ambience makes the perfect backgound to the sounds of my mechanichal keyboard. It makes me feel like I'm working on my laptop while sitting comfortably in a corner of the cargo section of some gigantic high tech airplane while we cruise across the skies through different weather conditions and the A/C blends with the sound.

  Used to study for engineering exams with lofi music, but swapped to this over a year ago as it is far less distracting :)

  Working in an open plan office after years of having my own space, I've been finding the background chatter really hard work. My ANC headphones cut out the low end noise, but can't touch speech - this generator might actually help me work!

  So glad I found this one! I write my stories in one language, but people around me are speaking a different one. This preset really does a decent job blocking the speech, though birds singing, rain and other sounds somehow stay. It's magic! :)

  I play the calibrated version of the speech blocker and music at the same time. It allows me to concentrate at work and keep out distractions.

  This generator consistently helps our baby sleep on restless nights which we count as an exceptional blessing, even if it's just a simple little thing. Thanks so much.

  This site is a LIFESAVER for me! I have misophonia which makes normal everyday sounds unbearable to hear. The noise generator on this site helps to drown out the sounds that my co-workers make and keeps me sane at work! Thank you!

  This helps me greatly with my final exam study prep. Thanks!

  I love this website! It helps me create the exact white noise I need.

  Absolutely amazing. I love white noise because it is so calming. Helps me when I'm doing revision for upcoming exams, and when I need to sleep. Thank you to this site!

  Works wonders to combat background noise! Calibration makes it so that everything is blocked - especially that one annoying, repetitive noise in an otherwise quiet room.

  I searched for various sites. This is a true good site, from someone who LOVES waveforms and a geek. Thank you.

  I love this noise! It sounds like a snowstorm outside my window and its super soothing.

  Good simulation of a night plane flight.

  I don't know why but any noise I combine with Telecaster Licks just sounds amazing to me. Combining this alongside TL not only drowns out noises from my surroundings, but also adds a soothing atmosphere around me. Love this website; thank you so much.

  Thank you I have social anxiety and mild aspergers and I've lived alone for 7 years before going to college. This helped me not want to murder my roommate anymore without blasting all my music and tv shows to the point of hurting my own ears. I just click speech blocker and turn it up to a rotating fan volume and bam! I'm alone in the world again at last.

  Drowns out the neighbor's annoying thumpy bass music like a charm.

  I've always had issues sleeping and this helped greatly.

  I've had a ton of issues with getting distracted by two blondes here at home (plus their uninspired music selction ). Thanks to Gray Noise I finished my book so quickly! It's amazing to use it in the office as well so I can cut all the chatter out. The sounds are varied so high quality, the setup's highly customazible and it's for free, can you believe that? Will definitely donate though!

  Wow! I feel like falling asleep now... Thank you so much!

  I really liked the ambient background noise from Star Trek TNG when the Enterprise D was in space. It really relaxed me and I always wished I had a way to listen to that all the time. Now I finally do, thank you so much.

  Nothing like the sound of a waterfal to block out electronic whines and loud people in the library while I'm writing.

  Reminds me of the wind blowing through leafy trees in the summer. I miss that sound so dearly now that it's winter. This helps me to tune noise out so I can write poetry. Thank you :)

  I truly love this generator. It really helps me focus on the tasks at hand and provides a way for me to block out additional noises in my cubicle area. I like that I can save a mix and come back to it again and again.

  This is THE best. I would have failed my board exams if not for this. As I come from a 'sound' family, there is no end to screaming, gossiping and talking around me. This has been very helpful in that aspect.

  I have Asperger's Syndrome and have Hyperacusis (sound sensitivity) as a result and I decided to try this, it works really well for blocking out background noise and works really great! I thank you for making this as it helps me out a lot and I love it!

  I've been looking for this for a long time. I'm one of the millions of tortured people the world over that endure Airbus A320 noise on a daily basis. The A320 family has a defect that creates a whine at around 500/600 Hz while landing. I used your custom noise generator to create a signature to block it out. I've been searching for something to do that for more than a decade! Thank you!

  The feeling of heavy snow falling around me while I'm nice and toasty helps me to work. The blend helps ke to get in the zone.

  Thank you for this site, I've been able to study effectively with a rather noisy room-mate.

  The sound helped me when everything else put me on edge. Words and music were too much to handle but the white noise helped me feel less anxious while not grating at my senses.

  Living with a roommate in a small room means countless nights of trying to block out the noise she's making. This website has allowed me more peaceful hours of sleep and I'm forever thankful :)

  Blocks noisy family while working.

  Ever since I accidentally made the volume too loud on January 20th, this myNoise website has aided me with tinnitus relief. I am glad to be able to edit videos, read books, and sleep to my heart's content with this app. It has helped A LOT!

  This really helps me sleep at night, especially with a podcast or video where someone is talking vaguely in the background.

  This is life changing. I am a musician living next to a busy street. The outside noise can be very taxing for my mental health. With this white noise generator, and it's controls, I feel as though I'm able to maintain my stress levels and find peace in my apartment. Thanks!

  I have a hard time with noise. I'm not sure if I have a mental issue or not but I just get really distracted and bothered by outside noises. My mother is a SUPER loud talker and has been gabbing for like 5 hours straight now. It's getting to the point where I'm going to blow up at her any second. I'm glad I found this because it's actually working to block out her voice.

  For some reason, I find really deep noises like this to be really soothing for me. As long as it works, I guess!

  I adjusted the sub-bass bar to maximum gain; the low-bass to about 2/3 gain; the bass to about 1/3 gain; the high-bass to about 1/4 gain; and the low-mid, mid, high-mid, low-treble, treble, and high-treble to about 1/8 gain. Increasing the mid and high frequencies, for sleeping, added sound that seemed too bright, distracting, and annoying. Our brain frequencies during sleep are about 3-13 Hz.

  Outstanding tool. I have suddenly developed tinnitus, and this has really helped me sleep, and, reduce my level of anxiety. I will make a donation to keep this fantastic site going. Whoever developed this noise generator, you are amazing!

  Use this every night to fall asleep, it truly works wonders :)

  Speech Blocker is amazing! Developer, you save my concentration ability and mental health in this damn noise world, thank you so much!

  I like my desk setup in my dorm room with a second monitor and everything, but my roommates can be loud and distracting. This is excellent at helping me focus!

  There was some issue with ventilation in the office and there was be a very annoying buzzing sound of wind on the floor, that could be heard even over the music I was listening to. Found perfect settings of the sliders, and it disappeared!

  My fan broke last night and I just couldn't sleep. Took me 5 minutes to set it exactly to how my fan normally starts and I slept like a baby instantly. Thank you so much for this.

  The white noise generator really helps me focus on my studies. Somehow I work better with some white noise in my ears. Plus it also helps me to sleep at night.

  I have misophonia, hyperacusis... and extremely noisy neighbours. This site (and its app on my phone) have honestly saved my sanity (and my PhD). I could not be more grateful.

  This service is so calming, and is one of the only things that helps me focus instantly! Definitely the best white noise service I have ever used. Thank you!

  I've used this for years! It helped me stay focused through my engineering degree, and is still keeping me focused in my first semester of medical school. It's a great way to block out the random background conversations in coffeeshops when I feel the urge to quit studying and just listen to the noise around me.

  Calm and simple noise to tune out and focus.

  When my coworkers feel like getting in the holiday spirit and playing holiday music on their speakers for everyone to enjoy, I can block it out totally using this generator without needing to put the volume up loud. It's the only thing that helps me make it though the holidays at work. I'm beyond thankful.

  I love the Speech Blocker setting! It is useful for quieting the voices of classmates who are talking when they should be working.

  I love this! My office is cubicle based and I'm near the front entrance. When I'm in deep concentration mode, noise is the major disrupting force preventing me from working and thinking. I listen to this and the world is blocked out; much to the chagrin of my colleagues who have a hard time getting my attention. I even missed the phone ringing and it is 30 cms away from my chair!

  There's a woman with a particularly annoying voice in my office, made worse by the fact that she loves the sound of it. The speech blocker setting combined with top quality noise cancelling headphones are a match made in heaven for the purpose of blocking her voice. I can't even hear myself typing these words.

  I looked up pure white noise, and it scared me to death. If i listened to it any longer my paranoia spiked, but with this, I customized it and it's just right. Absolutely perfect. Thank you.

  I use it to tune out the world and get down to my studies.

  I prefer the pink noise. I use it when I'm reading or on a computer in public to drown out loud conversations, people playing music without using earbuds, etc. I love being able to enjoy parks and other spaces instead of having to worry about loud people.

  Static (white) noise help me to focus, but after some hours my head hurt. The animation option solve the problem changing a bit the noise a time to time. I love it.

  Amazing page. Downloaded the app and instantly was able to focus on work rather than suffering nervous tics whenever someone coughs. Volume up, lots of bass, not too much treble, I'm a happy girl :3

  I adjusted the sound so it sounds kind of like a windy night. Does a great job blocking out household noises and helping me focus on my work.

  This is the best thing that's been evading me for so long. God bless you!

  When listening to the default, I longed for the sound of airplane travel so I adjusted the settings to get a more low-frequency sound that at least for me gets me back to the relaxing moment of being on a airplane. Thanks for this service!

  Muffles the noise of my husband barking at his computer screen as he plays MMORPGs. I can finally read things in peace and not have to re-read paragraphs a thousand times. Thanks White Noise & Co.!

  I like that you can customize the sound with the sliders. I prefer to have more low-end and that makes it possible. Our furnace is kind of loud when it kicks in and this masks it very well. It made my sleeping much sounder. My one gripe is that the sliders can be a little difficult to fine tune on my phone's touch screen.

  This has really helped me focus on my academics! I can't really listen to any music, but I don't even register that I'm listening to the noise as I study. I LOVE the fact that I can adjust the sound myself, it really helps me cater it to what works best for me! Thank you to everyone who put in time and effort in creating this wonderful site!

  My parakeets will sometimes shriek really early in the morning, but this makes all the ruckus disappear!

  This site is amazing and helps with my migraines. I also love the fact that you don't even have to do colored sounds, and you can make ambient noises as well!

  I've been using this to retrain my ears for tinnitus. I use the sliders at the horizontal position, lowering the volume as my ears adapt to the sound. The ringing is still there but the volume of ringing has been reduced.

  This service is a godsend to my anxiety. I feel like I'm at the top of a waterfall, hearing the blood rush in my ears as I look down and watch the water crash far far below me. I love the louder yet steady rush of the sounds, the underlying bass that keeps me alert even as it soothes me.

  I am incredibly grateful for this website. From reading the reviews, it's clear that we have our own sort of community of people that are sensitive to sound. For me, many days I feel as if I'm suffering, when I hear the constant conversations at work as well as a coworker who crunches on ice frequently each day. I just discovered "speech blocker" yesterday and I could literally jump for joy.

  I work at WeWork, which has an unfortunate partnership with iHeartRadio. Your website is a godsend for my sanity and productivity.

  So my headphones have a small bug. When the sound is low enough, the headphones mute it entirely, making fade-outs, quiet piano pieces and normal speech choppy and awkward. This website, however, produces just enough ambience to have the headphones unmuted at all times. It's also soothing but literally everyone is saying that.

  Never really looked much into white noise, all I knew what that I didn't like it, and I still can't stand plain white noise but this, this setting, it touches something in me, it sounds like when you're flying an airplane, or driving down the highway at night alone. I find this super calming.This is a noise that speaks to me.

  Personally, I have always had a problem with noise. I have recently been told I may also have autistic traits as well. I find that sometimes I just don't want to hear the world around me, so a phone call in the same room could be really hard to drown out. Other times, I just need that help to stay focused on my own thoughts. It also really helps with sleep and relaxing. I really love this website!

  This is the most helpful thing for me to study and stay focused. Thank you for not including ads which are often too loud and distracting. I really appreciate it. Thank you again :)

  This is calming in a profound way. I can focus, sleep, or just chill. Incredibly grateful for the creator of this downright magical site <3

  The "Speech Blocker" setting is a gift from the gods while trying to concentrate with chatty co-workers.

  Sometimes it's hard for me to sleep. If audio books don't work, I use this. It sounds close to a rainy night, which I sleep uncommonly well with.

  I travel for work and have to share hotel rooms with people who snore or stay up late often. This website and a pair of nice in ear headphones (Shure SE215) helps me sleep through the night no matter what!

  I have really mild autism/aspberger's and ambient office noise kills me. My standard go-to is music but sometimes even that gets distressing. This is a godsend for the moments when I can't cope with my environment or process sound in a productive way. It helps with my tinnitus too, I've had it since birth along with hyperacusis and well. It's just nice. Use it for the modularity if nothing else.

  Sorry I have to comment again. I'm just really grateful that this website exists. I honestly wouldn't know what to do for my misophonia. My psychologist is pretty much denying I have misophonia. She probably doesn't think it even exists like most doctors. Until someone can find a cure, this website is going to do wonders.

  I haven't liked white noise before but this actually works for me. I have tinnitus and more recently hyperacusis. After reading the comments I believe have misophonia too. My psychologist calls it overstimuli, but this makes more sense. We need to chat!

  Great for tuning out outside noises.

  OMG I just found this site today because my misophonia has been getting intolerable. I've tried like EVERYTHING. This is a lifesaver. I was getting triggered by my own nose whistling and it was giving me anxiety. I couldn't even find a doctor that could help me. I find that the white noise masks the nose whistling. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can finally get back to work. Holy cow. :]

  I use this noise machine all the time. At home when I'm writing, I'm easily distracted by any tiny thing -- my fiancee's typing noises, the cat's meows, cars outside -- and this site helps me stay on task like nothing else. I use the mobile app on airplanes & trains to drown out crying babies, talkers, etc., to help me read or sleep. Other uses too, but I'm out of characters! In sum: it's awesome!

  Broadly, I can't do my job without this site. I've tried the competitors and my prediction is that "" will join the ranks of sites like Wikipedia.

  I love myNoise. It is the best white noise generator I have found, and I use it daily. I can't work without it.

  I use MyNoise every day and night. During the day, it blocks out sounds that trigger/irritate my anxiety, such as deep booming bass playing from the neighbor's house, dogs barking, chewing/slurping noises from other people, et c. At night I use it to drown out my husband's snoring. This website is invaluable to me for how much it helps me cope with my anxiety and audio triggers. Thank you!!

  Barking dogs are an epidemic in the suburbs. This is a soothing and effective tool.

  Please please please never get rid of your website. It helps me sleep when the old man is snoring. I will be fine tuning over the next few days and will be purchasing my white noise file :)

  Thanks for this and other generators. The High Treble slider, isolated here, has been the only thing that provides consistent relief from my high-pitch tinnitus. I am trying to use it as a means of habituation.

  This helps me a lot with writing my characters nightmare scenes. This is a truly amazing site! Thank you so much for this! Don't forget: you are looking into the void, and the is staring back.

  I work in an office with lots of commotion. This service is amazing. It makes it bearable to work around loud phone conversations, and is the calming bit I need to get through the day.

  This is a wonderful website that blocks out most of the noises around me. Thanks! :D

  Love this site! I use it every night. It distracts me from the ringing in my ears. It completely blocks out my husband's snoring. I use my headsets and listen to the sounds while reading. It's amazing to be able to adjust the sounds depending upon my nightly need. Thank you!!!

  Really helps me study when my roomate is at home making background noise!

  Honestly, one of the best finds on the internet for creating work harmony . If you work in an open space work area and if noises pierce your concentration to compose, think, compute, etc... look no more and add to your favorites. It is similar being on an airplane... yet, your head-space is on a plane of your own.

  I use this to help my very storm-phobic dogs. One was prescribed meds because his reaction to thunder storms is so intense. I wanted to avoid medicating him and found this white noise generator. It works like magic. Within a few seconds, he begins to settle down. In minutes, he's lying down fairly relaxed.

  Ive been struggling with a really terrible student burnout, which has caused my mental, physical, and emotional health to decline completely. I can't do anything without feeling extremely exhausted and overwhelmed. Thankfully, this has helped me be able to sit down and focus on one task at a time, rather than trying to accomplish 50 things at once. It hasn't cured my burnout, but I'm getting there.

  Firstly, I have a bad case of misophonia, and your site has probably prevented a murder or two, haha. Secondly, my husband snores bad, and this, on headphones, drowns it out like a charm. Nothing else works against it as efficiently. Thank you.

  I love this website. It's like having somebody massage your ears. Not that I'm into that. Staying focused is always hard for my ADD brain. This helps where medication doesn't.

  This totally helped me concentrate while writing a 5000 word essay that I'd barely started the night before! It blocked out the noise of my family watching a Netflix show they PROMISED me we'd watch as a family...

  This is great when for studying for my MCAT's. I no longer have to hear the depressing noises I make as I weep over my physics textbook! And, it even blocks out the sound of my tears hitting the pages! Couldn't be happier.

  It has helped me block out outside noises fully so that I can focus on studying as well as focusing on other tasks.

  Has been helping me write the last project required for me to graduate from my master's program. I'm eternally grateful!

  Helps me block out people eating crisps at work... and other loud annoying voices.

  Speech blocker is a lifesaver when I need to concentrate in a loud workspace! It's the next best thing to silence.

  Puts me in the zone for work and study, absolute lifesaver, would hate to be without it.

  Drowns out noisy open space office and allows me to focus on whatever I need to do for the day.

  Helps when studying certainly. I find listening to ASMR helps as well.

  If you are living with noisy people, this is life-saving. It also makes me feel safe and spiritual. I feel like I am beyond time and space and nobody can see me. Thank you!

  I used to hate these type of noise but when you do research about it, it inspires you to experience it and test it out.

  This site is a lifesaver! My sister is having an argument in the next room and I can't hear a single shrill noise over this! :)

  I could weep with joy! I am no longer inundated by the constant noise in a poorly designed open workspace full of people all around me, where I can hear every sigh, every conversation, every keyboard, everyone's different music ect... Thank-you!!

  Wonderful for when I need to read, it's so difficult to focus with distracting noises around. Especially love the speech blocker, it works great.

  I litteraly LOVE. All my office mates are using it to work with more concentration!

  Great for when I have to do a science report. Which... I should probably get back to... and stop procrastinating...

  This helps me sleep while going through the stress of being on the edge of divorce, so thank you; not a whole lot helps, as you might imagine. I'm very grateful to have found this site. Thank you from Gaithersburg, Maryland.

  This does decently at blocking my brother's piano practice.

  I had to reproduce bug which required a noisy environment, thank you!

  Thank you so much... keeps my sanity while blocking out all the office related distractions.

  Perfect for when people won't stop talking to me.

  I think this just reminds me of a nice, hot sunny day and the cicadas are out.

  A fan on medium. Or faint white noise.

  I play this one with my music, it blocks out everything else and I'm able to concentrate.

  This is the best blend for noise block.

  I've tried to reproduce the sound of the rain on the street.

  Certain voices in the office bother me than others. I can tune the levels of white noise to just the right amounts to completely block them out, to the point where I can barely hear them even if they are only a couple feet away (with in-ear headphones).

  Heard about this from the Wall Street Journal Tech Brief. I like that I can play this in addition to my music to help block out conversation around me. Very well put together and thought out for the end user.

  My earphones vibrate in my ears when this is playing, and it helps me concentrate a lot! Thanks!

  Thank you! I am a college student and my downstairs neighbor loves fast paced music with a loud bass. This music makes me anxious and I can't focus on my studies, but the brown noise really helps block it out.

  I can concentrate on my work again! Thanks!

  Phenomenal sound and variety. Great for working on homework or other tasks that require concentration. The white noise default settings are pretty good, but I would recommend the Speech Blocker setting, as it does exactly what it states.

  I'm an older IT worker with tinnitus who needs to be able to focus and concentrate on my work in different corporate environments. I use a Scroll Gaming headset with mic plugged into my laptop (Cisco Jabber) in place of my telephone, and White Noise is *always* running when I'm not on a call with co-workers. For me, this is *the* solution. Well done and thank you!

  Noise cancelling headphones + brown noise = productivity even in busy and pop-music saturated agency environment Thank you for making it available. Complete sanity saver ;)

  What a remarkable inventor and creator. Thanks so much. I am really appreciating all that you have posted on the internet. Ted

  This white noise generator has been very effective in producing calmness where meditation has not.It is effortless to listen to this white noise and there are definitely changes in my brain.

  I've been trying hypnosis with a friend, and while she hasn't been able to get me into a full trance yet, this site really does help me reach a nice relaxed state! It's like guided meditation, it's baller.

  Helps block out peers howling at eachother over getting a question wrong in Kahoot. Or just in general.

  Shoutout to this website for drowning out my ANNOYING CLASSMATES when I'm trying to write an essay.

  I need silence when I work. Unfortunately, I share space with loud coworkers. Normal white noise and even pink is too high pitch for me, and brown is too low, so I love using to customize my sound. When I animate my personal profile, I feel like I'm at the beach on a windy day rather than in a cubicle. Woohoo, surf's up!

  Everytime my roommates come in late from class/work and close the door, the sound wakes me up instantly as it reverberates through the house. White noise has been a godsend and now I can go to sleep for long periods of time with no interruption.

  I have an obnoxiously loud roommate who makes it impossible to study in my own apartment. However, when I used the speech blocker setting with noise canceling headphones, her voice instantly got drowned out and I could finally study in peace! Thank you!

  I use this in class so I can drown out the two people who talk constantly and are distracting. This works like a charm.

  I am sensitive to most sounds and can't focus when there's a lot (or a little) going on. This website has helped me bunker down and complete assignments without worrying about my surroundings so much.

  Helps me sleep. It sounds like you're on one of those massive Boeing planes on a long flight.

  The speech blocker setting is great. I work in a busy customer service center that's built on an open office plan, which means I hear everyone around me, all the time, without even a cubicle wall to deaden the noise. That preset keeps me from wanting to throttle my co-workers when I'm on email duty and need to concentrate.

  I live in a small house where at this time, a half dozen bulldozers and earth movers are preparing the property right next to me for 100 homes to be built. The noise was absolutely unbearable until I found this app! What a difference!

  I found this setting from someone else's testimonial and I must say, it really works wonders at blocking out noise! When people are being annoying, I turn the levels up 2 notches and blast rock music in my headphones, and I can't hear a thing even if someone speaks right next to me.

  Blocks out my washing machine perfectly, can now study in peace.

  I'm typing this while I should be studying for a final, but it needs to be said how great this website is! The calibration feature makes this the most comfortable and effective white noise generator I've used.

  Studying tonight for Midterms next week. AHHH! :C I hope everything will go well and wish luck to others who are using this site to study for exams. I found this specific noise set from someone else in the comments so if you find this response and you made the noise, Thanks, cause it's really helping me work.

  Great for sleeping after you get used to falling asleep on the phone every night, then cant call anymore.

  I work in a lab and sit next to a few large Illumina DNA sequencers (2500 and 4000). Finally found a setting that blocks out the high-pitched ringing that they make when they're running!

  I have fibromyalgia which makes me extra sensitive to sounds and easily alarmed. The "speech blocker" preset has been enormously helpful with my studies, which often take place at the bar where I work. Thank you so much for your whole noise selection. <3

  Absolutely amazing. I live in a household with very annoying family members, and this effectively drowns out all of them.

  Totally great! Great for school when a classroom is loud and you need to focus! Really awesome!

  This noise generator is perfect for blocking out all other noises, and for relaxing. This is what I have been looking for. Thank you so much!

  After an nasty encounter with a goblin, my mind has been plagued with a curse of headaches, and after years and years of searching, I found this website! This setting gives me a reprieve from the -otherwise painfully constant- headaches. I bestow my gratitude upon whomever created this godsend! I am indebted to you, good sir!

  The speech blocker function is everything I've ever wanted. When I'm working on my computer, I somehow get distracted by noises that are incredibly quiet and indiscernible. Sometimes it's just the wind, sometimes it's people passing by. Whatever it ends up being, it frustrates me whenever that happens. Thankfully, I can always make use of this white noise generator to drown it out.

  I'm very thankful for this site. It's helped me keep sanity in a lot of very noisy situations! Being able to adjust things really helps finding a right mix to block out noise.

  I've been having some ear-related issues lately, and I just couldn't find a remedy to that awful aching in my ear, but when I put on this setting, the pain just went away! Thanks a bunch!

  This setting is absolutely wonderful, it sounds exactly like a loud storm, and reminds me of home. Thanks a bunch!

  I've had a really hard time mentally recently, so naturally it's been very hard to focus on schoolwork. I've finally decided to try and break the pattern - I've been trying different sounds on this website and Brown Noise (calibrated to my ears!!! I highly recommend calibrating your hearing curve, it makes the experience so much more comfortable) is the perfect match for me! Thank you!

  I don't get headaches very often, but when I do, they're pretty bad. So when I got one, I immediately thought of a comment I read on this website, where someone said something about having headaches and some setting that helped them. I felt instantaneous relief when using this setting, and would recommend this website to others.

  I love the Brown noise, White, Coffee Shop and Airport terminal! I have a sniveler/cougher that I'm forced to share an office with, and this app helps tremendously. Thanks much!